George Washingtons Childhood

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George Washingtons Childhood

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George Washington's Childhood - For Kids

In his writings, George spoke of his desire to have a child of his own with Martha and appeared incredulous at why this had not yet happened. Therefore, lack of want or effort on the part of George Washington was not the reason for his childlessness. Additionally, Martha could not have been the problem either, for she had been fertile during her first marriage, and there is no reason to believe that she was not fertile during her second marriage to George. Therefore, the most likely cause of Washington's inability to have any children was that he was sterile.

Ironically, George Washington indicates in his writings that he supposed that Martha was infertile. The cause of Washington's proposed sterility is still unknown, although some have linked it to a bout of smallpox that Washington recovered from during his stay in Barbados with his step-brother Lawrence Washington. Other possible theories include other diseases or sexual dysfunctions. Regardless of the the reason for Washington's sterility, the fact that he had no children may have had some historical impact. George's marriage to Martha united both of their already wealthy estates. Therefore, Washington spent much of his time after the war tending and expanding his vast estate. Moreover, the newly famous Washington re-entered politics as a representative in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

However, life during this time of peace was short-lived as the pivotal encounters with the British at the battles of Lexington and Concord soon propelled the American colonies into the Revolutionary War against their mother country, Great Britain. Washington's experience as the commander of the colonial forces was a mixture of success and failure, embarrassment and glory. One of his most significant losses was the capture and occupation of New York City by the British forces. The loss of this major colonial city greatly frustrated Washington, but every latter attempt he made to retake New York either failed or never materialized. On the other hand, his two small victories at Trenton, New Jersey and Princeton, New Jersey were crucial in both mending Washington's reputation as a war general and in boosting morale among the rebel colonial forces and civilians.

After several other key victories with the aid of the colonies' foreign ally France, the British ended the Revolutionary War and relinquished their control of the American colonies with the signing of the Treaty of Paris at Yorktown, Virginia on September 3, Following the conclusion of the American War for Independence, George Washington initially refused to become the national leader and instead returned again to civilian life in order to tend to his suffering estate. However, Washington did shortly accept the invitation to run for the office of the first President of the United States of America.

At the age of fifty-seven, he became the only U. President to receive every vote from the Electoral College. George received most of his education at home. Like most boys at the time, he learned arithmetic, geography, astronomy, and handwriting and copying by copying into a copy book from the book called Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior. George would receive the rest of his education in the colonies. As the eldest, Lawrence received the majority of their father's inheritance including Little Hunting Creek Plantation. Augustine Jr. After his father died, George moved in with Lawrence who became a surrogate father to him.

Lawrence raised him until he started working as a surveyor. The following story is one of the few stories told about the boyhood of George Washington. Although we cannot be sure that the story is true, the story was supposed to have been verified by someone in the family. Augustine raised horses and took pride in keeping his horses blood lines pure. After he died, Mary Washington worked to continue his work with the horses. One colt in particular was her favorite. It was a high-spirited horse that had not yet been broken though not for lack of trying.

Young George Washington, however, was determined to ride the colt. One morning, George was with his brothers and friends in the pasture where this untrainable horse was kept.

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