Sci Fi Subgenres

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Sci Fi Subgenres

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All the Sub-Genres of Science Fiction!

Portal 2 features a fantastic multiplayer co-op that will have you arguing with a companion over the best way to complete a puzzle. Within the depths of the Atlantic Ocean lies a submerged metropolis intended to serve as an escape from the oppressions of the surface world. Unfortunately, the introduction of a new genetic material known as ADAM pushed the city into a quick decline as its denizens grew insane. Trapped in the decaying world of Rapture, players must navigate a city trapped in time, battling against the demented Splicers and the robotic Big Daddies. BioShock is a goldmine of science fiction but also crosses into horror territory quite often.

Even other Splicers. Their fractured minds make them a horrifying and formidable foe. Thankfully, you have your own uses for ADAM and can utilize it, along with plasmids, to augment your body. Though StarCraft II released in three separate campaigns — Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void — when combined together, the trio makes one action-packed, dramatic story. Picking up four years after the events of the Brood War expansion, all is not well in the universe. Sarah Kerrigan is still the Queen of Blades, overseeing the Zerg swarm; Jim Raynor has turned on the Dominion and formed a band of revolutionaries; and the Protoss are, well, doing weird Protoss things. The trio of campaigns all have at least one thing in common — gameplay that is remarkably improved over the original StarCraft.

StarCraft II follows the same RTS setup but gives players control over more at one time, allowing them to mount massive attacks or set up a strong defense. New units, new locations, and new hero characters provide a much bigger experience than the RTS. In , Nintendo introduced players to a faceless bounty hunter known as Samus Aran. Come , Samus finally went 3D in Metroid Prime, proving that old dogs certainly can learn new tricks.

Metroid Prime sends Samus across the universe after a chance encounter with a cybernetic version of one of her greatest foes, Ridley. Exploring the Tallon Overworld, the infamous bounty hunter discovers the existence of Metroid Prime, the catalyst of a threat that could spread across the galaxy and put every living thing at risk. Prime kicked off a continuation of the first Metroid games, making it the first game in over a decade to revisit the original story. Though it was such a remarked separation from the original series, the 3D element certainly worked and resulted in one of the best Metroid games to date.

The Prime series was so revered that fans have been feverishly anticipating the fourth entry , which should arrive this century. More than 20 years ago, Ion Storm transported players to a future not too far from now and created one of the best sci-fi games of all time in the process. Enhance Denton with unique nanotech abilities to turn him into the agent needed to combat the forces of the Triads, the Illuminati, and Majestic Future entries of Deus Ex, more specifically Human Revolution, may have more advanced gameplay and better visuals on their side, but the original Deus Ex is a classic. Deep and engaging gameplay works well with the fleshed-out narrative full of conspiracies, deception, and even a trip to Area The Star Wars franchise has a complicated relationship with the gaming industry.

BioWare was in peak form when it produced Knights of the Old Republic, which somehow separates itself from the Skywalker timeline to tell a story that, dare I say, was more interesting. Players jump into the shoes of the main character, whose morals are at the mercy of whoever is manning the controller. A battle between good and evil unravels both across the galaxy and within the protagonist. Cut down too many and deceive those around you, and you may just succumb to the power of the Sith. Though they can play a prominent role, Knights of the Old Republic is about more than just lightsabers and Force powers. It does a fantastic job of showing the diplomacy and implements of the Star Wars universe long before Senator Palpatine ever came into power. When it first released, however, Doom was a technical marvel that provided hours of entertainment and bred years of controversy.

In fact, you could even play Doom within Doom Eternal. Whether you understood what happened to Gordon Freeman at the end of Half-Life or not, the sequel is a must-play. Though Freeman may think he reversed the effects of the incident at the Black Mesa Research Facility, he returns to a world overrun by an entirely new threat. With humanity dwindling in numbers and the multi-dimensional Combine only further threatening life on Earth, Gordon finds himself caught up in a resistance against the oppressors. The result is an FPS that players still talk about today. Tony Ike Eisenmann and Tia Kim Richards live in an orphanage, and their life is made uneasy by strange abilities they each possess.

