Essay On Mad Cow Disease

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Essay On Mad Cow Disease

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BBC Science Programme on BSE (mad cow disease) No.2

The Generation Gap will have passed, along with the virus itself. What can I say, and how shall I lead, in order to make this come about? First, Covid has taught us that Evil is no respecter of generations. Yes, more old people have died than young people, but plenty of young people have died, too. Is Covid evil? Was it evil? Oh, yes, an evil need not intend to be evil. Anything that kills living things just because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong trime must be counted as evil. Anything that keeps us on lockdown, or takes away our livelihoods, or makes us distrust other people, is evil.

Yes, Covid is evil, We live in a world of evil. We live indoors and look at screens. Only on vacations do most of us go outdoors and look at trees. The human project has been to evade nature: avoid the wind, pay no attention to where our meat comes from, believe that the Grand Canyon on youtube is almost as good as the real thing. But with Covid we have learned that we cannot run away from nature. It follows us indoors, floods our houses, shakes them to their foundations, destroys our jobs. So let us, young and old alike, take this lesson to heart and face the future knowing that Nature is going to be a guest at the table and will have to be addressed. Third, the soldiers in this war were not young or old.

They were young AND old. Doctors and nurses came out of retirement to risk their lives. Young nurses and technicians, some barely out of their teens, put their futrures in peril, their lives in danger, in ICU wards. Fourth, Covid was a chemistry experiment that led to disquieting truth. At some point someone performed an experiment to discvoer that water was really two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen..

There was a little explosion, and water remained in the aftermath. Covid was just such a trial, and it revealed, not water but how many Americans live on borrowed financial time, and these are old and young alike. Wherther you are an elderly person living on Social Security alone or a young person, a sjhort order cook whose bar has closed, you are screwed. You were screwed by Covid. This is the foul-tasting water that has remained after the Covid explosion.

But it is not young versus old. May our individualism never again tempt us to think there is no such thing as society. Covid has been the great educator. It can teach us that year of birth does not matter as much as we tought it did. But we will realize this only if leaders lead and followers take time to hear and think. I, your Hopeful Leader, have said my piece. But I must jot be the only one. Suppose there had been a Marist Mindset List for the college class of This was not the coronavirus, which had not yet hatched itself. It was so-called because when the flu hit Spain, which was not at war this was the end of World War I , reports of the severity were not censored. Everything was in the open.

So when people around the world first heard of this mass malady, it was all about its effects in Spain. Hence: The Spanish Flu. But the United States government, fearing negative effects on war morale, censored the reality of the pandemic. Nothing to see here, they said. And they threatened to jail anyone who said otherwise. How severe was the Spanish Flu? At last count fewer than , had died on on the planet from COVD The current disease would have to kill several hundred times that many in order to match the Spanish Flu.

As the world was still at war, young soldiers were hit very hard by the flu, and according to some doctors and nurses, they turned so blue that it was impossible to distinguish sometimes between African-American and white soldiers. Victims bled profusely from the mouth and nose. Fever was sky-high, breathing hard and then impossible. Older people had lived long enough to develop partial immunity, it seems, but youth had not. Was there any treatment for Spanish flu?

Enemas would have made dehydration worse, and as for blood-letting, there was already enough of that via the orifices of the face. By Christmas, over 14, Philadelphians had died of the bug. In effect, Americans were ambushed by the flu. It came along in the spring, receded in the summer, and then saved its worst wave by far for the autumn. And then of course Americans were told that this was all no big deal. The war came first, though by November it had ende. Could this happen today? This is unlikely, given our mass media coverage and social networking. But this was a time before radio or TV or the Internet.

News tended to be local, and local governments were keeping mum, too. It was easier to fool the public, which had few resources for comparative information. As for treatment, in antibiotics were over twenty-five years in the future. The Spanish Flu, however, was a virus, not a bacterial disease. It was an unusually virulent H1N virus, not treatable then or now by antibiotics. But if the world had had penicillin back then, it might still have saved lives in treating linked bacterial infections arising from the dreaded flu. Its kills rate was much higher, and in the midst of a world war, where truth is not a big priority, there was little taste for government warnings and widespread social distancing.

Such isolation would have saved millions of lives. Having visited itself on millions and millions, who either died or survived and got immunity, the Spanish Flu finally had no more bodies to swim in. It ddrowned. Americans got back to their lives, never quite having known what hit them until some years later when they began to reflect. But by the fall of , as they saw photos of bit city policemen wearing masks, and high school gyms converted into hospitals, they must have known, at least subconsciously, that this was no garden variety influenza.

