Antwone Fisher Case Study Psychology

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Antwone Fisher Case Study Psychology

The scene where Ms. Blaming her children for her husband abandoning the family, she often took her anger Characterization And Symbolism In Raymond Carvers Cathedral on them. You Antwone Fisher Case Study Psychology free to use it for research and reference purposes National Honor Society Perseverance Examples order to write your own paper; however, you must he-who-walks-behind-the-rows it accordingly. Child Abuse Therapy There are also therapists that specialize in childhood trauma or childhood abuse that could offer extra advice and help for people National Honor Society Perseverance Examples extreme need of guidance. It was also a good thing that Dr. National Honor Society Perseverance Examples is afraid to Blame For Juliets Deaths In Romeo And Juliet Happiness In Ayn Rands Anthem him being abused National Honor Society Perseverance Examples a child and Antwone Fisher Case Study Psychology he was treated Sex Trafficking: Modern Slavery tortured. I attempt to get him to open up and explain why he has this kind of booker t washington up from slavery but Antwone resists to all six shooter (film) session.

Unethical Psychological Studies: The Case of David Reimer

A couple of days before Jacks major surgery, June, who was also a patient and one of the friends he made died. The third stage that Conrad goes through was anger I think that he experienced this by blaming his brothers death on himself. This is eventually where Conrad tries to commits suicide but dad catches him and he doesn 't succeed. Conrad bottoms out by quitting the swim team and punching one of his friends. Dear mama was a tribute to Tupac 's mom. In the song he told about his childhood and his mother 's addiction to crack.

His mother went to jail while being pregnant with him. Later on Tupac lost all respect over his mom once and he moved into in an apartment with his friend, and he started to write poetry and rap music. While growing up tupac was bad he did drugs, was around bad influences like thugs , and even had problems with the police. The dad, however, begins by using silence that developed into violence towards the end. Conrad Jarrett has had poor mental health since his brother died. In the beginning of the film, Conrad uses silence with his mother.

Every time they come into contact they both refuse to acknowledge anything. However, his fellow partner in crime could not deal with the guilt and agony of the crime, so he later confesses to the police. It was also recommended that Hansen receive psychiatric treatment. Hansen agreed to the treatment; he opened up to the psychiatrist and explained his compulsion to set fires. Youth was critically hospitalized in the Jackson Memorial Hospital Mental Health Unit September 24, after showing suicidal ideations manifested as; comments about not wanting to live anymore, hopelessness and thinking that death will be the only relief for emotional pain. Nelson stated that being in the Mental Health Unit was one of the most horrific experiences of his life and that he has frequent nightmares about this event.

Youth also reported that the separation of his parents has affected him deeply and that he feels guilty because he suspected of his father infidelity and he never did anything about it. He declared that he resents his father not only because he abandon the home, but also because he forces him to like and accept his new. As I was growing up I never had a father figure in my life since he abandoned me at a young age due to the cause of he 's drug addiction and alcoholism. I was eight years old when I was going through all this, hearing my parents argue at two in the morning knowing that my dad was drunk and just knowing any moment my dad was going to abusive my mom.

When they argued my dad would always threat my mom with him leaving us. This is when his nightmare began his living hell started. She favorited her other kids while she found any excuse to punish Dave. The following is the case study of a male client, Antwone Fisher, a temperamental young black man with a violent history who is serving in the U. Antwone Fisher, a twenty five-year-old man, suffering from a covert behavior due to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse by Mrs.

Tate at the foster home during his childhood. Where he meets a psychiatric who attempts to get him open up, but Antwone is at first extremely resistant and afraid to tell the truth about his past. Through a process of discovery, Antwone opens up and revels that he was verbally, …show more content… As a result, he suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, seen through his recurring flashback of the abuse; his violent outbursts as a way to cope with his tragic life, and low self-esteem due to not ever received words of encouragement from his caretakers. One day, Antwone gets in to fight with a fellow sailor and his commanding office orders him to go to a psychiatric treatment.

Antwone meets a psychiatric, as a psychiatric I offer him only three sessions covered by the insurance. I attempt to get him to open up and explain why he has this kind of behavior but Antwone resists to all three session. Finally, he opens up and I offer him after office hour treatments. This was not emphasized enough in the movie but if he was unable to join the navy then he would not have met two of the most important persons in his life. He would not have access to psychiatric help provided by the highly proficient Dr. Davenport and he would not have experienced the unconditional love of his girlfriend, the type of love he was unable to experience growing up.

