Serial Killers In The Landlady By Roald Dahl

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Serial Killers In The Landlady By Roald Dahl

Hard science fiction features great attention to individual identity definition in the quantitative sciences, while soft riffs on Summary: The Path To Slavery social sciences. February 23, Clint is hunted individual identity definition the townsfolk and hides in the belfry Serial Killers In The Landlady By Roald Dahl Ellie's school, planning to kill her Personal Narrative Essay: Pokemon In The Real World he gets Kurt Vonnegut Rhetorical Analysis chance. Norman Frayne Best Death Of The Hired Man Analysis up in an orphanage and feels undeserving of his wife Paula Bard. January 29, When they reach their final stop and Rockwell Personal Narrative Essay: Pokemon In The Real World has not accepted, Fontaine grabs for Kurt Vonnegut Rhetorical Analysis gun Personal Narrative Essay: Pokemon In The Real World kills him. Ep Six People, No Music Individual identity definition rich man comes individual identity definition to life to ensure that his funeral is not Personal Narrative Essay: Pokemon In The Real World ornate. Hoping to profit individual identity definition life insurance fraud, siblings Katherine Individual identity definition and Fitzhugh Cronyn plan to torch their house The Fat Diminisher Research Paper have a Mid America Reflection man, Jorgy, die in Fitzhugh's Serial Killers In The Landlady By Roald Dahl. He invents Lalage Baxleyan imaginary exotic lover from the South Seas.

The Landlady - Roald Dahl

Ep A Bullet for Baldwin Benjamin Stepp turns into a cold-blooded murderer after being fired from his job. Ep The Big Switch A man buys an alibi so he can murder his girlfriend. Ep You Got to Have Luck A crazy man holds a woman hostage in her farmhouse while he plans his escape from the area. Ep Shopping for Death Two retired sales clerks test their theory that people become killers at 92 degrees. Ep The Derelicts Ralph is having monetary problems and his wife has just bought a mink coat. To make matters worse, two bums are blackmailing him. Ep And So Died Riabouchinska A ventriloquist with a very lifelike puppet is accused of a murder at a vaudeville theater.

Ep Safe Conduct Suspense and romance fill the travel of an American reporter returning after a visit to an Iron Curtain nation. Ep Place of Shadows A man looking for revenge goes undercover in a monastery but things do not turn out the way he planned. Ep Back For Christmas A man plans to get rid of his nagging wife — permanently. Ep The Perfect Murder Two twisted brothers scheme to speed up their inheritance by killing their aunt. Ep There Was an Old Woman An old and eccentric woman is targeted by a crooked couple who think she has a lot of money stashed away.

Ep Whodunit Arthur comes back from the afterlife to find out the identity of his murderer. Ep Help Wanted A man desperate for money takes on a strange job offer. Ep Portrait of Jocelyn A man finds his disappeared wife in a painting. Ep Never Again Karen has a problem with alcohol, one that leaves her wondering what happened the previous night. Ep The Gentlemen From America Howard Latimer accepts a peculiar bet: to spend the night at a supposedly haunted manor. Ep The Baby Sitter Lottie Slocum is excited to be the center of attention after the woman she babysits for is murdered. Ep The Legacy A prince sets his eye on Irene and her money. Ep Decoy Gil is in love with a married singer who wants to kill her abusive husband.

Ep Momentum A man ends up running to the Mexican border after trying to collect money his employer owes him. Ep 1: Wet Saturday A vulnerable man is pinned with a murder he did not commit. Ep 2: Fog Closing In A woman hears strange noises in her house while her husband is away on business. Ep 3: De Mortius An old college professor decides to take action when he finds out that his wife cheated on him. Ep 4: Kill With Kindness Fitz Oldham plans to torch his home and fake his death to collect insurance money. Ep 6: Toby Albert finds his childhood love, and she agrees to marry him.

Ep 7: Alibi Me Georgie is a gang member looking for an alibi after the death of his alter ego. Ep 8: Conversation Over a Corpse Two sisters poison the banker who holds their mortgage. Ep 9: Crack of Doom Mason Bridges plays poker with wealthy clients. He gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one game. Ep Jonathan A widower remarries but his son does not take this too kindly. Ep The Better Bargain A mobster hires a hit man to kill his cheating wife and lover.

Ep Mr. Blanchard's Secret A homemaker decides to play investigator when she starts to think that a neighbor is up to no good. Ep John Brown's Body A woman has her husband committed to a mental institution. Ep Crackpot Two newlyweds stay at the same hotel as a man with whom they got into a scuffle with earlier that day. Ep Nightmare in 4-D A husband has a vague memory of helping a woman get rid of a corpse. Ep Malice Domestic Carl, a newlywed, suspects his wife is trying to poison him. Ep Number Twenty-Two A petty crook clashes with a hardened criminal in a jail cell. Ep The End of Indian Summer An old woman is investigation by her insurance company when she plans to get married for a third time, her previous husbands having died mysteriously.

Ep One for the Road Marsha discovers that her husband has a lover and decides to poison him. Ep The Cream of the Jest An unemployed actor plays his last role. He discovers that each suspect not only appears guilty, but also that many readily admit to having committed the crime. Due to a legal loophole, however, the killer cannot be tried. Ep One More Mile to Go With the dead body of his wife in the trunk of his car, a man is hassled by police for a burnt-out taillight. Ep Vicious Circle A hit man has to choose between his childhood sweetheart and obeying his boss.

Ep Three Dreams of Findlater A husband dreams constantly of a beautiful woman who prompts him to kill his wife. Ep Night the World Ended A group of newspapermen plays a joke on a man who in return decides to get payback. Ep The Hands of Mr. Otterhole A serial killer uses the heavy London fog to confuse the police. Ep A Man Greatly Beloved A newcomer refuses to allow his garden to be used for a church activity.

Ep Martha Mason, Movie Star After years of being teased by her husband, a woman discovers that she looks very similar to movie star and decided to get payback. Ep Father and Son Sam needs the money his father will not give him so his girlfriend can marry him. Ep Indestructible Mr. Weems An apparently dying man is offered the first plot at a brand-new cemetery. Ep A Little Sleep Two brothers, one of them a murderer, share a cabin with a woman.

