Red Kayak Analysis

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Red Kayak Analysis

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The novel takes place in Maryland in the present day. The novel was published in One day, before going to school, they notice someone in a red kayak on the river. They assume that it is Marcellus DiAngelo, a wealthy new neighbor. Digger resents Mr. Brady, Digger, and J. Brady notices that the weather is a little turbulent and possibly dangerous. He suggests shouting a warning to the kayaker, but J. DiAngelo and her 3-year-old son have gone missing on the lake. They were the ones in the kayak, not Mr. Brady and his father each take a boat out onto the lake to look for them. Brady finds Ben unconscious in the water and tries to resuscitate him while steering the boat back to shore. Ben is taken to the hospital, where he tragically dies.

Brady is deeply saddened by this death. He tries to talk to J. Brady offers to help Mrs. DiAngelo—first name Gina—with work in and around her house. When Brady was young, his younger sister Amanda accidentally fell into a tank at an aquarium and drowned. One day, Gina happily confides in Brady that she is pregnant. Later, Gina asks Brady to clean out an old boathouse on the property. While Brady is cleaning, he finds a drill with red flecks of paint on it. He soon deduces that J. Brady confronts his friends. They beg Brady not to tell anyone, as the truth will not bring Ben back, and it will only place J.

Brady struggles deeply with what to do. He decides to dispose of the drill and protect his friends. However, he feels deeply guilty, and he can tell that J. Eventually, Brady reveals the truth. They plead guilty and appear relieved to no longer have to bear the guilt of deceit. He wonders if it might have been possible for events to have transpired differently. Chapter 2 begins the main story, which takes place in present-day Maryland. The novel was written in His father is a crab fisher, and Brady enjoys fishing for crabs as well. While waiting for Carl one morning Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Copyrights Red Kayak from BookRags. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get Red Kayak from Amazon. View the Study Pack. Order our Red Kayak Study Guide.

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