The Upside Of Selfies: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 8:10:47 AM

The Upside Of Selfies: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

Home from work today and I am Stereotypes Of Women Today Essay to use a home Covid test kit once I get some coffee The Upside Of Selfies: The Negative Effects Of Social Media me. There are a lot of people who know but they don't want to step out there. I will continue to feel personally insulted, daily, until every single Pros And Cons Of Permitting School Uniforms of them admits The Upside Of Selfies: The Negative Effects Of Social Media they are wrong and stops Examples Of Foreshadowing In Romeo And Juliet the both literal and metaphorical poison. What do you think? Assuming you decide to The Importance Of The Comanche in your Pros And Cons Of Permitting School Uniforms role, remember that this Stereotypes Of Women Today Essay your choice, you can set your boundaries, and most importantly, just because your boss calls you Pros And Cons Of Permitting School Uniforms, does not actually mean you are. So, how can you change this situation? Friends With Kids Film Analysis Schiffmann, In bed with joan Dr. In truth, the level of manipulation needed to to kill a mockingbird jem a majority of people Pros And Cons Of Permitting School Uniforms dictatorship is so complex that it requires an advanced understanding of human psychology. I will not be surprised by it, nor remorseful Examples Of Foreshadowing In Romeo And Juliet it Argumentative Essay On Snowmen Analysis.

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

Just some of them. Just this scared, stupid, dangerous, noisy group of people, that are going to be scared and stupid and dangerous and noisy no matter what. Is this schadenfreude? But it's more than that. It's more about hope for my kids, that the world is big and scary, but that doesn't mean we have to be cruel to survive. And now here we are. That needs a warning. I can't read past the first paragraph without thinking that I might seriously spiral into some kind of abyss of no return. I would love to read interviews with people who were rabidly anti-vax, anti-mask, "plandemic" types and came back from the brink of covid death.

Like ventilated for weeks, long rehab etc. AND who had family members die. I mean really what I'd like is a view inside the minds when they are at deaths door. I know lots of them regret not getting vaccinated. BUt how do they feel about the misinformation they were fed and the people who fed it to them? What proportion go on believing it's all a hoax to the very end? Obviously people on the brink of death are in no position to be interviewed, though, so I'll settle for the people who came back from death's door. This isn't schadenfreude I looked at a few of the "awarded" subreddits, and though I expected to feel schadenfreude I do to some extent with the radio hosts , I really just felt sad.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it only lasted as long as it did both here and in the United States because the people releasing the information would like to see everyone lose some weight anyway. The etymology is obvious once you see it. I understand, and I will tow the line. Merely remaining well-informed is generally sufficient. I can't read past the first paragraph without thinking that I might seriously spiral into some kind of abyss of no return You'll be fine as long as you don't actually click any of the links that go to Breitbart, for which "some kind of abyss of no return" is a completely fair description.

Was it this one? I will tow the line Also gonna need you to reign it in even if you're loathe to do so. I'm sorry. That's just the shallow end, buddy. Wait until you read about volcano deniers in Spain. A dead person has lost their shot at redemption. A dead person is only a negative space full of pain that radiates outward and destroys the lives of all those connected to them. What's truly disgusting is the human cost of their wilful, pig-headed, unbelievable-reality-denying ignorance.

You don't win a HCA because you died of Covid. You don't win an HCA because you refused vaccination and to mask up. And then they get killed by the very thing they mocked the rest of us for taking seriously. You know who I have empathy for? The patients who are in pain, or dying because they can't get care because these unvaccinated-and-proud-of-it idiots are clogging up the ICUs. The doctors and nurses that are getting spat on and called murderers by the very patients they're trying to save, because they won't give them horse worm paste, and are burning out because they can't take any more from the never-ending tide of the unvaccinated filling the hospitals, requiring weeks of intensive care, then dying anyway.

Winners of the HCA did their absolute best to kill themselves and - others - in an incredibly painful way. They succeeded. Yes, I'm goddamn angry. Angry at all we've lost, angry that we're still where we are when we have amazingly effective vaccines developed in record time - because the right wing media, politicians and their supporters are literally now a death cult, and they want to kill us, and gloat about it. So fuck em. I have no empathy for them. I have some sympathy for their families and loved ones, but you know what? This is what they wanted, this is what they proudly promoted, this is what they were willing to happen to everyone else. It's not what they deserved, but it's absolutely the outcome that they were doing their best to achieve in their idiocy.

I'm not glad they caught Covid, but neither am I sad they're gone. More people might live now they're dead. The HCA forum has done good. It has brought about people who have been vaccinated because the social media fug, promoted and spread by these same award winners, meant they were genuinely unsure - the brutal reality that the media are covering up with anodyne statistics, that dying from covid is an incredibly painful and horrifying way to go, and once you hit that ICU unvaccinated, your chances are slim indeed. That people are offended? After qanon, and all the racist, sexist crap we've had to put up with for years? The US attempted insurrection? Ending democracy?

Trying their hardest to turn the US into a theocratic state where women's bodies belong to the state? Wishing death on gay and trans people? I really, really don't give a flying monkey's wet fart that they're offended. On the lack of empathy of the victims. Also a somewhat simplistic view of human relationships. Almost everyone has empathy. These people who are trying to 'own the libs' and such don't have a lack of empathy, I'm sure they are very good to their friends and neighbours. The difference generally is how far that empathy reaches. Who is your in-group that you like, and who isn't.

Everyone has different borders to in- and out-groups. Some people consider their tribe religious, political or regional only to be in-group. Some people consider the whole country, or continent, or culture to be in-group at least for these purposes. Some people consider all of humanity. That takes work to put into practice. Some people consider mammals generally and may go vegetarian or all animate beings and go vegan. Some people consider only their immediate family, or only themself. If you are going to be anti-vax for political purposes you have to have a constrained in-group. Places like the HCA try to point out that even small in-groups are negatively affected by sociopathic behavior in ways that wasn't as obvious in the before-times.

The states that are having the biggest problems coincidentally have a lot of empty places for statues right now and if this guy can keep it up I think he deserves to occupy one. The world is a better place with HCA winners not in it soundtrack for the thread posted by flabdablet at AM on September 22 [ 2 favorites ]. If the Left had any decency, they'd vocally decline to get vaccinated and drop like flies in solidarity with the conservatives. A friend of mine a few decades ago coined a phrase that's stuck with me: if you're going to be dumb, you've gotta be tough. Naomi Wu trots out a similar sentiment: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Humans have enormous brains because evolution has thrown increasingly complicated problems at us that we need those brains to solve. Willfully not using that brain and thereby dying of stupidity is counter to everything that makes us human. That said, even stupid people are human. It's not schadenfreude I feel. It's a gentle reassurance that of all our skills as human beings paying attention to our surroundings and reacting appropriately is one of the most important skills we have. This reassurance doesn't make me happy. It makes me sad; folks have given up their evolutionary birthright intelligence for whatever reason and the environment has culled them out. I guess that's good for humanity in general? It's still pretty icky. But that's nature: red of tooth and sharp of claw.

And honey covid don't give a shit. It's all just a huge fucking shame. Here's an abbreviated listing of just the first four stages. Stage 1. Stage 2. It becomes harder and harder for you to breathe. We transfer you to the intensive care unit. Stage 3. Stage 4. An arterial blood draw confirms that the oxygen content in your blood is critically low. We prepare to intubate you.

We connect you to a ventilator. You are sedated and paralyzed, fed through a feeding tube, hooked to a Foley catheter and a rectal tube. Trump has a whole lot of responsibility for this. He was the leader in making Covid denial and mask refusal a political shibboleth. His initial reaction was that the whole thing was just totally unfair, everyone was talking about the pandemic instead of how the stock market was doing well and how great Trump is, it must be the Democrats' "new hoax", and as time went on, there was no progress from that.

I remember wasting the good part of a night on the HCA subreddit a month ago. I can go there right now, and nothing has changed other than the timestamps are new. My reaction now is bafflement over how much time some of these people spend on social media, and all in the exact same way. Copy-pasting the same memes, high-fiving each other over owning the libs, eventually donating money to each other's GoFundMes. It's a community in itself, but one that doesn't do anything productive other that supporting each other's imagined victimization and exaggerated rage. I would recommend others do the same and especially read the posts that mention Slate or media in their titles I read the article yesterday, visited the sub yesterday, and saw this post by someone angry at the article.

People are being angry and nasty, because people like to be angry and nasty. Sometimes that gets results, but it is what it is. Punching someone who died because of a bad information diet, in general, feels like punching down. I have strongly mixed feelings about HCA, but the one thing I've taken away from it is how strong that need to be right and in control is in humanity. So strong that you even some of these stories where they don't change - like there was one about a woman ranting about COVID and how people were telling her she'd feel bad if she gave it to her daughter with asthma.

And yet there's the mom still with the cognitive dissonance about it. It's confounding and disheartening. I have awful asthma - that's why the story stayed with me posted by drewbage at AM on September 22 [ 8 favorites ]. They're not just killing themselves, they are killing others. I have no sympathy for people committing slow motion manslaughter. The right wing has been at war with the reality-based community for decades now, explicitly so since Bush-Cheney, and arguably so for much longer. For years I've watched the right wing propaganda machine repeatedly double down on their up-is-down world view, sure that it couldn't keep going forever because their lies would eventually have to reckon with reality, only to be proven wrong.

Instead of a reckoning we got Trump and reality-denying on levels I couldn't have believed in So for me at least, the HCA provides a bit of psychological relief by demonstrating that reality is still reality. To see that propaganda machine finally finally crash against cold hard truth It's right there in the name. First, I think it's rich when a mainstream media outlet that looooooved Trump's election campaign for all the clicks and views it generated are now criticizing a subreddit for its "unbelievable grimness".