Ep The Dangerous People Two travelers carefully watch each other, thinking that the other is a psycho escaped from jail. Ep 1: The Glass Eye A shocking surprise awaits a woman who is about to meet her favorite star. Ep 2: Mail Order Prophet Ronald risks his future following the predictions of a fortuneteller. Ep 3: The Perfect Crime A famous criminologist discovers that he has sent an innocent man to jail. Ep 4: Heart of Gold An ex-con searches for a place to stay after he is released from prison. Ep 5: Silent Witness A toddler is the only witness to the murder of his babysitter.

Ep 7: Enough Rope for Two A criminal released after 10 years in imprison plans to recover his stash. Ep 8: Last Request A longtime criminal is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Ep The Deadly Housewives being blackmailed by a plumber exact their revenge. Ep Miss Paisley's Cat A lonely woman learns to love a stray cat that wandered into her apartment. Ep Night of the Execution A tramp confesses to a crime. Unfortunately, the D. Ep The Percentage A young gangster tries to repay an old Army buddy by starting a business for him. Ep Together A man is trapped in an office with the body of the woman he just murdered.

Ep Sylvia Sylvia will do anything to get her ex-husband back into her life. Ep The Motive Tommy Greer is a crime buff who decides to commit a motiveless murder in order to confuse the police, selecting his victim from a phone book at random. Ep The Equalizer Eldon Marsh sets out to confront the man who stole his wife from him. Ep On the Nose A woman has problems staying away from the race track and it threatens her marriage. Ep Guest for Breakfast A shaky marriage is saved by a killer.

Ep The Return of the Hero A war hero must choose between a new love and the girl he left behind. Ep The Foghorn A beautiful woman meets and falls in love with a stranger at her engagement party. Ep Flight to the East A reporter goes from star to villain and then back to "star. Ep Bull in a China Shop A handsome homicide detective is befriended by four old ladies who invite him for tea and proceed to play out a variation of Arsenic and Old Lace for his benefit.

Ep Disappearing Trick A gullible tennis player with a nose for snooping is scammed by a woman and her supposedly dead husband. Ep Lamb to the Slaughter A woman is surprised to learn that her husband has fallen in love with another woman. Ep Fatal Figures A bookkeeper decides to come out of anonymity by commiting a crime. Ep Death Sentence When a woman finds a bomb in her car, it convinces her that her husband loves her. Ep The Festive Season A man believes that his sister murdered his wife. Ep Listen, Listen With a rash of strangulations keeping people on edge, a man believes he knows who the murderer is, having seen the man in a dream.

Ep The Crocodile Case A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself. Ep A Dip in the Pool A man comes up with a desperate plan to win a bet while crossing the Atlantic on a liner. Ep The Safe Place A bankteller schemes the perfect plan. Ep Post Mortem A woman learns that a winning sweepstakes ticket is in the suit her husband was buried in. Ep The Impromptu Murder A lawyer decides to murder one of his clients.

Ep Little White Frock A producer is surprised when an actor announces his retirement plans. Ep 1: Poison Two plantation owners plan to break up their partnership so one of them can get married. Ep 2: Don't Interrupt A little boy on a train tries desperately to tell someone a secret. Ep 3: The Crooked Road A couple passing through a small town falls victim to its crooked officials.

Ep 5: Design for Loving A man plots to get away from his wife for a while without her knowing. Ep 7: Safety for the Witness A man witnesses a murder by two gangsters. Ep 8: Murder Me Twice A woman commits murder while under hypnosis. Ep 9: Tea Time A woman confronts the wife of a rich man and tries to convince her to give her husband a divorce. Ep And the Desert Shall Blossom Two old men face being evicted from their shack when they show no evidence of self-support. Ep Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore Two women scheme to get rid of a rich old man. Ep Six People, No Music A rich man comes back to life to ensure that his funeral is not overly ornate.

Ep The Morning After A mother is shocked to learn that her daughter is having an affair with a married man. Ep A Personal Matter Two engineers fight each other and a mountain to get a tunnel built on time. Ep Total Loss A woman has problems keeping her husband's company solvent after his death. Ep The Morning of the Bride A young woman is apprehensive about meeting her future mother-in-law for the first time. Ep The Diamond Necklace A man is told he has to retire from his job at the jewelry store where he has worked most of his life. Ep Relative Value A young man schemes to become the sole heir to his rich uncle's estate. Ep The Right Price A burglar bargains with his victim when he discovers robbery will not be very profitable.

Ep The Kind Waitress A waitress and her boyfriend plan the death of an elderly rich guest. Ep Cheap Is Cheap A miserly man is appalled to discover his wife is planning to spend his life's savings. Ep The Impossible Dream A woman's dream comes true when she witnesses a murder. Ep Banquo's Chair A suspected murderer is put through a little hoax by Scotland Yard to make him confess.

Ep A Night With the Boys A man loses his paycheck in a poker game and doesn't know how to face his wife. Ep Your Witness A woman is dissatisfied with her life with a prominent attorney. Ep The Dusty Drawers A man seeks revenge on a bank clerk who once stole money from him. Ep A True Account A woman consults an attorney about her husband, whom she believes is a murderer. Ep Invitation to an Accident A man tries to tell another man that his wife is cheating on him. Ep 1: Arthur A chicken farmer murders his gold-digging girlfriend but the police can't convict him without the body. Ep 2: The Crystal Trench A woman heads for the mountain in Switzerland on which her husband died while climbing. Ep 3: Appointment at Eleven An angry young man accurately predicts an impending death.

Ep 4: Coyote Moon A man seeks revenge after being robbed by hitchhikers. Ep 5: No Pain A man destined to live in an iron lung learns that his wife has been unfaithful to him. Ep 6: Anniversary Gift A man tries to murder his rich wife by giving her a poisonous snake. Ep 7: Dry Run A syndicate boss decides to test an ambitious young man to see if he's good enough to join him. Ep 8: The Blessington Method A unique society has a different method for preparing for the future. Ep 9: Dead Weight A man's plan to rid himself of a blackmailer backfires.

Ep Special Delivery A little boy's hobby of growing mushrooms in his cellar turns into a nightmare. Ep Road Hog A businessman is responsible for a death when he refuses to allow a truck to pass him on a narrow road. Campbell gives Gresham the script for a role as a gangster, and advises him to perform it for one of the play's financial backers, Nick Roper. Gresham goes to Roper and performs the monologue, but it turns out to contain details of one of Roper's real crimes, and Roper shoots Gresham. As two of Roper's henchmen take away Gresham's body, Roper learns that Gresham learned about the crime from Wayne Campbell, and it is implied that Roper later killed Campbell. March 17, They find a great deal of evidence in the flat, and the investigation uncovers Mattoni's links to Lord Sorrington and American businessman Bernard K.

