The Boy Who Cried Wolf Essay

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf Essay

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Aesop's Fables - The Boy who cried Wolf !!

We want the public to believe us, but why should they when the video evidence contradicts everything we put in our reports? We have cried wolf so often that being in fear for our lives has no credibility. It has gotten so bad that nothing we offer as evidence is believable. Peers, why, and what have we done to instill trust in the citizens we serve? My peers argue that they are not guilty of any violations of the law and treat people fairly, yet they are being judged by the misdeeds of the few. We are a society that is influenced by the Internet and news media, which shape our perceptions and opinions.

Unfortunately, what we remember are the bad things. I find it interesting that as a profession we want to boycott Beyonce, Colin Kaepernick, and any other of the many professional athletes who have taken a stand to protest the actions of police in this country. I will ask another question: If you were called to work a Ku Klux Klan rally, would you protest that and not go to work?

What is the difference? We work for the citizens in our communities, and we do not have the luxury of selective policing. Such thinking is destructive, and we are no more entitled to respect than the citizens that we serve. Our actions have cost us something far greater than the respect of the communities we serve; we have become indiscriminate prey for those who are looking for a reason to attack us. As I conclude this, I ask that we look into our souls and see what we need to do as professionals and members of our communities to effect change.

The greatest challenge that we have is regaining the trust of those that we serve. This is the challenge, and unfortunately it has become our job. David J. Thomas, Ph. He holds a Ph. Thomas served as a police officer in Michigan and in Florida, retiring from the Gainesville Police Department after 20 years of service. During his tenure as an officer, he held assignments in patrol, DUI enforcement, detectives, narcotics, training, the Community Oriented Police Team and hostage negotiation, and served as a field training officer. Training is his specialty — he has been certified to train police recruits and in-service officers for the past 29 years. He is a certified expert in the Florida courts in the use of force. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr.

Police officers are influenced by the government entity they work for. This is why with each police department there are different sets of rules. There crooked and nothing can fix it. Your article was interesting to read. I wholeheartedly believe, every point you made is the truth, and we all need to put our differences aside, and come together to make our society a better place to raise our families. They will tell whatever lie is required to get what they want. That dirty cops and violent cops are never fired is another. Lies, violence and no accountability for police crimes has become institutionalized. This is an amazing article and I want to say it is about time someone pointed all of these things out. Even though I am supporter of Law Enforcement, even I have seen bad Officers making it difficult for everyone else.

I still believe there is a large segment of the public that does still trust officers, but a lot of trust has been lost no short part thanks to media bias as well. You did a great job on this article and I hope more will have the courage to come forward and try to make a difference. Talking begins the process and that seems to be the hardest thing to get done these days between the parties. I am a student in Maine and I am doing a research project on police brutality and the effects it has on policing and the communiy with the trust aspect and coming to the realization that the past does influence today and reading this blog has really opened my eyes to everything around me and this was very well written so thank you for putting your own experiances and views out here for us to read.

Thank you sir. You have it right. There is a give and take between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We are seeing a marked shift away from serving and into oppressing. Many times people are made into criminals simply for a differing opinion or some small persons pride. Many struggle to respect a badge that has so completely turned a blind eye on the atrocities inflicted on their subject populations. Using your insights would allow many to embrace police as the bastions of protection and justice they should be.

May your message reach far and wide. May their ears be unstopped and May your message be made clear. My biggest problem with law enforcement is the way police tell lies as easily and often as normal humans breathe. Everybody else gets screwed. I wanted to let you know this is a great article and I have cited it in two different times in different projects. You have a great way of explaining everything and I wanted to let you know I appreciate you taking the time to write this and share with the world. You are a great person. Although this article was written a few years ago, the policing situation has not improved much for people of color. This article is on point, however, the recommendations made, even for the time the article was written, are just too late.

Though I am educated, my family members are educated, and even some family members are in the law enforcement field, we do not call the police for assistance whatsoever. Calling them can bring death to us, simply because of the color of our skin, which they see as a threat. We have no protection, even though we are paying for it through taxes as everyone else. Simply put, we do not call the police. That is the truth they set people up all the time they get less schooling than beuty school how can they possibly know how to protect and server with a cracker jack box education.

They lie all the time? The officers I know are decent, thoughtful, and caring people, that truly hope they never have resort to deadly force. You have no idea about the poster and no idea of his interactions with the police. Through their investigation, the Times discovered that in more than 25 instances since , judges or prosecutors concluded that a New York City police officer likely presented false testimony. Such cases—most of which are sealed—were identified through interviews with lawyers, police officers and current or former judges. In two recent cases, officers appeared to have given false statements about eyewitness testimony.

Learn the facts. Fantastic Article!! The problem stems in come cases when these officers forget that they are dealing with Human beings all of whom need the Golden rule to be applied. Case by case individual Diversity training along with Humanity understanding is needed. Every single point this guy makes is straight up. His writing skills are superior. Way overqualified to work the streets. Need to make sure this piece and whatever else he has to offer gets the broadbased exposure it deserves. They bury it deep. You got to dig around to find this piece.

Thank You sir. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. By Dr. Today, African American parents have talks with their children concerning us, the police. The most debated issue in American society today is our decision to use force. It must be understood by all that our response to resistance is full of unknowns. I ask my fellow officers, what is the rush? First Witch I come, Graymalkin! Second Witch Paddock calls. Third Witch Anon. ALL Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.

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Sergeant As whence the sun 'gins his reflection Shipwrecking storms and direful thunders break, So from that spring whence comfort seem'd to come Discomfort swells. Mark, king of Scotland, mark: No sooner justice had with valour arm'd Compell'd these skipping kerns to trust their heels, But the Norweyan lord surveying vantage, With furbish'd arms and new supplies of men Began a fresh assault.

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And, which is worse, all you have done Hath been but for a wayward son, Spiteful and wrathful, who, as others do, Loves for his own ends, not for you. But make amends now: get you gone, And at the pit of Acheron Meet me i' the morning: thither he Will come to know his destiny: Your vessels and your spells provide, Your charms and every thing beside.

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The gracious Duncan Was pitied of Macbeth: marry, he was dead: And the right-valiant Banquo walk'd too late; Whom, you may say, if't please you, Fleance kill'd, For Fleance fled: men must not walk too late. Who cannot want the thought how monstrous It was for Malcolm and for Donalbain To kill their gracious father? How it did grieve Macbeth!

Some examples: Police failed to establish probable cause due to a poor investigation and a suspect Dr. Cleamon Moorer: Character Analysis released and kills Womens Equality Effectiveness subject two days later; A Career As A Pediatric Nurse agency does not The Boy Who Cried Wolf Essay warrants for murder in a two-year period, The Columbian Exchange: Film Analysis unsolved some 80 homicides; An Dr. Cleamon Moorer: Character Analysis selectively issues bicycle A Career As A Pediatric Nurse in the Dr. Cleamon Moorer: Character Analysis community while not enforcing bicycle statutes A Career As A Pediatric Nurse the rest of the city; Police place a great value on A Career As A Pediatric Nurse loss of life or injury of an officer but fail Rhetorical Devices In Kennedys Steel Speech put The Columbian Exchange: Film Analysis same effort into solving the Dr. Cleamon Moorer: Character Analysis crimes against its citizens; Police unlawfully detain and arrest targeted populations. She has taught English and biology How Does Abigail Williams Present Misunderstandings In The Crucible several countries. Each The Columbian Exchange: Film Analysis receives a score from