Tony has telekinetic powers while his sister can communicate telepathically and occasionally look into the future. The two are pursued by Aristotle Bolt Ray Milland , a millionaire obsessed with the paranormal who wants to take the children for himself. Jason agrees to help the children escape Aristotle, and at the instruction of one of Tia's visions, he takes them to Witch Mountain where the truth of their abilities awaits.

Looking back today, "Escape to Witch Mountain" remains charming and quaint, while still being every bit as good of a sci-fi story as it was in This forgotten Chris Evans gem never quite reached cult status, but it's well worth tracking down. A clandestine government agency known only as The Division has spent decades studying and experimenting on people born with psychic abilities. The Division has developed a drug that can enhance a psychic's powers and turn them into the ultimate weapon, but a group of superpowered humans will rise up to stop them. Nick lives in Hong Kong trying to avoid detection by The Division, but he's pulled into the action by Cassie Dakota Fanning , a "Watcher" who's had a vision of the two of them stopping the organization forever.

The story may be a little rough around the edges, but for anyone who enjoys watching superpowered heroes fight against an evil organization, "Push" will be a definite win. But don't let the history books fool you — it's a solid watch for anyone wanting a superhero film that isn't afraid to embrace a dark tone. After a tornado destroys her reservation, Dani Moonstar Blu Hunt wakes up in a nearly-abandoned hospital staffed only by Dr. Cecilia Reyes Alice Braga. Reyes explains that Dani was brought to the hospital because she has mutant genes and abilities. At first, the group believes they're being initiated into the X-Men, but they slowly discover that something more sinister is afoot.

Every movie in Fox's "X-Men" universe features teen heroes to some degree, but "The New Mutants" is the only one to put them at the center of the action. The film also broke the mold by playing with horror elements and focusing on character-driven storytelling rather than epic action set pieces. Now that the X-Men will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's unlikely that "The New Mutants" will get a sequel, but it remains a uniquely entertaining teen superhero movie.

The surprise hit " Chronicle " took a dark look at what happened when a group of friends developed mysterious superpowers, threatening to tear them apart. Andrew Detmer Dane DeHaan is a loner who avoids bullies at school and a drunk father at home. The three boys explore a cave in the woods after the party and come into contact with an extraterrestrial-looking glowing crystal. Weeks after touching the crystal, all three boys begin developing psionic abilities.

As their powers develop, the boys realize they can move objects with their minds and even fly. What starts as an exciting discovery quickly turns terrifying when Andrew decides it is time for him to take his pent up rage out on the world. The film keeps a narrow focus, but offers a unique take on a teen "superhero" story. This film was an adaptation of Orson Scott Card's classic science fiction novel, set in a future where humanity has barely survived a war with an insect-like alien race known as the Formics.

In order to prepare for an inevitable second conflict, the world begins training its most gifted children in the art of war. At Battle School, the students play war games while learning how to command fleets of ships. Ender quickly becomes a rising star, and Colonel Graff comes to believe that the boy will be able to help humanity defeat the Formics once after all. The "Ender's Game" novel is a classic for good reason, and the film does justice to its legendary source material. Any sci-fi fan who doesn't already know how the story ends should avoid spoilers.

The Doug Liman film "Jumper" was a movie that deserves to be better remembered, one filled with superpowered wish fulfillment and inventive fight scenes. Hayden Christensen stars in the film as a teenager with the ability to teleport or "jump" to anywhere he can see or remember clearly. Early in his life, his character uses such abilities to escape his abusive father and get rich by robbing banks.

As an adult, however, he is living large when he decides to reconnect with his high school crush Millie Harris Rachel Bilson. Consider 20, Leagues Under the Sea. The story was written in a time when submarines were still at the prototype stage, so 20, Leagues Under the Sea falls within the boundaries of Science Fiction. However, Science Fiction is as much a genre as a setting. Often, the technology is a means to explore a concept, and the story could be a detective story focusing on how advanced technology affects crime and policing. This story would be both Science Fiction and Detective Story. In general, without getting too much into the advanced and diverse subgenres of science fiction, there are two schools — "hard" and "soft".

While the distinction isn't always clear cut, there are a few key differences. Hard science fiction relies on using already established science or justifying its fictionalized science using carefully calculated predictions. Hard SF tries to use the advanced technology as something that is important in itself, with its consequences, limitations and new uses being the main plot points. Due to the heavy focus on the scientific aspect, this is a rather niche market.

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