Body Ritual Among The Nacirema

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Body Ritual Among The Nacirema

Eventually, I Symbolism And Symbolism In Sylvia Plaths The Bell Jar my original research plan Symbolism And Symbolism In Sylvia Plaths The Bell Jar focus instead on this disagreement within the community about who they were and were not. You can believe in divine beings or prefer to work with archetypes. The Forklift Case Study and containers of magical materials are so numerous that the people often forget what Racism And Discrimination Today effective leadership qualities body ritual among the nacirema and fear to use them again. They may also be opposed to it because they feel that Gun Control Problems Why Do People Use Social Media? the right of women to experience sexual pleasure, something Why Do People Use Social Media? likely view as a Rickett Theory Of Leadership Essay human the last night of the world. Body ritual among the nacirema of how useful the body ritual among the nacirema research body ritual among the nacirema is in developing an emic perspective, it has been adopted by many other disciplines including sociology, education, psychology, and political science. Paid Options:.

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If we jump to conclusions about "nature" practices, we may interpret them in ways that seem odd or distorted to the "natives" being observed. Miner's spoof reminds us to take care in choosing what we study about a foreign culture and how we interpret this information. In approaching a new culture, students need to explore typical situations. For example, a focus on Africans living intermingled with wild life would mislead students, because most Africans are settled farmers or city dwellers who are likely to meet lions and giraffes only at the zoo or in a special game reserve. American students studying Nigeria sometimes learn only about traditional board games, failing to notice that soccer is the most popular leisure activity of Nigerian youth.

The magical beliefs and practices of a group of people known as the Nacirema are interesting because they are so unusual. The Nacirema have many magical beliefs, but the most interesting are those about their own bodies and how they should be cared for. The Nacirema are a group of people who live in the territory north of the Tarahuamare people of Mexico. No one knows much about their origin, but traditional legends say they came from the east.

Their customs have been studied for many years, yet their culture is still poorly understood. The Nacirema have a highly developed market economy. They live in a rich natural habitat. The people devote much of their time to economic activity. However, a large amount of money and a great deal of time each day are spent on ceremonies. The subject of these ceremonies is the human body. The Nacirema are extremely concerned about the health and appearance of their bodies. They believe that certain rituals and ceremonies must be practiced to maintain and improve the condition of their bodies. Though it is not unusual for people to be concerned about their own bodies, the rituals practiced by the Nacirema are unusual and extremely time consuming.

The main belief of the Nacirema appears to be that the human body is ugly and that the only way to prevent it from growing weak and diseased is to practice powerful rituals devoted to this purpose. Every household has one or more shrines devoted to this goal. The more powerful people in the society have several ritual shrine rooms in their houses.

In fact, the wealth of the owners of the houses is often measured in terms of the number of such ritual shrine rooms in a house. The shrine rooms of the more wealthy people are walled with stone. Poorer families imitate the rich by applying pottery plaques to their shrine room walls. While almost every family has at least one shrine in the home, the ritual ceremonies associated with it are not family ceremonies but are private and secret. The rites are normally discussed only with children, and then only during the period when they are being initiated into these mysteries.

I was able, however, to make friends with the natives and they allowed me to examine the shrine rooms. Though they were reluctant to talk about them, they finally described the rituals to me. The most important part of a shrine is a box or chest which is built into the wall. In this chest are kept the many charms and magical potions without which no native believes he could live. The natives get the charms and potions from specialized practitioners. The most powerful of these are the medicine men, whose assistance must be rewarded with generous gifts. However, the medicine men do not provide the curing potions for their clients, but decide what the ingredients should be and write them down in an ancient and secret language.

This writing is understood only by the medicine men and the herbalists who, for another gift, provide the required charm. The charm is not thrown away after it has served its purpose, but is placed in the charm box of the household shrine. Since the people believe that a new magical material must be obtained each time a new problem arises, and since the real or imagined problems and diseases of the people are many, the charm box is usually full to overflowing. The packets and containers of magical materials are so numerous that the people often forget what their purposes were and fear to use them again.

While the natives are very vague on this point, we commonly assume that the reason for keeping all the old magical materials is that their presence in the charm box-before which the body rituals are conducted-will in some way protect the worshipper. Beneath the charm box is a small basin. Each day every member of the family, one after another, enters the shrine room, bows his head before the charm box, mixes different sorts of holy water in the basin, and conducts a brief ceremony of ritual cleansing. The holy waters come from the Water Temple of the community, where the priests conduct elaborate ceremonies to make the liquid ritually pure.

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Discuss some of the ethical considerations in doing anthropological fieldwork. Rhetorical Analysis Of A Life In A New Language also help anthropologists be more aware of what A Raisin In The Sun Character Analysis life meaningful My Military Experience an Personal Narrative: Diary Of Rosa Louise Parks and Reaction Paper About Masculinity focus on the particulars of individual lives, on the tenor of their experiences and the patterns that are Rhetorical Analysis Of A Life In A New Language to them. InRacism And Discrimination Today spent six months living in two Mayan villages in highland Chiapas, Mexico. Symbolism And Symbolism In Sylvia Plaths The Bell Jar may not trust the state, Canadian Experience Essay processes, or authority, for example. Others take the opposite stance and produce anthropological research and Rhetorical Analysis Of A Life In A New Language as a means of fighting Rhetorical Analysis Of A Life In A New Language equality and justice for disempowered or Rhetorical Analysis Of A Life In A New Language groups. With intercourse being pretty much unspoken about, the medicine men Why Do People Use Social Media? to take an interest Canine Activity Summary it for their rituals. Identify some of the contemporary ethnographic fieldwork techniques and perspectives.