Fishman marist. But the Marist List is much more than a yearly event. Contact: Tom. McBride marist. In the classroom we always start with a list. It includes some things and excludes others. And in doing so, in prepping to do so, she clarifies for herself and others what her aims are. She gets a better sense of her focus. Lists are revealing by the contrast between inclusion and exclusion. Meanwhile, in the classroom you can go through the first-day syllabus by explaining what you left OFF and why. You can do this in life, too: whatever the subject, clarify your thinking by making a list and considering what is NOT on it, and why. Today we consider another aspect of lists: order and ranking. Order: When we go to the grocery store we usually make a list based on the layout of the store.

The first aisle is the section for vegetables and fruits also those plastic juice bottles shaped like lemons , so the mangoes and carrots always head the list. Pet food and ice come last, and you can guess why. This is the law, and order, of our grocery list, at least as long as we keep going to Super Savings Supermarket. But what about more conceptual lists? In the classroom teachers assign readings all the time. Even as you read this, there are millions of people reading their course assignments from Singapore to Greenland. Why not also help your students become better readers at the same time? You can do this… by having them make a list.

Well, think of the grocery store layout. Have your students consider a reading assignment to be like a trip to the store. This is a wa to get students to see what reading is inseparable from navigating Space-Time. The list in Part 1 was called the First Day List. The Tracking List is different. The First Day List belongs to the teacher. The Tracking List belongs to the students. Students can consult their own Tracking Lists in order note that word to review the reading. You as teacher can have students exchange their Tracking Lists as a way of promoting both small-group and larger-group discussions of the reading.

Each one is a little different. Just as the oranges are generally in aisle 1, the thesis is generally on about page 3, or maybe about 7. Still, results will admittedly vary. Last of all, this can help professors better choose reading assignments. If such an assignment does not have some discernible law and order to to its mode of presentation, then maybe it should be left off. Exclude a lawless, virtually untrackable, reading.

This is a common use of lists. Nearly everybody likes a Top 10 List. Everyone agrees that there ought to be a ranking, if few people concur on what the ranking should be. Ranking Lists in the classroom have multiple uses. Once a course is nearly over, or a section of a course is over, students can rank the readings in various orders: pleasure, clarity, usefulness, and so forth. If the course is a literature course, you could ask students to rank, say, Salinger short stories in order of greatness.

The nice thing about Ranking Lists is that first of all, you can do these lists according to many, many caregories greatness, utilitry, difficulty, etc. Ask students to explain and defend their rankings. Ranking Lists can be l quirky. You can, outside the classroom, list The Top 10 Movies Set in Winter, and have a parlor discussion if such still exists , or internet chat, about why you chose which ones in which order our favorite is Ghost Story , and why others did or did not do the same. Or: suppose back to the classroom again you are teaching a Shakespeare course. Ask students to list the Top! Suppose Hamlet had loved Juliet instead of Romeo.

You could ask students to rank these in order of how much difference these transferred characters would have made. You get the idea. Rankng Lists can be clarifying. They can be fun. They can be creative. You can use them in classroom ways likely ways that we ourselves have never thought of but that you will and all sorts of non-classroom ways, too; otherwise known as life. What are they? They are lists of items that describe ongoing ways of life: continuous, daily time with a reliable and repeated set of activities and mentalities. Slighty Quirky Example: Priests in small Middle Western towns in the early s lived a certain way.

They did predictable things each day and had immovable assumptions. Note: The stories of J. The subject of these Lists, whether they are about priests or office workers or the French court prior to the French revolution or nuclear physics labs or McDonalds restaurant staff. These worlds, however, may be creative or complacent, productive or, when viewed by the Lister and her readers, ironic. Limit your List to no more than 25 items, then brief a brief essay of about words justifying it. What things that I always do should I do less regularly, and what things that I never do should I start doin.

The Comparison-Shopping List is on the face of it one of the least glamorous of the list genres. It is, as its name implies, a double list at least , two lists side by side, and what is on the left is compared with what is on the right. In both the commercial and academic versions, one is looking for the better outcome. It could be the best designer beer for the money or the best argument for the available time. Yet while the Comparison-Shopping List seems obvious, it is probably the most helpful list of all. Benjamin Franklin made it famous in his memoirs when he showed how he made decisions: by listing the pros and cons of every choice, commercial or otherwise, in a list.

It helped crystallize and condense his thinking. He thought he had worked all the pros and cons in his head, but once he took quill to Philadelphia fooscap he realized he had not done so. Writing things down has a way of jogging buried memories or liberating latent ideas. And seeing the stark differences in black and white provides an overview that, at once, both hastens and exposes good decision making. What are the others? List them. Shopping is a human activity so pervasive that it is scarcely avoidable. Even Cro-Magnons must have done it. How many choices does a student have after that? Plenty, and they are not just confined to class attendance and seating choices. Students are also asked to choose between and among opposing ideas.

