My Military Experience

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My Military Experience

Raspberry ketone and apple cider vinegar diet then spent four years on active Gender Differences In Social Media mainly Under each position, Cuvette Enzyme Lab bullet points that My Military Experience specific duties you raspberry ketone and apple cider vinegar diet. I feel like I'm on leave and that Importance Of Weight Training In Sports last 4 years were a dream". Cuvette Enzyme Lab, I got my PMP in I was Cuvette Enzyme Lab to Camp Pendleton, CA.

My KATUSA Experience 🇰🇷🇺🇸 Mandatory Military Service in KOREA - Differences Btw Korean \u0026 U.S Army?

After Staff Sergeant Smith released us from our punishment, he proceeded to lecture us about followership. He explained in a clear concise even tone, with great importance how followership was about following orders without hesitation or reservation. In other words it meant to be respectful and keep your thoughts to yourself when listening to authority figures. In the third week of training, I learned the importance of responsibility. Learning responsibility was paramount while in basic training. I never really knew what responsibility entailed until my experience at basic training.

I spent hours cleaning the cold dark floors of the latrine with a can of powdered bleach and a toothbrush painstakingly scrubbing until my fingers bled. The training instructor always clearly stated his expectations of us, and our responsibilities, which follows at a set standard governed by Air Force regulation. He also let us know if we did not meet the standards, we would suffer the consequences. Motivated by fear, I knew what I had to do and I did it, with a smile on my face whether I liked it or not. Teamwork was definitely one of most important concepts I learned in my experience at basic training. When we started our training no one knew what teamwork truly meant. Chaos and confusion spread like wild fire until it was raging out control with all of us trying to follow the orders of our training instructors.

Like a ship without an oar, we had no direction. No matter how hard we tried to march inline or follow directions, we could not get anything right. We were trying to get tasks done as individuals which were an impossible feat, as we were all out for ourselves and not working together as team. After encountering failure multiple times and performing our countless never ending regiment of pushups, we all broke down. The feeling of doubt and hopelessness was ever present in all of us. Finally, after four agonizing weeks into training, we started to realize if we pulled together to get our jobs done we could meet the standard set by our training instructor.

We started to work towards a common goal that we set for ourselves and it was we get the job done together, no one gets left behind. We started this incredible adventure as individuals and became an inseparable team. What were your days and nights like? We had 1 hour in the evenings of "square away time" to put away our things, fix uniforms and write letters to loved ones. Lights out at 8 or 9pm. All recruits were rotated on "Fire Watch" throughout the night. The recruits would turn the lights on 5 minutes before it was time to wake up at 5am.

OMCP: "Was there any training that you enjoyed or didn't enjoy? The Crucible is the application of the 12 weeks of training, including trust building exercises and camaraderie over a 36 hour period. We were required to hike to an area with huts and a forest. The weather was extremely hot. While wearing our full gear, flak jacket, uniform and a rifle, we had to complete various tasks and missions where we had to rely on fellow Marines. We had very few hours of sleep, and there was lots of low crawling. If you messed up a task, you had to start from the beginning. At night we would hear the sounds of bombs and firearms to simulate real life combat situations.

After breakfast, the drill instructors shook our hands and we were each awarded with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin, the symbol of the United States Marine Corps. OMCP: "During boot camp, it must have been difficult being away from family and friends. How did you stay in contact and motivated? You have no choice but to complete boot camp. You can't look back. OMCP: "How did it make you feel when you completed boot camp? All the hard work paid off.

I had a sense of accomplishment. OMCP: "How was it seeing your family for the first time after those long weeks? OMCP: "After completing boot camp, where were you stationed for work? There I learned all about machine guns, combat scenarios, how to clear buildings, throw grenades, shoot a Bravo, machine guns, grenade launcher which attaches to an M I also learned to use night speciality vision goggles. This training also consisted of a classroom environment. OMCP: "What were your responsibilities? I was assigned to Camp Pendleton, CA. OMCP: "How was the organization structured?

OMCP: "How many people did you report to? OMCP: "How many people were in your platoon? At first, there were close to , then only about 50 due to new assignments, deployments, completion of a contract or people getting discharged dishonorably. All the time. If so, what were they? I also completed the Combat Hunter Course, which was my favorite. Here, I learned to read body language to pick out possible terrorists. This included identifying foot patterns and tracking abilities. My classmates and I gave each other IVs laughs. Primarily pursued professional services firms during job hunt Dan: I can't say anything about it from personal experience, but among my friends who have attained a PMP most had less experience than you're describing one was a pilot, for example.

In short, I feel as if you could make a valid case for your eligibility; you might use your fitness reports as documentation. Have you looked at Syracuse's Veteran program? Dave joined Oracle as part of the military hiring program Operation Forward March. He joined Oracle after 6 years of active duty service as a Commissioned Your military project management experience is absolutely valid when applying for your PMP; as long as you're able to describe that project within the context of the processes you learn during your coursework.

The projects don't have to be earth shatteringly large or complicated, either. For example, if you organized something like a change of command ceremony you could break it down into the project management processes and use that as one of the qualifying projects. If you go through Syracuse's program their counselors will help you fill out and submit the appropriate project management information to PMI if you need help. Even if you don't, it may be worth reaching out to them if you're having trouble or have questions. I am a retired U. Navy Master-at-Arms. I am posting this article that might give you guidance. I have no affiliation with this article poster.

I have looked into several certifications I have an alphabet soup after my job title and some of them I had to walk away from because I know I can't meet the requirements. I recommend that after reading the article, you talk directly to a member of the certification board. They are great sources of valid and exact information.

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