How Did Classical Music Affect Louis Armstrongs Life

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How Did Classical Music Affect Louis Armstrongs Life

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How Louis Armstrong Transformed the Twentieth Century - Mick Carlon - [email protected]

The wear to the anodized pickguitard is likewise realistic and done very well. Here's a demo link by ProGuitarShop of this very guitar. Additionally, here's the Reverb listing link with many more pics and, again, of this very guitar. Includes original tweed case, cert. This is a killer Strat in all regards. You will definitely love it. Here are a few of his builds on the Warmoth site link. A few really nice touches on this one starting with the lovely South American lacewood top, which is a thick slab and not a veneer, chambered Khayan mahogany body, ebony fretboard with abalone dot inlays, wooden pickup bobbins and rings, ebony volume and tone knobs, Gotoh locking tuners and 4-way Super Switch.

Other features include I'm not sure what the pickups are but they sound good in this chambered body; rich sounding and not too dark. What it really excels at is harmonics. Perhaps the most harmonically rich guitar I have in stock. It doesn't sound like a Tele but for many of you that's not a bad thing. It also has good projection and a nice acoustic tone. Includes choice of a nice gigbag or not-nice case. Harley Benton Vintage Overdrive Pedal. Here you go. Check out this comparison video link. A lovely Strat Plus, especially considering it's 25 years old with modified electronics that should appeal to more players.

I need to also point out that it had a 9V battery installed in the trem cavity in the past. A look at this pic will show what a superb install job that was - just check out pic here the route and the slightly shortened and rounded tremolo claw. As many of you know, the Strat Plus made its debut in and had a very successful year run, ending in '99, which was the last year of the American Standard, replaced by the American Series, with the "American Deluxe" replacing the Strat Plus as Fender's premium production model. The Strat Plus was essentially a deluxe model American Standard, with upgraded electronics Lace Sensor pickups and hardware including locking tuners and an LSR roller nut earlier models featured a Wilkinson.

The locking tuners and LSR nut were enhancements to better keep the guitar in tune, especially for players who use the tremolo to great measure. This one's in lovely condition all over. No noteworthy flaws noted other than some light fret wear that needs no attention. It has a wonderful in-house set up so it plays with ease. I'm including a Fender Tolex case in place of the stock plastic case. Fairly rare one from Teisco, Japan, one of the huge suppliers during the guitar boom of the 60's. This one is a few years later and looks a bit fancier with the engraved floral pickguard and etched pickup covers but it's the same model. Japan companies weren't afraid of taking chances and, hey, if 3 pickups are good - 4 pickups are better!

As with many Teisco's, this one has no logo on the headstock and never did. As you can see this one's in really nice shape and it's rather striking with a glossy 3-tone sunburst body, beveled body edge, block fretboard inlays, walnut headstock veneer, floral pickguard, and lots of chrome accents. The trem arm on this one was MIA so we simply attached a screw-on sleeve for a Floyd arm so the trem is fully functional and I'll include a trem arm with it.

If you ever come across an original arm basically a flat piece of metal this one can be removed without modification. Martin went over the electronics and has everything working well although the difference between Rhythm and Bass on the 3-way is barely discernible. It needs new rubber in the string mute and if you're going to use that function we can install a new mute strip. If you're putting together a studio and don't have unlimited resources, MXL mics perform well, at a fraction of industry standard mics. These condenser mics are well suited for stereo recording drum sets, acoustic guitars, pianos, strings or anything else that benefits from a stereo field in the mix.

Characteristics include a fast transient response with a high SPL of dB which is important on loud sources such as close drum mic'ing. The feature a cardioid pattern. Includes a dual-mic stand adapter but not mic stand and a set of shockmounts. Rare Burgundy Mist with matching headstock! Wow, time flies. Every few months they would ship to dealers two new custom colors, each with matching headstock and silver logo. All other specs were the same as a regular American Standard. Set up is low and buzz-free and it sounds lively, both acoustically and plugged in.

