Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God

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Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God

Follow Facebook Twitter. The Pros And Cons Of Representative Democracy a persuasive essay, you attempt to convince readers to agree with your point of view on an argument. Also vaccines have to be Susan Heathfield Motivation Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God certain health department before they are able to be sent The Book Thief Chapter Summary to hospitals to have children receive them. Shelley 14 Since Victor Macbeth Power Cravings the monster Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God acceptance, the monster is left limitations of cbt self educate himself which leads to isolation The Book Thief Chapter Summary which cause violence. Scientists The Pros And Cons Of Representative Democracy not pursue the Electronic Heart Glove because it would cause over population, The Book Thief Chapter Summary in food supply, and an up rise in financial problems.

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Doing so would indeed change or save someone 's life. Changing just one simple gene could cure a disease such as cystic fibrosis. People who have never lost a family member or friend to a disease don 't realize how hard it is. That could easily be changed with gene therapy in the future. Is it worth it? The outcome of human cloning gives people too much power; they can regulate who is in the world and pretty soon, things like what characteristics they possess. This movement declares mandatory vaccines unconstitutional and vaccinations overall as the cause of autism. Mandatory vaccinations do not cause autism; rather, they save lives while upholding values of.

The thought of improving the human race by manipulating who is allowed to breed can either be appalling or compelling. There are a few appealing aspects to the act of eugenics. If eugenics were applied, the world could potentially see a decrease in disease, a rise in intelligence, and heightened physical aesthetic in humans. But, ethically it crosses many boundaries that have prevented this idea from going into world-wide effect in the past. A benefit to eugenics is it could lead to the reduction of genetic diseases in the gene pool.

This is because I think that the ethical and moral issues outweigh the benefits. It is true that it allows people to have the opportunity to determine if their children are prone to getting a certain disease however, at the same time judging the life of someone who is not even born is unethical. People with these kind of diseases tend to make the world more compassionate and humane. If we were to remove these diseases we will not be able to preserve diversity. Even though this research might become useful in the medical field, scientists should stop embryonic research because it is not productive, and there are better ways to get the desired results.

Also, it is not moral to use and destroy embryos in this way. Embryonic stem cell research may become a very useful study for medical research. Embryonic stem cells have several properties. Physicians were blamed for the absence of this very feeling and non adherence to the main principles of humanism. That is why, there is a point of view that dehumanization could have the positive impact on the whole sphere. However, at the same time some specialists underline the fact that "the current emphasis on speed, the efficient completion of tasks and quantitative measuring undermine the ethics, tradition and practice of care" de Zulueta, , With this in mind, it is possible to admit the ambivalent character of the issue of dehumanization.

It obviously results from the change of the attitude towards some traditional values such as care and close relations with patients. Can you imagine undergoing a treatment that can essentially create havoc for your genes and your body? Gene therapy has been around since and is still under development before humans could undergo this process or treatment. The children that are granted euthanasia are seen as vulnerable and this contributes to the assumption of this process being evolution. So they state that this is only a natural form of evolution where the strong survives and the weak dies Hunter, But some evolutionists disagree that euthanasia is just another development of evolution.

They state that euthanasia is completely wrong, since it disagrees with evolution. They say that evolution has caused the development of empathy which led to the improvement of reproduction Hunter, Therefore, it is a problem that will arise since there will be conflicts between people as a result of differing opinions. Certain religions consider it to be immoral. From the point of view of a Christian they have concluded that the status of an embryo is similar to that of a human because it will become one and thus they should be treated with respect thinking of the human it will become.

They believe that messing with Gods will is erroneous and this will cause problems to arise between different groups who oppose the opinion therefore stem cell transplants are better off avoided and only tested in the laboratories but not performed on humans. Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for leukaemia patients; this process is often used to remove their bodies of the infected cells so that normal blood cell production can be restored. This is what sends the disease into remission but if this method fails we turn to the stem cell transplant which gives the patient a bigger and better shot at a full and speedy recovery. Cord blood stem cells are less likely due to reject a transfusion, this is due to the fact that there will be a better chance of a perfect match between the patient and the cord blood because the stem cells are still immature.

Cord blood stem cells have been utilised successfully to treat more than seventy different diseases such as cancers, blood disorders and immune deficiencies. Doctors recommend that patients do not use their own stem cells to treat or fight off a disease as their body could be producing the wrong stem cells that will complicate things and have the same defect on the body. However, it would destroy people 's dignity and individuality where the clones would still have individual personalities. A lot of religious leaders are shunning cloning based on claims that we should not be playing God.

Black market will be created for human embryos with specific traits and instead of seeing the many benefits that this. The creation of non-consenting research subjects due to the determination of gene therapy is another concern for those on the opposing team. There are also many concerns drawn toward the uncertainty of gene therapy, especially when looking at previous deaths in result of gene therapy. The most effective of the two is the Germ Line treatment as it not only helps the individual with CF but their offspring as well. It helps correct the default in the DNA sequence for future generations.

Where 's Somatic only corrects the abnormality in the sufferer who could still pass on the disease to their children. Looking at how much technology and research is improving, treatment for cystic fibrosis is also improving making it easier for sufferers and allowing them to live a longer life. Conclusion: Cystic Fibrosis is the most common autosomal recessive genetic disease affecting one in Caucasians. All in all animal testing should be continued for the following reasons. In conclusion Animal testing should be continued as long as it is done humanely, so we can find cures and new medicines.

If we keep animal testing our world will be a better place and we will be able to save many lives. In the future animal test will help us find cures to some of the world 's most serious diseases. Eugenics causes a big stir about whether it is playing the role of God. It can cause religious protests because of the controversies. Such as, with eugenics a person can pick out what they want in a child, regardless of their genetic code.

While stem cells are removed along with the embryo and used for study to potentially save a life, more risks are taken in doing this than many people realize. As one of the biggest arguments against embryonic stem cell research is that the scientists are sacrificing human life, it is a fair. The utilitarian argument seems to make some sense, and deserves a thoughtful response. The difference in ethical issues are due to individual 's view about the beginning of life. Due to religion, culture and heritage the fate is founded up on, some believe life starts at conception and hence an embryo is a humane while others believe life starts after the embryo is implanted in the womb and hence the embryo resulted from fertilization outside the womb is not human.

These controversies limit the resources of funds needed for the stem cell. Should take on the role of playing God?

With this in mind, it The Book Thief Chapter Summary possible to admit the ambivalent character of the issue of dehumanization. All Essay On Gun Ownership Reserved. While some people believe that using Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God in research is Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God others feel that it The Pros And Cons Of Representative Democracy important and the odyssey quotes humans can benefit from it. This means Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Playing God are turning men and women into glorified murderers who Macbeth Power Cravings payed to kill our loved ones. This is the self-administered HPV Essay On Gun Ownership. I think that you should respect the dead not picket their death saying it what God wanted. Gene testing should just be regulated as other medical testing.