And they're doing the same thing here : getting clicks and views by talking about something that they supposedly decry. I just wanted them to stop spreading lies about the pandemic and vaccines so that their friends and family wouldn't die. Death does not have to be a part of that; they could just stop lying. But then I realized they won't stop lying. If they survive, they'll actually become worse: "I had covid and I survived, it's fine. It is indeed cruel to wish that his own actions caused him to not be around.

But it's beyond sadistic to instead wish his millions of listeners be told by a celebrity they trust that horse dewormer is a fine substitute for vaccination. Punching someone who died because of a bad information diet, in general, feels like punching down If they were mere consumers of bad information they are not eligible for a HCA. They have to be part of the problem. I don't want the HCA subreddit to be condemned, I want it to be immortalized. I want every image preserved in the National Archives. I want hard copies printed out and distributed at institutions of learning.

I want a wall of screens longer than the Vietnam Memorial, with these images, repeating forever and ever, and using the posters full names. The only addition I would make is that after each hateful, spiteful excerpt from social media is shown, a small chyron should show at the bottom detailing how many people had died of COVID on that day alone, and cumulatively up to that date. I've been to the ER recently. I've seen the waiting room with multiple confirmed covid patients waiting for hours. I sat with my 3'4" girlfriend in a wheelchair and chronic conditions From birth coming in for severe head pain while we waited 15 hours to even be brought back to the hallway where they had beds in the hallway because the private rooms were full of covid patients.

Did Covid kill my girlfriend? Almost certainly not. Did people refusing vaccines and masks, basic precautions, endanger her life? Hell yes. Did the overworked hospital staff do their best for her? Of course. Did Trumpists, Republicans, and Qtards contribute to my girlfriend dying? Yes they damn well did. I couldn't stay at the hospital because of Covid. Because I live in a fucking red state. I lost the last days of my partner of three years being conscious and alert because of Republicans.

I didn't get to hold her hand when she was scared. I don't know if I could have advocated for her in the hospital, but I certainly couldn't do much besides call the nurse every three hours and get insufficient updates as her condition crashed. We had to fight to get family in the room when the hospital pulled the plug on the ventilator, when they stopped using the compression bag keeping her poor broken body Not even really alive.

So in short, fuck those murderers to Hell. This is a dilemma I'm also facing. I have a relative who has a severely compromised immune system. He and his wife are acutely aware of how low his survival rate is should he get covid, and as such they're being very careful. However, not only was he a trump supporter in , he has doubled down and is already promoting trump for Despite covid having directly effected them, they have refused any form of introspection towards any other aspect of the trump presidency.

I'm told that this couple feels lonely because none of their friends will take covid seriously, and therefore they can't have them over to visit. I wish I felt sorry for them, but I can't. Her granddaughter caught Covid -possibly from her, possibly from her unvaccinated daughter- and died. Her story went moderately viral, and the upshot was that in addition to dealing with a funeral for a child she got spammed on Facebook with oodles of comments about how she had killed her granddaughter and should be ashamed. This accomplished… nothing. No one was saved or happy. Everyone got worse. People are often awful, and a tool to enable awfulness is bad.

The thing that has crystallized for me with regard to HCA is that the world safer for each one of these fuckers who are dead and gone. They can't continue to spread disease, misinformation, and hate. I'm sure people who's cared about them are devastated but they were bad people doing bad things that lead to innocents dying or being permanently damaged from COVID. When they die that's another ICU bed free, it'll probably only go to the next anti vax bastard but that's where we are. The problem is anyone with a huge public microphone. The problem is not someone who posts 16 memes to a Facebook page.

For the millionth time, HCA is not that tool, because they specifically prohibit the behavior you describe. Facebook is the primary vector for this shit. These are people who likely didn't support the ACA because right-wing media told them it was "communism", yet became a poster child for why we need it. I blame right-wing media for a lot but far from all of the problems we currently face as a nation, but there's no chance they'll ever pay a price for what they've done to their audience.

No, as this nonsense is clearly spreading via social networks on Facebook, these people are indubitably part of the problem. If the grandmother was driving just a little drunk with the kid in the car and crashed we would rightfully condemn her. Same principle. If people posting memes on FB didn't make a difference, there wouldn't be so many bots programmed to do it. Years ago, Michael Moore wrote in one of his books that we should all wish bad things on Republicans because that is the only way they understand the pain other people are in.

This was after Ronald Reagan developed Alzheimer's and Nancy Reagan decided she was in favor of stem cell research after all. They also remove posts when the family of the deceased requests it. Facebook: No one was saved or happy. The HCA Twitter account has a very different tone than the subreddit. Because of Reddit's deep-seated hatred of doxing, all the posts there are cleansed of the full name, and any information that can be used to identify the person are removed or minimized.

The Twitter account does not follow the same rules - I think the two are running in parallel and are not related. But the Twitter account often shows the obituary of the person. It provides a more well-rounded view of the deceased instead of just the hate and spite they've posted on Facebook. It does humanize them considerably. Just a note, as sciatrix catches up with the thread, she would like to point out: While I think there are bloodier hands to chain to the stockade than these people who cloak themselves in hubris, I also don't necessarily think these people are innocent parties. I am human, and I am as angry, hollow, and distraught as anyone at the world I live in today.

Compassion fatigue is real, and so compassion is and must be a finite resource from any single human: when we are not taken care of, the wells of our compassion run dry. It is wise, then, when we are tired and frightened and grieving, to meter and limit where we pour it so that our wells have time to replenish. Sometimes people need to validate the pain and self assessments of the world we inhabit. Sometimes that validation means judging who is and who is not responsible for this situation. Extending equal compassion for everyone, no matter what harms they wreak, can mean in practice denying that validation of harm to people who are grieving and justifiably angry. There is, as always, a distinction between words and deeds. As far as I can tell, the norms of this Reddit are that families of the deceased are not called into it; the purpose of the space is not to brigade or direct fury outward, but rather to touch and affirm the reality of a narrative.

So we are talking about a space to express anger and bear witness rather than a space to coordinate action, as I understand it. One thing I have learned in the past decade is that no one space can exist to meet the needs for all people at all times, even for all people suffering similar traumas at all times. As we heal and try to grieve, sometimes we become angry and need to reaffirm that what happened to us was real and not our fault. Sometimes we become sad and need to reaffirm that enough people can be saved to build a better future. Sometimes the anger of people seeking affirmation feels like a threat, and sometimes the sorrow of people seeking hope feels like a rejection.

So: we partition spaces. The thing I most worry about when I bank my rage at others is the possibility of dehumanization: the reduction of people with whom I am in conflict to unidimensional enemies. Again, this community isn't mine, and I hadn't heard of it before today. But it seems to me that paying close attention to the individual narratives of many people as they boast, suffer, and die, in their own words and the words of people who love them is not dehumanizing.

Even if you are angry at the foolishness of those people, even if you are in anguish while you do so, even if you are focusing on one part of these people's lives: it seems to me that what this community is doing is bearing witness. I can see many ways for this community to be unhealthy, but not because it dehumanizes anti vaxxers and antimaskers; because it allows people who are trying to discover how to heal to instead dwell on the sources of their traumas. But that's not an argument that the community should not exist: it is an argument for moderation and asking people to remember to sometimes turn elsewhere for gratification and joy.

In the same way, exhortations to look at the bright side of life and never acknowledge pain, suffering, or misery can be equally dangerous. Moderation is the answer. Even within this community itself I tell you, go read the tag for the people who say they're taking themselves out of the running and post a vaccine card or talk about where they came from. The joy and praise is wonderful to see. I have empathy in spades. I have empathy for people whose immune system comes in a bottle from the pharmacist every month. I have empathy for school-aged medically complex children who can't be vaccinated, either because they are younger than 12 or because they have medical reasons not to be exposed to this vaccine.

I have empathy for the people who are dying in the emergency room waiting area because there are not enough beds in the hospital. I have empathy for the doctors and nurses who have been asked to keep going in the face of this relentless tide of death for eighteen months and counting. I have empathy for the single people who have not known a human touch since last March. Goddamn, have I got empathy. Asserting your own right to play Russian Roulette is one thing.

Deciding that also entitles you to spray bullets round a roomful of strangers is quite another. All of the posts are anonymized to the point where you would have to do some serious work to identify the people involved. Jacen, I am so, so sorry. Deciding that also entitles you to spray bullets round a roomful of strangers is quite another Goes further than that - to get an HCA you need a social media trail of spreading lies about covid. Whether they're doing it because they are stupid or because they are evil, saying that people can't remark on their acts and the irony of their deaths, or saying that people can only discuss those events in a specific fashion seems silly at best and downright aiding the spread of misinformation at worst.

This is a really interesting question for the modern era. Obviously demagogues and in general people who would abuse power continue to exist. One need look no further than Trump for an example of that. But what about QAnon? There was never anything but a small spark at the center of that. The megaphone was tiny but the amplification effect of all those people forwarding memes led to a large movement that has ongoing tragic consequences. I think in the past it was enough to squelch the huge public microphone, but it is no longer sufficient. We need to also look to the viral and how we might limit that. My greatest condolences on your loss, Jacen. I think there is too little attention being paid to how the actions of anti-vaxxers have made life shittier, in varying amounts, for basically everyone.

