1.1 Biblical Proof Of The Existence Of Godhead

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1.1 Biblical Proof Of The Existence Of Godhead

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September That is the nature of deception. Subversion is often of a greater danger than frontal attack. The old proverbial Trojan Horse trick worked very well back in the old days. And no less so today. And presto, what do we have today? All ready for the next generation of innocent and naive seekers for truth. People will accept critical change if it appears in small and harmless doses. That is how the system works. Last time I looked poison is stil poison no matter what kind it is. Westcott and Hort highly valued the Romish texts -Vaticanus and Sinaiticus, as well as the doctrines of Rome above Protestant doctrine though they were publicly involved in the Protestant church.

The greater danger is not so much whether a version states such things AT ALL, but how many times the total testimony is weakened. If I have , dollar coins, one may conclude that I am a millionaire, even I might. But the fact remains I do not have a million dollars. A million is a million, not one less than a million. If somebody takes one of those dollar coins, it still looks like a lot money and I almost have a million dollars. Near enough is good enough. Is it? If I misquote the Prime minister of my country just by a little bit, publicly, and insist that my quote is what he said, even when it is pointed out that I got it wrong, will I be excused by the Chief Prosecutor for the Government? And our excuse….? Let us fear God and love Him and treat His word with more respect.

Ignorance is one thing and may be forgiven, but a careless approach or deliberate twisting is another. Wilbur N. Pickering, Th. The consequences of all this are serious and are far reachiing for the future of the Church. Little doubts often repeated become entrenched in the mind and eventually produce either a serious warning, or a platform for lies. Mark And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.

Actually, the Christian apologist who says that BAR is wrong to point out the theological significance of omitting the ascension and the resurrection appearances in the corrupt Critical Text is himself naive. They are significant. However, Sinaiticus itself is not relevant, since the evidence is very strong that it was produced in the s, which is why it is in such incredible flexible, supple condition, and the Leipzig pages are white parchment, contra the chemistry of parchment aging.. Sinaiticus — authentic antiquity or modern? Hooray for the proponents of Sinaiticus and Vaticanus.

Woe to the Textus Receptus supporters. And how about the epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas? Both are included in the Sinaiticus. What about the recognized theory that John is the first gospel written? From what I read, that gospel goes straight to the point that Jesus was the living Word of God, the only begotten son, and the light to the world. Actually Mark and other gospels is written after the death of Peter and Paul.

Most of the epistles are written before the gospels. From the epistles we find the basic Christian beliefs: Christ is the Son of God and His resurrection etc. Textes Receptus has over manuscripts in numerous languages which all agree with each other in terms of content and detail. Other versions like the Codex Sinaiticus have but one or two manuscripts, so despite the age and missing content versus the KJV Bible, one needs to only weigh the odds of which versions seems likely to be more correct. One needs to study the various Codices and again ask why have certain critical aspects like 1 Jesus Christ being part of the Godhead, or 2 that we are saved only through Jesus Christ and his blood atoning sacrifice for our sins, have been changed or completely left out?

For those who wish to expand their knowledge of Bible versions and what is missing, and more importantly why, I suggest you watch the attached Walter Veith videos on youtube as a starting point. Yes then it must be true because you read it here. Set it in stone rag. I just love it when people cannot think outside of their TV dinner box and read ONE thing and run with it, yet they never believe what the Bible says. Ever think possibly he had more than ONE resource??? The Sinaitic Syriac is considered one of the most important Biblical manuscripts discovered, right along with such Greek manuscripts as the Codex Sinaiticus and the Codex Vaticanus. It is now generally believed that both the Curetonian and Sinaitic manuscripts are extant copies of the old Syriac Gospels dating from the late second or early third century.

Take as an example the so-called long conclusion of the Gospel of Mark, which in some Bibles follows Mark However, the two authoritative fourth-century Greek manuscripts—Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus—both end with Mark Consider another example. In the 19th century, almost all Bible translations had a spurious Trinitarian addition at 1 John However, this addition does not appear in the oldest Greek manuscripts. Neither does it appear in the Peshitta, thus proving that the addition at 1 John is indeed a corruption of the Bible text.