Includes case key and trem arm. Since when it was a top-of-the-line special order from Guild, the D55 has been at the pinnacle of Guild production with its premium appointments and legendary tone. Woods are first rate as well with AAA solid Sitka spruce top, solid Indian rosewood sides and back, mahogany neck with walnut center strip from tip of headstock to the butt, multi-ply binding front and back, ebony bridge and bone nut and saddle. Internally it features scalloped Adirondack bracing, an improved dovetail neck-joint, hand fitted for lightest, loudest, and best-sounding D55 ever made.

Like most dreadnoughts it's excellent at being a jack of all trades, handing anything from bluegrass to blues, heavy strumming and fingerstyle. It is clear and balanced with a well-defined bass response from the rosewood and sparkling, harmonic-rich highs from the AAA Sitka spruce. It utilizes an under-saddle pickup that's mixed with an omni-directional electret condenser mic housed in special polymer shock mount. Separate volume controls for Master volume and Mic volume are mounted in the sound hole. Also, the bridge was off and on one time so you can see an outline in the lacquer. It also had a new bone nut installed and a second strap pin installed pic.

Case has some tiny white flakes on it shown here but is structurally sound. SKB 4-space Rack , handle. Easy to transport with handles on both sides. Marshall Rackmount Stereo Power Amp , back. Made in England. At 80 watts per channel the puts out plenty of power for your live gigs. Works equally well with both clean and dirty signals. Runs in both mono or for a really huge sound, stereo 80W per side. Behringer V-Amp Pro , close-up , back. The V-Amp Pro is the 19 in. As a brief overview, you get a great collection of 32 classic amps, 15 famed speaker cabinets and 16 studio-quality effects: everything from vintage combos to supercharged gain monsters.

Store your own presets in the memory locations or get presets developed by today's hottest players. Plus, it has Behringer's exclusive auto wah and rotary effects and DI output with Ultra-G cabinet simulation designed by famous amp designer Juergen Rath. The rotary knobs have LED's for easy recognition of your settings. The FCB is the perfect companion piece and lets you get the most out of the V-Amp, especially in a live setting where you don't have time to tweak knobs for your next song. On top of its impressive MIDI functions, it gives you two jacks for analog switching and rugged, road-proof construction.

Features include 3 new sets of factory presets for more comfortable control of our V-AMP products, guitar workstations and BASS V-AMPs, Non-Latching Relay function - provides the added possibility of controlling external analog equipment closing the relay switches when the Preset button is depressed, Quick access to the Pedal Calibration mode, and an improved Tap Tempo function. The FCB is a powerful performance tool that gives you incredible flexibility in a tough package that's made for road use. It includes dual expression pedals with freely assignable MIDI channel, controller number and range; ten banks of presets with ten fully user-editable presets each ; simultaneous transmission of 5 MIDI program change commands and two MIDI controllers per preset; and more.

Other features include MIDI note commands for trigger and tap-tempo applications, 2 programmable and relay-controlled switch jacks e. Ibanez TS Overdrive Pro , pic2. Reissue of what many consider to be the finest overdrive ever made and certainly the most cloned OD of all time. Famous for yielding a smooth overdrive, much like the tone of overdriven tube amp.

Tone, overdrive, and level controls, allow you to tweak your tone. Includes adapter to fit Boss type barrel 9V adapters and power supplies. Other than Velcro on the bottom it's in new condition. Geoffrey Teese's wah pedals are perhaps the most highly regarded on the market, use by countless pro's on stage and in the studio. The Wizard is a chameleon, part RMC1 and part Picture Wah, the Wizard Wah sounds like nothing else, with extended sweep range, rich, tight lows, smooth mids, a natural sounding top end, and a slight overall boost.

It is slightly darker than a "normal" wah. The top end gets only a little brighter than the actual guitar sound and it has a very smooth overall sound - the low has close to the same signal strength as the mid and the top. Unlike the RMC1, the Wizard is designed to work with most any pickup configuration and any amp gain structure. Beautiful condition other than a small tear on the bottom label. Boss RC-1 Loop Station , pic2. Boss's simplest and most user-friendly Loop Station. Brand new in the box. The RC-1 is a straightforward looper that is easy to operate and with 12 minutes of stereo recording, it's powerful enough for most casual looper fans.

