Doodle In The Scarlet Ibis

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Doodle In The Scarlet Ibis

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The Scarlet Ibis Audio (Abridged)

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What Happened To You? The narrator wanted a brother who would be able to run and play with him, so the reality of Doodle's condition hits him hard. It is this disappointment that leads him to push Doodle as hard as he possibly can while teaching him to walk and do other activities, since his pride cannot handle the disparity between the brother he wanted and the brother he got. She said he would live because he was born in a caul, and cauls were made from Jesus's nightgown. This quote is the very beginning of the juxtaposition of Aunt Nicey with the rest of the family, which has low expectations for Doodle.

Right from the start Aunt Nicey believed that Doodle's differences made him important and special; while everyone else saw it as an unfortunate burden, Aunt Nicey serves as a reminder that "different" can be good, while the narrator believes that "different" is something that should be avoided. In discussing the name given to Doodle three months after his birth—William Armstrong—the narrator incorporates some very obvious foreshadowing. As readers know upon finishing the story, this name will appear on a tombstone, when Doodle ultimately dies.

This is also significant because at numerous points in the story, everyone expects Doodle will die, but he continues to defy these expectations until at last he dies when no one is anticipating it. This quote goes along with the story's theme of expectations. Up until this point, Doodle has been exceeding everyone's expectations, since he lived when everyone expected him to die. This quote foreshadows a time in which Doodle will fall short of expectations. Since the narrator is speaking about events in his past, he knows that, in light of what will occur, it is better that people not expect much from Doodle. The "kindest thing I ever did for him" part of the quote also suggests that the narrator was not particularly kind to Doodle throughout his short life, and that he might regret not being kinder.

Doodle says these words twice throughout the story, the first when the narrator threatens to walk away and leave him alone in the barn with his casket, and again at the end when the narrator begins to rush ahead in the storm, leaving Doodle behind. This quote emphasizes Doodle's dependency on his older brother—he simply cannot function without him—and also his idolizing view of him. It also sets the narrator up to make a choice. The first time, he stays with Doodle until Doodle does what he asks and touches the coffin. He does not leave. The second time, he does leave, and that seals Doodle's fate.

Page Number and Citation : 14 Cite this Quote. Related Symbols: Go-cart. Related Themes: Humans and Nature. Page Number and Citation : 20 Cite this Quote. Related Themes: Pride. Page Number and Citation : 22 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 23 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 25 Cite this Quote. Related Symbols: The Storm. Page Number and Citation : 28 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 32 Cite this Quote. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Doodle is born when Brother is six, and Brother remarks that Doodle is a disappointment. Brother explains how excited he When he is two years old, Doodle begins to try to move by himself. The doctor believes that the strain of this Brother finally realizes how much he loves Doodle , and is able to share his love of nature his brother.

He takes Doodle to Brother admits that he also has a mean streak towards Doodle. One afternoon he takes Doodle up to the barn loft to show him his coffin, Doodle is now five years old and still unable to walk. Brother is embarrassed at having Eventually, Doodle is able to stand by himself for a few seconds, which encourages Brother to keep Now that he has taught Doodle to walk, Brother believes that he could teach Doodle anything. He plans a development program That same summer the summer of , Doodle and Brother hear whispers of strange names: Chateau-Thierry, Amiens, and Soissons.

At dinner, Mama also Doodle has not made as much progress as Brother would have liked. He pushes Doodle harder A few days before school starts, Doodle , Brother, their parents, and their Aunt are having lunch.

The colored dots and icons indicate which themes Essay On Ocean Acidification associated with that appearance. Feudalism: An Economic System In The Middle Ages About Story Contact Help. We were down on the ning nang nong words Old Doodle In The Scarlet Ibis Swamp.