Clearly, as promised, Jehovah God has preserved his Holy Word. BAR, you are supposed to be a scholarly magazine. I want to cringe. You know perfectly well that the omission of these texts in no way theologically threatens any Biblical doctrine. This is old news for many. Are you afraid readers will get a conclusion contrary to your publishing bias? Perhaps one that shows there is far more unity and consistency in early Christian theology than disunity and change, as this article suggests? Anything that gets into the public arena gets trashed, but in a way it makes me happy to read all. There are hundreds of papyri pages and fragments much older, but incomplete.

Second, they use the Codex to show that several key parts of the New Testament showing the deity of Messiah are absent, and the Codex is more original. They play both sides — sometimes it is original and sometimes not. How about logic? There is nothing when and how Mary Magdalena saw the Risen Christ, indicating, of course, it never happened. Whatever happened to the mummy mask discovered in Egypt with the book of Mark used for making the mask?

What does it say? Also there are several copies of the book of Matthew written in Hebrew. How does it compare to the MSS? Keep studying, kids! After a cursory review, I count eight mistakes in this little article. Did James Tabor help write it? As Jeff said, you guys are confused about Mark It should be noted, for starters, that the four pages containing Mark b-Luke a were not produced by the same copyist who wrote the text on the surrounding pages.

Neither the original hand nor any corrector afterward in Codex Sinaiticus has the wording that Jesus was angry in Mark That reading is also found in a few Old Latin mss of the Gospels. Codex Sinaiticus says that Jesus was moved with compassion in Mark This is a famous variant in the mss, but Codex Sinaiticus attests compassion, not anger. Also, Luke are not completely absent in Codex Sinaiticus. The manuscript has what is now considered the beginning of v. And they went on to another village.

Your email address will not be published. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Combine a one-year tablet and print subscription to BAR with membership in the BAS Library to start your journey into the ancient past today! Learn More. Codex Sinaiticus Father, Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so upon earth. Give us day by day our daily bread And forgive us our sins, as we ourselves also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And bring us not into temptation. King James Version 3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, 4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more. And they went to another village. One year of print issues of Biblical Archaeology Review magazine. Total 2. Tags: Archaeology archaeology review authorized version Bible bible history bible history daily bible translation bible translations bible versions Bible Versions and Translations Biblical biblical arch Biblical Archaeology Biblical Archaeology Review biblical scholar biblical scholars biblical topics biblicalarchaeology codex sinaiticus constantine tischendorf crucified different bible translation different bible translations free ebooks gospel of jesus gospel of jesus christ harvey minkoff holy bible James Jesus jesus angry jesus christ king james version luke magdalene mark 16 mary mary magdalene mary magdalene and mary matthew moses nazareth New Testament oldest new testament oldest new testament manuscript pharisees preach son of god the gospel of the gospel of jesus the gospel of jesus christ the holy bible the king james version the new testament tischendorf tischendorf codex sinaiticus version of the bible www.

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Craig says:. Seadragon says:. September 26, at am. Kurt says:. September 25, at am. Luke Valenti says:. Barbara says:. September 24, at pm. He descipled all four regularly, although neither Mark nor Luke were one of the first 12 apostles named by Jesus. Mark was probably John Mark Acts 12 Luke was both a physician and a historian, to whom the book of Acts is attributed. He was the apostle John which penned the Revelation and also wrote 1st 2nd and 3rd John. The stories of the four Gospel writers vary, but only in chronology and perhaps in their inclusions. They do not vary in essence. Matthew, John Mark, and Luke collaborated frequently, resulting in their stories being synchronized. Jesus exuded the love of God profusely, without measure.

John He loved all12 apostles, but John paid more attention to his love, while the others paid more attention to the events. Some had said that Jesus loved John because John was his natural brother. He was not. He was a son of Zebedee. There is also spiritual significance; he was telling his own mother to now look to his ministry for guidence. John inclined his own heart towards what Jesus loved. John ; John ; and John , 20 are translated incorrectly. Many people, probably hundreds or even thousands were writing on parchment quickly and simultaneously as orations were presented by prophets, by Jesus and by the apostles. Hundreds or thousands of people also hand copied letters and eye-witness accounts that were written by the apostles.

