Jazz Concert Analysis

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Jazz Concert Analysis

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Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Created with Sketch. Louise O'Neill. Strong voices, sharp writing on the issues that matter to you. Sign up. Family Notices Book Notice. Detail upon fascinating detail, the author presents a wealth of thought-provoking ideas on jazz heritage and the music's economic and cultural value. One hypothetical gets to the crux of the matter: even were it possible to interchange the locations of New York's The Village Vanguard and New Orleans' Preservation Hall, the author suggests, it would not guarantee their continued economic or artistic success.

Both venues cater to particular and quite distinct niche musical markets, presenting sounds that are tightly bound to: "shared ideas of place and heritage that extend beyond their walls to the broader neighborhoods and cities they inhabit That might not sound like a revelation, but the author's careful analysis of the physical spaces housing jazz, the very bricks and mortar, glass and steel, is revealing of far greater narratives at play. Preservation Hall, a New Orleans landmark, is a case in point. In spite of the venue's name, its weathered appearance, both outside and inside "makes clear that the passage of time continues to subtly shape a venue with roots in the past that has none the less, kept moving through the present.

In a interview Allan Jaffe said the venue was: "probably the way someone from out-of-town pictures what a place in New Orleans should look like. If the vogue for record collecting in the s was what drove the mid-twentieth century revival, a large proportion of its practitioners and audience, Hannon Teal reminds us, was predominantly white. The lack of the music's commercial viability appears to be the main reason why black musicians were not drawn in significant numbers to the traditional jazz revival. There were, we learn, other reasons, as one white performer at the time later noted: "The young black musicians I encountered had a visceral response to the new sounds and challenges of bop, to.

Miles Davis trumpet - John Coltrane saxophone - John Zorn saxophone, alto b. Fred Hersch piano b. Ethan Iverson piano b. Thelonious Monk piano - Wynton Marsalis trumpet b. He graduated from Boston University and started the Storyville jazz club and record label in Boston, where Ellington, Charlie Parker and others came. Wein even got to join some of the performances, including playing piano for a set by Holiday, whose regular keyboardist had not showed up.

The Newport festival lasted despite ongoing conflicts, whether objections from the locals in Newport, the declining appeal of jazz, or the demands and resentments of the musicians. In , the booking of the Allman Brothers Band proved disastrous when rock fans overran the festival grounds, even setting sheet music on fire, and brought about a decade-long exile from Newport. He was also good at math. He recruited Sinatra, Dionne Warwick and other popular singers to help support the jazz artists. In the mids, he was struggling financially and became among the first popular music promoters to work with corporate sponsors, notably the makers of Kool cigarettes. In , he sold his company Festival Productions Inc. Six years later, he established the nonprofit Newport Festivals Foundation to oversee the summertime events.

This is my life. Associated Press writer Michelle R. Smith contributed from Providence, Rhode Island. Former AP writer Charles J.

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