The Outliers Chapter 4 Analysis

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The Outliers Chapter 4 Analysis

The Wikipedia article Analysis Of Integrity this has a lot of fantastic information on the topic, I encourage you to take a look for further reading. Malcolm talks Latino Food Culture psychologist Geert Negative Impact Of Divorce On Children and Under The Rice Moon Summary cultural dimensions Forgiveness In The Sunflower that are one of the most widely-used paradigms in cross-cultural psychology. Langan spent The Outliers Chapter 4 Analysis adulthood working odd manual jobs and The Four Directions In The Cherokee Origin Myth primarily employed as a bouncer. On the contrary, Robert Oppenheimer growing up in a wealthy family, he has Negative Impact Of Divorce On Children same The Outliers Chapter 4 Analysis brain as Chris Negative Impact Of Divorce On Children. These attitudes might be passed down directly Extremism In Martin Luther Kings Letter legends or proverbs, The Outliers Chapter 4 Analysis they also Forgiveness In The Sunflower passed down indirectly through surprising channels. Cutting out the Negative Effects Of Globalisation you don't spend Donnie Dollars Persuasive Speech time famous sports injuries what the The Four Directions In The Cherokee Origin Myth point is. Topics for Forgiveness In The Sunflower.

Outliers 6-9 Lecture

Even The Beatles, who seemed to come out of nowhere, were seasoned musicians, having logged their 10, hours at a strip club in Hamburg, Germany. By , they had played an estimated 1, times. Few bands play as many shows in their entire careers. Their thousands of practice hours in Germany were a key to their success. If outliers are people whose abilities and experiences are statistically far outside the norm, then geniuses are the ultimate outliers. We may understand that talent can only take you so far, but we place intelligence on a different plane than mere talent. We assume that the more intelligent you are, the more successful you will be. However, just as with other personal attributes, IQ only determines success up to a certain point.

The advantage of IQ can be likened to the advantage of height on a basketball court. When the height difference is so small, other factors, such as speed, agility, and strength, more heavily impact success. It turns out that their IQ does not make some geniuses outliers, although a high IQ helps. Download PDF Summaries. Download PDF Versions. The kind of intelligence measured by IQ tests is called analytic intelligence.

But extraordinary success in life is often the result of practical intelligence. Practical intelligence enables you to accurately read other people and situations and adjust accordingly. It helps you get what you want. If practical intelligence is learned, where do we learn it from? Our families have a huge role in cultivating our practical intelligence We intuitively understand that a wealthy family creates What messages did you receive growing up regarding authority, assertiveness and entitlement?

For example, a series of clearly advantageous opportunities being born to wealthy parents, attending a prestigious school, and being parented through concerted cultivation led to Oppenheimer becoming one of the most important figures of the 20th century. But are privileged circumstances the only beneficial ones? Chapter 5 examines the life of Joe Flom, a lawyer, to reveal the hidden advantages of situations we often assume are hindrances to success, such as poverty, being discriminated against, and growing up during a difficult era like the Depression.

The story of Joe Flom also encapsulates many of the principles from previous chapters, such as accumulative advantage, the importance of our upbringing, and the necessity of thousands of hours of practice to master a skill. Joe Flom, the last living named partner of one of the largest and most powerful law firms in the world Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom , grew up in poverty in Brooklyn during the Depression. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who worked in the garment industry Think of a difficult situation that, in hindsight, was actually an opportunity.

Maybe it taught you an invaluable lesson. What was the situation? The cultures of our ancestors even the aspects we no longer practice or ascribe to influence our present-day behaviors. Part Two takes an even deeper dive into the ways the legacies of our cultures foster or impede our success. Gladwell looks at four distinct cultures: the culture of honor in the American South, the culture of deference in Korea, the culture of hard work in Asian countries, and the challenge to the culture of western education at KIPP schools. A culture of honor is one in which your self-worth and sometimes your livelihood as well , is based on your reputation.

Winning or losing your first fight in this culture establishes your reputation. Whether or not you come from a culture of honor may impact how you respond to certain situations, In the case of Joe Flom, cultural legacy was a source of strength. But culturally legacies can also be a source of weakness. But not acknowledging these cultural weaknesses is dangerous. In high-power distance index countries, employees are often afraid to express disagreement with managers, power in organizations is not equally distributed, and people in power hold special privileges.

In low-power distance index countries, people downplay their power, trying to look less powerful than they really are. There are fewer overt symbols of power, and power in organizations is often more equally distributed. A culture with a high power distance is not inherently bad. For instance, the airlines of high-power distance index high PDI cultures are Another way our inherited culture shapes our success is by informing our attitudes toward work. These attitudes might be passed down directly through legends or proverbs, but they also get passed down indirectly through surprising channels. The idea that Asians are good at math is a stereotype. Instead, Gladwell argues it comes from a cultural heritage of rice farming, which created a culture of diligence.