Does all the usual stuff, and easily: record, playback, overdub - and undo or redo loops. There are plenty of performance uses for these but I just use one as a second guitarist to practice with. Lay down a chord pattern…work on my leads. On the top panel, there is an innovative loop indicator consisting of a segment LED in a circular pattern. This unit has never even been plugged in, thus, flawless. Includes box, manual and catalog. Guyatone Wah Rocker WR2. Don't let size fool you. Built in Japan by Guyatone, the WR2 is an excellent sounding envelope filter with more quack per square inch than anything ever made. Korg Pitchblack Tuner Pedal , back.

Very compact and rugged chromatic tuner. Housed in an aluminum casing, it features true bypass plus an LED meter that can be switched between four modes including meter, full strobe, half strobe, and mirror. It features a very large and easy to read display that works well on a dark stage or outside in the bright sun. In back you'll find buttons for choosing the display mode and for calibration. There's also a DC 9-volt, mA output for noiselessly running other pedals in a chain. Mystic Ice Blue finish! Latest version of the revolutionary Tele Thinline, first marketed in The original idea was to produce a more lightweight Tele, while retaining the guitar's signature tone.

This latest version, called the Elite Tele Thinline does that and more. This model features Fender's new 4th generation Noiseless pickups, which sound like a Tele, without any of the harshness associated with the vintage pickups. They are also very compatible with virtually any OD or distortion pedal, again, without harshness. They sound as great clean as they do with loads of gain, sort of the perfect modern Tele tone.

You'll also notice a different type of bridge on this guitar. The new Elite Suspension Bridge features three intonatable brass saddles is a unique design engineered specifically for this guitar. A screwless mount increases the transfer of energy to ensure better sustain and a more lively response. It features a comfortable compound radius 9. Not just the fretboard is compound. The heel, by the way, is updated as well, making it easier to play in the upper register. Tuners are short-post locking type and feature a greater break angle at the bone nut, buzz-free.

They've also borrowed the idea for a truss rod wheel at the butt neck, which is my personal favorite. It's easy and you can keep tension on the neck while you adjust. Other features include a bound ash body very classy! Weighs a very comfortable 7 lbs 5. Includes Elite case with certificate, etc. It works but when you press in the cone it has the friction feel that tells me it probably wants to be reconed. Immaculate condition - killer playing lefty.

Truss rod adjustment is at the headstock. This guitar has a wonderful set up with low action, nicely finished fret ends and no buzzy strings. Cosmetically it's in beautiful shape with zero flaws noted. Identical to the IIG above except no expression pedal with this model. All other features and layout are the same. Advertised as "the tone of a '54 Strat without the noise or the price tag", the Holy Grail is Lace's best Stratocaster pickup. It has a quality vintage tone in a remarkable hum-canceling design.

While most stacked pickups fall short in both high end and low end output, Lace's patented "sidewinder" design with Alnico 5 magnets retain a depth and sparkle you want in a vintage tone. They sound good both clean and distorted and are a medium to high output at around 11K. Near flawless! Features vintage frets and vintage radius. Screw pattern is for vintage Kluson-style tuners. Would be barely noticeable when playing but we can fill upon request. Super clean FT Alnico bridge pickup. I also have a new in the box FT neck pickup if needed.

Excellent replacement pickup for you Tele players who want a bit more oomph out of your Tele. More output, breaks up your amp better, with a fatter tone than an average Tele. Immaculate condition. Hey players, tell you lefty friends! Virtually flawless Mex Standard that looks, sounds, and plays fantastic. Also the Standard model features a vintage fret neck instead of 22 but shares the medium-jumbo frets and modern 9.

In addition to building great pedals under his own name, Robert Keeley has another business modifying pedals built by other manufacturers. The classic AD9 delay is one example. Namely, an improved bass response, higher fidelity, upgrades to metal film caps and a new Burr Brown IC. The stock footswitch no longer engages the pedal; indeed it puts the pedal instantly into infinite repeats. You can do some pretty cool effects with infinite repeats! Includes original box. Great choice for your vintage Strat project. The Pau Ferro fretboard is attractively figured, resembling Brazilian in its color contrast. Includes vintage tuners, 50's style string tree and pro-installed logo with 3 patent numbers.

Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb , pic2. One of the best digital reverbs on the market, the Ventris features 12 onboard reverb engines as well as an expansive collection of reverb effects available via the Neuro Mobile App or Neuro Desktop Editor. This baby features two completely independent bit reverb processors, housing a matched pair of powerful reverb pedals in a single box. The powerful dual processing architecture yields some serious advantages including massive processing muscle, adjustable preset spillover time and the ability to create dual reverb effects. Dual reverb effects allow you to combine two reverb engines expanding ambient possibilities - you can run dual reverb effects in a parallel or cascading signal path, or split your reverbs and send a different effect to each of the pedal's two Outputs.

With its true spillover changing from one preset to the next in live situations, there is no abrupt cutting off the trail of the previous effect. There's too much to list here but check out this demo for some more description and good demos. Another in the new line of Tone Print enabled effects, the Flashback Mini also allows you to easily transfer your favorite delay settings via USB, again, with custom patches by some big name artists. With a delay time up to 7 seconds, this is fairly powerful for a base model delay. It is a mono delay with Feedback, Delay, and FX Level controls to let your sculpt your delay sound just right.

Celestion G12H 16 Ohm Speakers , back. Note: Jensen is unavailable. The Celestion G12H is a 16 ohm, rated at 30 watts. It is loud and proud thanks to its heavy magnet structure, and provides a fusion of the Vintage 30 and the Greenback speakers, producing a thick, warm and syrupy sound while still retaining a tight and focused bottom end. Wampler Sovereign Distortion. Brian Wampler is one of this generation's true gurus of distortion and the Sovereign is just another example of his genius.

It's 4 knobs and 2 switches are capable of creating many, many great tones, ranging from vintage crunch to modern hi-gain distortion and much more. The layout is simple. The Mid takes the pedal from sweet and fluid to something much more aggressive and, remarkable, this control doesn't affect clarity and dynamic response. The other switch is your typical Boost switch which can add even more gain.

The pedal features true bypass switching and can run on 9V battery or just about any pedalboard power supply. High quality but affordable studio grade all-analog optical compressor for guitar or bass. For this reason I consider it a bass comp first, although BBE marketed it as much for guitar as bass. Other features include: Output and Threshold controls, 1MEG Ohms input impedance for proper pickup loading, 1K Ohms output impedance when engaged, blue status LED for high visibility and low power consumption, easy access battery compartment, and true hardwire bypass. Equally useful to guitarists or bassists, a compressor is frequently the last thing a guitarist looks for when creating a pedalboard. Once they get used to it they rarely leave it out of the set up.

Click here for a demo. All this is housed in a die-cast aluminum box which will never rust. It is truly built to last. For more info check out this typically great demo from ProGuitarShop link. Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini. With floorboard real estate at a premium Ibanez has joined the companies making mini pedals. The Mini sounds the best! I get in a lot of tuners and this Polytune is the best value, dollar for dollar, by far. Polyphonic — just strum all your strings and it will tell you which ones are off.

Supports Drop D and many other tunings and you can save and recall a difficult tuning or reference pitch. Operates in strobe mode, which is cool, or needle mode. For a good brief demo click here. A "must have" for a Bassman if you want any break up due to the massive clean headroom the amp has and you really have to drive it to painfully loud levels for power tube saturation. This model is made for 2 Ohm load and works best for amps rated at 2 ohms such as the Fender 4X10 Bassman.

Offers Bright and Deep switches for tailoring your sound - Bright switch gives you two different high frequency levels to compensate for an overly bright, or dull speaker cabinet while the Deep switch offers two distinct bass settings to help you fill out the bottom end, or reduce the bass in a cabinet with too much low end. Has built in noise reduction up to 10dB, line out, and a fan to keep it cool. Electroharmonix Pedal Case , sample layout. Top of bag zips off completely for use. Velcro strips are integrated into the base. Large storage compartment. For larger pedalboards solutions check out: Ultimate Support Pedalboard and Case , pic2 , pic3. High quality GSP Genesis Series pedalboard that uses their universal power supply mounting system.

