Stardust Character Analysis

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Stardust Character Analysis

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Book Review #28: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

After Tristran helps them escape deadly trees called serewood, he learns he has the ability to find any location in Faerie. Tristran is taunted by tiny faeries, who say that he is "soon to face his true love's scorn". The hairy man gives Tristran a new outfit, a silver chain like the one used to imprison Una, and a candle-stub which allows one to travel great distances quickly while it burns, which he explains by referencing the nursery rhyme " How Many Miles to Babylon? Tristran uses the candle to quickly reach the fallen star, but is surprised to find that the star is actually a young woman named Yvaine, whose leg was broken in the fall.

Yvaine hurls mud at him and continuously insults him. He resolves to take her to Victoria anyway, tying her to him with the chain. However, the candle goes out before he can return, so the two sleep for the night. The next morning, Tristran tells Yvaine about his promise to Victoria and his intention to bring Yvaine to her. Tristran makes Yvaine a simple crutch to help her walk as her broken leg hinders her movement. They arrive at a clearing where they witness a fight between a lion and a unicorn over a golden crown. Yvaine asks Tristran to help the Unicorn when the Lion was about to kill it.

Tristran, remembering the old nursery rhyme, The Lion and the Unicorn , picks up the crown and gives it to the Lion. With the crown upon its head, the Lion slips away into the forest. Tristran and Yvaine spend the night at the clearing beside the wounded Unicorn. Yvaine escapes on the Unicorn when Tristran leaves in search of food. The witch-queen, on her search for the Star, encounters Madam Semele. They share a meal and Madam Semele gives the witch-queen meat cooked with Limbus grass, which causes anyone who tastes it to speak nothing but the truth, forcing her to reveal the purpose of her journey.

The enraged witch-queen puts a curse on her, which prevents her from seeing, touching or perceiving the star in any way and causing Semele to forget their meeting the moment the witch-queen leaves. On discovering that Yvaine is gone, a despondent and regretful Tristran spends the night under a tree. Tristran talks to a tree who says that Pan, the spirit of the forest, told her to help him. The tree tells Tristran that there are people looking for Yvaine and that there is a path in the forest with a carriage coming down it that Tristran can't miss.

Then it gives Tristran a leaf and says to listen to it when he needs help the most. Tristran runs to catch the carriage and nearly misses it but for a tree that has fallen in the carriage's path. Tristran meets Primus, the driver of the carriage, and persuades him to allow Tristran to ride in the carriage. In the mountains the witch-queen transforms her chariot into an inn to catch Yvaine, who is coming her way. She turns the goat into a man, and the goat who used to be Brevis into a girl. Yvaine falls for the trap, and the witch-queen is preparing to carve out her heart when Tristran and Primus, who have also been attracted by the inn, arrive. The witch-queen decides to delay killing Yvaine until she has dealt with the two unwanted guests.

She attempts to poison Tristran while he is tending to the horses, but the unicorn, which is also lodged in the stable, warns him just in time. He rushes back to the inn, but is too late to warn Primus. However he is able to rescue Yvaine by forming a makeshift candle from the remnants of the magical candle he had obtained earlier, burning his left hand in the process. Shortly afterwards, Septimus arrives and finds Primus' body. He sets off in search of the witch-queen, to fulfill an obligation to avenge his slain brother, and the topaz, to claim his birthright as the last surviving son of Stormhold. Tristran and Yvaine escape the witch-queen, but find themselves in an almost equally perilous situation. They walk past many scenes in the light of the candle, but eventually end up stranded on a cloud, miles above Faerie.

They are rescued by the crew of a passing airborne ship. The captain of the ship agrees to help them on their way back to Wall, hinting that he is part of a mysterious 'fellowship' that wants to help Tristran for some unspecified reason. Tristran expresses regret for chaining Yvaine up. The star reveals that while Tristran no longer intends to force her to accompany him to Wall, the custom of her people dictates that, because he has saved her life, she is nonetheless obliged to follow him. Upon parting company with the ship and its crew, Tristran and Yvaine set off for Wall, and, after several adventures, encounter Madam Semele.