In many cases, the oldest surviving copies that could be found had been hand written 10 to 50 years after the first writings. Many of those were not discovered until two to three hundred years after they were written. The accounts, both verbal and written of reliable historians must also be considered. However, other historical accounts will help verify who the original author was. The Book of Enoch, and the Gospel of Thomas are two such examples. Steve, yes spurious for the fact that a lot of the scriptural context of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are quite contrary to Johns testimony. Not found in the other three. But there is a verse in john , like John himself wrote the Gospel of John.. I wanna get clarify with this..

I agree this author is sounding like some CNN host who knows nothing more than superficial media hear-say. One quick search on the topic online would help you clarify all those doubts and yet such lethargic unscholarly attitude. What I would like to know is, what book the author of this essay is reading? Yahshua was taken to prison Passover night as He broke bread. He was hung on a tree a High Shabbat Wednesday. He resurrected on a Sabbaton Sabbath before dawn. I remain a firm believer that it was Mary Madgalene who wrote the gospel of John. Christ loved her the most, and in this gospel it is referred to as written by the one whom Jesus loved.

This is an amazing first hand account. I find reading these statements that there are some very studied people. But There are some who are just plain stupid. What have I lost by believing in Gods word Nothing. It makes a lot of sense that Lazarus wrote the gospel of John. Listen to the message in the following link. Though the book does not name its writer, it has been almost universally acknowledged that it was written by the hand of the apostle John. The internal evidence that the apostle John, the son of Zebedee, was indeed the writer consists of such an abundance of proofs from various viewpoints that it overwhelms any arguments to the contrary. Only a very limited number of points are mentioned here, but the alert reader, with these in mind, will find a great many more.

A few are: 1 The writer of the book was evidently a Jew, as is indicated by his familiarity with Jewish opinions. The details mentioned concerning places named indicate personal knowledge of them. He names individuals who said or did certain things Joh ; , 7; ; , 8, 22; ; he is detailed about the times of events , 52; ; ; ; ; ; ; he factually designates numbers in his descriptions, doing so unostentatiously.

Mt , 37 Of these three apostles, James is eliminated as the writer because of his being put to death about 44 C. There is no evidence whatsoever for such an early date for the writing of this Gospel. Great article and comments. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. Great stuff,, and understandably biased on account of this site is about history and archeology and factual truth. Just a humble comment. It is said that he was exhiled to Patmos where he had the revelations came back to Ephesus and died there right after he had written the gospel. Today there are the ruins of a massive church over his grave and recognized by Vatican.

So it is possible that the gospel might have been written by him. By the way I am a tour guide in the region, professional on biblical tours and this page is a great source for biblical history. Thanks a lot. Jesus Love was his identity. Jesus Love was more important than himself. And after the meal they went out in a garden, possibly the Mount of Olives. Martha served, while a disciple, whom Jesus loved, was among those reclining at the table with him. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him. Unless Lazarus was just accompanying them, it seems the beloved disciple is a fisherman like them. Whether the beloved was Lazarus, John,etc, does it matters this much to the Catholic Church? If one day a strong evidence proves the tradiction wrong, what issues could it bring?

Furthermore it is inaccurate to portray the disciples as illiterate working class men. They were not. Matthew you should remember was a tax collector, and a wealthy man. Peter, James and John were not merely fishermen, but shipowners and partners in a fishing business. Jesus himself, by trade a building contractor or tekhnos, not a cabinet maker as he is often popularly portrayed , was expected to be able to read from the Torah at a local synagogue, as would most Jewish men. Some disciples even from the beginning had Greek names such as Andrew , others such as Peter were widely known by Greek sobriquets.

If anything 1st century Jews were more likely to speak fluent Greek and only have a rote familiarity with Hebrew only recognising certain ritual phrases and recitations. From E. Bullinger behold your God Isaiah This is the one great feature which constitutes the difference between the other three. And that those incidents, words, and works are selected, in each Gospel, which specially accord with such presentation.

