Vanity In Dorian Gray

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Vanity In Dorian Gray

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The Picture Of Dorian Gray 4 -11

For example, Tom Buchanan has a very powerful status, which attracts Myrtle because she strives to be in the upper class. Because Tom views George at a lesser value than himself, it makes it easy. Voltaire uses satire, irony and extreme exaggerations to poke fun at many aspects; such as optimism, religion, corruption, and social structures within Europe. Candide begins to realize that life is not always as it seems. The most prevalent use of satire is demonstrated by Pangloss, the optimist.

Candide and his tutor are a perfect example of blissful ignorance. A substantial part of growth is the decisions a person makes throughout their lifetime. In the novel a Separate Peace, the reader can see how Gene, the prominent character, experiences a radical change in the novel. Some decisions like becoming friends with Finny help him comprehend who he truly is. This companionship also gives Gene an understanding of his personality and of a free world with no rules. Decisions do not always have to be good, for example the decision of pushing finny off the tree was cruel, nevertheless it helped Gene grow.

One of the seven deadly sins is the act of having too much pride. Pride in general is not an evil feeling to have. It is human to have pride in oneself, but having too much pride is unhealthy and will cause problems somewhere along the way. Basil admits that he idolised Dorian obsessively due to his desperation in this unrequited love. This love for Dorian was represented in his art as youthful beauty; yet this is only seen by Basil, as it is solely him such a position. Based on their tastes affected by their experiences, each subject individual possesses the ability to develop their own. After he humiliated the daughter of his benefactor, Miranda said the words below: "When thou didst not, savage, Know thine own meaning I endowed thy purposes With words that made them known.

But thy vile race, Though thou didst learn, had that in't which good natures Could not abide to be with The only way to break these spell is to make new agreements based on truth, because the truth will set us free. Victor has been replaced by another servant by the second half of the novel, although the details of his dismissal are never disclosed. We are left to surmise that either Dorian's paranoia became too great, or that Victor eventually grew unable to bear his master's increasingly corrupt nature. A celebrated London frame-maker whom Dorian calls upon to help him hide the portrait in the attic. He appears only once in the novel, but stokes Dorian's growing paranoia by being puzzled when the protagonist adamantly refuses to uncover the painting for him to see it.

A promising young member of society whose life takes a turn for the worse when he befriends Dorian. Adrian ends up addicted to opium, spending all of his time and money in filthy, dilapidated drug dens. A talented chemist and musician who is close to Dorian until their friendship comes to a bitter end as a consequence of Dorian's increasingly bad reputation. Dorian forces him to assist in the disposal of Basil's body using blackmail, and Alan later commits suicide.

The widow of a wealthy man, and the mother of richly married daughters. She hosts a great many parties, and is very fond of Dorian and Lord Henry. Unlike most of the aristocrats present at the incident, he appears to be quite disturbed by the idea of having taken a human life. Lady Narborough's decidedly unremarkable daughter, a minor character whom Wilde uses to display Lord Henry's superficiality. Gladys, a clever and pretty young aristocrat who nearly matches Lord Henry in conversational wit.

She freely and lightly admits to numerous adulterous affairs, and flirts with Dorian at one of his parties. A beautiful young village girl who falls in love with Dorian and reminds him of Sybil Vane. Dorian consciously - and hypocritically - refrains from corrupting her in an attempt to begin living a good life, and to purify his soul. She does not believe Dorian when he tells her that he is wicked, because he looks so young and innocent. She is the last young woman with whom Dorian is romantically linked. The Question and Answer section for The Picture of Dorian Gray is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the most prominent example of vanity destroying life. Gray's wish for eternal youth leads him to a life of sin and treachery. His worship of youth and the beauty of youth allows him to feel little to know regret over misdeeds. His vanity over his looks eventually destroys him. In WriteWork.

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