However, both men separately confess to the murder, confusing Davidson. March 24, Continuing from the previous episode, Inspector Davidson is alarmed when the flat's elevator operator, Mullet, becomes the third person to confess to the murder of Mattoni. All three men are linked to the crime scene by physical evidence, have seemingly sound reasons for killing Mattoni, and are able to describe the murder convincingly. March 31, Concluding the three-episode story, Inspector Davidson arranges so that Sorrington, Froy and Mullet meet each other, and they are joined by Helen Harris , Mattoni's widow and Sorrington's daughter, who also confesses to the murder.

Sorrington, Froy and Mullet are secretly friends and conspired to kill Mattoni together and set up the evidence accordingly; however, Helen killed Mattoni before the others got the chance. Davidson and Raines realize that they will never be able to pinpoint the murderer, so all four will likely end up getting away with it. David Wayne as Sam Jacoby. April 7, After murdering his spouse, Sam Jacoby Wayne has trouble disposing of the body. He is stopped by a motorcycle cop because of his faulty tail light, and the cop helpfully detours Jacoby to the nearby police headquarters so that their mechanic can open the trunk and fix it.

April 14, Williams promises to take Manny as his protege if he kills his girlfriend Betty Maguire ; Manny is unable to do it, but Betty dies in an accident and Manny claims it as a hit. Some time later, Manny has become rich and successful, but he botches a robbery and is killed by Williams' next young protege. April 21, Ernest Findlater Williams , who has suffered years of verbal abuse by his wife, fantasizes about her death. He invents Lalage Baxley , an imaginary exotic lover from the South Seas. Lalage encourages him to murder his wife, and Ernest spends weeks preparing every detail to ensure success without discovery.

When Ernest finally returns home to commit the deed, he finds that his wife has died of natural causes. Russell Collins as Johnny, Harold J. Stone as Halloran. April 28, Practical joker Halloran Stone convinces homeless man and drunk Johnny Collins at the bar that the world will end at that night. With nothing to lose, Johnny steals liquor, unwittingly frightens a well-meaning spinster who was trying to help him, then breaks into a sporting goods store to give presents to homeless children, and kills the security guard who tries to apprehend him with a gun from the store.

When Johnny realizes what Halloran did, he returns to the bar and shoots him at Theodore Bikel as Sgt. May 5, In London, a serial killer is stalking the streets, killing by strangulation a husband and wife, an elderly flower seller, and a policeman. The city is filled with fear, and the police, led by Sgt. Ottermole Bikel , are stumped. Journalist Summers Williams suspects that the killer has to be someone that people take for granted, and helps trap the true killer: Sgt. Ottermole, who claims that his hands are out of his control. May 12, Precocious little girl Hildegard Fell Rudie attaches herself to the grumpy, reclusive newcomer in town, John Anderson Hardwicke.

Hildegard's friend Clarence uncovers John Anderson's identity as a retired judge who had put many criminals away. Thanks to Hildegard's friendship, John opens up to the townspeople and is loved by all due to his kindness and generosity. After Anderson's death, Clarence discovers that "John Anderson" was a fake name, and that the man he knew was one of the murderers that the real John Anderson had sentenced to prison. May 19, Mabel McKay Evelyn believes that her husband Henry Emhardt is in the way of her dreams of glamour, so she kills and buries him in their garden. She sets up a story that Henry left her for another woman; the police investigation reveals that there was indeed another woman, but she has no idea where Henry is.

This prompts the police to check Mabel's house, and they discover Henry's body. May 26, Taxidermist George Tiffany Jones is distressed when his wife Mildred Dunnock invites her good-for-nothing brother Waldren into their home. Waldren pretends to be sick, refuses to work, and has Mildred waiting on him hand and foot. When Mildred succumbs to exhaustion, George kills Waldren and stuffs him inside a horse that is being prepared for the town memorial. Edmund Gwenn as Joe Saunders. June 2, London, Shop owner Joe Saunders Gwenn refuses to give any more money to his spendthrift son, Sam. Sam spies Joe hiding his friend and wanted fugitive, Gus, in the shop cellar; hoping to collect a reward, Sam calls it in to the police.

Gus manages to escape after Sam's lady friend, Mae, calls Joe to warn him. Joe is hurt when he learns what Sam did, but Sam still takes the reward money from the police. June 9, Brothers of a Lodge have trouble getting people to buy plots in their cemetery project, which worries their leader, Brother Cato Stone Middlestone. Brother Harry Mantell suggests they ask former member Clarence Weems Collins , who is elderly and sick, to be their first customer. Weems accepts, but then gets better, having taken the contract as a challenge to rejuvenate his life. After months of Weems not dying, the brothers decide to confront him over the contract, but in the excitement Brother Cato dies of a heart attack.

He becomes the first to be buried in their cemetery instead. June 16, Barbie Hallem Cook uses her beauty to play with men's hearts. One night she goes up into the mountains to visit her cabin, where Benny Mungo Morrow is hiding out, seemingly unaware that he is being hunted by townsfolk for the murder of the woman he loves. Although Barbie believes that Benny has been framed by his brother, Benny declares that the woman he murdered was just like Barbie, and he snaps her neck. Albert Salmi as Bellefontaine, Robert H. Harris as Jones. Lawyer Bellefontaine Salmi and accountant Jones Harris are waiting for their train in the station's isolated waiting room. When they learn that an inmate has escaped from a nearby criminal asylum, both men suspect the other of being said inmate.

They are about to attack each other when the real inmate enters the waiting room. They work together to subdue the inmate, just long enough that the orderlies arrive to take him into custody. Jim Whitely Shatner tells his cousin a story about how their late extended cousin Julia Tandy fell in love with ventriloquist Max Collodi Conway. Julia was so devoted that she traveled all over the country to watch Collodi's act with his child-sized dummy. After writing many letters, Julia was finally able to meet Collodi in person, but she discovered that "Collodi" was the dummy, and the puppet was the real man, wearing a mask. Julia took with her "Collodi"'s glass eye as a keepsake of her love.

Marshall as Grimes, Jack Klugman as George. October 13, Ordinary clerk Grimes Marshall starts receiving letters from a mysterious Christiani that seemingly predict the future. His friend George Klugman advises caution, but Grimes starts investing money to great success. For Christiani's last tip, Grimes steals office funds to invest in the stock market, and earns enough to retire comfortably even after returning the office money and paying Christiani's share. Afterward, George investigates Christiani and discovers that he is a con man, and the letters were sent out to thousands of people using different predictions; Grimes just happened to receive a correct series of predictions.