It uses clamps to fit a wide variety of power supplies underneath the board. Additionally, their cable management system under the board use a specially angled design and prevents cord clutter. Large enough to fit a lot of pedals at 24" X Velcro already attached to the base and I'll include Velcro for the bottom of your pedals. Sperzel Trim Lok Tuners. All brand new components including pickups, pickguard, and electronics. Used pickups, all else new. Brand new although the Ultimate Blues had the wrapper removed.

Fender Strat Body — Honey Blonde. Very nice shape, lovely ash grain. Big Selection of Pickguards. SSS and HH, plastic and anodized, most are new with plastic film. Callaham Neckplates. One with no serial, others have 5-digit serials, all are satin finish stainless steel. These are stronger and resist bending so your guitar will not get dented easily. Great tone starts with a great neckplate. Top protection for your P or J bass. Classic Tolex over 3-ply wood with stitched leather ends and handle. Includes keys. Nice shape and nice price. Beautiful condition, nice playing P-bass. If you're just starting out, or simply need a bass for occasional studio work this would be a good choice if you're on a budget. One of the cool features of this model is the combination of the Jazz bridge pickup and Precision in the mid position, which gives you the two classic tonal options: the biting mid-range tone of a Jazz that cuts through the mix - or the fat, thunderous sound of a P-bass that shakes your pants leg.

Individual volume controls onboard so take your pick - or blend them however you want. Offered in near mint condition with plastic still on the pickguard and a pro set up that will set it apart from any new one you're considering online. Virtually every aspect of this bass has been upgraded, dramatically improving its tone and playability. Let's start with the electronics. To finish it off it now features a Stingray logo on the headstock so it looks as professional as its parts and the entire neck has been sprayed with clear lacquer in place of the original satin finish.

Tonally, this is one of those basses that is capable of any tone you have in your head. As versatile as they come. Playability is superb with low action and minimal string rattle. Boss MT-2 Metal Zone , panel. Boss' best metal pedal ever - and the most versatile distortion. With the 3-band EQ, including sweepable mid you can dial in a huge variety of tones. It does the scooped mid tone as good as anything ever made, or boost the mids and cut the bass and treble for a variety of tones ranging from VH to ZZ Top.

The MT-2 is one of Boss's best selling effects of all time and is now, believe it or not, it's been 30 years. From the good old days, made in the USA. Good sounding and built for 4 more decades of use. Other than an OD, this was my only effect when I started getting serious about playing 40 years ago. Still sounds very cool today. Nice shape in original box with original power supply, which thankfully is included since otherwise it takes two 9V batteries.

Cool old pedal from DeArmond that combines a pump volume pedal, with a side-to-side tone pot. This is not a wah pedal that changes the frequency, but a treble roll off. Here's a YouTube video demo link. Three Hound Chorus oozes the warmth, thickness, and richness we're looking for in an all analog chorus. It features Depth and Speed controls, plus a unique Width control which physically changes the distance or width between wave forms adding a whole new dimension to the effect. It is wired true bypass and has a dedicated LED that flashes to indicate speed setting. It can be powered by your choice of either a 9v battery or a standard 9v negative-center adapter. When I first plugged this pedal in I thought it was a tremolo and, in fact, it can cover that ground very well as well.

Click here for a good demo by ProGuitarShop. Fuchs Plush Drive. I love Fuchs gear. Their amps and pedals are all hand-built in their New Jersey shop with superb quality and engineering. The unique 4-knob circuit gives you unprecedented control over the most important aspects of your tone. On the input end, the gain and touch controls allow you to set just the right amount of distortion and pick response, based on your guitar and playing style. On the output end, a subtle tone control and level control allow you to set both your overall lead tone and solo level. Sounds great plugged into a good clean amp, or add it to your amps overdrive for a super thick overdrive tone, and it's quiet enough to put in front of an overdriven amp easily.

Features feature: Cast aluminum housing, industrial powder coat finish, heat cured silk screen labeling, true bypass, Cliff switch, Neutrik connectors, metal shaft controls, premium boutique quality passive components, and mil spec fiberglass two sided circuit board for consistent long term performance. Every player should have a boost pedal. It has a number of uses, the most basic one being to boost your leads. Other amps simply need a hotter input signal to come to life. The Nitro offers an impressive 22dB boost while enhancing a player's articulation by its soft compression. If you're looking for a quality stage tuner without spending a fortune, here you go.

