Reflection On The Human Footprint

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Reflection On The Human Footprint

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I did not think I would score this high. I will examine the causes of this statistic, what are the causes and how I can reduce my number. According to the Global Footprint Network, an ecological footprint is the relationship between bio capacity and human demand. That is the amount of land used for growing food, extracting energy, waste products and creating other items a human needs clothes, furniture. The Global Footprint Network offers an online quiz to determine my own footprint. I answered a few questions about the foods I eat, how I obtain transportation and the type of building I live in.

Based on the information I provided, I earned a Footprint score of 8. The average in Calgary is 8. I am pretty much right at the average mark. This year, it will take 8. This is the amount of land needed to grow and mine resources in order for me to maintain my lifestyle. I must admit that I was surprised. I really thought that I was very aware of the environment and my actions upon it. I thought I was making pretty good decisions when it came to consumer choices and lifestyle. Apparently I can do much better. The quiz gave me a few general options where I can begin and I have thought of several other ways that I can reduce my statistic. The term sustainability is closely related the ecological footprint.

It makes perfect sense; farmers have done it for thousands of years, plant one season of crops, consume them then plant the next crop. Cutting down trees is not such a bad thing if we replant them at the same rate. Recycling glass, aluminums, plastics and paper is the same concept. From the single human consumer to major companies, sustainability has become standard practice. We began to put in place the systems, processes and metrics needed to drive continuous improvement in energy and water conservation as well as packaging and waste reduction.

Things that I can do to improve my footprint score and practice better sustainability include both shopping, travel and waste activities. When it comes to grocery shopping, I really need to stay away from prepackaged convenience foods and start to shop for more natural foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not only better for the environment; they are healthier for me as. Buying produce and other goods from local producers helps to eliminate the effects of transporting food. Purchasing fresh food and preparing it myself also eliminates packaging and energy. Purchasing products. There is a myriad of items produced from recycled goods, it just takes time to read the label and packaging.

I need to reduce the amount of meat I eat as. I really do eat too much. The ecological footprint calculator calculates the amount of inputs and outputs. To further understand these environmental processes, one must divulge into these individual environmental concepts to properly understand their facilitations. Air pollution is dangerous in the. Introduction An ecological footprint tells us how much land and sea area is required to produce the resources and living necessities for some number of human beings upon it , as well as how much that area of land or sea absorbs carbon dioxide emissions. The ecological footprint of the human race is only getting bigger and bigger as our population steadily increases. It is estimated that our population grows 1.

Some environmentalists say. According to Sernau , what is harder to estimate are the effects that this growth and change will have on our planet. When looking at overpopulation and the effects on the environment, we look at the overpopulation in cities and countries across the nation. Many economic problems in our society place an impact on our environment from overpopulation come from the overuse of resources, lack of resources, and pollution. There are many solutions. Deforestation has been occurring for centuries all around the world, but as technology becomes more efficient and the human population continues to grow, the effects of deforestation now are greater than before. Biogeochemical Cycles Biogeochemical.

We are in no means searching for a simple solution, merely the right one. By analyzing research findings and case studies we will be able to disassemble the environmental impact of cattle farming, and make sense of our counteraction. The framework being assessed is the form of conflict resolution, or more specifically stress management, battling environmental degradation. Ideally, the big picture promises. Then there are tea people. We took some assumptions about your diet. Use this sidebar to refine your answers at any stage of the survey. This site works best in landscape Please rotate your iPad Continue. Go Deeper There are coffee people.

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To account Privacy Boundaries Of Personal Identity these differences, the scores needed refinement. The brighter the hue Reflection On The Human Footprint green gary vyse death blue, the greater the veldt-ray bradbury of causes of poverty land type. Cutting down trees is not such a bad thing if we replant them at the same rate. Free Essay Reflection On The Human Footprint - WePapers. Subscribe Here. Image courtesy of Sanderson et al.