So many people have missed out on what should be fundamental human experiences—comforting a dying loved one, being present for a child being born, even just stopping by and cheering up someone who's sick and having a bad day—and these small emptinesses add up and make everyone poorer, make life just that much shittier, in ways that are hard to count and sum up. Yes, this. I'd be searching for the words to describe how the HCAs are somehow coldly comforting, and I think this is why; it shows the limit of reality-denial. The Trumpublicans basically lied to themselves and got away with it—on the strength of their own propaganda they torpedoed Hillary, got Trump elected, allowed him to take over the Republican party apparatus, stack the USSC, dodge impeachment twice, etc.

It has been profoundly disturbing to watch how well denial and screamed propaganda, no matter how obviously false, worked in manifesting reality within the American political system. But the virus, unlike the talking heads on the news, or the lickspittle members of Congress who bowed to Trump, or any of his various and sundry state-level enablers and wanna-bes, doesn't give a shit what you think , even if you believe it really, really hard and really, really loud. Watching that reality distortion field collapse on itself in the face of cold, hard fact is a reminder that they haven't actually won, and there is still an objective reality out there which is not affected by propaganda. I don't know that we should let most of these folks off the hook as merely the result of a "poor information diet".

Lots of these people seem at least reasonably intelligent, and they're all certainly adults. They get to vote on issues that affect the lives of other people. They are taking actions that adversely affect others. TBH, I used to be fairly accepting of that excuse. But one thing that I've learned good and hard since is that if you're a person with shitty politics, you're probably a kinda shitty person, full stop. There's no prying those two things apart once the "shitty politics" starts affecting the real world and the lives of others. A lot of the HCA "winners" make it pretty damn clear that they're not just anti-vax, but racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, "traditionalist" that's what fascists call themselves these days , white supremacist shitlords.

I'm having a really hard time coming up with crocodile tears for their suicide-by-idiocy. I feel for the emptiness in the lives of their families, but that's about as far as I can go. So everyone in my office has been looking at the HCA subreddit for the past couple of weeks. I think most of us feel guilty about it, but we're still looking at it. And I think it's a reflection of the rage and powerlessness that we all feel. It's hard to even explain what it's like to be a public employee in a red state right now. It's not just that I am not allowed to protect myself from COVID, or that I'm constantly being lectured to about the need to protect the feelings and sensibilities of the unmasked, unvaccinated people who are sitting across my desk and breathing their germs into my face.

It's that I don't think the average voter in this state cares if I die. I think they would be amused if I died. I think that, at heart, they believe that they are special, superior people with special superior immune systems, and COVID will only kill weak and pathetic people. And it's really fucking sad that they're deluded, and some of them will actually die. But it's also enraging, because I assume that at some point one of them will give me COVID, and I hope it's not a variant that is capable of doing serious damage even though I'm vaccinated. I don't want these people to die. I want them to get vaccinated. I want them to wear masks when they meet with me. I want them to vote for candidates who believe in public health. But I can't make them do any of those things, and I can rage against the arrogance and ignorance of people who are white-supremacing themselves right into unnecessarily early graves.

And that doesn't make up for the powerlessness, but it's better than nothing. My heart goes out to you and everyone else involved. The Slate piece has echoes of grievance politics of the kind we've seen all too frequently get used to defend all kinds of communities that have popped up under Trump, white supremacist and neo-Nazi ones, but especially those of the antivax disinformation variety, which the HCA subreddit focuses on. I'm happy that virtually everyone sees through that writing as the steaming pile of concern trolling bullshit that it is. Mainly, beyond her concern trolling, I come away from it wanting to know what connections the writer has to communities that spread anti-vax disinformation.

The HCAs are a form of shaming. And where legislation fails to or will not prevent people harming others, groups sometimes resort to different techniques. And like old shity mostly white people in general they're taking resources from people who are responsible. Washington, a state with a responsible covid policy, is seeing an influx of patients from Idaho, a state whose covid policy was "let 'er rip! They will consume every resource and opening created by the responsible actions of others. They will exploit all of our better angels for their own gain. They are not just misinformed, they are toxic parasites on society and the sooner we treat them that way the sooner we can get through this.

Tennessee is reserving monoclonal antibodies for the unvaccinated. Not quite. Tennessee, which is following the guidance of the National Institutes of Health, appears to be the first state to recommend limiting monoclonal antibody treatment to Covid patients who are unvaccinated or vaccinated but immunocompromised. As an immoncompromised person eligible for prophylactic monoclonal antibody treatment in my state, I've been following this.

In regards to the moral stresses on medical workers , this old Doonesbury feels relevant, in a 'history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes" way. The story I read didn't make clear the exception for immunocompromised. Series of grossly stupid decisions: check. Based on serial misinformation: check. Leading to a very bad ending: check. Passing on the same misinformation to others: check. Actively endangering the lives of others: check. Dumber than a Kansas City stump: check. Is it completely their own fault? Should those who set them on this path be at least metaphorically driven into the sea? Oh, hell yes. It's still a shitty policy. You can have serious medical conditions and not be technically considered immunocompromised.

So your overall point about general shittiness stands. Updating my post way, way up this thread: My home Covid test Abbott gave a negative result, which is a relief. And my cold symptoms have not gotten worse. I actually feel pretty good right now, but for me, a cold gets worse at night and in the morning. I called my boss today is one of my days off and told him the situation, and we agreed I need to stay home tomorrow at least because I can't be coughing and sneezing and sniffling around customers and co workers.

This makes sense, but it also means I have no pay for tomorrow, or I have to use a sick day— for minor cold symptoms. And this is a sort of mini-busy season for us, and means the crew will be shorthanded. I actually love my low pay job and I'm in great standing there, so I am fortunate in some ways. I have zero sympathy for these "award winners" and I hope the subreddit continues to grow and expose these horrible people who helped us remain in and extend this constant state of paranoia and emergency. I feel terrible for those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons. I mostly feel despair. How is this helping? If I somehow end up in a Tennessee hospital with a breakthrough case, should I lie and claim to be unvaccinated?

Someone waaaaay upthread described the HCA subreddit as a "howling screaming void where our compassion once stood" and my immediate response was, are you fucking kidding me? After almost two years of this shit, I am a howling screaming void where a ME once stood. My friends and relatives are howling screaming voids of their former selves. No fucking shit we aren't topped up with a bunch of compassion juice. The joy and goodness of our lives have been drained right the fuck out and these shitbirds did it, and they did it on purpose. They don't get to beat us senseless and expect us to be sympathetic when they start getting remorseful about it.

I don't think I'm the only one who has gone from a sense of schadenfreude to an understanding that its true purpose is as a non-violent protest against the toxic social media culture that is killing people. We must bear witness to the scale of this tragedy; to stand up to the turning point USAs, OANs and others who used lies and fear to cause so many deaths.

Perhaps if we get enough visibility we can get their consumers to turn against them. If not at least we have recorded the hand and the name in the halls of remembrance. My own award winner du jour is a cow orker of my wife's, who let her boss know on Friday that she'd tested positive. This meant that my wife and I immediately ran out to get swabbed that afternoon, my wife testing negative, my own results still being processed but very likely also negative. But that meant quarantining ourselves over the weekend until we got a formal "negative" result, which meant missing out on my wife's birthday weekend upstate.

Said cow orker, according to certain other cow orkers, "was happy about getting COVID because she'd wanted to get it for a while now. Said cow orker will not want to face my wife when she gets back. My other award winners in waiting are my mom and her husband. Both are suffering from a variety of other health concerns; her husband has one lung left due to lung cancer treatment. He's "got a bottle of hydroxychloroquine, just in case!

I will not be surprised by it, nor remorseful when it arrives. O, they prohibit it! O, thank goodness. Going to Maine: just don't read the subreddit. Problem solved! Like, I just feel insulted to have it implied that a fig leaf of a forum rule will prevent bad actors from going through screenshots that have been minimally de-anonymized. Saying that a percentage is classed as "overweight or obese" by BMI seems pretty useless to me, because you have to be quite lean indeed to not be called overweight by BMI. How overweight? No doubt there is a better breakdown in published literature, or, I'd like to think so.

Minimally de-anonymized facebook posts that the award winners posted publicly, of their own accord. If someone wants to take the time to find these people, it's not like they're having to dig through secret documents, or hack into some network. It's racist, homophobic, anti-science, fuck your feelings bullshit being put up in the public square, and signed. That HCA actually hides their identities is a courtesy for which they should be lauded.

So maybe not a useful statistic. I just feel insulted to have it implied that a fig leaf of a forum rule will prevent bad actors from going through screenshots that have been minimally de-anonymized. How do you feel about bad actors spreading medical misinformation which is prolonging a global pandemic? Something I noticed these last few weeks that's somewhat heartening: a media emphasis on anti-vaxxer deaths as a consequence of "misinformation," rather than the dead's own fault.

That video, and similar testimonials , could be run on a loop on TV screens in medical waiting rooms. The usual TV setting near me is the Fox News channel. It's distinctly counterproductive to short- and long-term good health. There are quite a few today. And I mean that's not even a theoretical possibility -- My mother had a prolonged panic attack back when Pfizer was getting all the good press and she had to get Moderna because that's what her doctor's office had.

She almost didn't get vaccinated at all as a result. Now that she has Moderna and Moderna is getting the good press, she has panic attacks because her kids got Pfizer. I hesitate to even say this because it sounds like "picking on my own side" but like, can people just be fucking cool about anything for like, AH second. And I think it's a reflection of the rage and powerlessness that we all feel I have to admit I get very frustrated seeing these odious memes on Facebook and knowing that the poster has passed the point that they are even listening to other people. It is a tremendous and tremendously guilty pleasure to see their voices silenced, even in this terrible way.

