Essay On Spanking In Children

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Essay On Spanking In Children

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Spanking Children

The comment section is a source of often disconcerting commentary from both young and old, and from people claiming a variety of backgrounds. On the issue of physical discipline, Hispanics are right in step with most other Americans. According to a Harris poll conducted last year , four in five Americans believe that it is sometimes appropriate for parents to spank their children.

In a study examining 20, kindergartners and their parents, researchers found that 80 percent of Hispanic parents admitted to spanking their children. As for mothers being the disciplinarians of choice, research by Child Trends Data Bank found that Hispanics were the only group where more women than men felt that a "good hard spanking" was sometimes necessary for kids. One of the most striking aspects of the debate within Latino culture is the casualness with which corporal punishment is discussed.

Strangely, it can even hold a degree of sentimental value, tying us to family, friends, and the international community that shares in our experiences. Throughout my adolescence, my brothers and I grew closely acquainted with the thick purple belt our beloved mother often used to stop our mischief. She kept it in a high place in her closet, and for a time, we feared it. And so, because it accurately reflects my own upbringing, I'll be the first to admit cracking up at videos like "The Secret of La Chancla " until my stomach hurts.

Lisa Fontes, Ph. She offered this via email: "I think people from all groups joke about the punishments they've received because it is a way to cope with ambiguous feelings, trying to make sense of the love and loyalty they feel toward their parents, today, and also the shame, fear, and humiliation they felt when young. It's true that the "this-is-how-my-folks-did it-and-it's-all-I-know" mindset is a prevailing one. And it's no secret that most of our parents aren't spearheading a movement to influence change on the matter.

The generational divide seems far too wide to imagine that happening any time soon. There are a number of research projects that illuminate the ongoing controversy on the subject of men and their role in contemporary America. First, an excerpt from a paper by David Autor, an economist at M. In the United States in , the female high school graduation rate exceeded the male rate by five percentage points, and the female college graduation rate exceeded the male rate by seven percentage points. What explains these gender gaps in educational attainment? Recent evidence indicates that boys and girls are differently affected by the quantity and quality of inputs received in childhood.

We find that, compared to men, women have a higher number of life goals, place less importance on power-related goals, associate more negative outcomes e. The study suggests that men are overrepresented in elite Ph. Although a significant minority of males continues to reach the highest echelons of achievement in education and labor markets, the median male is moving in the opposite direction. Over the last three decades, the labor market trajectory of males in the U. She emailed back:. Since the s offshoring and automation have hit blue collar men especially hard.

Oil, coal — automating, manufacturing, offshoring, and truck-driving about to go down. Compared to women, a shrinking proportion of men are earning B. Among men between twenty-five and thirty-four, 30 percent now have a B. The cost of this disadvantage has only grown with time: of the new jobs created between the end of the recession and , 73 percent went to candidates with a B. A shrinking proportion of men are even counted as part of the labor force; between and , the percentage of adult men in a job or looking for work dropped from 80 to 70 while that of adult women rose from 43 to Most of the men slipping out lack B.

While many of the men Hochschild writes about see a future of diminished, if not disappearing, prospects, men in elite professions continue to dominate the ranks of chief executives, top politicians and the highest-paying professorships. Frances E. In a interview with the School Superintendents Association, Jensen stressed the crucial role the still maturing brain plays in the lives of teenagers:. Teens go through a period of increased emotional fluctuation and are like a Ferrari with weak brakes. This is when a fatty substance called myelin grows slowly and wraps itself around miles of brain cells to better insulate them.

Insulation makes the brain more efficient at sending and receiving signals. Myelination is a slow process that finishes in the mids. Our brains have thousands of miles of networks and to insulate all of them with myelin takes over two and a half decades to finish. You can measure those layers and see a dynamic process where the insulation is sharpening the rapidity of our signaling from one part of our brain to another.

The purpose of going to school is to prepare students for life and give them the necessary knowledge they need to succeed. If you simply copy someone 's work, it eliminates the whole learning aspect because none of the work is your own doing. Along with that, you lose the potential knowledge and skills that could help you later in life. The punishment serves as a reminder of those facts and helps students come to realize that cheating hinders your education. Teachers are giving students easy work to make them feel proud of their grade. This will just make it harder for the student to learn new things, difficult things, as in this case they would want to give up and not try.

Difficult work is what needs to be given to students to help them learn and the process of making mistakes. Banning books would deprive children of a real education about the world. If children don 't know about the world and what other people say and think or what others ' cultures and beliefs are how could they possibly grow to be informed, intelligent, and well-rounded individuals? True, some texts may promote damaging lifestyles to young minds, but again parents and teachers are more than capable of teaching their children what is right and not allowing their children to be exposed to harmful content with age restrictions.

You can always teach your kids to be smart and make right choices. If they grow up believing certain things because they only have one narrow perspective, how will they be able to learn who they truly are as a person or what they really believe as a person? Children are not Clueless to Right and Wrong Children are very important in the world today. Making sure they are stable and on the right track should be essential to all humans. Although some ads or commercials might influence children to make a not so good decision, it is ridiculous to ban all ads that may have negative effects on them.

Although many ads may have harmful effects on children, kids are not clueless to what 's right and wrong. Because some ads are not good for kids, this helps them learn with decision making throughout their life. The moral dilemma is that if a teacher has nothing to gain from his or her students taking the test he or she will tend to avoid it. MAP testing is required for students to take some teacher take it seriously others only do it for the pay raise.

Even some teachers do not even look at the scores, because the actually talk to their students and find out where the are on their own. It really depends on the teacher. MAP testing should stay as an option, but it should not be required. Importance of Rules In a society or community, there are rules. Rules are regulations that the people under a government need to follow. Rules are important as families and citizens have to live their lives in a happy but safe state.

Some aspects of why rules are important are: to maintain civil behaviour, be organised, more harmony in the community. Even under these aspects, there are more branches of why rules are important. The first reason why rules are important is that they maintain civil behaviour in the community. Everyone should have a civil behaviour; meaning to be courteous and polite to others. An example and reason why a civil behaviour is required is so everyone has democratic rights. This means that citizens can vote for different rules and laws so people are equal.

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