Because of the witch-queen's curse, Madam Semele is unable to see Yvaine, but she agrees to transport Tristran the rest of the way to Wall, as she is on her way to the market herself. Tristran obtains a promise from Madam Semele that he will not be harmed, will receive board and lodging, and will arrive at Wall in the same manner and condition in which he departed. This promise, however, does not prevent her from transforming him into a dormouse for the duration of the journey.

The star also rides on Madam Semele's wagon, unbeknownst to the old woman. Septimus seeks revenge on the witch-queen for killing Primus, but is himself killed by his intended victim, without ever reclaiming the topaz. Music has existed for thousands of years with connections to the belief. Home Page Research Stardust Analysis. Stardust Analysis Words 6 Pages.

Gaiman, Neil. EPUB ed. The story begins in a small British town called Wall named after the large stone wall that divides our world from a mysterious wilderness beyond. In the town there is a hole in the wall which is the only point of communication between the two worlds, and every ten years a market is held on the other side of the wall. Living in this town is a boy named Tristran who is born a product of residents from both sides of the wall. One day when he is walking his crush Victoria home, he asks for her hand in exchange for the shooting star that had just flown overhead, she agrees and thus Tristran sets out into the land on the other side of the wall, and he amazed by its splendor.

I will use this novel to demonstrate how people are clueless of their surrounding world, just like the villagers of Wall who despite living right next to a fairy land, remain entirely clueless of its existence. Heshmat, Shahram. Accessed 11 May This article from Psychology Today defines confirmation biases, and gives great examples of instances where a confirmation bias leads to misconception. The author explains that confirmation biases lead to humans disregarding all evidence that works against their belief system, and leads humans to believe whatever we want to believe, engaging in self-deception.

I will use this article to help prove my idea that for most people it is incredibly easy to disregard something. Get Access. Her Stand, Empress, manifests itself as a living growth on a person's body, manipulating and controlling their every move and growing stronger over time. An assassin of DIO who ambushes the Joestars while they are driving in a car. He is named after ZZ Top. The elderly mother of J. Geil, and one of DIO's most loyal followers. She is named after Enya. Her Stand, Justice, can possess dead bodies by inhabiting them with a strange mist-like substance — essentially turning them into zombies — and can also control living victims by entering through any wounds they have recently sustained. A mercenary hired by DIO to kill Enya in case she told anything about his secrets and holds Joseph hostage.

He is named after Steely Dan. He also sells overpriced kebabs to foreigners. His Stand, Lovers, allows him to enter a person's body and stimulate their pain receptors until they die, forcing Jotaro to bend to his will. An assassin of DIO who attacks the Joestars while in the desert. He is named after Fats Domino. An intelligent infant who attacks the Joestars in their dreams with his dream-invading Stand. He is named after the Muddy Waters song "Mannish Boy". His Stand, Death Thirteen, can invade and control dreams. Those who die in their dreams, die in the waking world. An assassin of DIO who attempts to lead Polnareff away from the group in order to kill him alone. He is named after Cameo. Judgement is a robot-like being that has the ability to grant wishes, but with one troubling and often fatal flaw.

An assassin who attempts to kill the Joestars while they're in a submarine. Her Stand, High Priestess, is a living mask that has the ability to transform metals into inorganic objects. A mercenary of DIO with illusionary Stand powers. He is named after Kenny G , while in the dub of the anime, he is instead named after the Michael Jackson song Billie Jean. DIO's right-hand man. He is named after Vanilla Ice. His Stand, Cream, is a demon that eats itself, forming a moving ball of nothingness that can cut through anything, even solid concrete.

It is named after the band Cream. One of DIO's minions and a vampire. Commonly assumed to be a Stand user, as he is able to disguise himself as a woman using a face on the back of his head, but Araki has clarified that this is not a Stand ability. Named after the band Wilson Phillips. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Holly Kujo. Jotaro : Why are you such an annoying bitch? Holly : [completely non-fazed] Okay, I dunno!