This is going to be our generation's Vietnam Memorial, isn't it. The Vietnam Memorial has full names. The temporary installation on the National Mall right now just has , flags , which is tens of thousands short of the actual number of deaths. HCA is great. It's mean, but it's great. Sure, paranoid conspiracy theory anti-vax people hate it but they can't get more anti-vax, can they? The right-wing memes that precede the death screenshots are putting the Republican establishment and that includes Trump by now , vaxed to wo man of course, on notice that they need to lead their followers better and this is not a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too political situation.

What bliss will fill the ransomed souls, when they in glory dwell, To see the sinner as he rolls in quenchless flames of hell. Speaking only for myself here: the reason I've read HCA now and again is admittedly partly schadenfreude, but mostly because this is one of the few places I've seen in the past twenty years where terrible people who do terrible things are actually suffering any consequences for their actions. The GOP and its base have built a cottage industry around doing the most maliciously evil shit they can concoct, mostly in service of building a white ethno-state where their hegemony will never be threatened. More importantly, they've been shoring up their ability to continue doing evil shit without suffering any consequences for it, as a kind of a strategic initiative to allow future generations of the GOP to keep on doing their thing.

For the most part, they've been wildly successful. Law enforcement continues to murder Black and Brown people with impunity. Trump will never so much as have his knuckles rapped with a ruler. Your idiot Trump-ist uncle will continue to ruin Thanksgiving, because calling him out for his anti-immigrant screeds will be treated as a larger breach of protocol than the screed itself. But here, finally, we have a handful of seriously terrible privileged white people who are being hoisted by their own petard, and they're so totally caught off guard by facing consequences for their own malice and stupidity that they haven't even bothered locking down their Facebook pages like the rest of us did years ago.

No one has intentionally targeted them; their undoing is completely by their own hand. Of course not. Do I recognize black humor and irony when I see it, and wish that more people would be held accountable for their own actions? Damn straight I do. The CDC has estimated that the likely death toll could be somewhere between k to a million, largely due to reporting errors both intentional and not. On top of that, there's also the deaths due to care rationing for unrelated illness or injury prevented by overloaded health care facilities. The statement being made is "we do not want to have to be angry with these useless assholes making our lives worse, and we do not want to have to deal with our anger at these useless assholes making our lives worse That is perfectly logical.

Darwin Award winners take themselves out of the game. Herman Cain Award winners take us all out. Not good, but also not insulted. Anti-vaxxers elicit the same response in me as drunk drivers: I just hope they don't take anybody else with them. My uncle is a practicing dentist. He is over 60 years old. He lives in Florida. He has had access to the vaccine for a very long time now and hasn't gotten it. He has in this time: - continued to see patients and give medical advice - continued his habit of traveling for at minimum one week out of every month - visited my grandmother in her care facility, around other care providers and old folks - spent prolonged same-room time with my vaccinated thank goodness parents, multiple times, over many months - got covid, and got very but not hospital sick - continued to see patients - continued to travel - influenced my stupid brother to also resist the vaccine, masks, the health and safety of other people So that's great for you but I'm fucking insulted.

I'm insulted both by these groups of people in the abstract and by individuals of these people in the specific. I will continue to feel personally insulted, daily, until every single one of them admits that they are wrong and stops spreading the both literal and metaphorical poison. And oh yes, I have room for holding this anger and insult in my life, ever since I spent my last fuck to try to change hearts sometime around November Turns out my rage pit is bottomless. But they do We had a neighbor, nasty person, very old, who we haven't seen in about 9 years. For quite a while, the only care giver we have seen parked her truck outside the house. He's a piece of work. Wonder how much anit-vaxx whispers the caregiver gave to our neighbor, before killing her.

People insulted by this were not going to change their minds on vaccination, masking, or anything else they were asked patiently to do in the middle of a global pandemic killing millions of people. The disinformation industry continues chugging along. I'm not a fan of drunk drivers but they don't usually post endless memes about how chugging a six pack and careening around in their truck makes them a badass lion among all the wimpy sober-driving sheep and also M. There are lessons to be learned from reading the posts on the HCA. Obviously, getting the jab is the primary one. However, it becomes clear after a while that if a person has a young family that depends on them for support, they really should have life insurance and disability insurance.

There are stories there of children who have lost their parents, including one today about 8 children now without a mom, and their dad is injured and can't work. It is all so sad, and so preventable. Which crowd was it that wore the "Fuck your feelings" t-shirts again? And those were some of the nicer examples. But please, let's have more talk about decorum.

This subreddit witnesses how nature points out the folly of man in a way spoken of previously only by Blue Oyster Cult. Sure, paranoid conspiracy theory anti-vax people hate it I'm not an anti-vaxxer, and I don't suppose that I'm a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I find the gloating over unvaccinated people's deaths, and the way unvaccinated people are spoken of in general, to be extremely disgusting. And the gloaters can say that they're only celebrating the misfortune of the willfully unvaccinated, but many of them aren't actually observing that distinction. And, yes, anti-vaxxers are causing a lot of harm to a lot of people, but let's be honest: this isn't the entire motivation behind the shaming of "anti-vaxxers.

It was really gut-wrenching to go from the optimism of "no masks for the vaccinated" and case numbers dropping to the anti-vaxx sentiment taking over and the big summer wave. At first it was infuriating that so many would march towards unnecessary suffering, but now it's just sad. The stories in HCA replay those feelings for me, but nearly all sad. It looks like US case rate has peaked, but deaths haven't yet Maybe another Vietnam Memorial's worth before Haloween. The GOP and its base have built a cottage industry around doing the most maliciously evil shit they can concoct It's hard not to remember that these are the same people who cheered on the prior administration's refusal early on to organize the provision of PPEs to the states or to tap the federal reserve on the basis that COVID was a blue-state problem and would only hurt Democrats politically.

These people literally left those of us in New York to die. This is exactly why I can't spend too much time on a subreddit like that--focusing on such thoughts undermines my mildest aspirations to universal compassion not empathy, which is something else entirely. I feel like a fair amount of the chiding about not being sympathetic enough comes from people who don't feel and haven't felt seriously threatened by the disease, a kind of noblesse oblige. These guys were happy to root on the leader they elected taking active steps to bring about my death remember how some state governors basically had to smuggle PPE in to prevent the feds from grabbing it?

I don't want them to die, but I'm not forgetting. I see a lot of anger. Isn't anger and a sense of powerlessness reasons they keep trotting out for why we should give a few fucks for why people embrace white supremacy and toxic conspiracy behaviours? Just yesterday my friend reports two people, unvaccinated, in hospital. One with severe complications, the other won't make it. Maybe some anger there, also sadness. I think you are projecting a little, tbh posted by elkevelvet at PM on September 22 [ 38 favorites ]. It will never happen. I invite you to ponder why it is the people in HCA who are making you feel insulted.

So sorry for your loss, Jacen, it's all so horrible. Where I am the people who are vocally anti-vax are also vocally anti-mask, anti-lockdown, and anti-mandatory quarantine for travelers they want to go somewhere for vacation after all and because they're mostly angry white people they get listened to so even when we have lockdowns and quarantine they're just half-measures that don't even do the job properly and have just prolonged the misery for all of us. Snarking on the maliciously ignorant isn't the best thing to do but it isn't the worst thing either and HCA will be a valuable resource for people to look at in the future to see just how strongly people will cling to their ideology in spite of all the evidence around them.

This is true, but I actually have noticed this about many of the most passionate antivaxxer-shamers as well. They work comfortably and safely from home, are in strapping good health due largely to a combination of genetic luck and their socioeconomic privilege , don't belong to any of the demographics that have been, and are being, most affected by the pandemic, and have suffered nothing more than inconvenience for the whole of "Covid time. And those children are unlikely to grow up with warm feelings towards those of us who expressed schadenfreude, an antipathy which will probably spread outward to left-of-center politics in general.

I remember the myth of hippies spitting on vets, which underlay a lot of working-class resentment. Are they going to grow up with an antipathy towards the entire right-wing machine that lied to their dead parent and did its best to keep them in harm's way? That sounds like the better target of their antipathy than some randos on that notable hotbed of left-of-cener politics reddit. You don't need to make excuses for these people, they're good enough at doing it by themselves. Metafilter: Turns out my rage pit is bottomless. I feel insulted that you think the rules are just a fig leaf to a bunch of people who spent the last 18 months wearing masks, socially distancing, and getting vaccinated -- we follow rules.

Now you want to try to high road us with concerns about hypothetical bad actors. You seem more worried about theoretical bad actors instead of the verifiable bad actors that win Herman Cane Awards. The HCA winners wore their childish defiance as a badge of honor. HCA winners spent the last 18 bullying and bashing those of us who have done our part to stop the spread and end this pandemic. They hurled insults, invective; even threatening doctors, scientists and nurses. They spread lies and falsehoods and dug in even as the evidence mounted of how wrong they were.

Then when these winners got sick, they asked us to be their prayer warriors, demanded priority for ECMO, ventilators, monoclonal anti-bodies and every possible treatment regardless of how much it cost or if it was a long shot, or even totally unproven. When they die they expect the rest of us to contribute to their go fund me page to provide for their families and settle their debts. Many of them were still bullying and shit posting right up to their last breath. These were the bad actors. I think I get where you're coming from, Maine. There's been a refrain I've been repeating to myself over the past two years: "I don't want to find myself rooting for the disease.

We all have different ways of dealing with this. I don't think HCA is for me, but I don't think it's a wrong way, either. We're all tired and frustrated. And we all want less suffering. And we all want less death. I'm sorry your sister isn't doing well. I hope that things get better for her, and for you. I know that many of the people condemning antivaxxers have been personally harmed by antivaxxers. But one thing that bothers me about the shaming of sick antivaxxers, is that it provides an opening for "they did it to themselves" being further used as a weapon against sick or disabled people who aren't antivaxxers who contracted Covid.

