System Of Today Essay

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System Of Today Essay

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However, today it is hidden, and one has to look deep inside social interactions to spot racial discrimination. In the 19th century, people of color had no rights as they were considered as property of their masters. They were exposed to inhumane treatment such as being beaten overworked Mosse, They were not allowed to own property and had no freedom to do as they pleased. During these years, the lives of people of color were dependent on the choices of their owners Mosse, Whites had the right to kill people of color who went against their rules. People of color were aware of what would happen to them if they acted against the command of their masters. In the modern day world, people of color have rights that warrant them equal treatment as whites, but these laws are just a way to justify the end of racial discrimination.

In the past, no laws prohibited racial discrimination, and therefore people of color had no issues with the treatment they received from whites Brown, However today, with such laws in place, people of color would expect fair treatment, but this has not happened since the 19th century. The American criminal justice system evidences this unfortunate reality. People of color are still treated more harshly by the law than their white counterparts Brown, In case a white and black person commits murder, they will be given different sentences with the white person getting a fair one.

In the 19th century, people of color had no rights to own property as they were regarded as property of whites. However, when slavery came to an end, they were given the right to own property. However, these laws allowing for property ownership by people of color did not bring an end to racial discrimination in property ownership Jahoda, Whites could not allow people of color to own property in areas where they whites resided. History shows that whites cautioned real estate dealers from allowing people of color to own homes in such areas Jahoda, The value of land or property owned by people of color would fall, while that of property owned by whites would rise.

Today, there are residential areas owned by whites only and people of color can never be allowed to own property in such areas. Brutality on people of color was a common practice in the 19th century. However, laws were later put in place to stop such treatment Mosse, In spite of this, brutality on people of color has continued to spread not just among ordinary white persons but also through the police force. Most African-American men live in fear of the police, who are supposed to protect them than they fear white supremacists. Police brutality is one of the most common forms of modern racism. In yet another reality, even though there are laws protecting the rights of people of color to equal employment and treatment at the workplace, such laws are hardly applied.

There still exists workplace discrimination, especially in the United States. Workplace discrimination can take many forms and can take place in various settings, including office buildings in city centers as well as offices in rural villages. Both men and women can suffer from workplace discrimination based on their sex, political opinions, religion, social origin, national extraction, skin color, or race. Noteworthy, discrimination at work denies people opportunities and prevents society from benefitting from what these people could do.

In this respect, elimination of workplace discrimination contributes to a better working environment. Racism continues to be a social threat to people of color in the United States and European countries. Laws put in place to protect these people from racial discrimination are hardly implemented. The police and the justice system are the number one perpetrators of racial discrimination. The only difference between racism in the 19th century and modern-day racism is in the way that it manifests itself. Brown, D. Fighting racism in the twenty-first century. Jahoda, G. History and Anthropology , 20 1 , Mosse, G.

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