Alexander T. Wolf And The Three Pigs Analysis

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Alexander T. Wolf And The Three Pigs Analysis

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The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs

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After watching the Big Bad Pig destroy their houses made of bricks, concrete, and reinforced steel, the three little wolves decide to try a different approach to building - only this time, the only materials they use are flowers. Despite the fact that this new house was exceptionally delicate, the three little wolves decided to take their chances. When the Big Bad Pig finally arrives, his huffing and puffing force him to breathe in the lovely scent of all of the flowers, and ultimately leads him to a change of heart. The Big Bad Pig no longer wants to be bad when surrounded by all of those beautiful flowers, so he and the three little wolves decide that they can live happily ever after from that moment on. Critical Analysis. Eugene Trivizas has written an entertaining story while simultaneously retaining the charm of the original.

Although the main characters have reversed roles, most of the original dialogue during their encounters has remained the same. The plot of this fractured fairy tale moves quickly, never taking a moment to slow the flow of action within the story. The surprising twist in the end is fulfilling when the reader learns that the Big Bad Pig has finally discovered the simple pleasures of friendship. As is typical of traditional tales, the main characters symbolically represent two very different ideals - kindness and cruelty.

The rhythmic pattern of the language practically begs for this story to be read aloud to others. Helen Oxenbury's charming watercolor illustrations complement the story perfectly, for they are full of delightful and humorous details that will engage readers of all ages. Review Excerpts. Three cheers for these frisky, frolicking creatures - and for the swine who learns the joy of friendship and beauty. Reading this version of the well-known folktale provides a wonderful opportunity for children to act out the story by participating in a Reader's Theatre.

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