The X-Tuner chromatic tuner has multi-light LEDs and lighted notes that make it easy to tune on dark stages, plus the strong aluminum chassis guarantees years of problem free use, gig after gig. Also featured are muting for silent tuning and continuous out for live tuning note tuning with a 7 octave range. Use the calibration knob to match the pitch of another instrument, CD, tape, etc. If you're looking for a cool delta tone with the ability to strum, pick, or slide, this one does it and at an affordable price.

Features include all mahogany body with vintage semi-gloss finish, 's Gretsch headstock with aged pearloid MOTS overlay, internal Sound-Well bracing, medium V-shaped mahogany neck with 1. A critical area in all resonators guitars is the diaphragm resonator cone and this has a good one with the Gretsch "Ampli-Sonic", hand-spun in Eastern Europe from nearly 99 percent pure aluminum. It sounds loud and proud. Other features include Fishman Nashville Spider bridge, weathered trapeze tailpiece, Grover Sta-Tite tuners with black buttons, This guitar had one small crack near the treble F-hole that Martin has glued. It will never pose a problem. Overall very nice shape with a really nice low-action set up which makes Spanish style playing a breeze and since Martin went inside and attached the piezo sensors properly it actually sounds as good plugged in.

Parker Gen 1 DiMarzios. Original 90's Parker Fly pickups correct for which are Air Norton neck position and ToneZone bridge position. Included are electronics consisting of 4 pots 2 vol, 2 tone , 3-way switch, output jack and connection circuit board. Includes instruction manual for pickups and wiring buss. The most affordable Jazzmaster yet and retains the unique offset Jazzmaster body and comfortable C-shaped neck. Rather than single coils though, this model comes equipped with dual humbuckers for a fatter tone which will make it much more than a surf guitar.

Other features include hardtail string-through-body bridge, sealed die-cast tuners, white gloss finished body with comfortable satin finish on the neck and 3-ply black Jazzmaster pickguard. Factory set up was mediocre but it now plays with ease thanks to an excellent in-house setup by my man Martin. Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion , pic2. Keeley's take on a British amp in a box and it does the job nicely. It features the usual Distortion and Volume knobs plus a 3-band tone stack of Bass center frequency Hz , Middle frequency range of hz Keeley offers that in Tube Amp Crunch the LED lights up and is actually part of the clipping circuit while with the switch down Lead Channel the LED doesn't light up and it provides higher gain and more saturation.

You would think this pedal would be a Marshall clone but many folks online have suggested it shares more with a Rat pedal than with Marshall. Whatever, I think it sounds excellent. This particular one is "as new", not a scratch, in the box with all the stuff. Reissue of one of the most popular Distortion pedals of the 70s and 80s. It sounds as good today as when I played in my high school garage bands. Offered in "as new" condition in the box with rubber feet, manual, sticker, etc. Just found after a year MIA in a mislabeled case. Great feeling guitar with quality tone, Petrucci vibe, with a few mods. The logo has been removed from the headstock — the body, which is factory satin finish, has been lightly buffed out to a semi-gloss finish compare to headstock in first pic above.

A trem stop has been installed, allowing for down pressure only, EVH style, with advantages such as tuning stability during string bends and string breakage. The JP is a rather unique, well made guitar, The neck and headstock picture are one, meaning no scarf joint, which is more expensive to manufacture but adds stability and avoids potential separation. Stock features include Basswood body with custom deep forearm contour, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and custom Sterling Petrucci Neck carve, reverse controls 3-way closest to your picking hand , Locking Tuners, 24 medium-jumbo frets, Sterling Modern Recess Tremolo with a really solid block, If you can live without a Sterling logo, this has some tasteful upgrades and superb playability at a nice price.

Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator. Super clean; perhaps the best acoustic pedal ever made. Much more versatile than a Fishman bridge - and cheaper too. For players who are looking for electrics with an acoustic bridge, this thing sounds better and works with any electric guitar. Has settings for Jumbo, Standard, Enhance and Piezo. Sennheiser e Silver Instrument Mic. Excellent quality instrument mic. The design and specs allow for simply draping over the top and resting on grill cloth if you prefer to not use a mic stand. Also works well with drums. Features include rugged metal body, advanced shock-mount design, super-cardioid pick-up pattern, and hum compensating coil.