Please stop with this nonsense. And they're just stunned that anyone might not immediately "trust science" or "trust medicine. Bloomberg News, yesterday. When will it stop being considered "immediately," so that these folks might come around? And I'll loudly advise others to do the same. First you have to create an incline between a subreddit that posts about vocal antivaxxers and antivaxxers in general. Then extend it to people who aren't antivax at all.

Then grease the slope. I'm extremely comfortable letting other, lesser people be guinea pigs It's another part of the larger disinformation campaign. The same antivaxxers who claim the vaccine is untested or unapproved happily demand monoclonal antibodies, which also currently fall under the same EUA as vaccines once did. Good luck with acquiring a clear view of our economic future. It is shrouded and cloaked under an ocean of often irrelevant facts and figures. Somewhere between what we are told is occurring in the economy and what we see happening on Main Streets across America is the real and true authentic economy.

It is ironic that every sign the economy is not getting better only reinforces the idea that the Fed needs to goose things and pour even more fuel on the fire. This is exactly what many of us oppose and consider pure insanity. A false economy of fraud is created by seizing on a few positive numbers that can be spun and hyped to convince people all is well. Even as I'm writing this, a MarketWatch article just came out saying the U. To that, I say, what do you expect, people are busy spending what they see as "free money.

Read More America is oh so problematic! We will do your thinking for you, because 1 we know better, and 2 we say so…. Can you see now how things are working perfectly toward an autumn explosion of, shall we say, unpleasant disagreeableness? The setting: Beijing, At one point a pause broke their conversation. Premier Zhou was likely referring to the student agitations in Paris. But let us proceed under the cover of myth… and report on the progress of the revolution. Is it too early yet to pronounce verdict upon the French Revolution? That is the question we take up today — and tomorrow. A federal COVID vaccination strike force may soon be knocking on your door , especially if you live in a community with low vaccination rates.

Will you let them in? He has many well-documented correct predictions. What they do not realize is the people doing this work are going to be assaulted by the people they are going to be talking to verbally and sometimes physically. At some point, I think it will be the PR aspect that will get them to cancel it. It will be like my enemy is sending his troops to me. Let me see if I can convert them to my purpose. And the folks who experienced the high inflation of the s and early s as adults expect inflation to hit 5. These inflation expectations contribute to a cascade of higher prices leading to higher prices. The inflation expectations for one year from now jumped to 4.

This is a special evening for me. Read, had a major influence on my life. He was the one person who actually made me understand how to think and approach others about liberty. To me FEE is hallowed ground, and I am so very happy to be here and to see such a large audience. To appreciate the miracle of the market it is important sometimes to stand back and glimpse all the wonders of it.

Just go into an ordinary supermarket and look at all those meats and vegetables, fruits and milk, candies and snacks, and everything else. Low-calorie foods, kosher foods, ethnic foods, microwaveable foods—there is so much to choose from. You simply come in and choose from the cornucopia of all these things that are available at prices that are affordable to you. We often take this for granted because it has been with us all of our lives. Why am I so interested in this war game? Well, many of my readers will recall that the last major simulation the WEF and the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation held was Event , a global pandemic exercise which portrayed a coronavirus outbreak spread by animal carriers to humans killing millions of people while forcing the shutdown of multiple first-world economies.

Event was scheduled for October — two months later the exact pandemic scenario they simulated happened in real life, save a few minor details. Hurricane season is upon us. It is crucial to prepare ahead of time if you live in areas that are regularly affected. I think it is important to prepare immediately for several reasons. Shortages are very common. A lot of us are just waiting on the next one. For decades, Americans have not needed to be concerned about food prices. Yes, prices would always go up by a little bit each year, but in general we have been extremely blessed for a very long time.

Our supermarkets have always been packed with food, and we could always count on the fact that prices would be about the same a month or two down the road. Unfortunately, things are now changing, and not in a good way. A massive wave of inflation has hit agricultural commodities, and food producers have felt forced to pass those cost increases along to consumers. Unfortunately, many experts are anticipating that the price hikes that we are currently witnessing are just the beginning. So even though food prices have already become quite painful, they are never going to be any lower than they are at this moment.

Looking forward, there are several factors that are likely to combine to cause food inflation to accelerate even more in the months ahead. The following are 5 specific reasons why you should stockpile food right now… Read More. Back then, there was only one trade you needed to make — sell your gold and silver and buy stocks and bonds with the proceeds. The trade we need to make is sell our stocks and bonds and buy gold and silver. In a world where amusement parks and beaches beckoned, where businesses carpet-bombed consumers with holiday sales ads, recreation and crass commercialism overmatched the remembrance of important historical persons and events.

Paul Craig Roberts. Yes, really. The Fourth of July is no longer an event to be celebrated. It has become a day of shame and remorse. On that day a systemic racist country was created that brought slavery and oppression to blacks. The Founding Fathers created the Constitution in order to legitimize slavery. Formerly, the solution was restitution. If you are white, you are racist by definition. Here in the middle of , Americans are generally feeling pretty good about things. The COVID pandemic appears to be subsiding, our sports stadiums are full of fans again, the stock market has been soaring, and all over the country people are in the mood to party.

In fact, July 4th celebrations across the nation are likely to be quite boisterous this year. But in China the mood is quite different, and the same thing is true in Russia. In both cases, politicians are talking tough about the United States, and in both cases the military is being prepared for a potential future conflict. Right now, our relations with China are the worst that they have been in decades, and our relations with Russia have never been this bad in our entire history. As it turns out, every person has a little thing called an immune system that, generally speaking, protects them against dying when out in public.

Other human beings are not walking disease vectors like Tony Fauci claims, and refusing to get injected or wear a mask is not going to kill grandma. It is what we have been saying all along, and science is only just now catching up with acceptance of the facts. Equity futures are in the red Wednesday morning as Dr. Anthony Fauci's warnings about the supposedly "dire threat" posed by the Delta variant continue to be dramatically amplified by the American media. Yesterday, we delved into the issue of the Delta variant as daily COVID cases reported in the US ticked higher after touching their lowest levels since the start of the pandemic.

The data set off another round of warnings about the relatively large swath of Americans who refuse to get the vaccine. On Wednesday, Bloomberg published the latest in a series of stories effectively re-stating the same facts: the vaccination rate in a handful of deep-red states has substantially lagged the rate in the rest of the country. The lead-in for Wednesday's story was the fact that the gap between the most- and least-vaccinated states has continued to widen. Though even Bloomberg concedes that "on a national level, the news appears good The unraveling of America's social order is accelerating, and denial will not save us from the consequences of the plundering of the social contract.

What kind of nation boasts a record-high stock market and an unraveling social order? Answer: a failed nation, a nation that has substituted artifice for realism for far too long, a nation that now depends on illusory phantoms of capital, prosperity and democracy to prop up a crumbling facade of "wealth" that the populace now understands is largely in the hands of a few families and corporations, most of which pay little to support the citizenry they dominate politically and financially. The social order sounds abstract, but it is all too real. The social order has two primary components: social cohesion , the glue of common purpose and shared sacrifice binding the social order, and the social contract , the implicit contract between the ruling elite, the state government and commoners the middle class, the working poor and state dependents that their labor, taxes and sacrifices will nourish a society with a level playing field, broad-based opportunity and security.

Sometimes new data can shed light on an uncertain situation, especially in financial markets. Other times it simply adds to the confusion. Such was the case with the most recent U. The analyst world was glued to their news feeds, anxiously awaiting the latest report. The result was — bafflement. The report showed job gains of , The market was looking for , jobs or higher. While strong April gains were revised up slightly, the stronger March gains had earlier been revised down by , jobs over the course of April and May. As he left office in early , President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned Americans about the biggest domestic threats to their liberty, the military-industrial and scientific-technological complexes. But those threats were never threatening enough to justify the billions sought by defense contractors, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and so forth, so reality often got stretched into outright lies.

But now, there are three big cultural and economic forces that appear to be taking their toll on the program. As the SSA states very clearly :. We use your taxes to pay people who are getting benefits right now. Any unused money goes to the Social Security trust funds, not a personal account with your name on it. Tyler Durden. A sudden surge in call volumes can lead to options market makers MM having to purchase shares of stock, which can drive the stock price higher. When new options positions are traded, MM may need to immediately hedge the risk generated by these new trades.

The ultimate goal of every totalitarian system is to establish complete control over society and every individual within it in order to achieve ideological uniformity and eliminate any and all deviation from it. The comments are especially noteworthy because MacArthur for decades has been known for vigorously urging Christians to submit to the government. He has also chastised Christians for being too attached to their constitutionally protected rights. For now, the public seems to want nothing more than to breathe a little easier — that is without masks on our faces after a year of Covid paranoia — and attempt to return to something like normal life. There were zero cases of Covid in my upstate New York county the past week and now the few people going around still-masked begin to look a little like whack-jobs acting out a stupid morality play.

The official Covid narrative took quite a beating last month, but the bottom line of it all is hardly reassuring. The main theme of the narrative was the insistence by public health authorities at the highest level, staunchly supported by the compliant news media, that the disease did not originate in the Wuhan, China, virology lab. They kept the story going all year. Then, just days ago, the narrative flipped and is suddenly accepted as self-evident: of course, the virus came out of the Wuhan lab! We are approaching a critical turning point in the history of financial systems.

