Positive And Negative Effects Of Football Essay

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Positive And Negative Effects Of Football Essay

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Opinion Essay Is this a positive or a negative development

To answer that question, the NFL has a tremendous. Football has been a major influence on Americans for some time. Teams and games bring people excitement everywhere in the U. These types of injuries can have a lasting impact on a person for the rest of their life, making it difficult to live the life that they once had. The main issue is that kids start playing football at a young age. They do not realize the damage they are doing, and some of this can only. This sport is known as football. There are many issues regarding this sport which can truly cause permanent damage. When balancing the positive and negative effects of playing this sport, there seems to be a darker side rather than light.

Knowing the risks of such sport, I have come to the conclusion of restricting my child from playing football. Not only does it promote violence, but also what comes along when being exposed to the. Football as been around since Over the years football has become more popular in being played in schools to watching it on tv. Football has changed somethings since This sport has gotten pads to wear to better prevent injuries, and it also got better helmets over time. American football has existed for more than an entire century, becoming one of the most popular sports to still exist in the modern United States. It is widely played by American males of all ages, ranging from toddlers in pop warner leagues to men in their late thirties that are just finishing their professional careers in the National Football League.

Due to the vast amount of options that are available to people during their first forty years of living, there are some players who play this sport. For thousands of kids who begin playing football at a young age those Sunday games represent the dream job they hope to one day have. Each kid who excels in running, blocking, kicking or defending holds on to the hope; regardless of the odds, of one day becoming a professional football player in the NFL. Unfortunately, with all that is glorified in football; it has. Nowadays, this is a common play at the levels of high school, college, and pro football. Recently, doctors and parents have been paying special attention to the sport of American football.

Numbers of kids who decide to play football have been on a sharp decline for the past several years. This is a direct result of fear of injuries and mainly. Reason one, football is broadcasted all over the world on television. Football is one of the main sports in the world; furthermore football is watched by billions of people around the world e. England, China, and Brazil etc. Another positive aspect that most football leagues are broadcasted on television e. Have you ever wondered why the NFL takes so long when players get hurt into a game to clear them? Fans argue that the concussion protocol does not work and that it should be taken out of the game because it ruins the game for the fans.

The NFL Concussion Protocol does not ruin the game of football because the players need to be kept safe and live a healthy life, the NFL needs to be a safety organization, and it helps the players avoid higher risks of injury like CTE. The Impact of Concussions During Football Concussions have become a major problem in athletics throughout the entire world. Head injuries can impact many athletes lives in a negative way.

Hard contact to the head of a player can damage the brain and the way he goes about life. The way football is played, equipment should be better equipped to prevent significant injuries such as concussions. Head injuries drive a player out of the sport earlier than normal, so the NFL has looked into the issue and has gone about bettering technology and equipment to prevent concussions in the future. This study done at UCLA is a powerful resource to the harsh effects of repeated head trauma.

It is no coincidence that these proteins are found in the NFL players. This trauma triggers progressive degeneration of the brain tissue, including the build-up of an abnormal protein called tau. However, after serving two years of the ban they will be eligible to try and be reinstated through arbitration processes. Ultimately, steroid has had a negative effect on every aspect of the game. From the players, to the fans, and to the sport. Steroids have negative effects on the total outlook of baseball which could lead to spectators to not buy tickets to games.

Baseball needs to be cleaned up so players are using natural talent they build up through practice and hard work. Yeah, I understand why they want to protest and make themselves heard, but they are doing it in an incredibly disrespectful way. By kneeling during the national anthem, the players are being very rude to all of the brave men and women who have risked their lives and died fighting for and defending America. Carson Simpson Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 24 April Concussions in Football Although football is a very popular sport, changes need to be made. There is a lot of research and data showing head injuries in football and how they hurt the players.

The NFL tries to just sweep these cases away because they know it would hurt the popularity and economical support of the sport. Head injuries and concussions are the most popular injuries in football because of the fact that they are one of the most dangerous injuries a player could have. A concussion usually comes from a blow to the head that rattles the brain and causes it to swell. Radios in helmets should also be banned because quarterbacks usually have them and can get blindsided Plaschke.

Now we need to create a better helmet that can lower the chances of concussions. Another idea could be adding a microchip to evaluate stress on players and if the impacts are too high the players should be checked by professionals Starr. Football, Americas most watched sport, is also the most played sport in the America. However, it is a contact sport that a lot of people get concussions from. This makes it a hard choice for parents who have kids who want to play football. Some parents in past would love them to, but since research has been done many people have realized that it is a dangerous sport because of the damage it does to your brain. Even with this the chance of them getting brain damage is small. However, these brand new policies are now being used to determine punishments for infractions that occurred while the old policies were still in place, which directly affects players such as Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboys, who are on trial for cases of domestic violence.

By initially suspending Rice for just two regular season games, the NFL showed that they do not see domestic abuse as the great issue that it actually is. Because the NFL handled the situation in the way that they did, many people believe the NFL does not value domestic abuse as severely as they should, which gives them a negative reputation. If it was ever proven that the NFL did in fact see the video before it was released, they would have an even bigger crisis to. Rodley logically thought of a solution and expressed it crystal clear.

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