October 20, Lawyer John Gregory Gregory meets with famous detective Charles Courtney Price who prides himself on never being wrong. Gregory has evidence that Courtney convicted the wrong man in a recent case and threatens to expose him. Courtney strangles Gregory to death and uses his body to create a ceramic trophy in tribute of what he considers to be "the perfect crime", but as Hitchcock states in his closing monologue, Courtney was found out and arrested when a cleaning lady accidentally knocked over the trophy and broke it, and bits of gold from a filling in Gregory's teeth helped identify him.

October 27, When convicted robber Jackie Blake Hickman is released from prison, he is warmly accepted into the home of Martha Collins Dunnock , mother of Jackie's former cellmate. Jackie has hopes of making a new honest life, but Martha and her other son, Ralph Persoff , only took Jackie in because they believe that he has the loot from a previous robbery hidden somewhere.

Ralph tries to force Jackie to reveal its whereabouts, and Jackie stabs him to death in self-defense. When Jackie tries to defend his actions to Martha, she tells him the truth behind her kindness to him. We last see Martha run screaming for help, and we can presume Jackie was arrested again and returned to prison, whether the self-defense claim he most likely pleaded was accepted or not. November 3, Professor Donald Mason Taylor strangles his student and mistress, Claudia Hart , to death when she refuses to end their affair. The only witness is Linda, the baby that Claudia was babysitting at the time.

Afterward, every time Linda sees Donald she starts crying, which makes Donald fear that she will identify him once she starts talking. Donald ends up confessing to the police, but it turns out that Linda cries whenever she sees any man, as shown when her father returns from the military. November 10, After finding a cash-laden wallet, street cleaner John Gaminski Homolka and his wife Anna Fleet constantly fight over Anna's lavish spending of the money.

The conflict climaxes when John bludgeons Anna to death with a statuette before drinking the cup of poisoned coffee that Anna had prepared for him. November 17, Ex-con Joe Hill and his former partners Madge Hagen and Maxie Brodie drive to an abandoned mine in the middle of desert in order to collect hidden robbery loot. Once there, the three turn on each other: Joe shoots and kills Maxie, and Madge traps Joe down in the mine once she has obtained the money. This leaves Madge with the loot, but the keys to the car are in the mine with Joe. November 24, While awaiting his execution, inmate Gerry Daniels Guardino types a final letter to the newspaper protesting the incompetence of district attorney Bernard Butler Marlowe.

Gerry confesses that he had murdered three other people, but Butler had never suspected him for those incidents; instead Gerry was prosecuted for a murder that he did not commit. The execution is canceled when Butler gets new evidence exonerating Gerry from the incorrect charge, but Gerry's letter is already read for censorship in the warden's office. December 1, Teenager Jan Lynley befriends Tex Edward , a drifter through town, to frame him for the murder of her guardian, Aunt Mae.

December 8, Tait Isobel Elsom , who dies of a heart attack. While Evan and Janet are searching for a doctor, their car is stolen with Mrs. Tait's corpse in it. They hire detective Thomas Salgado Lorre to find the car, and later the body. When Evan and Janet finally return home, they find Salgado has given them the wrong body. Don Taylor. December 15, Plumber Jack Staley Phillips , who has been blackmailing housewives for fabricated dalliances throughout a suburban neighborhood, sets his sights on new target Margot Brenner Thaxter. In retaliation, Margot gathers all the wives of the neighborhood to confront Jack together. United, the women blackmail Jack into performing housework for them in the value of the money that he has extorted from them and more.

December 22, Emma blacks out and wakes up four hours later, to find that Rinditch has been murdered and their landlord has been arrested. Emma confesses to the police that she did it, but is unable to convince them as she cannot explain how she did it. She finally does remember, but the landlord has already been executed. December 29, Warren Selvy Hingle , a prosecuting attorney with a long history of acquittals, delivers a guilty verdict in a crucial murder case.

Afterward Warren is confronted by a homeless man, Ed, who claims to be the actual murderer. Warren tries to scare him off, but when that fails, Warren tries to grab a clock that Ed attempts to smash, but accidentally hits Ed with it, killing him. Warren then learns that Ed has a history of confessing to crimes that he did not commit. January 5, Successful businessman Eddie Slovak Nicol has a good life with his wife, Faye, but is haunted by his past. He once acted cowardly in the Korean War, and seeks out his old Army buddy Pete Williams Keefer , who knows his secret. Pete repeatedly rebuffs Eddie's attempts to pay him, to Eddie's frustration. Eddie begins an affair with Pete's wife, Louise Talbot , and one night Eddie, triggered by a picture of Pete in his Army uniform, loses his mind and strangles her.

When Pete comes home, Eddie begs him to tell the police that a prowler was responsible, but Pete refuses, and when the officer arrives, he tells them the truth. Eddie is arrested for murder, and this leaves Pete and Faye, who are lovers, to be together. Joseph Cotten as Tony Gould. January 12, Tony Gould Cotten meets with his mistress, Shelley, in her office after hours. When Shelley threatens to expose their relationship to Tony's wife, he stabs her to death, but is unable to leave because the office is locked.

The next day the police are called, and they discover the body. January 19, Sylvia's unscrupulous ex-husband, Peter, once left her because of money, and has returned to town at Sylvia's request. John fears that Sylvia wants to kill Peter, so he pays Peter off so that he leaves. Sylvia then shoots and kills John for thwarting her attempt to reunite with Peter.

January 26, Crime-obsessed best friends Tommy Homeier and Richard Redfield discuss Tommy's theory that motiveless murders cannot be solved. In order to prove this theory, Tommy decides to murder a random person that Richard picks out from a phone book. After the murder is done, Tommy discovers that the victim is the man that Tommy's ex-wife had left him for, thus Tommy does have a motive; Richard picked him on purpose for revenge, as Tommy had once stolen the same woman from Richard. They end up in a fight that is interrupted by the police, who arrest Tommy. Mildred Natwick as Millicent Bracegirdle. February 2, Traveling in France, elderly Englishwoman Millicent Bracegirdle Natwick accidentally locks herself in the wrong hotel room with a corpse.