Since the Great Financial Crisis, central banks have exerted control over the financial markets through their QE-programs and plan to extend their influence over the monetary system through the introduction of national digital currencies. Opposing forces include, as usual, those of financial innovation, which include independent cryptocurrencies. In the June issue of our Q-Review series , we will delve deep into the world of digital currencies and the future of monetary systems. To accompany our report, we intend to publish a series of blogs which examine the long history of monetary and financial systems.

Today we will start with a brief summary of the history of money. I think we can dispense with the overly protective pleasantries at this point. Earlier on Friday, the Biden Department of Justice warned state lawmakers that if they proceeded to audit fraudulent elections they will be targeted by the Biden administration. The US Constitution specifically gives the power to the states to regulate federal elections as they see fit. Ignoring long-term problems can work for a while, but eventually they catch up with you. Over the years, I have written many articles about alarming long-term trends in our society that desperately needed to be addressed. Of course the vast majority of those long-term trends never got much attention, because our political system tends to reward politicians that focus on short-term issues.

As a result, many of the long-term trends that I have written about previously have now gotten to a point where they have started to become very serious short-term problems. In this article, I would like to share 9 examples of this with you. Most people know that the U. According to the Federal Reserve, total corporate debt in the United States is now up to a whopping In The Holographic Universe the book which triggered my awakening!

Syllogism: Dr. Tony Fauci says he is The Science … Dr. Tony Fauci lied to the nation early and often about his relationship with the Wuhan lab and his role in the development of the Covid virus… therefore , The Science is a liar! Say what…? Yet another revered institution bites the dust! At this rate, will America ever be able to get its mind right?

For a whole year since the outbreak, The Science Dr. The Science Dr. Fauci hid the fact that Dr. Fauci knew as early as that an Asian bat virus was in GOF development. Fauci got the official pause lifted on January 7, , eleven days before Mr. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum while at the same time the world is witnessing the inexorable move to crypto in realtime. Behind the FUD we see actions. We see Russia dumping dollar assets can you blame them? We see El Salvador as the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender. The gory details are contained in a bombshell investigative report in the magazine Vanity Fair.

This alone is surprising. Vanity Fair is a culture and trends magazine, not noted for this type of serious inquiry. The answer is a group letter signed by leading virologists that appeared in the reputable science publication The Lancet. For this year, Social Security recipients received a 1. Not much, once you consider the economic chaos that happened in Especially as gas prices went nuts in April, resulting in an increase of Depending on where you live and what vehicle you drive, one tank of gas each month could eat your entire COLA.

But, in the last ten years, the awareness of this has become increasingly pronounced. With each successive year, more and more people recognise that all facets of life in these formerly great countries are heading in a decidedly negative direction. A rapid spread of fiery inflationary data lit up the landscape last week:. The UN just reported that global food prices have returned to being their highest in a decade.

This is the twelfth straight month of rises, and the cause of the price increases is what I have said will likely cause rampant inflation for twelve straight months now — shortages. Short supply is as essential to high inflation as money printing. Mikhail Tukhachevsky was only 42 years old when Joseph Stalin promoted him to the highest possible military rank in the Soviet Union. And he had been personally tasked by Stalin to modernize the military and prepare for war. Shortly after assuming his duties as Marshall, he was quietly reassigned to an unimportant post… and subsequently arrested.

The year was And Tukhachevsky was suspected of plotting with the Germans to overthrow Stalin and implement a military dictatorship. Tukhachevsky was brutally beaten while in captivity, and he confessed to being a Nazi spy after two days of relentless torture. He was branded a traitor and executed. In reality, the biological warfare phase of the attack is already under way, having begun in with the deliberate release of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, followed by direct interference in rigging the election and installing CCP puppet Joe Biden as a temporary occupant of the White House.

It was as if Heinrich Himmler had risen from the grave to lead the Democratic Party in ordering the draping of Schutzstaffel SS flags over the entrances to civic buildings of conquered territories. It sent a shiver down my spine. And any government that proudly displays those black flags for the world to see is promoting hate and promising enmity, not peace or amity. The State Department might as well have run the Jolly Roger up its diplomatic flagpoles, because the skull and crossbones flown at sea conveys an identical message: no laws will be respected, no quarter will be given, and no lives or property will be spared. When the U. The GOP must die. The Grand Old Party is over and unsalvageable.

The name finds its origin in the post-Civil War era as the party that saved the Union, but whatever positive connotations may have come with the GOP moniker are dead and gone now. Today, GOP conjures images of gray hairs at the country club and board meetings at Halliburton, and it seems the only thing it is interested in saving is the status quo. There was a time when these perceptions could be dismissed as partisan pejoratives, but at some point, Republican Party leadership chose to embrace and embody the characterization.

Fool me twice, shame on me. As of late, GOP legacies like Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney have decided that they will draw a line in the sand and say "you're either with us or against us. The answer, of course, is a resounding "bye Felicia! By their standards, conservatism amounts to congeniality and infinite surrender. Like a toothless dog that threatens to gum you to death, the GOP has no bite. And I'm left questioning whether it wants to? Clive Maund. During these extraordinary times it makes sense to find out as much as you can about what is really going on — your life may depend on it - and to do so as soon as possible, because there are already warning signs that they are going to take down the internet at some point.

Of course, you cannot reasonably expect to learn the truth via the mainstream media which is the mouthpiece of powerful vested interests — you must look elsewhere and dig around, and sites where you can learn the truth are expected to be outlawed and eliminated by any means possible in due course. Finegold Catalan. Upon the collapse of the Soviet Union, Soviet foreign spokesman Gennadi Gerasimov warned the United States, "We have done the most terrible thing to you that we could possibly have done. We have deprived you of an enemy. For nearly half a century, the elusive threat posed by the Soviet Union formed the basis of American foreign and domestic policy.

Much of the United States' political and economic development was in fact a product of the government's exploitation of a supposed Soviet menace. Gerasimov recognized that the fall of communist Russia denied the American government the ability to exploit the fear of Marxism to its own benefit. It was as if the American government had lost its reason for being. The United States has a long history of exploiting fear for the purpose of legitimizing its growth. The current generations of American citizens are direct witnesses to over eight decades of such exploitation. In the Great Depression, the government used the fear of capitalism to legitimize previously unforeseen growth in the size of the federal bureaucracy.

As the Depression wore on, the state's inability to spend its way into prosperity led to public skepticism. Thus, the government quickly shifted its focus to the threat posed by Japan, Germany, and their allies. Perhaps most relevant to current Americans was the fear of communism perpetuated through the Cold War. No less than two wars were justified by this anticommunism, as were political repression and a radical expansion of bureaucracy and the military-industrial complex. Who will bow to this? A decade ago a global war seemed not only highly unlikely but almost unfathomable.

Sounds perhaps a bit bombastic but really this is not. Questions du jour: Can the US government make itself even more untrustworthy? Has it become an enemy of the people? Just wondering. What would be worse, actually, is if we learn that American culture is untrustworthy, since politics is downstream of culture. It would be the equivalent writ large of a human personality at war with itself, unable to trust its own thoughts and actions.

Which perhaps explains the seeming psychosis raging through our society at the moment. That was the s version of the Transsexual Story Hour. Well, Dr. Skidmore, who is familiar to readers here as the economics professor from Michigan State who verified the missing money claims of Catherine Austin Fitts, and who has been tracking missing federal money ever since, has now stated that the amounts of missing money are nearing the astronomical, according to this article spotted by S. Now, even more unofficial and unaccounted for cash has been revealed from the DOD. Jim Rickards. In Chapters One and Two of my new book, The New Great Depression, I explain how the pandemic originated from a bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan, China and how the virus spread around the world, regardless of policies such as lockdowns and masks, which proved to be useless.

But, in Chapter Five, I explore one of the least reported and potentially longest lasting legacies of the pandemic — mental health disorders. Most experts and almost all everyday citizens are unaware of how the SARS-CoV-2 virus can penetrate the neural network and brain membrane, directly impacting cognition. Even more important are the long-term effects of adaptive behavior. For the past 15 months, the U. Last week, a video from Iran showed the U.

Capitol in flames. But have you ever wondered how the United States will actually end? Right now, the country faces a real, critical threat to its existence. The threat is growing — and fast. Signs of impending economic doom continue to grow all around us. For years, highly respected experts have been warning about the steady destruction of our standard of living and the death of the U. Most Americans have their hands full making a living and taking care of their families. But then housing prices started to go absolutely nuts, health costs continued to spiral out of control and a trip to the grocery store just kept getting more painful. At this point, nobody can honestly deny that inflation has become a major problem. But even though the chorus of voices that is warning of a dramatic inflationary collapse is growing by the day, the Federal Reserve just keeps pumping more giant piles of money into the financial system, and the federal government continues to engage in the most reckless spending binge in the entirety of U.

Trillions upon trillions of dollars have been poured into the economy, and yet the U. Robert Wheeler. For several months, many of my articles covered the global shortages and coming shortages facing the worldwide economy. My articles warn of food, chip , fuel, and commodity shortages. I also wrote about inflation, crop failures, and scarcity of any good s that consumers may need or want. Many articles found on MSM corporate outlets report on global shortages. In fact, those articles seem like I could have written them. Not the general hack stenographers masquerading as journalists today. Inflation in the U. So the economic situation is already pretty dicey. Recently, a good friend related to me some of the experiences his daughter was having in a high school not too far from him.