Excellent 2-channel mic preamp and DI. If you do any recording you need a quality preamp to prevent your vocals and instruments from having a sterile tone. It's very versatile as well, with two channels, offering Class A solid-state preamps for a clean and clear sound, plus parallel 12AX7-driven tube preamps lets you blend in tube saturation to warm up your tone.

Some solo artist gig with these in place of a mixer, plugging their mic into one channel, their guitar into the other. Super-shallow bowl makes this very comfortable to play and the typical Ovation USA quality means this guitar can be enjoyed for many, many years. Although Ovations have a good acoustic tone where they made their money is their amplified tone, which is why they virtually owned the stage for all popular acoustic players in the 60ss, frequently playing a Balladeer with cutaway like this one.

Not surprisingly, I was completely impressed with this guitar through my regular guitar amp. As I mentioned Ovation has a reputation for amplified acoustic tone which is due to both the body's design and with quality electronics, which were always a step ahead of the competition. This era used Ovation's ET-3 system which consists of a saddle transducers and preamp with volume, 3-band EQ and battery check. This guitar had a top crack which was expertly repaired by my tech Martin who closed up the crack and finished over it. Plays very nicely and sounds excellent, especially as a stage guitar. If you don't mind one non-problematic top crack it's in otherwise nice shape and an excellent deal on this guitar, which comes from a great era for Ovation USA.

High output With soft picking you get cleaner tones; pick hard and you get more grit and fatness. Kent Armstrong Spitfire Strat Pickup. Seymour Duncan Strat Pickup Set , pic2. Mounted on a new single-ply black guard. Inexpensive upgrade for your Mex Strat. This new music brings everyone a new happy atmosphere. Jazz brought about a new form of music, and the artists allowed people to let loose and find a way to express themselves better. Each artist has their own story, and their own reason for the end of their career. Some lived their life out in fame and glory, while others were shown the more dramatic side of life. Their upbringing may differ, but they all had one thing in common; a lasting contribution for not only the Jazz Era, but for all other generations and genres of music to come.

He began writing songs for popular artists and became well-known himself for his writing skills. He then worked on co-writing the soundtrack to the musical film, Night Magic. This film encompasses one of his most popular hits of all times, Hallelujah. Many people have covered this ever so popular song and some have even received wide acclaim for it. Jazz music has adapted to keep up with the times and influence many other songs people listen to today.

Music in general would not be what it is without Louis Armstrong. Armstrong added the flamboyant improvisations and solos jazz that made it what it is today. Armstrong changed music though the course of his career and has kept his influence on it and popularity to this day. Armstrong grew up an average kid in a poor family, but he had a lot of ambition. After years of poverty he was able to find his talent and it took him far. His childhood was a struggle without his father in such a brutal neighborhood.

Armstrong was now a full fledged musician. Soon he would take Oliver's spot in the band which would give him his first job as a full time musician. This led to his Hot Five and Hot Seven. After being featured on multiple records for many different bands Armstrong was offered a chance to be recorded with a band under his own name biography. His personal style of playing and ability to make jazz a solo friendly music became the people's new favorite type of jazz. He put out many records and his popularity grew even in outside countries. Both were heavy with his singing and masterful trumpets solos and improvisations. It was this one of a kind Jazz and blues feeling that got him to the top of the.

Show More. Armstrong was featured in the film of Hello, Dolly! He performed less frequently in the late '60s and early '70s, and died of a heart ailment in at the age of A year later, he was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. As an artist, Armstrong was embraced by two distinctly different audiences: jazz fans who revered him for his early innovations as an instrumentalist but were occasionally embarrassed by his lack of interest in later developments in jazz, especially his willingness to serve as a light entertainer; and pop fans, who delighted in his joyous performances, particularly as a vocalist, but were largely unaware of his significance as a jazz musician.

Given his popularity, his long career, and the extensive label-jumping he did in his later years, as well as the differing jazz and pop sides of his work, his recordings are extensive and diverse, with parts of his catalog owned by numerous companies. But many of his recorded performances are masterpieces, and none are less than entertaining. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International.

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