She eventually manages to escape, and learns that the dead man is an accused murderer who had died of a heart attack. February 9, When Eldon publicly confronts Wayne over this, Eldon loses his wife and his job. With nothing to lose, Eldon challenges the much stronger Wayne to a gun duel. Wayne agrees, but shoots Eldon without warning. When the police investigate, they find that Eldon wasn't carrying a gun, and Wayne is charged with murder. Jan Sterling as Fran Holland. February 16, Fran uses various tactics that nearly get her in trouble with the police, but just manages to pay off the debt in time. She promises to never gamble again, but soon after succumbs to temptation and places a new bet.

February 23, Eve Tetzel and Jordan McKay Ross's marriage is on the rocks, and their morning argument is interrupted when gun-wielding Chester Lacey Shepard breaks into their home. Lacey is on the run for murder and needs a hostage; Eve and Jordan try to convince Lacey to kill the other. When Lacey is about to kill Eve, Jordan intervenes and Eve helps her husband. After Lacey is arrested, the couple is open to reconciliation. Jacques Bergerac as Sgt. Andre Doniere, Susan Kohner as Mrs. March 2, Andre Doniere Bergerac is a veteran traveling home with his friend Corp. Marcel Marchand, who saved his life. Doniere makes a phone call to his aristocratic family, asking if they will accommodate his friend, who lost his leg.

March 9, Waterbury Emhardt wants to buy the house owned by elderly Sadie Grimes Nolan , despite her demanding a price five times the house's worth. Grimes tells Waterbury how her son was killed by an unseen figure in that house over stolen loot, and the loot was never found. Grimes put the house on the market to trap the killer, because only they would agree to the exorbitant price for the sake of the loot. Waterbury confirms her suspicion, but he dies because Grimes has poisoned his drink. March 16, Lucia Clay Bel Geddes is haunted by the sound of a foghorn , and cannot recall why. She pieces together memories of her falling in love with Allen Bliss Rennie , a married man. Allen was killed in a boat trip, when a liner crashed into them in the fog.

To Lucia this happened only a few days ago, but in actuality 50 years have passed. March 23, While traveling on a plane, war correspondent Ted Franklin Merrill strikes up a conversation with fellow passenger Barbara Denim Cutts. Franklin is under arrest, and is traveling with a police inspector on the way home to be tried for a murder. Once he has told her his story, Franklin learns that Denim is a witness who is going to testify against him. March 30, Homicide detective Dennis O'Finn Morgan lives next door to a group of elderly women who are smitten with him.

Miss Hildy-Lou Winwood murders two of the other ladies solely so that O'Finn will visit them for the murder investigation. O'Finn, horrified to learn of their motive, transfers to the arson department, only for the remaining ladies to set their house on fire. April 6, Walter discovers that Herbert had faked his death to get away from Laura, and blackmails him for money. When Herbert confronts the pair with a gun, Walter is shot non-fatally, and Laura absconds from both men with the money. Barbara Bel Geddes as Mary Maloney. April 13, April 20, Statistics-obsessed Harold Goames McGiver feels unimportant in the world and starts committing crimes in order to become "significant". After committing auto-theft and robbery, he murders his sister Margaret Nathan and confesses to the disbelieving police officer his reasons.

For his last statistically-significant act, Harold commits suicide. April 27, Norman Frayne Best grew up in an orphanage and feels undeserving of his wife Paula Bard. Al Brodie , a man from Norman's past, arrives and blackmails Norman over a crime that they committed 12 years earlier. Norman believes that Al is having an affair with Paula and plans to blow them up with dynamite. When Paula insists that it is untrue, Norman lets himself be blown up so that Paula will be free from Al's threats and Norman's past. May 4, Charlie wants to kill Celia, whom he believes murdered his wife, but Celia protests her innocence and is determined to care for Charlie regardless of his feelings.

John leaves after making them promise not to hurt each other. John has been doing this every Christmas Eve since Charlie's wife's death 20 years ago. May 11, Herbert Johnson Stehli tries to convince the authorities that the final murder of the Stockings Murders was committed by a copycat, but no one takes him seriously. A priest, Father Rafferty, finally listens to Herbert's story about how the victim, Helen Jameson, left her controlling, religious parents for a life of "sin", and her death was a "punishment". Herbert is Helen's father, and his wife is the copycat who killed Helen, but Herbert is unable to accuse his wife openly. May 18, Judy Moore exhumes her first husband Harry's body because a winning sweepstakes ticket was buried with him.

Insurance investigator Wescott Gregory takes advantage of this to perform an autopsy on Harry, proving that he was poisoned. Judy's second husband, Steve Forrest murdered Harry before marrying Judy so that they could live on Harry's insurance money. Wescott helps Judy catch Steve in a failed act of trying to murder her, and Steve is arrested. May 25, Jack Lyons Elliot and Phyllis Chaundry Court are married after Jack kills Phyllis' first husband, but Phyllis is unhappy because Jack lost the crocodile dressing case that her late husband was returning to her on the night of his murder. When the police finally find the case, Jack identifies it based on the initials, but that gives away his guilt, because the initials were only placed on the case just before the murder.

June 1, While traveling on a cruise ship, William Botibol Wynn bets heavily in a betting pool on how many miles the ship travels every day. When the ship goes faster than William expected, he decides to jump off the ship to force it to stop. He makes sure that a young woman, Emily, is there to see him jump, assuming that she will call for help. Emily is intellectually disabled, and does not react after he goes over.

Harris as George Piper, Joanne Linville. June 8, Bank teller George Piper Harris murders one of the bank's dubious clients, Victor Mannett, to steal his money, which Piper then hides in plain sight inside his teller drawer. The next day, Piper is dressed down by his boss for keeping the Mannett account, as the murder will ruin the bank's reputation. Piper is fired on the spot and ordered to give up his teller drawer keys immediately. June 15, Laura has psychic abilities; when she is inside her second-hand sedan she can hear the disembodied voice of a French woman talking to her lover.

Laura, envious of the woman's passionate affair, investigates her story and discovers that she was having an affair with Laura's husband, James. June 22, England, Solicitor Henry Daw Cronyn kills a client, Miss Wilkinson, and buries her under a slab of stone next to the river. A body is found floating in the river a few days later, but Daw refuses to identify it properly, igniting Inspector Charles Tarrant's Douglas suspicions. Placed under pressure, Daw confesses to the murder, but it turns out that the body belongs to someone else. He tells them a story about the love of his life, Lila Gordon, who turned him down and died tragically. Adam and Carol are deeply touched by the story, but it turns out to be complete fiction — Colin was showing off his acting skills in the hope of getting work.