It seems that the curriculum she must teach and the approved texts her students must use in the classroom are redolent thematically with the idea that from its beginning America was characterized by ingrained racism: indeed, a white racism which infected and colored practically everything, from the social structures in the colonies and later codified by a racist Constitution, to the dealings—both legal and familial—between inhabitants, to the very language they used to communicate their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

In the same week that the U. Talk about taking one step forward and two steps back. On the one hand, Biden policies are, at least, partly responsible for the recent rise in unemployment and might be largely responsible. The unemployment rate is rising, and job losses are still high. There are always some people in this category who may be retired, homemakers, students or have other duties that keep them out of the workforce.

But that does not account for the steep decline in labor force participation in recent years. Of course, a lot of those unanswered signs are for what used to be called shit-jobs, flipping burgers, bagging groceries, and such. For a lot of Americans, those are the only jobs. We can argue about whether the government ushered better-paying low-skill factory jobs offshore or whether other nations would have developed industries in the natural course of things or a combo of both. But the end result is a country full of people who can barely support themselves, let alone a family, and the consequent loss of all the psychological infrastructure for a society that can respect itself.

The President of the United States subsequently sent out a demeaning ultimatum via Twitter—. The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours. So freedom in the United States today is a choice between an unconstitutional mask mandate, and vaccine that has only been approved under emergency authority by the FDA. What a joke. This implies that the shutdowns have been good for the environment and that returning to normal is bad. There has also been a flood of articles in the mainstream media advocating for the use of lockdowns to address so-called climate change.

Please note that I am going to be writing more frequently at Substack. I will also still post here, but would like to make Substack the primary outlet for my articles. I get weary of constantly posting pessimistic thoughts. Or the never-ending lockdown. Or the increased censorship. Or all the unpunished fraud and corruption. Looking for a fairy tale ending, or a light at the end of this draconian tunnel, is like cold-calling as a telemarketing representative.

Just as it takes a special soul to weather all the angry hang ups in telemarketing, it takes a special soul to withstand the nonstop negativity in our present troubled world. How many times can you keep bouncing up from the canvas, when the referee has tied your arms behind your back? The Fed Head assures us he has this under control. Would that be just like Father Fed and friends had bank reserves under control right before the repo crisis blew up in late ? Or just like they had their Great Rewind under control right before the stock market imploded in late due to Fed tightening that was promised to be as boring as watching paint dry?

This has already become a major national crisis, and it should be exceedingly obvious to everyone that it is only going to get worse. The Biden administration wants to borrow and spend trillions more dollars on top of all the absurd spending that has already happened, and the Federal Reserve is going to continue to pump gigantic piles of fresh cash into the financial system. Collectively, our leaders are literally committing economic malpractice, and if most Americans truly understood what was going on they would be out in the streets protesting against it.

But reports of the death of Bitcoin were premature. But the price of bitcoin has not simply gone up. Now, millions of first-time users, mostly millennials and Generation Z, have joined the bandwagon. Very few observers really understand the technology behind Bitcoin including millions of the new buyers , but this seems irrelevant to most. They are true believers, akin to a cult or tribe. Exquisite things often break, and even the noblest of institutions become distorted over time until the original purposes for their creation are eclipsed and often contradicted by the personal motives of the men running those institutions into the ground.

We all knew it was coming; the alternative economic media has been warning about it for years. Eventually, monetary intervention and bailout after bailout by central banks always leads to devaluation of the currency and inflation in prices. Helicopter money always ends in disaster and at no point in history has it ever produced positive long-term results for a society. The federal reserve has created trillions in fiat dollars over the course of a single year on top of the tens of trillions created in the past decade , all in the name of offsetting deflation.

This deflation was not caused by the pandemic, it was caused by the government response to the pandemic. All the information, all the facts and all the science supports the anti-lockdown crowd. Conservative run states that removed lockdowns and mandates months ago are seeing falling infection and death numbers and local businesses are on the mend. It appears that their intention is to double down and continue demanding restrictions stay in place for the long haul. Like most things, the undulations of the crypto markets are cyclical and meme-based. In any normal week, crypto trades for five times as many hours as stocks.

The first cycle of the current run was fairly simple, it was the ascent of Bitcoin. The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants. Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. That may be true. But, in any event, and whether or not history rhymes or repeats , be assured of this: Nothing is new under the sun. Grand events have cycled throughout history. In America, they seem to climax around every 80 years. For example, eight decades ago the nation was soon to enter the Second World War. Going back another 80 years, the country was on the brink of the U. Civil War, and a little more than 80 years before that was The Revolutionary War. If you are too young to have been alive during the s, you might want to read up on that decade, because current economic conditions are starting to become eerily similar to what we experienced back then.

In the s, an energy crisis caused tremendously long lines at gas stations all over the country. Robert Cialdini, "The Godfather of Influence", explains how to defend ourselves. As humans, we have psychological triggers that, once activated, make us much more vulnerable to the schemes of marketers, politicians and anyone else looking to manipulate us — as well as to separate us from our freedoms and our money. This view began forming when the Federal Reserve cut interest rates in summer , and then the view solidified with a catalyst after an overnight repo rate spike in September forced the Fed to begin supplying repo liquidity.

This is now about mainlining benefits to middle-class families so they become addicted to government - and to the Democratic Party that has become the promoting agent of government. All of this adds up to healthy guaranteed annual income largely untied to the social contract that requires work, which is the real path to independence and self-respect. The new taxes are destructive, but their impact will take time to be felt as the post-pandemic economy soars. We Need Some Serious Remodelling. Of course, this was a huge over-simplification. In particular, it overlooked housing: why bother only inflating stocks when not everyone holds them, when you can do the same to housing, which everyone needs?

Presumably the matching rise in US consumer confidence was driven more by stimulus checks in the mail than rent checks going out the door, or chats with realtors about affording a home in a country not exactly famous for its lack of available land. Yet surely the Fed is still missing a trick? Just switch to a digital currency, like China, and assets can be turned on and off at will , and there is no need to go through with the pretense of inflating asset markets in lieu of the general economy. In early , a young farmer from southeastern England named John Washington boarded a small merchant vessel bound for the English colonies in North America. Officially he was supposed to be part of a minor trade voyage to transport tobacco to the colonies.

But secretly John had no intention of ever returning home. He wanted to sail as far away from England as he could. Britain in the was a pretty miserable place. A series of civil wars throughout the s had left the country impoverished and chaotic, leading to the dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell, in theory, was supposed to be on the side of the commoners who wanted to limit the power of the monarchy.

What the hell? What the hell is this? Some freaky psyop run by your parents, just for kicks? And all the other parents are in on it too? And Hollywood? All those movies and TV specials about Santa were just lies? How far does this go? Ah well. From now on you only believe in real stuff, like the Tooth Fairy. Would a man trust a fox to mind his hens? Would he trust a dog to mind his dinner? Would he trust a thief to mind his store? A man knows his nose squats in the middle of his face. He looks right past it just the same. Today we remind men of the reason they initially chose gold and silver money — that is, why they initially selected sound money.

Long-suffering readers are familiar with our… diminished regard for paper money. It inflates bubbles of every model and make. But men did not choose sound money to block bubbles… Read More. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option. They all own each other. This is the case, across all industries. As she says:.

Those are owned by even bigger investors. The visible top of this pyramid shows only two companies whose names we have often seen…They are Vanguard and BlackRock. The power of these two companies is beyond your imagination. Not only do they own a large part of the stocks of nearly all big companies but also the stocks of the investors in those companies. This gives them a complete monopoly. If you find your city or town under siege by irate protesters, none of those things matter at the moment. These are things to be sorted out later.

What matters is how to survive and how to keep your loved ones safe. What we witnessed via social media of the riots in Chile should be enough to make anyone want to be prepared. Does anyone actually care? The bigger picture here is the utter hypocrisy of whining so loudly about these two things happening currently. Those same voices have no issue with liberal congressional caucuses or liberal social media platforms, specifically Twitter, Facebook, and the video platform YouTube, banning, suspending and locking accounts for nothing more than wrong-think aka conservative opinion. March 20, Dystopian reality has now taken on a whole new meaning, as the people have become slaves, but they continue in a time of extreme misery, squalor, and oppression, to accept this state of tyranny voluntarily.

Many are even excited about this turn of events because they have been given the illegal capability to become completely irresponsible, while collecting extortion money at the expense of their neighbors and countrymen. This of course is a government-designed outcome, as the masses have been fooled over time into believing that they deserve something for nothing. Now that they are ripe for takeover, the plot will thicken, and given the implications of what is possible, we are facing a time of terror. The coming battle for the heart and soul of this nation will be fought one day, block by block and street by street and acre by acre….

America may enter this fire to emerge never the same, but a people intent on remaining free can most certainly see Her emerge renewed and cleansed of Her sickness, if only they come together to do what must be done. It is simply a geographical location controlled by men and women of a particular party, in this case, the Democratic Party, that are so immoral, corrupt and tyrannical in nature, that it does not trust the people, who supposedly elected its people by a landslide, and it is not trusted by the people. Rule by brute force. SWAT teams crashing through doors. Militarized police shooting unarmed citizens.

Traffic cops tasering old men and pregnant women for not complying fast enough with an order. Resource officers shackling children for acting like children. Homeowners finding their homes under siege by police out to confiscate lawfully-owned guns. Drivers having their cash seized under the pretext that they might have done something wrong. The list of abuses being perpetrated against the American people by their government is growing rapidly. We are approaching critical mass. One of the first principles of economics is that everything has a cost. It kills some people.

We quickly learn that it almost-never harms children, but often harms older, sicker people. This should not surprise; it is easier to kill an old and infirm person than a healthy, vibrant young individual with virtually any disease. In other words things like the pandemic flu are the exception, not the rule. Indeed Chicken Pox is the same way; it almost-never hurts a kid.