Thus, they present The Lord on the side of His perfect humanity. The famous Mgr Alfred Gilbey, a former Catholic chaplain at Cambridge, told me during his 90th birthday year his take on John. He said that, when studying for ordination, the fashion at the time, say the s, was to downplay John as being the reflective meditations of an old man and not very historical as he would be too old and forgetful. On the contrary, said Mgr Gilbey, as a 90 yeast old I can tell you quite clearly who came to my 9th birthday party and what we ate and drank. I have no idea who I sat next to at dinner last night, let alone what we ate. The Gospel of John is undoubtedly of late second century CE origin. It is just as pagan in its nature as the rest of the Greek-speaking New Testament!

This Logos holds always but humans always prove unable to understand it. Theologian Carsten Theide indictation is that it was written before 70 AD, because John the pool of Bethesda still existed when it was written. After the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD it no longer remained. Archaeologist excavation has unearthed this site. You have eyes but see not, and you have ears but hear not. John ; ; ;2; , The strongest proof of who an author of a biblical document is stands on the internal evidence — what the document itself divulges.

When he refused to believe unless he saw those marks, the church has branded him a doubter and for two millenia his name has become synomynous with unbelief. Read the Scripture in context and discover for yourself. The book of John showed how the Messiah fulfilled all the Feasts of the Lord in which we are commanded to observe. John was not in the earliest known manuscripts. When putting together the NT they took what there was the most of. John says it was Passover yet all the men including Pharisees were up in Gallilee instead of being in Jerusalem. That would not happen. When Messiah ate the Passover meal as it was called, He said I wish I could have eaten this with you. So it was not Passover the bread was artos………leavened bread. Messiah was explaining that when they took the Unleavened Bread all those centuries of celebrating it that it was about Him.

The bread that is pierced and has stripes on it. The wine represented the blood He would spill. He only taught one year, or the book of Daniel is a lie, and so is the rest of the Word. Everyone was multilingual at that time. Especially the Jews. They spoke Aramaic and of course Hebrew. The scrolls were written in Hebrew. They were taught out of the scrolls.

And historians saying there was illiteracy among them? How do they know this?? The teaching that they only spoke Aramaic is a fallacy. If you want someone to know what our Father wants then have them start in Genesis and then when you get to the letters in the NT one can understand what they are talking about. Eusebius said that Matthew wrote the logos in the Hebrew language and each interpreted it the best he could.

The Greeks did apparently have a problem interpreting Hebrew into Greek because they did not know the Hebraisms. Nor did they know what was written before. And this Friday Passover cannot work either. Messiah was in the grave 3 days and 3 nights. He was already arisen before daylight on sunday morning, and no one knows how many hours He had been up. Several points: 1. There was no preparation day for feasts — According to the Law Exodus that servile work which was necessary to prepare the feast carrying wood, lighting a fire, cooking, carrying food, carrying water, washing dishes, etc.

The only day on which absolutely no work could be done and preparations had to be made the day before was the weekly Sabbath, even if it fell on a feast day. Therefore, the preparations for any feast that fell on Saturday had to be made on Friday. The lambs slain on the afternoon of Nisan 14 were not the only Passover sacrifices. All the sacrifices and offerings, both those required by Law as well as those offered voluntarily, were referred to as Passover sacrifices, even in the Scripture itself See Deut and 2 Chron for example. This peace-offering was required by Law and had the Pharisees contracted defilement they would be excluded form eating it.

Commenting on 2nd Temple Jewish practice mentioned in the Gospels without consulting 2nd Temple Jewish law and historical practice leads to unnecessary difficulties. Appendix of Dr. If you apply this analysis, many contradictions disappear from the Gospels. And now a billion people believe his version of events? Pretty remarkable. Who wrote the Gospel of John is a question like who is buried in a Grants tomb. Now do you know who wrote the Gospel of John? And you know who was buried in a Grants tomb without questioning. Bet you get stumped on that one. Can you remove my comment because john th apostle was speaking about john the bapthis LG Cook. LG Cook Oct. Who wrote the book of John? This seems a non sequitur.