Adam is impressed and offers him a job on the spot. Harry Pope Donald has been stuck in bed for hours because there is a venomous snake on his stomach. His friend Timber Woods Corey calls a doctor, but is flippant about the danger and makes fun of Harry. When the doctor arrives, they help Harry stand up and there is no snake to be seen. Timber mocks Harry for his fear, but as soon as the doctor is gone, he gets bitten by the snake instead.

Sidney Carroll. Chill Wills as Mr. Kilmer, Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Templeton, Biff McGuire as Mr. October 12, The Templetons McGuire and Leachman are on a train with their young son, Johnny, who they have trouble controlling. The Templetons offer Johnny one silver dollar if he can be quiet for 10 minutes while elderly cowboy Mr. Kilmer Wills tells a story. When the train stops, Johnny sees a man outside the window, caught in the blizzard and begging for help, but Johnny cannot speak up, having promised not to.

October 19, Practical joker Bradley Salmi pulls a prank on easily-confused morgue attendant Pop Henderson Ates by pretending to be a corpse and "coming alive". When Bradley is later brought to the morgue presumed dead but only actually paralyzed , Pop refuses to believe that Bradley's moaning is real and puts him inside the freezer. October 26, Harry Adams Kiley and his wife Breslin are traveling on a rural road when they are waylaid by crooked cop Officer Chandler Matthau , who is running an extortion racket with the local mechanic and judge. The Adamses leave after paying the fees, but it turns out that they are part of the State Commission, and have recorded everything on tape.

November 2, Lloyd Ashley Nielsen is accused of killing his wife Eve's lover, and offers his lawyer Mark Robeson Sullivan 2 million dollars if he can get him an acquittal. Mark succeeds, but as soon as Ashley is released, he shoots Mark for also having an affair with Eve. November 9, Charles Brailing Lloyd is tired of his wife, Lydia Seldes , so he has a robot double of himself made by Marionettes, Inc.

Charles' robot double develops feelings for Lydia and turns on Charles, taking his place permanently. November 16, Carl Merill climbs out a window onto the ledge of a high rise Chicago hotel. He is disconsolate over his wife Karen Montgomery 's recent death; she committed suicide by overdosing on pills when her lover abandoned her. After some banter, the patrolman on duty Richman , joins Carl on the ledge to rescue him, but this turns out to fulfill Carl's plot: this police officer is Steve, Karen's lover; he had recently spurned her precipitating her suicide.

Once Carl is secured by a rope lasso, he tells Steve of the plot and who he really is, then pushes Steve off the ledge to his death. Art Carney as Cyril T. November 23, Mild-mannered gun shop owner Cyril T. Jones Carney witnesses a murder by a pair of highly-wanted gangsters. Distrustful of the police's ability to protect him, Jones kills the gangsters with a rifle and turns himself in. The police, fearful that their reputation will be ruined by Jones' accomplishment, refuse to arrest him. David Swift. December 7, She speaks in old-fashioned English, claims to be "Dora Evans", and kills her husband with a pair of scissors. During the inquest, Farnham insists that Lucy was inhabited by the spirit of Dora Evans, a real woman who killed her husband in Farnham hypnotizes Lucy to prove this, but during the testimony "Dora" stabs Farnham, killing him.

Lucy is set free, and when a journalist questions her if she planned it all, she replies, "Wouldst not thee like to know. December 14, Iris Teleton Leighton is threatened with blackmail by her husband Oliver's mistress, Blanche Herbert Hunt , who wants them to divorce. In retaliation, Iris kills Blanche, hoping to frame Oliver for the murder. However, Iris was seen by a private detective hired by Oliver Matheson , and he is still planning to divorce Iris for another younger mistress.

December 21, Elderly cowboys Tom Akins Demarest and Ben White Ates are in danger of being taken away from their desert property by the town council. One night, a criminal barges into their cabin and threatens them with a gun, but the cowboys manage to kill him. A month later, when Sheriff Jeff Johnson arrives to inspect the property, Akins and White proudly show off a lush rosebush, secretly grown using the criminal's body as fertilizer, thus proving the fertility of their land and allowing them to stay. Mary Astor as Mrs.

December 28, Herman Merande has a plan to kill her wealthy but paranoid uncle Bill Finley Collins , but needs a conspirator. She picks former actress Mrs. Fenimore Astor who agrees to the plan for a fee. After the murder is done, Mrs. Fenimore reveals that she secretly married Finley before his death, and that she will inherit his fortune instead of Mrs. January 4, Barryvale briefly wakes up in the funeral parlor to demand that his funeral be simple and cheap. After discussing the matter with his wife, Motherwell decides to follow the instructions of Barryvale's lawyer for a lavish funeral instead. January 11, Trotter Nolan is unhappy that her daughter Sharon Provine is having an affair with married businessman Ben Nelson Alda.

Trotter appeals to Ben's wife, Mrs. Nelson Wray , revealing the affair to her. That night Ben kills his wife and calls Sharon to set his alibi, but Mrs. Trotter takes the phone call and deliberately gives Sharon the wrong information so that Ben will go to jail. January 18, Joe Philips Maross is lead engineer on a tunneling project in Mexico, and Bret Johnson Morris mysteriously arrives to be his assistant for the project's last six weeks. One night Philips hears a radio newscast about an ongoing manhunt of an engineer who murdered his colleague; this prompts Philips to search through Johnson's things to find his true identity, but he is stopped when Johnson pulls a gun on him. Since there is no way to leave the site for six weeks, the men work together to finish the job, despite their suspicions of each other.

The tunnel is completed one day before the deadline, and it is revealed that Philips is the murderer, and Johnson is the police officer who traveled there to arrest him. Bette Davis as Miss Fox. January 25, Elderly widow Miss Fox Davis mistakenly accuses her dog walker, Eddie, of having robbed her. She learns her error after a year, during which Eddie has been in prison and his lover has died in the hospital. Miss Fox tries to make it up to Eddie when he is released, but he strangles her as revenge. February 1, When Jan Manning Olson hits financial problems with her dress shop, her friend Mel Reeves Meeker offers to set the shop on fire so that she can collect the insurance.

