Family In The Livian Dynasty

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Family In The Livian Dynasty

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Noam Chomsky full length interview: Who rules the world now?

During the Napoleonic Wars, Venice was used as a bargaining chip for the Rothschilds who had dislodged aristocrats and Monarchs through revolutions and coups and implanted puppet governments in their place. This time, Austria swapped Lombardy for Venice and then implanted its own people into power within the Venetian government, with the Rothschilds controlling Austria through finance. Concluding that the Venetian rulers were privileged, but uneducated and undisciplined opportunists who owed their position to nepotism, inheritance, and plunder, the Austrians would not allow the Venetians to claim responsible positions within the new government, no doubt spurring more grievances among them which Rothschild could exploit later. In this way, the Rothschild dislodged some of the remaining Venetian royal families from the lagoon.

With the Rothschilds bankrolling all sides of the Napoleonic Wars, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte dismantled the Austrian Empire and established obedient puppet rulers. The Lombards had once ruled all of Italy, with the exception of the Vatican and Venice — and now the Rothschilds were on the track to rule them all. Having stolen the wealth and treasures of fallen aristocrats and placed targeted nations into debt through war, revolutions, and infrastructure projects, the Rothschilds purchased aristocratic titles for themselves so that they could have the rank of nobles whose status they desperately coveted.

Much to her dismay, Queen Victoria went on to produced illegitimate Rothschild bastard heirs, through rape, who proceeded to destroy Great Britain and marry themselves into Royal families throughout Europe. The Rothschilds were, by then, well on their way to becoming aristocrats, but in name, purchased title, and with stolen wealth. They affected the airs of the nobles while remaining entirely degenerate, vulgar, uncouth, and unworthy. Instead of serving as noble stewards of society, they were predatory snakes who thought only of themselves. The design submitted by the Rothschilds separated the crest into four quadrants , including:. The French Venetian rational Enlightenment spread throughout Europe, promoting feminism, social justice, and Marxist culture critiques designed to weaken the family and foment revolution to weaken societies for ultimate conquest under Rothschild tyranny.

Salons, an Italian invention of the 16 th century, emerged to promote revolutionary principles that would later devour Europe completely. Wherever there was a Rothschild, the salons would increase in notoriety and popularity. Heralded as intellectual social gatherings for the elite, they promoted the principles of the rational Enlightenment , often drawing in well meaning people inspired by the lofty principles and ideals espousing fairness, equality, and representative governments, buzz words used to appeal to the higher aspirations of people but which cloaked sinister Rothschild power grabs. With generous financing from Rothschild and his allies, revolutions that were inspired by the rational Enlightenment continued to spread throughout Europe in While professing to be democratic and liberal in nature, these movements were directed at removing old monarchical structures, which supported legitimate Christian rulers, and creating independent nation states controlled by the Rothschilds.

Disgusted with the vile Rothschilds, Queen Victoria secretly maintained the true Royal bloodline through a secret marriage — a legitimate heir the Rothschilds attempted, but failed, to assassinate. An active member of the Society for the Promotion of Culture Among the Jews of Russia, Solovyov built bridges between Judaism and Christianity, reflecting that the natural state of affairs between Jews and Christians was one of harmony and friendship, one the Rothschilds sought to replace with enmity and distrust. The Mongolians were the mercenaries of the Venetians who drew upon power from their occult, including Satanic rituals. The Antichrist , he said, would be a seemingly well intentioned person who promised freedom but delivered slavery; preached universal rights but imposed tyranny; promoted world government to vanquish war for peace; and preached scarcity over abundance.

The devils, he observed, were radicals, reformers, and revolutionaries who promised enlightenment, peace, and prosperity while delivering destruction, poverty, and eternal darkness. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, the Venetians had sought to resurrect the Roman Empire under their control. After the World Wars had laid waste to Europe, killing tens of millions of people with generous financing provided by the Rothschilds and their allies in Wall Street and governments, the dynasty promoted the European Coal and Steel Community, which became the basis for the European Union as a next step towards the restoration of Rome.

The Rothschilds were the shadow power behind such groups as ,. Among the founders of the Club of Rome was David Rockefeller , an heir to the Standard Oil fortune, who was both a rival and friend to Jacob Rothschild. In order to rule the world, the Rothschilds concluded, populations needed to be kept within manageable numbers. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. The Rothschilds had effectively co-opted the agenda of the Venetians and their mercenary Khazarian, Mongolian, and Turkish horde armies for world conquest. The mixed raced son of an Austrian father and Japanese mother, Kalgeri was an enthusiastic proponent of European integration — that is, the elimination of the national sovereignty so that a supranational structure could be built over Europe, creating a European common market with a European army, European economy, and a European political structure run by Rothschild-managed bureaucrats who owed no allegiance to any nation.

Wealth and privileges were to be stripped from the people, with revenues redistributed to Rothschild interests. Within this view, the elite sought to claim all the power and wealth of the world for themselves while stripping the people of all their power, property, and rights, not unlike the Great Reset the Rothschilds and their agent, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab is promoting today.

While the Rothschilds secretly weaponized radical Islam against the West, they mobilized Zionists against Islam to preserve Judeo- Christian civilization, pitting races and religions against each other as part of a divide-and-conquer strategy to lay waste to the West and its populations. The Russian Revolution was fomented against the Russian government, with financing provided by the Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff , a banker who had been linked with the Rothschilds since the s, with both families occupying the same building within the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt am Main. The Rothschilds envisioned a global tyrannical welfare state run by their taxpayer-subsidized corporations, with the dynasty hording all the assets and controlling all the levers of power.

Renowned socialist author H. It is outright world-socialism; scientifically planned and directed…. Countless people will hate the new world order and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents. More accurately, it is the Rothschild virus , with the dynasty pulling the strings of the Communist Chinese, to provide cover for the global economic bubble, punish the world for resisting its global control with yet more oppressive measures, and pit the West against China as part of yet another all too predictable divide-and-conquer strategy.

And just like that, a scheme centuries in the making, was poised to unravel, resulting in massive arrests and prosecutions for all concerned. The Rothschild agenda had been exposed during the Clinton Administration. The stealth war against the people — the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars , which had been launched with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II — was now out in the open and moving ahead at rapid speed, to implement the agenda before the agenda could be derailed. The second Bush and Obama Administrations furiously rammed through the agenda to fundamentally transform the United States, with Hillary Clinton poised to preside over its collapse as President.

And then God intervened, with Donald Trump beating all odds to become President, giving humanity a second chance. Just like that, the Rothschilds who had paraded themselves around like the second coming of Christ , were on the offensive. They were not about to go quietly. Public records reveal that the United States issued a patent for the coronavirus along with a prospective vaccine to the Pirbright Institute, a UK-based research organization, which is funded by,. A Chinese lab in Wuhan, which received money from the federal government at Dr. This provided Gates and others a cover along with plausible deniability. However, the patent had been approved before then. Dick Clark Productions. Arquivado dende o orixinal o 02 de xullo de Thomas Reuters.

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