Is College Really Worth It Essay

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Is College Really Worth It Essay

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Several deem college as too expensive, but in reality college returns interest. Despite the harsh upfront cost of college, the return on investment on a college degree remain high. Ultimately, all the hard work and money put into…. People of all ages ask themselves if a college education is actually worth it. Well, many studies have been done and the results tend to favor a college education over just a high school diploma.

Going to college is important for individuals to be able to obtain a higher pay and a more desirable and lasting career. This is a growing concern with current college students. Going to college has become a larger question in the United States in recent years. Most people decide to get a higher education after high school because college graduates have higher salaries, better health, better employment benefits, better job opportunities, better technical and interpersonal skills, and better overall well-being later in life.

However, the growing costs of university education and the lowering opportunities of employment after graduation raise some concerns with students today. When these factors are considered together, it is hard to determine if college is really worth it or…. Cassidy also goes on to explain that college is also better for the public in decision-making. College educates students in more than just a classroom setting.

It helps with the overall development of the brain and communicational skills. Is College Worth Anything? Higher Education 's Pros and Cons Some people believe that higher education is an investment that will pay off in the long run. While other people think it is a waste of time and money. The reason why universities and colleges are worth the four plus years and an expensive cost are due to the amount of money a college grad can make afterward. The highest-paying majors are to be found in the tech and computer science industries, as well as in the actuarial sciences; half of the graduates in the latter will be making over six figures after 10 years.

The University of the Potomac wants to put more people on the path toward one of these high-paying jobs. We are fully accredited and offer six Bachelor of Science degrees, five Associate of Science degrees, 14 certificate programs, and an MBA program, in disciplines centered around accounting , business , information technology , and cybersecurity —all growing fields with high-income potential.

The practitioner-led teaching staff and strategy over at Potomac University enables students to get a job as soon as they graduate. We offer tuition much lower than the majority of schools to bring higher education to more people. Higher education holds the keys to a secure future. The main reason to go to college is for the. The cost for tuition to college is continually increasing. Considering the fact that colleges have things to change and problems to fix, are they really worth the price? Good teaching should be demanded in classes to engage students and encourage them to pursue their goals.

Are colleges achieving their main. What Does College Guarantee? There is a controversy about college degrees and their worth. They say a degree give you what you want. Do companies really consider a degree when hiring. Is college even worth going to. Is this the truth? I disagree. Is a College Degree Necessary? Ehrenreich seems to be voicing her feelings to employers because they are beginning to look specifically for college grads, instead of people who may have more experience and knowledge, or even currently work for the organization.

She claims that employers seek college grads merely because they have. This is a question many students ask when they start to end their years at high school. As more jobs start to acquire college degrees, more people aren't getting the job they might have wanted.

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