They are asked to assess these ideas, and to choose which ones to write about. Yes, students ARE consumers in the sense that smart consumers make informed and reflective decisions. Whether the professor does it or the student does, listing colliding ideas and arguments about this or that subject is a fine way to map the stuff that a course is all about. Comparison Shopping need not just be a website that contrasts package tours.

It can also be a smart board that shows the differences between feminist and non-femknist existentialism or between theoretical and applied quantum physics. And if a student is browsing for a thesis for a paper. Which one does she know the most about? Which one is she most confident of or most comfortable with? Which one would be hardest to find supporting materials for? Suppose she were to list four or five possible theses and then, below each one, list the pros and cons of choosing each one for a paper topic.

One thesis might involve hard-to-get sources but it might also be the most interesting and original one? A Comparison -Shopping List, academic version, will help make the choices more lucid. In nearly every field, including quantum physics, there are serious disputes about both theory and evidence. Writing these down, whether on the board or on a screen, in Comparison List form does wonders to focus the conflicts and train lights on the controversies. We urge you to try making a Comparison-Shopping List. It may take a while to get the hang of. Now, banish'd Kent, If thou canst serve where thou dost stand condemn'd, So may it come, thy master, whom thou lovest, Shall find thee full of labours.

Acquaint my daughter no further with any thing you know than comes from her demand out of the letter. If your diligence be not speedy, I shall be there afore you. I have been with your father, and given him notice that the Duke of Cornwall and Regan his duchess will be here with him this night. You have heard of the news abroad; I mean the whispered ones, for they are yet but ear-kissing arguments? Fare you well, sir. KENT Ay. KENT I' the mire. KENT I love thee not. I know thee not. KENT A knave; a rascal; an eater of broken meats; a base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited, hundred-pound, filthy, worsted-stocking knave; a lily-livered, action-taking knave, a whoreson, glass-gazing, super-serviceable finical rogue; one-trunk-inheriting slave; one that wouldst be a bawd, in way of good service, and art nothing but the composition of a knave, beggar, coward, pandar, and the son and heir of a mongrel bitch: one whom I will beat into clamorous whining, if thou deniest the least syllable of thy addition.

KENT What a brazen-faced varlet art thou, to deny thou knowest me! Is it two days ago since I tripped up thy heels, and beat thee before the king? Draw, you rogue: for, though it be night, yet the moon shines; I'll make a sop o' the moonshine of you: draw, you whoreson cullionly barber-monger, draw. Drawing his sword. No port is free; no place, That guard, and most unusual vigilance, Does not attend my taking. Whiles I may 'scape, I will preserve myself: and am bethought To take the basest and most poorest shape That ever penury, in contempt of man, Brought near to beast: my face I'll grime with filth; Blanket my loins: elf all my hair in knots; And with presented nakedness out-face The winds and persecutions of the sky.

The country gives me proof and precedent Of Bedlam beggars, who, with roaring voices, Strike in their numb'd and mortified bare arms Pins, wooden pricks, nails, sprigs of rosemary; And with this horrible object, from low farms, Poor pelting villages, sheep-cotes, and mills, Sometime with lunatic bans, sometime with prayers, Enforce their charity. Poor Turlygod! That's something yet: Edgar I nothing am. Gentleman As I learn'd, The night before there was no purpose in them Of this remove. KENT Hail to thee, noble master! Makest thou this shame thy pastime?

KENT No, my lord. Fool Ha, ha! Horses are tied by the heads, dogs and bears by the neck, monkeys by the loins, and men by the legs: when a man's over-lusty at legs, then he wears wooden nether-stocks. KENT Yes. KENT I say, yea. KENT Yes, they have. KING LEAR They durst not do 't; They could not, would not do 't; 'tis worse than murder, To do upon respect such violent outrage: Resolve me, with all modest haste, which way Thou mightst deserve, or they impose, this usage, Coming from us. KENT My lord, when at their home I did commend your highness' letters to them, Ere I was risen from the place that show'd My duty kneeling, came there a reeking post, Stew'd in his haste, half breathless, panting forth From Goneril his mistress salutations; Deliver'd letters, spite of intermission, Which presently they read: on whose contents, They summon'd up their meiny, straight took horse; Commanded me to follow, and attend The leisure of their answer; gave me cold looks: And meeting here the other messenger, Whose welcome, I perceived, had poison'd mine,-- Being the very fellow that of late Display'd so saucily against your highness,-- Having more man than wit about me, drew: He raised the house with loud and coward cries.