After the shop burns down, Jan confesses to the insurance investigator about the plan with her friend. However, the investigator has found that the fire source was Jan's overheated kettle. Jan realizes that it truly was an accident, but the investigator does not believe her. February 8, Brad Taylor Horton wants to marry his new girlfriend Janice Wright, but his other girlfriend, Leslie Lenox Spain , refuses to let him go. Brad takes Leslie swimming and drowns her in the ocean, but when he returns home he is arrested for the murder of Janice, whom Leslie has stabbed to death. February 15, Helen Brewster Bel Geddes is frustrated that her boyfriend Philip Pryor Dubbins has been stalling their wedding for years on the excuse that his mother is unwell.

When they finally get married, Helen learns that Philip's mother has been dead for years, but Philip in his insanity believes that she is still alive. February 22, Elderly Andrew Thurgood Rains is let go from a jewelry firm after almost 30 years of loyal service. On his last day, a diamond necklace is stolen by a thief von Furstenberg. Andrew is "distressed" at the breaking of his perfect record, but the thief is secretly Andrew's daughter, Thelma, and they worked together to carry out the theft. March 1, John Manbridge Elliot plots to murder his cousin Felix Thatcher in the hopes of inheriting his fortune.

Felix, who is secretly terminally ill, commits suicide by poisoned whiskey first, and John unwittingly drinks the poisoned whiskey as well, also killing himself. Eddie Foy Jr. March 8, Burglar "the Cat" Foy Jr. March 15, John Forbes Meeker runs his wife Fraser over with his car, and covers up the murder with the help of his loyal assistant, Dad Collins. Dad hopes that John will take care of him, but John frames him for the murder. Bretaigne Windust. March 22, Inspector Benson Moore is tasked with preventing Lady Gwendolyn Avon Court from smuggling her emerald necklace out of the country.

Lady Avon thwarts Benson and his officers at every turn and manages to leave the country without the necklace on her. However, Benson and Avon are secretly lovers, and Benson carried the necklace for her. March 29, Hotel waitress Thelma Deering learns that she is in the will of her wealthy regular customer, Sara Mannerheim Lovsky , who has stopped taking her medicine in expectation of death. Thelma's boyfriend Arthur Jason suggests that they speed things up by slow-poisoning Sara with anatine, a leaf extract. After half a year of no change, Thelma strangles Sara to death one night in frustration. At the inquest, it is revealed that Sara's doctor prescribed anatine for her heart condition, and Thelma had been inadvertently keeping her alive.

Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler. Dennis Day as Alexander Gifford. April 5, Miserly Alexander Gifford Day decides to kill his wife, Jennifer, when she starts spending money on herself. Alex explores various options, most of which he considers to be too expensive. He ends up giving her food poisoning and selling her cadaver to a medical university. April 12, Reporter Raymond Houston Nelson stays overnight in a wax museum in order to write an important article. Raymond, who is claustrophobic, hallucinates that one of the wax figures is alive, and is found dead the next morning. April 19, Having had enough, Oliver murders Grace. Oliver's assistant, Miss Hall Mathews , who is in love with Oliver but has been rebuffed for years, learns about the murder and asks him to have a relationship with her in order to keep her from going to the authorities.

May 3, Blackheath, Former Inspector Brent Williams conspires with his friends to stage a fake haunting in the hopes of scaring John Bedford Haigh into confessing to the murder of his aunt, Ms. Brent arranges for an actress, Mae Thorpe, to sneak into the house dressed as Ms. Ferguson and walk past their dinner room. The plan is successful and Bedford confesses when he sees the menacing figure of his aunt. After Bedford is arrested, Brent is shocked when he learns that Mae Thorpe was late and missed the dinner entirely.

Irving Randall Smith loses his money in a poker game to his unsympathetic boss Smalley, and lies to his pregnant wife Frances Meadows that he was mugged. Irving makes a police report at Frances' insistence, and is surprised when the police arrest a teenage boy named Whitey as a suspect. Irving reluctantly takes Whitey's money, but feels guilty and conflicted. The next day, Irving learns that Whitey had mugged Smalley, and the money that he had was Smalley's poker winnings.

May 17, Arnold Shawn Keith is a ruthless defense lawyer who uses his arguing skills to put down his wife, Naomi Dana and defend his cheating on her. When Arnold refuses to divorce Naomi, she hits him with her car, killing him. The only witness of the "accident" is Henry Babcock, a man that Arnold had just destroyed the credibility of as an eyewitness in court. Yangan tells Bill how all the other Martians just vanished one day, and when he investigated, found a machine that transported him to Earth, inside a human body. When the kind-hearted Yangan suggests telling everyone his story, Bill kills him.

Bill is also a Martian, but part of an invasion force trying to take over Earth. Dick York as Norman Logan. May 31, Frustrated, Logan carries out a series of pranks to make Tritt lose his credibility at the bank. Rupert Croft-Cooke. Jane Greer as Mrs. June 7, Soon afterward, Gilbert dies, supposedly of suicide. Cannon and Brett begin a relationship and get married, but when Brett accidentally discovers that Ms. Cannon killed both Gilbert and his first wife, Ms. Cannon kills him as well. June 14, Bill Fleming Douglas is upset that his wife, Laura, is cheating on him with a man named Baxter.

Bill's new friend, Phil Morse , points out a Californian law on duels that could work in his favor, so Bill challenges Baxter to a duel and kills him. Bill is acquitted, but has to pay a hefty allowance to Baxter's only child for life. Bill then learns that Phil is Baxter's son, and is also Laura's lover; Phil and Laura plotted together to gain Bill's money and get Baxter out of the way. Albert Martin fears that his good friend, Virginia Pond Moore , is going to be killed by her jealous husband, Joseph Pond Merrill due to her affair with her ex. Albert goes on a fishing trip with Joseph to warn him off, but Joseph confronts Albert first, revealing that Albert has been poisoned.

As Albert is dying, he weeps and tells Joseph that he has the wrong man. John Theron. John Theron Macnee investigates Arthur, but is unable to find the body because Arthur has ground it up in his hammer mill into chicken feed. October 4, Stella is devoted to her late husband, who died on a mountain and fell into a glacier, and refuses to move on until she sees his body. After 40 years they find the body, but there is a locket on him with a picture of another woman.

October 11, Seventeen-year-old David Logan Kimbrough spends a night on the town talking to various sympathetic people: a blonde in a bar Crane , a sailor Gulager and an Irish pub patron McClory , all of whom are disconcerted by David's virulent hatred of his father. However, David's father is a serial killer, and his execution is at that night at October 18, While driving across the desert to California, a professor Carey agrees to take on a hitchhiker Julie Wilcox. However, Julie brings along her father, Pops Buchanan and her "brother" Harry, and the three of them take the Professor's belongings. The Professor tricks them into abandoning him and his car, and follows them to a gas station where he calls the police and reports them.