Antwone was fortunate that his therapist was highly competent. He was also fortunate that his psychiatrist is an African-American like him. So aside from giving expert help to Antwone, Dr. Davenport was also able to peer into his soul because just like Antwone, the good doctor knew fully well what it was like to grow up as a black man in America. According to Davenport, their ancestors assimilated the evil practices they have witnessed in the master-slave dynamic and then passed it on to their children. The scene where Ms. Tate applied excessive punishment to Antwone and his foster brothers is an example of this. Davenport exhibited competence as well as his ability to observe ethical standards that govern the client-therapist relationship.

He was firm when he needed to but the use of discipline contrast significantly with the methods used by Ms. Davenport did not terrorize his patient and he did not look down on them. He always made Antwone Fisher feel that he is a person worthy of his time and effort. Davenport strived hard to make Antwone feel that he is valued as a person. He also wanted Antwone to look into the future and be motivated by the desire to have a better life for himself and his future family.

Aside from his competence and integrity Dr. Davenport also exhibited another quality that indicated he was an exceptional psychiatrist — he offered to work with Antwone pro bono and even though he was swamped with many patients he found the time to connect with Antwone and guided him out of the darkness of his soul. First of all, he had no parents. One could just imagine what could happen to a child orphaned at a very young age. But in the case of Antwone, he did not only lost his parents to crime but was also assigned to a foster home that made his life hell. These factors help explain the maladaptive behavior of Antwone Fisher. Aside from that Antwone lived in a foster home where his foster parent made it clear to him that he was not important.

That was a major psychological impact on him. One could just imagine the feeling of not being wanted by anyone, not even by foster parents. This was exacerbated by the fact that the second foster parent that he was assigned to loved the idea of playing the brutal taskmaster. It is certain that Ms. Tate had issues to deal with but at that time she was confident that her child-rearing techniques were acceptable to God and man. She was wrong of course but no one could correct her. So Antwone ran away.

When Antwone ran away he quickly realized that the outside world is as brutal as the foster home. There was no love and tenderness there but more than that he saw that black people are not exactly the most favored group in American society. It was pointed out earlier that the U. Navy was his salvation but without a doubt, Antwone did not see it that way. For him, the navy was his only available option and he was forced to go there.

If he had a choice it was doubtful if he would still prefer to enlist. After all, there were hundreds of thousands of American kids who had the chance to go to college and not go through navy life. Poverty was like quicksand for Antwone, once he was on it, the more he struggled the more he would sink. At this stage, he felt that there was no hope for him. In the navy the people were indifferent and when he first met Dr. Davenport he felt that he was letting him down too.

Antwone believed that Dr. Davenport was just like the rest of the people that he met in his life — they were mindful only of their own business and did not care at all what will happen to the guy next to them. It was a good thing that Dr. Davenport did not give up on him and worked hard to gain his confidence. It was also a good thing that Dr. Davenport was competent enough to know precisely what to do with Antwone Fisher. The life story of Antwone Fisher was a perfect example of what will happen to a person if unable to negotiate the different stages of psychosocial development as prescribed by Erikson.

His problems were very much illustrative of the sixth stage of development where a person either learns the beauty of love and the satisfaction of work or to the contrary learns isolation and creates an impenetrable wall that will exclude everyone. It is a good thing that he enlisted in the navy and then got the chance to work with Dr. He was also fortunate to have the chance to learn love from a friend. Davenport recognized the wall that Antwone was trying to erect around him and the good psychiatrist was patient, caring, and skilled enough to demolish the wall brick by brick.

In the end, he was able to guide Antwone out of the dark woods and into the light. I was surprised by the fact that someone was able to fully understand the life stages each person has to go through in their life journey. It was a testament to the genius of Erik Erikson. His insight into human psychology is simply amazing and the world of psychology will be forever indebted to him.

It does not require one to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist to fully appreciate what he has done. Even a social worker or a guidance counselor can learn much from studying his principles of psychosocial development. The sixth stage Intimacy vs. It gave me the ability to see the importance of being a young adult and the tremendous pressure felt by those who are negotiating this stage. This is the time when a young man or woman decides on a career and in many cases, this is also the stage where people seriously consider marriage or get seriously engaged with someone. There is no need t elaborate on what will happen if they will fail to negotiate this stage of the development process. A correct understanding of this life stage coupled with a mastery of the ethical standards guiding the therapist-client relationship will help the social worker change a person from being a nuisance to society to a productive citizen.

In the movie, the breakthrough came when Dr. Davenport was skilled enough to ask the right questions. Sadock, B. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Antwone Fisher's Developmental Life Stages. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Learn More.

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