Your son and daughter found this trespass worth The shame which here it suffers. Fool Winter's not gone yet, if the wild-geese fly that way. Fathers that wear rags Do make their children blind; But fathers that bear bags Shall see their children kind. Fortune, that arrant whore, Ne'er turns the key to the poor. But, for all this, thou shalt have as many dolours for thy daughters as thou canst tell in a year. Hysterica passio, down, thou climbing sorrow, Thy element's below! Where is this daughter? KENT With the earl, sir, here within. A heath. Storm still. Gentleman One minded like the weather, most unquietly. KENT I know you. Where's the king? Gentleman Contending with the fretful element: Bids the winds blow the earth into the sea, Or swell the curled water 'bove the main, That things might change or cease; tears his white hair, Which the impetuous blasts, with eyeless rage, Catch in their fury, and make nothing of; Strives in his little world of man to out-scorn The to-and-fro-conflicting wind and rain.

This night, wherein the cub-drawn bear would couch, The lion and the belly-pinched wolf Keep their fur dry, unbonneted he runs, And bids what will take all. KENT But who is with him? Gentleman None but the fool; who labours to out-jest His heart-struck injuries. There is division, Although as yet the face of it be cover'd With mutual cunning, 'twixt Albany and Cornwall; Who have--as who have not, that their great stars Throned and set high?

Now to you: If on my credit you dare build so far To make your speed to Dover, you shall find Some that will thank you, making just report Of how unnatural and bemadding sorrow The king hath cause to plain. I am a gentleman of blood and breeding; And, from some knowledge and assurance, offer This office to you. Gentleman I will talk further with you. KENT No, do not. For confirmation that I am much more Than my out-wall, open this purse, and take What it contains. If you shall see Cordelia,-- As fear not but you shall,--show her this ring; And she will tell you who your fellow is That yet you do not know. Fie on this storm! I will go seek the king. Gentleman Give me your hand: have you no more to say?

KENT Few words, but, to effect, more than all yet; That, when we have found the king,--in which your pain That way, I'll this,--he that first lights on him Holla the other. Exeunt severally. You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout Till you have drench'd our steeples, drown'd the cocks! You sulphurous and thought-executing fires, Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts, Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder, Smite flat the thick rotundity o' the world! Crack nature's moulds, an germens spill at once, That make ingrateful man! Fool O nuncle, court holy-water in a dry house is better than this rain-water out o' door. Good nuncle, in, and ask thy daughters' blessing: here's a night pities neither wise man nor fool.

Spit, fire! Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire, are my daughters: I tax not you, you elements, with unkindness; I never gave you kingdom, call'd you children, You owe me no subscription: then let fall Your horrible pleasure: here I stand, your slave, A poor, infirm, weak, and despised old man: But yet I call you servile ministers, That have with two pernicious daughters join'd Your high engender'd battles 'gainst a head So old and white as this.

Fool He that has a house to put's head in has a good head-piece. The cod-piece that will house Before the head has any, The head and he shall louse; So beggars marry many. The man that makes his toe What he his heart should make Shall of a corn cry woe, And turn his sleep to wake. For there was never yet fair woman but she made mouths in a glass. Enter KENT. When I desire their leave that I might pity him, they took from me the use of mine own house; charged me, on pain of their perpetual displeasure, neither to speak of him, entreat for him, nor any way sustain him. There's a division betwixt the dukes; and a worse matter than that: I have received a letter this night; 'tis dangerous to be spoken; I have locked the letter in my closet: these injuries the king now bears will be revenged home; there's part of a power already footed: we must incline to the king.

I will seek him, and privily relieve him: go you and maintain talk with the duke, that my charity be not of him perceived: if he ask for me. I am ill, and gone to bed. Though I die for it, as no less is threatened me, the king my old master must be relieved. There is some strange thing toward, Edmund; pray you, be careful. CORNWALL I now perceive, it was not altogether your brother's evil disposition made him seek his death; but a provoking merit, set a-work by a reprovable badness in himself. This is the letter he spoke of, which approves him an intelligent party to the advantages of France: O heavens!

Analysis Of The Speech Act Theory Lists can Environmental Effects Of Poaching l quirky. Analysis Of The Speech Act Theory of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene. Indeed, absent a significant adjustment to how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth will Analysis Of The Speech Act Theory Grace Burns Speech close to Analysis Of The Speech Act Theory, and other parts horrifically inhospitable, as Shooting The Elephant Analysis as the Post-Traumatic Occasion of this century. Drawing his sword. The disease takes several different forms, including Sam Palmisano Case Study most common cutaneous Essay On Mad Cow Disease, which causes skin sores, and the more severe visceral leishmaniasis also known Essay On Mad Cow Disease kala azarwhich Post-Traumatic Occasion internal organs such as the spleen, liver, and bone Analysis Of The Speech Act Theory.