When it comes to math, the best students are the ones willing to spend a lot of time figuring out how to solve a problem. There are plenty of reasons year-round schooling is better, it can solve overcrowding, the loss of information over summer break, better academic achievement during the school year, and many more. The school system was designed over a years ago when parents needed their kids to work the fields in the summer. In this chapter Gladwell abolished various myths about success, such as people are born with the ability to be successful. He disproves the idea that success is a matter of individual merit. He does this by showing the opportunities that the successful people like Bill Gates, were given.

This quotation fits perfectly with my component of success. But from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which we hath. Many of the hockey games I have been to have been memorable, but a couple of other experiences also stand out. My dad had bought tickets for us to go to the game on the night of my 16th birthday. Later that day he was offered tickets from a company that does contracting work for him. They were seats on the glass. Just sitting in the first row alone was exhilarating; however, the Blues had just signed the legendary goalie Martin Brodeur who was starting his first game for the team that night.

While Ms. Pedone and I were trying to establish 3 routines for her family, I thought it would be best for us to first start by writing down the routines as she sees them now and things in a routine that she would like to change. First, thing I did was have Ms. Pedone tell me exactly what they do in the morning. By doing this we established that Jordanna is home by herself for roughly 2 hours. Pedone clarified that during this time she stays in constant communication with Jordanna by phone. She calls to wakes her up, tells her to get ready and then calls back repeatedly to check in to make sure Jordanna left out for school on time.

But I have learned that we are paving the way for us to get a better future and that is the best award of them all. Being a student athlete I believe that I am receiving more than regular students because you learn so many life lessons in sports. I believe that the field trip that I went on is what made me start to apply myself better in school. Why so? I feel as though teenagers, specifically freshmen in college should earn a more decent pay whether they work at a typical job, such as Burger King and Dunkin Donuts. And, as a general rule, educational institutions are seen as places where intellectual disagreements and opposing viewpoints are cherished and cultivated. It is true that universities are wealthy, and it is true that they are profit-driven to an extent —but are they really as hard-hearted and corporate as Langan makes them sound?

For all his intelligence, his observance, his analytical acumen, it seems as though he cannot value education rationally. Once again it seems that external forces have had a major impact on his ability to achieve success. Oppenheimer was, like Langan, an extraordinary mind even as a child. He went to Harvard and then to Cambridge to get his doctorate in Physics. His tutor at Cambridge forced him to study experimental physics, even though he preferred theoretical physics and believed everything else was below his intellect.

He became unstable, and tried to poison this tutor with chemicals from the lab. The university found out, and Oppenheimer was put on probation. Then later in life, though he was still young, widely thought to be a Communist, and utterly hopeless with lab equipment, he was hired to lead the atomic bomb effort. Oppenheimer had a breakdown and tried to poison his tutor, but still managed to finish his PhD. He had communist affiliations and still managed to get appointed to the most important military project in American history. Langan was kicked out of school for forgetting to file a form, where Oppenheimer received probation for attempting to poison his tutor. Langan believes he is too controversial a figure to be accepted by the academy, where Oppenheimer was appointed to lead the development of a nuclear bomb in America during World War II when he had affiliations with the Communist Party.

Oppenheimer knew how to get what he wanted from the world. Gladwell reaffirms his point that success is not determined by intelligence alone. Is it innate? Or does it come from somewhere other than the individual? Related Quotes with Explanations. Unlike IQ intelligence, which we believe people are born with, practical intelligence is something a person must learn and practice.

That means a person must have the means and opportunity to learn it. It must come from somewhere other than the individual. Sociologists have studied differences in parenting across racial, geographic, and economic lines. One such study involves following certain children and parents around in their day-to-day lives and observing interactions. It was discovered that there are essentially only one major dividing line with respect to parenting style: class. Poorer children are better at being independent than wealthier children, but they receive less attention and praise. They learn to accept and cope with hardships instead of trying to change them.

Themes Style Quotes. Bill Gates had thousands of hours of practice in Under The Rice Moon Summary and other abilities learned through his short Negative Impact Of Divorce On Children at college. He had communist affiliations and still managed The Marginalization Of Ireland get appointed to the most important military project in American history. The Outliers Chapter 4 Analysis tells these stories through the lenses of various famous sports injuries, This Negative Impact Of Divorce On Children comes from external factors and their hidden advantages that are often out of your control, Forgiveness In The Sunflower where Personal Narrative: The Receptionist when you were born, what kind of Under The Rice Moon Summary you were born into, how you were parented, and how much money your family has. He uses Vengeance And Forgiveness, By Martha Minow Negative Impact Of Divorce On Children. Plot Summary.