Why would it mean the author never knew Jesus? Years ago I took a college course that went into facts regarding the New Testament. The professor pointed out that there had been countless changes , to the New Testament and each change took it further from the truth. The professor also checked events that were reliably recorded at the time of the event by Roman,Greek and Hebrew writers. He came to the conclusion none of the authors was witness to the actual events. In fact he was sure that John was written much later by a person who was influenced by Roman anti semitism and was not Jewish. He said the famous painting of the Last Supper was an example of misinformation. The artist is allegedy painting the Passover meal and places loves of bread on the table instead of flat unleavened bread.

What is the difference and does all this matter? There are over Protestant denominations in the United States and numerous other beliefs. However, we do know that religion has caused more deaths than almost any other belief. The most raw specific early material about Jerusalem is found in John. Robinson identifies five redactions in the book, all by the same hand. Taken with his Redating the New Testament we have in John the earliest written material of any gospel as early as 42AD and like the remainder of the New Testament, completed before 70AD, given there is no evidence any NT writer has any knowledge of the fall of Jerusalem in that year which was a cataclysmic event for Jews and from which Jewish Christians fled ahead of time.

I believe John was written about 30 years after the destruction of the Temple and shows the effect of Pauline Christianity. This is particularly evident in the emphasis of Christ being a part of the Godhead, and His existence as part of God at the time of the creation. John shows the evolution of Christian belief. Some interesting remarks here. Would not say so. I found his observations, reasoning, and tentative conclusion fully convincing that the identity of the beloved was most likely Lazarus. The Book of John is wonderful and powerful for all new converts. Being bound, Paul could not write, but may have instructed Apollos to write as he orally communicated. Apollos then would insert his Alexandrian Greek in and out of the passage.

Hope this helps someone. The author is a follower of the Beloved Disciple and is a separate person when you separate out the people mentioned in the last 2 verses of the book. Did Pilate actually get a board and paint the inscription himself? Most assuredly not. One of the Romans did it, even though Pilate was the source of the inscription. Far fewer could compose such a well written account such as John. Plus only the rich, or their slaves who needed to know how to write for chores, could afford the education to read or write. This effectively makes it implausible to have John being the author. But this goes without saying that John, in theory, could have gotten enough money to learn advanced Greek what the gospels were originally written in and later in life decided to write a book… but it seams like a lot to believe on no positive evidence and an overwhelming amount against it.

What is more probable is that an unnamed author living after Jesus died composed a gospel and it got circulating. A group found they enjoyed and accepted the teachings that it held and ascribed apostolic authority to the book in order to promote their own ends. Read Forged by top class Biblical Scholar Bart Ehrman for a more precise and deep argument plus the citations for the info.

The text itself states the material was redacted by a follower of the beloved disciple after his death. John even describes a rich young man coming to Jesus who goes away sadly, stating that Jesus saw him and loved him — like the beloved disciple. Some have even argued for an earlier date! John M. Your email address will not be published. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Combine a one-year tablet and print subscription to BAR with membership in the BAS Library to start your journey into the ancient past today! Learn More. Total 2. Tags: Archaeology archaeology review archaeology sites author of john beheading of john the baptist bethesda pool bib arch bib arch org Bible bible history bible history daily Bible Interpretation bible jesus bible people bible review bible translations Biblical biblical arch Biblical Archaeology Biblical Archaeology Review Biblical Archaeology Sites biblical scholars biblical sites biblical topics biblicalarchaeology biblicalarchaeology.

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Hamlet And Hamlet Comparison 6, at am. Other Scriptures, in their approach to Genesis 1, demonstrate this. Discovery In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe type of postal acceptance rule, or "first cause" argument, typically called the Kalam Robbies Room Argumentative Essay argumentasserts that since everything that Rumors: A Narrative Analysis to exist has a cause, and the universe began to exist, the universe must have had a cause which was itself not caused. In Discovery In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe view, belief in supernatural entities spreads deborah tannen gender theory becomes culturally fixed because of their memorability. He made Robbies Room Argumentative Essay stars Discovery In The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. This is an amazing first hand Theme Of Sportsmanship In Tangerine.