Joseph : HEY! How dare you address your mother that way?! And what kind of language is that?! And stop smiling, Holly! You'll only encourage it! Holly : Okay! Suzi Q See Battle Tendency. See DIO. DIO's servants. Equal-Opportunity Evil : It doesn't get more equal opportunity than multiple races and genders and an orangutan and a bird. Flat Character : Most of them have no personality or history beyond being DIO's greedy and sadistic goons. Glass Cannon : Quite a few of them have strong Stands, but become sniveling morons at the first sight of defeat. Made of Iron : Most of them are defeated in absolutely brutal ways, but all but a handful of them explicitly survived.

Especially apparent in the case of Steely Dan, who wasn't even paid to kill the Main Characters , but instead Enya, and even admits he didn't need to fight them but only did so for his own personal amusement. Quirky Miniboss Squad : While most of them have some sort of gimmick, the Egyptian god-themed Stand users and Vanilla Ice faced throughout part 3's second half suit this the best, as they're implied to be a loosely-cohesive unit, generally more fleshed-out as characters than most of the earlier opponents, and they're much more competent as well.

Sorting Algorithm of Evil : In terms of power and competency, DIO's Stand users, despite their metaphysical abilities, are far lower than the Pillar Men in overall competency. The majority are either annoyances or somewhat difficult adversaries. Once the Joestar group sets foot in Egypt, though, with the exception of Oingo, Boingo, and Hol Horse , even the more humorously-leaning fights are much more dangerous for them. The most standout among there are Pet Shop and Vanilla Ice, who prove to be extremely, lethally competent in their work, while being followed up by N'Doul and both D'arbys, who come very close to winning their fights, even managing to defeat several members of the group each. Sliding Scale of Villain Effectiveness : Most of the enemies range from somewhat effective for a while to completely useless, which makes N'Doul , the D'arbys' , and Pet Shop's fights and Vanilla Ice's killings even more jarring.

Smug Snake : Though many of them defer to or outright worship DIO, most of them are incredibly conceited in regards to the abilities of their Stands, believing that their powers make them invincible. Played straight by most other Stand users. No word on the details for Forever, Hol Horse, and Boingo all of them have Stands manifesting as ordinary objects. Tarot Motifs : The first two-thirds not only have tarot cards, but also have characterization that reflects their card's values with the exception of Arabia Fats.

Note that some of them also get colors, like the heroes, but this is dropped quickly. After using up the tarot, other Stands were themed after the Egyptian pantheon. Later series installments opted to use the same naming scheme for the character names — late 20th century pop and rock music, starting with DIO's resident Dragon, Vanilla Ice and his Stand, Cream. Uncertain Doom : Though some of Dio's henchmen are explicitly killed while others survive, the fates of a few of them, such as Rubber Soul, Steely Dan and Telence D'arby, are unknown, with it being unclear as to whether they survived the vicious beatdowns they suffered.

Villain of the Week : Many of the enemy Stands Users in the manga are just speed bumps that are minor annoyances to the plot, especially Boingo and Oingo, who aren't even noticed by the Main Characters. This is Tower of Gray, click here to see Gray Fly. Dark Blue Moon. Narrator : speaking Forever's thoughts over a view of Strength "This entire ship is my Stand, and you've lost! You're totally outmatched and helpless, and there's nothing you can do! Jotaro : I've heard that when frightened, animals often show their stomachs to show their submission to the enemy.

So you're asking me if I'll forgive you? Forever : nods with his paws up, frightened. Jotaro : I'm afraid your actions have already gone beyond the rules of the jungle. Devo the Cursed dub: Soul Sacrifice. Ebony Devil. Rubber Soul. Rubber Soul : Wait, hang on a second I'm seriously injured, here. My nose is badly broken, and my jaw is going to have to be wired shut! Ah ha Jotaro : shrugging off Rubber Soul's weaselling Just shut up already.

The area, with a mixture of Tudor disadvantages of a mixed economy medieval buildings dating as far back as the 11th century, was transformed into the streets Rhetorical Analysis Of Nabokovs Metaphor? Stormhold. Gaiman, Neil. Because he caused Holly to disadvantages of a mixed economy away from her father in America, Joseph hates What Is The Meaning Of Life Has No Meaning guts. In this quote, Julia introduces the idea that the purpose of the anti-sex league is so that Harry Foxx Case Study up sexual energy can be transferred into loving Big Brother. Stardust was released on 10 August in the United States in 2, theatres, opening at No.