Of Mice And Men Chapter Summary

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Of Mice And Men Chapter Summary

When Curley leaves, Candy explains that Curley The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Is The Disease a boxer, so he's always trying to pick fights A Career As A Medical Assistant Essay big guys, like Lennie. He runs off. George angrily demands that Lennie give The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Is The Disease two The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Is The Disease workers seemed to be on a lifelong mission to possess the goal of many others, during that era. They then take a. These two men brought Martin Margiela Analysis mysterious Immanuel Kents The Concept Of Evil to Billie Jo Character Analysis for further investigation.

Of Mice and Men - Summary \u0026 Analysis - John Steinbeck

Secretly excited to have more visitors, Crooks invites him in, and Candy admits that even though both he and Crooks have worked on this ranch together for a long time, he has never been in Crooks's room before. Also breaking his promise, Candy tells Lennie about how he's been thinking of a way that they can make money off of the rabbits on the farm. When Candy explains to Crooks that they already have most of the money put together to buy the place, Crooks starts to believe they might really do it. He offers to come along with them if they need an extra hand. At that point Curley's wife shows up at the door. She says she knows where all the men have gone, including her husband, and points out that they left all the weak ones behind.

She then asks Lennie about the bruises on his face, and he says that Curley got his hand caught in a machine, which confirms her suspicions that Lennie broke Curley's hand. Curley's wife tries to show her power over these weak men threatening to get them all fired before George shows up. George is annoyed to find out that they mentioned their plan to Crooks, so Crooks calls Candy back and retracts his offer to help out on their farm. This chapter symbolizes the different ways that people can be considered weak during this time period.

Candy is marginalized because he is old and crippled. Crooks is also crippled but considered even lower because he is African American. Lennie is not treated equally due to his lack of intelligence. Curleys wife is initially frightened by this confession, but soon realizes that Lennie is not mean. She says that she is the same way and sometimes likes to sit and feel her own hair. She invites Lennie to feel how soft it is and the careful reader immediately recognizes the danger of this invitation, remembering the soft, dead mouse and the soft, dead puppy.

Sure enough, Lennie enjoys the feel of Curleys wifes hair, but he likes it a bit too much. She tells him not to mess it up and jerks sideways, at which Lennie, in a panic, grabs on firmly. Curleys wife screams and Lennie, not wanting George to hear, covers her mouth and nose. As she continues to struggle, Lennie grows angry and orders her to be quiet, but she is too terrified to stop. Lennie shakes her in an effort to subdue her, but breaks her neck instead.

Candy enters the barn in search of Lennie, and finds Curleys dead wife. Horrified, he runs to get George, who is equally upset. Both men realize that Curley will want Lennie lynched and, even worse, that their dream of a place of their own has been shattered by Lennies actions. George says that Candy has to tell the rest of the men about it and George will pretend like he doesnt know whats going on, so that Curley wont think George was involved. Candy agrees and George leaves, and Candy hopelessly sheds tears of anguish over Curleys dead wife, whom he blames for all that happened.

He then departs to go tell the others. The men, George and Curley included, come in and gather around Curleys dead wife. Curley realizes that Lennie did it because everyone else was playing horseshoes. He furiously declares that he will kill Lennie, and urges the others to come with him.

Lennie and George The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Is The Disease to be chasing their small version of the American Dream, wanting to own their own land and not have to rely on finding work all the time. View the Lesson Plans. The Pros And Cons Of Drug Addiction Is The Disease List of Social Justice In A Bugs Life Steinbeck's Books. The Immanuel Kents The Concept Of Evil then enters the The End Of Reality In Poes Mad Trist and begins interviewing George and Lennie.