What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 5:53:37 AM

What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like

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The Crystal Pepsi Song (feat. That's Classic)

I do remember us saving a bottle or can of it on our bookshelf in the family room at my parents house for a long time for some reason though. Either way, I definitely remember having it in the house and knowing that I tried it at some point, so maybe the first sip would bring back a rush of memories. Once the first sip hit my lips, I was kind of confused. I think my mind was playing tricks on me after seeing it and then tasting it because it definitely tasted like someone poured a little bit of Sierra Mist into a Pepsi, or maybe poured a little Pepsi into a Sierra Mist.

It tastes way lighter than regular Pepsi does, and has that slight citrusy aftertaste that you would get from one of those clear lemon-lime pops. The Crystal Pepsi is obviously clear and the Captain Morgan is a brown liquor, so the mixture gave the liquid a light hazelish tint to it… just like a ginger ale. The first sip I took was terrible. Everything seemed to have combined nicely and it was actually pretty enjoyable. I'm a married man in his 30's who doesn't really "like" food. If it weren't for my wife I would be living off of pizza and cheeseburgers for the rest of my life.

Follow me as I venture slightly out of my comfort zone to try different foods and restaurants. Your email address will not be published. Tom antifoodiex. Add Comment. To many, the two drinks appear to be incredible similar but it turns out, there is a very real reason that you may have a taste preference. In his book Blink, he confirms that Pepsi has more of a citrus flavour, while coke is characterised by a raisiny-vanilla tang. He also states that the sweeter and more citrusy taste behind Pepsi is why it usually wins in taste tests. This gives is a stronger blast of flavour while Coke is a lot smoother. Pepsi contains slightly more sugar, calories and caffeine while Coke has marginally more sodium.

That being said, Coke tends to have the upper hand when it comes to popularity but this is more to do with branding than taste. You're safely 22 years later in , the year that Pepsi finally brought the alarmingly clear cola back from wherever the hell we left it. She's still weird. Legend has it that the original Crystal Pepsi was formulated to taste just like normal Pepsi and later gave way to a citrus-flavored spinoff soda We got our hands on a 6-pack to party like it's And we were pretty surprised.

The first thing you'll notice when raising a fizzing glass of Crystal Pepsi is the familiar smell of, you guessed it, Pepsi. It smells surprisingly a lot like the dark cola that you're used to, except for maybe the slightest hint of citrus and pine that we may or may not be imagining. But the biggest surprise comes when you take a sip, because this new, reborn Crystal Pepsi really does taste like normal Pepsi. Well, kind of.

After sipping Crystal Pepsi and regular Pepsi side by side, it's immediately crystal clear that the new stuff lacks the same level of carbonation as the original, seemingly impacting what you taste.

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