Hunting License Research Paper

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Hunting License Research Paper

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No matter where you cast your line, either the harbor or by boat, you can surely catch a catfish, carp, and a drum. But of course, natural resources are not infinite. The sustainability of fishing depends heavily on policies and how responsible anglers are. That is the reason why the state of Missouri has mandated the Missouri Department of Conservation to manage, oversee, and protect the natural resources - specifically wildlife and fishing - in the state. As part of their initiatives to protect their waters from the eventual depletion of fish populations, the state agency sells fishing licenses to anglers who want to fish in their waters.

The fishing licenses will not only account for people who are fishing in the state of Missouri, but they will also make sure that anglers are legally fishing in their waters and will follow all fishing rules and regulations designed to maximize sustainability. On top of that, the revenue earned from collecting fees when issuing fishing licenses to anglers is used to fund all conservation efforts of the agency, including but not limited to research, breeding, and technology procurement. Buying a fishing license in the state of Missouri is simple and easy. But if you are still confused about what to kind of license you need to buy, this article will help you get started.

Who is required to purchase a Missouri Fishing License? A Missouri Fishing License or fishing permits as the state officially calls it is required from anyone who fishes in the waters within the state's jurisdiction. Several exemptions are in place, but those who are exempted are still required to purchase a daily trout fishing tag or trout permit when or where necessary. Here is the qualification for the exemption from the Missouri fishing license requirement:. Residency requirements. A resident angler has several privileges and can be qualified for special discounts, rates, and permits.

However, there are qualifications that need to be met before one can purchase a Missouri fishing permit as a resident. Here are the resident eligibility requirements:. The state of Missouri offers different methods of purchasing a fishing permit. Depending on which one is the most convenient to you, you can purchase your Missouri fishing permit online, in person, through the app, or by phone. Anglers, depending on their age, residency status, and special circumstances, have different options of permits to choose from. Here's a matrix of all the available fishing permits that you can purchase in the state of Missouri:. Permit Type.

Big Game Hunting in West Africa. What is its Contribution to Conservation? Ougadongon, Burkina Faso. Accessed July 14, Biological Conservation These totals could change slightly depending on the extent to which Botswana reopens areas that were closed to hunting in , as is expected. Does Sport Hunting Benefit Conservation? Pages in D. McDonald and K. Service, editors. Key Topics in Conservation Biology. Blackwell Publishing. Oxford, UK. Montanarella, L. Washington, DC.. Harare, Zimbabwe. Clegg, B. Ecosystems and People.

Thouless, H. Dublin, J. Blanc, D. Skinner, T. Daniel, R. Taylor, F. Maisels, H. Frederick and P. Wildlife Ranching in South Africa. Undated Presentation. US Fish and Wildlife Service. In Contribution of Wildlife to National Economies. Budapest, Hungary. On the Economic Benefits of Trophy Hunting. See also: Supra note 18, p. African Indaba. PLOS One. Economic returns and allocation of resources in the wildlife sector of Botswana.

South African Journal of Wildlife Research. PLoS One. Conservation Biology. PLoS One 7 1. International Fund for Animal Welfare. PERC weighs in on how to encourage voluntary conservation by private landowners. Montana needs new, collaborative solutions that address the needs of landowners while enhancing wildlife conservation. PERC's latest policy brief reviews several different state transferable hunting tag programs and identifies how best to craft a program that promotes wildlife habitat conservation. Lessons from western states to enhance voluntary conservation on private lands. Toggle navigation. Summary The context of African conservation is rapidly changing.

Trophy hunting has and can provide the incentives and revenue necessary to make conservation efforts more resilient in the face of that change while conserving the health of ecosystems to make that change sustainable. Trophy hunting and photo-tourism are not interchangeable, and restrictions on trophy hunting have a track record of undermining the conservation of ecosystems and wildlife. The context of African conservation is rapidly changing. Figure 1 Trophy hunting has and can provide the incentives and revenue necessary to make conservation efforts more resilient in the face of that change while conserving the health of ecosystems to make that change sustainable. Many of these declines can be attributed to the conversion of wildlife habitat to use by livestock [41] Following the U.

Thank you. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Method 1. Look for the thesis statement on page 1 of the paper. Read the first page of the paper, and look for a thesis. The thesis should be sentences and contain 2 parts.

The first part should outline what the author is going to prove in the paper, and the second should outline how the author is going to make their argument. Using scholarly research, I will illustrate how young girls develop greater self-confidence in single-sex schools, why their self-confidence becomes more developed in this setting, and what this means for the future of education in America. Judge if the thesis is debatable. Determine if a thesis is debatable—and therefore a strong choice—by making up an opposing point of view.

If a thesis has two sides or can be seen from multiple perspectives, that is a sign that the thesis statement is complex and a worthy topic for exploration. This depth makes the topic worthy of examination. Assess whether the thesis is original. Do an online search of other scholarly material about the thesis at hand. If the thesis has already been discussed by others many times over, it is probably not very original or exciting.

The best research papers make new contributions to the scholarly dialogue about a topic. If it does, it is probably not a strong choice. Find at least 3 points supporting the thesis statement. Read the research paper, and look for at least 3 supporting points for the main thesis the author has put forward. Each supporting point should be reinforced by research and have at least one paragraph or set of paragraphs devoted to it. A typical 5-paragraph essay will have 3 supporting points of 1 paragraph each. Most good research papers are longer than 5 paragraphs, though, and may have multiple paragraphs about just one point of many that support the thesis.

The more points and correlating research that support the thesis statement, the better. Identify research quotations that reinforce the points. As you read, mark quotations from scholarly research that strengthen each supporting idea. Quotations longer than 4 lines should be set off in block format for readability. Identify context and analysis for each research quotation. Look to see if the author has provided context to understand each quotation fully. The author should introduce the text the quote comes from as well as explain how the quotation helps illustrate their point and greater thesis. A good supporting point might be that cats are better hunters than dogs. All quotations should serve as direct supports. Find an acknowledgement of potential objections. In either the argument or conclusion of the research paper, look for an acknowledgement—and address—of any potential counterpoints.

Look for a conclusion that discusses larger implication of the thesis. Read the conclusion of the essay, and examine whether the thesis is considered in greater terms.

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