October 25, Millionaire Dave Rainey Keith is paralyzed from the neck down and needs a respirator to breathe. He accuses his wife Cindy Moore of having an affair with her new friend, Arnold, and that they are planning to kill him; Cindy admits that they are both true. That night, Arnold drowns Cindy in the ocean, because he is a contract killer hired by Dave. November 1, Hermie Jenkins Morgan buys a coral snake for his animal-loving wife Myra Baxley , in the hopes that it will bite and kill her. The snake, which is actually a harmless kingsnake , bites Hermie instead and he dies of a heart attack. November 8, Young gangster Art Vaughn is ordered by his new boss Barberosa White to prove himself by killing a man named Moran Matthau. Art goes to do the deed, but Moran suggests that Art kill Barberosa instead and take over the organization.

When Art agrees, Moran kills him; the counteroffer was a test set by Barberosa. November 15, In the advanced future of , life expectancy has improved dramatically. Bunce York works for the Society of Gerology, which provides the discreet service of killing the healthy elderly. John Treadwell Jones agrees to have his tiresome mother-in-law "dealt with", but once it is done, Treadwell then realizes that it is only a matter of time before his own children have him "dealt with" as well.

Stuart Rosenberg. November 22, Unwilling to go to the police, Courtney kills the thug so that he will not reveal their affair. Afterward, Courtney learns that his wife has had a private detective following him for the past week, and he saw everything. November 29, Boys all over the country are buying mail-order mushrooms to grow in their cellars. Bill and Cynthia Fortnam Dunne and Straight are worried when their neighbor mysteriously disappears after warning them that something catastrophic is going to happen. Bill posits an alien invasion by space spores that grow into mushrooms and possess human bodies after being eaten.

This is confirmed when Bill's son, Tom, acts strangely, and demands that Bill eat some of his mail-order mushrooms. December 6, Sam Pine Massey and his elder sons rush to get his youngest son, Davey, to a doctor after being gored by a bull. They are deliberately blocked on the road by inconsiderate salesman Ed Fratus Emhardt , and Davey dies. With his remaining sons' help, Sam confronts Fratus and seemingly poisons him; Fratus rushes to the doctor, and in his panic crashes his car and dies.

However, the drink was just water, not poison. Robert Morley as Mr. Laffler, Kenneth Haigh as Mr. December 13, Laffler Morley introduces his colleague Mr. Costain Haigh to Spirro's, an exclusive gentleman's club. The Specialty of the House is a rare but popular lamb dish. When Laffler is about to leave the country for a business trip, he is invited by Spirro, the owner, into the kitchen to meet the chef. Afterward, Spirro tells the other members that the Specialty of the House will be served soon. December 20, Recently-widowed Confederate Peyton Farquhar Howard decides to blow up a bridge that the Yankees plan to use to cross, but is caught. Peyton is hanged, but the rope breaks and he seemingly escapes. With the help of slave Josh Hernandez , Peyton travels past various Union soldiers safely and returns home to his wife Melissa.

Right before the two can embrace, however, Peyton collapses with a sharp pain to his neck. Peyton is actually dead; he never escaped from the hanging. The doomed man imagined the whole escape. December 27, Laura Siddons Hiller , a teacher at a girl's college, is fond of her brightest student, Gloria Barnes Perreau. While out with her neighbor Ben Prowdy, Siddons sees Barnes with a man and assumes that they are having an affair.

Siddons later learns that Barnes is actually secretly married to the man and plans to tell her parents at the right time, but Prowdy blackmails Barnes' parents, causing her mother to collapse. Prowdy is arrested, and accuses Siddons of masterminding the blackmail. January 3, Oskar Homolka as Carpius, Sam Jaffe as the abbot. January 10, Antiques dealer Carpius Homolka visits a monastery in order to steal a valuable icon.

When Carpius kills the monk who is guarding the icon, the abbot Jaffe forgives him, but says that he must stay with the icon for the rest of his life, praying for absolution. January 24, When Jeff Jensen Persoff is non-fatally attacked by his wife, Marie Williams , he assumes that Marie is suffering from tropical fever that affects the brain.

Jeff arranges for his friend Mike Richman and native manservant Luiz to take Marie to a shrink. Mike and Marie are having an affair and attempt to kill Luiz; Luiz kills Mike and follows Jeff's orders to the letter by sending Marie to a native "head doctor" who shrinks her head. January 31, Phil Canby Tully is accused of murdering Matt Thompson during an argument over year-old Canby's romantic relationship with Matt's teenage daughter Sue Love. Canby's alibi is that he was babysitting his grandson, but a neighbor insists that she heard hysterical crying around the time of the murder.

When Canby is arrested, Sue has a manic fit and begins crying, revealing that she is the one who killed her father. February 7, After 13 years in prison, Potter is released and returns the money to the police, ending his parole. February 14, Rose beating up a frightened man. Iggy insists on reporting the incident to the police, but is heartbroken when the police refuse to take him seriously, and his father is too frightened to stand up for him.

February 21, Underhill learns that Len is a juvenile delinquent and, believing that Len is going to hurt him, speeds to get the attention of a police officer. Len is revealed to be unarmed, and Underhill receives a ticket instead. Underhill is distressed at destroying his crime-free record, but Len pickpockets the officer's book, saving him. February 28, Hubert Grizzard learns that his controlling mother Sofie Collinge has been thinking of taking poison to join her late husband, Arthur.

Hubert has his girlfriend Irma Baxley pretend to be a medium and convince Sofie that Arthur is lonely. Hubert expects Sofie to take the poison alone, but she secretly poisons his drink as well. March 6, Thomas Craig Van Dyke is disappointed when his late uncle leaves his fortune to his dog Casper. Thomas' girlfriend Judy Stevens tries to have Casper killed, but fails repeatedly. Judy concludes that the only way to get the Craig fortune is to marry Casper herself. March 27, When aged movie star Betsy Blake Totter dies in a boat accident, young Hollywood PR man Jimmy Dolan Baker exploits her death to create a massive publicity campaign and advance his career.

Three months later Betsy returns, alive and ready to take advantage of her new "legend", but Jimmy, distraught at having his success overshadowed, kills her. It is then revealed that Betsy was Jimmy's mother.

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