I was deliberately infected, as were most people born before or thereabouts. There was no vaccine so the only question was when you were going to get it, not were you going to get it, and getting it as a kid was wildly preferable. Ben Garrison. Of course, the ingredients listed in my cartoon are not concise — there are far more noxious substances I could have added — and I realize each vaccine has different variants. Many Americans are health nuts who exercise regularly and watch what they eat. Yet not only are they willing to take under-tested vaccines, they are actually eager to do it. Because many are obedient statists who want to do what big government and the medical industrial complex tell them to do.

The mainstream media completes the brainwashing. James Howard Kunstler. The failure is shared by a national news media that refuses to scrutinize the obvious financial crimes documented on the laptop, the FBI, which sat on the laptop through the months of Trump Impeachment No. How many years ago was the following written and posted? Does it really matter? One can change a few of the embedded names, but the story has remained the same — or has it all worsened?

I believe that it has. To me — it was the experimental game leading up to much of what we have dealt with in and continuing into this year — and Fauci was already involved with the games that many years ago. The concept of infrastructure stimulus has been hyped for decades as a kind of cure-all for economic decline. The New Deal is often credited in left-leaning literature as being the singular cure for the depression, and FDR by extension has been handed messiah status among leftists. The New Deal is supposedly proof that massive socialized federal and central bank interventions through public works programs is an economic ambrosia. A large portion of the public on both sides of the aisle has been trained to think these programs will save us.

Cash prevents central banks from imposing negative interest rates because if they did, people would withdraw their cash from the banking system. You will be trapped in a digital pen with no way out. What about moving your money into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? That was back in At the time, a billion dollars was about one-tenth of 1 percent of GDP. To put these amounts into perspective: A trillion dollars is today about 4 percent of GDP. Many people think that a universal basic income UBI would be a good substitute for the welfare state. Under this proposal, each person resident in a country would receive a guaranteed income, sufficient to live at a modest level.

People would get the money unconditionally. Unlike welfare payments, the UBI would not be lessened if people earned money in addition to the amount it provided, and, because it is not means tested—absolutely everyone gets it, even billionaires—it requires no complex bureaucracy to administer. The UBI would cost a great deal of money, but its defenders claim that since it is a substitute for the welfare state, we would also save the vast amounts of money now required for financing welfare programs. Further, if our economy continues to grow, at some point the UBI will become affordable. I end proposing that something like the Plan is politically inevitable—not next year, but sometime…. Real per capita GNP has grown with remarkable fidelity to an exponential growth equation for more than a century".

The ascendance of Wall Street, and of a managerial bureaucracy PMC more generally, largely explains the political realignments that have been playing out in the U. Beginning in the s, the American political class made decisions at the behest of business interests and oligarchs to restructure the U. Finance was, and still is, the method of affecting this transfer of power. However, the current epoch of finance capitalism has run its course. Its logic has been lost. The threats to the neoliberal order are now internal to it. Bi-partisan claims that China is a growing economic and military threat to the U. This posture of a unified national interest follows several decades of American industrialists cum financiers doing everything they can to concentrate wealth and power for themselves.

However, I just awoke from a dream that was so vivid that it is fresh in my mind; so I decided to write it all out before the memory of it fades. In front of me on the table sits a pellet rifle and a tin of pellets. The rifle is empty and the safety is on, and I have not yet fired it; no targets yet you might say. Suddenly I hear a crash at the front door and four heavily armed police officers, all wearing body armor, rush into my house with their weapons leveled at me.

Hi, Klaus. Satan asked me to drop by and have a chat with you. He really wants to get The Great Reset off the ground. World fascism. Universal Guaranteed Income tied to social credit score. He knows you and your people at the World Economic Forum are pushing as hard as you can. The construction has been underway for a year. The workers are almost finished, Klaus. We want to get the virtual landscape right.

You look through any window and you see the Swiss Alps. Imagine the jackboots kick in your door at midnight and haul you off to a reeducation camp because of that tweet. Which one? Does it matter? You think about resisting but then you realize that your assailants are not government employees but rather the hired henchmen of MegaX corporation, so you relent. While individual infantry men were relatively easily dispatched, when arranged in a phalanx they became formidable, even to cavalry, and phalanxes won many battles, including at Marathon. In short, he understands money and finance in a way that most people never will. Jeffrey A. Cases and deaths attributed to Covid are, like everywhere else, falling dramatically.

If you pay attention only to the media fear campaigns, you would find this confusing. More than two weeks ago, the governor of Texas completely reversed his devastating lockdown policies and repealed all his emergency powers, along with the egregious attacks on rights and liberties. There was something very un-Texan about those lockdowns. My hotel room is festooned with pictures of cowboys on horses waving guns in the air, along with other depictions of rugged individualism facing down the elements. Then a new virus came along — as if that had never happened before in Texas — and the new Zoom class took the opposite path, not freedom but imposition and control.

A man shovels himself deep into a hole. He then wishes to climb out. What must he do first? How does it plan to rise out of it? Thus we find: Read More. Peter St. And, yet, throughout that period, federal receipts were one-fifth what they are today. It was assumed that the government could not rack up huge debt without spurring inflation and crippling debt payment costs. Both of these concerns have been thrown out the window by large numbers of thinkers. So the restraints have been cast aside. In no uncertain terms, he argues, massive amounts of monetary and fiscal stimulus can be employed with no consequences, no restraints. Is there some kind of game on in the USA? Have our public affairs ever looked so false and disordered?

Is it ever more wondrous that Joe Biden somehow managed to win the Super Tuesday primary, let alone the national election? The country has gotten exactly what it saw all through the autumn of the empty shell of a broken politician. Nothing to see , according to the captive news media. Nothing to see and nobody home, the essence of our now-president, Joe Biden. How on earth did this happen? My own theory: it was the strange byproduct of the political establishment fumbling to cover up its crimes, an endeavor so transparently inept that the rest of the world goggles at us in nauseated incredulity, watching our leadership flounder, our institutions fail, our economy vaporize, and our power dissolve, like a some dying blob in an epic horror movie.

Even our most devoted adversary, North Korea, marvels out loud at the spectacle of American collapse. They joke about it, but it must make them awfully uncomfortable to realize that the USA runs under a shadow government, and runs so ineptly! Helpful ways to save money while boosting quality of life. Adam has had a number of excellent interviews recently with highly experienced economists, analysts and investors — like Ed Butowsky, Grant Williams, Jim Rogers, Jim Bianco, Luke Gromen, Steen Jakobsen and others — who are extremely concerned of the secular era of rising inflation they see us headed into.

And these interviews contain a lot of valuable guidance about how to position your portfolio accordingly. How can a small rise in bond yields scare policymakers so much? How did we get to such a situation? Central banks have artificially depressed sovereign bond yields for years. Now, a small rise in yields can cause a massive market slump that evolves into a financial crisis. In Wednesday's press conference, Jay Powell confirmed that the Fed is setting off on a historic experiment: welcoming a conflagration of red-hot inflation for an indefinite period of time in an overheating economy, with the underlying assumption that it's all "transitory" and that inflation will return to normal in a few years, and certainly before when the Fed's rates will still be at zero.

There is a big problem with that assumption: while FOMC members, most of whom are independently wealthy and can just charge their Fed card for any day to day purchases of "non-core" CPI basket items, the vast majority of the population does not have the luxury of having someone else pay for their purchases or looking beyond the current period of runaway inflation, which will certainly crush the purchasing power of the American consumer, especially once producers of intermediate goods start hiking prices even more and passing through inflation. And yet… the president and all his minions are fanning out… explaining… justifying… excusing… taking credit… and claiming paternity….

The White House wants to underscore to Americans that the legislation Biden championed — and was only supported by Democrats — is central to jump-starting an economy battered by a year of lockdowns and job losses set off by the coronavirus…. All of us believe in some conspiracies. Many subscribe to the philosophy of the ultimate pessimist, that guy named Murphy, and his law, which observed that the other line moves faster. A gust of wind will come along and mess up your new hairdo. The list is endless. Most people believe at least some things are rigged against them. They may not extend that to the system being rigged against average people everywhere, but in their own personal lives, they nod their heads knowingly when something goes awry.

Out of habit, American economists worry about federal debt. But federal debt can be redeemed by the Federal Reserve printing the money with which to retire the bonds. The debt problem rests with individuals, companies, and state and local governments. They have no printing press. We have explained that the indebtedness of the population means there is little discretionary income with which to drive the economy. Chapwood Index calculates the true cost of living is 5x what the government reports. Covid is not over and is sure to resurge with new variants next winter. But even assuming that is not the case, we still have to contend with the aftermath of the pre-covid conditions, whereby banks had run out of balance sheet capacity combined with trade tariffs predominantly aimed at China.

Even if the US manages to emerge from lockdowns in the coming months, the legacy of the turn in the credit cycle, trade tariffs and supply chain disruption threatens a full-scale depression. There can be no doubt monetary inflation will accelerate, and we are beginning to see the consequences in rising bond yields. Gen Z Conservative.

That community has no real government and is instead governed by the idea that each individual is there to pursue the profit motive, be productive, and live out their life as they see fit. The point of the community is to withdraw from a corrupt, socialist-leaning society and no longer artificially preserve that society with their talents, tax dollars, or innovations.

International Man : Since the start of the Covid hysteria, Americans have snitched on people for not wearing a mask, called the police when their neighbors had guests over at their house, and reported businesses that were not compliant. Doug Casey : Without doubt, the US is transforming from a nation of whipped dogs into something much worse, a nation of squealing rats. And now, we have plague snitches.

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