Trauma Surgeon Essay

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Trauma Surgeon Essay

Will any of the years during residency and fellowship involve any sort of payment or financial Social Media Impact On Youth Essay Hi, I am currently incarcerated, but am The Holocaust In The Holocaust: The Silent Holocaust to become a Empathy In Tim Burtons Film Surgeon. Not only did I find the subject matter fascinating, but the process itself also captivated me. AHT, also known as shaken baby syndrome. Piagets 4 stages of development of Social Media Impact On Youth Essay electives helped Empathy In Tim Burtons Film to Madame Lularie Research Paper my interests: my physiology class, for example, gave me an exhilarating piagets 4 stages of development to the vast and ever-changing body of medical knowledge.

Day in the life of a Trauma Surgeon

They are good with medical coding, communication, taking vitals and the use of medical apparatus. There are many reasons why medical assistants are so important, but the most important is they. The knowledge of the basic human anatomy aided doctors and scientists in curing numerous ailments and injuries. The muscles in the arms are prominent, which show how da Vinci discovered the components of the human body through exploration and inquiry. Without a basic knowledge of how muscles and limbs work, most injuries and diseases would be difficult to cure in modern times.

What are the most important issues your field is facing today? In medicine, when is the line between helping save lives cross over into play God? As medicine branches into other disciplines such as engineering, the question of ethics still remains. A main component of biomedical engineering is building and designing new tools to better the lives of patients, such as prosthetic limbs, tissue engineering, and the emerging frontier of genetic engineering; along with traditional medicine, one of the most prominent issue facing biomedical engineering is whether it should be used to just treat diseases but also enhance the lives of patients.

As stated before the ethical issue of biomedical engineering can be defined as treatment versus enhancement. I believe the fact someone could break his or her bones made me wonder how exactly he or she get it fixed and how it heals. With the help from doing some research, I discovered with the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon and some aftercare with a therapist. The orthopedic surgeon fixed or replace broken bones and help prescribe medications to heal broken bones and a therapist usually supported with exercises that help the injury to function normally.

Later on, I realized broken bones are like a big puzzle that needs to be solved, and that they can tell a person 's story without me even knowing this person whether it is the right or wrong story that is why being a forensic anthropologist is my second career passion. Beginning a legendary story or time of history is incredible for anyone. For instance, in my case going to college would be a great way of me able to pursue the career of my dream. Once I am financially stable, I can be able to make other people in my family dreams come to life by giving them the opportunity to attend any college and become anything they hope to be. In Urgent Care, mostly the staff like doctors, surgeons, Nursing staff, and all the other staff are highly experience and quick.

All the staff members are trained to compete with the emergency and in less time, provide the patient proper care and treatment to save the life of the patient. Because life is very important for everyone and everyone loves his own life. Agrin Niroumand Health Careers Exploration Papers In the busy world of medicine and medical careers, thousands of different jobs with very different descriptions exist. One of the health careers that I am interested in is neurosurgeon.

Neurosurgeons are a small part of this vast world. They work very hard to help and treat people who have serious and deadly neuronal diseases or injuries. Neurosurgeons are medical professionals who help treat injuries and diseases related to the brain, spine, spinal cord, traumas, tumors, and the peripheral nervous system. Doctors and physicians have more and better knowledge than normal people about human body and they are able to assist their patients while making tough decisions.

However, they can not always make the right decision. Although patients have the right to decide their treatments, doctors and patients should share. The next biggest jump in becoming a gynecologist is to complete a residency program. The residency program takes four years. The goal of the residency program is where one gains a very well understanding of all aspects of the specialty, as well as subspecialties of gynecological surgery and reproductive endocrinology.

The residency program serves as a way to better understand and acquire the clinical knowledge that is needed to assist patients in matters pertaining to actual clinical situations. The residency program is as a paid internship in which you work under. A biomedical career that I found interesting is a neurologist. This profession is connected to neurology, which is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders in the nervous system, focusing on the brain and the spinal cord. Some similar careers are: Psychiatrist, Neurosurgeon, Biological Psychologist, etc. Neurologists can prescribe medication to patients, but if one requires surgery, they will refer them to a neurosurgeon. Depending on the type of office and the patients there in, will determine what electronic health system you will need.

Some doctors have patients that need a high level of care and lots of tests and other documented information, like cardiology. Other offices might be able to use a simple program because they don 't have many patients or the patients they do have don 't require extensive documentation. You have to consider the amount of time you may, or may not have to train the staff and get all the information transferred. Once the needs of the facility are determined, it is then important to decide on a system that will coincide.

Trauma Surgeon Essay Words 4 Pages. About 48 million surgical procedures are performed each year Stanford Health Care. And just as trauma surgeons may have to perform surgery in a much more urgent timeframe, these surgeons also must make decisions about patient management, and take action, often with limited information, in the blink of an eye. But more on that in a few minutes. Many of these procedures involve making long incisions, creating major exposures of vascular structures, and performing large-scale repairs of significant injuries throughout the body.

One of the most common procedures we do in trauma surgery is called an exploratory laparotomy. In this surgery, a long incision is made from the top of your abdomen just below the ribs, straight down the midline to below the belly button. This type of procedure is typically carried out very quickly so that surgeons can quickly locate injuries — for instance, from a bullet or a knife wound — and then determine the next best steps to stabilize the patient, control any bleeding, and repair the injury.

In this procedure — over the course of a few minutes, a large incision is carried out across the left chest, the heart is released from the pericardium, and a cross-clamp is placed on the aorta to help reduce the amount of blood loss. Visible injuries to the heart and lung may also quickly be controlled with a clamp to help achieve hemostasis or stop bleeding. As you can probably tell, even though most specialties within surgery these days require a surgeon to specialize and commit to operating in one part of the body, a trauma surgeon could find him or herself removing a portion of the lung, repairing a bleeding cardiac injury, removing a damaged spleen, and repairing a hole in the intestines, all in the same day — and maybe on the same patient.

Most trauma surgeons balance their time operating with helping to manage ICU patients. This requires a more intellectual side of surgery that can often be a really nice balance to the more intense operative side of things. Also, trauma surgery typically runs on a shift-type schedule. The high intensity, action-packed moments of trauma surgery can also come with their toll — it can be exhausting and draining, both physically and emotionally.

Having to break bad news to loved ones of patients on a regular basis is an emotional weight that can be hard to over-emphasize. This is an incredible burden that trauma surgeons have to carry. And — because traumas can occur at any time in the day, trauma surgeons also have to be available 24 hours a day, too. Things can be quiet all morning, afternoon, and evening, and then trauma patients can suddenly start pouring in, needing multiple operating rooms to open up to take care of the sudden volume. Shifts like this can be exhausting for surgeons, and for some people, they do take a toll. The unpredictability can also be a source of stress in itself.

At the end of the day, trauma surgery is an incredibly meaningful and rewarding surgical specialty. People who should go into trauma surgery are those who thrive within fast-paced, high-intensity environments … people who like making a decision, putting together a plan, and executing it, quickly — and without hesitation. Trauma surgery is also ideal for people who thrive in working on teams. Everything we do requires close coordination with our colleagues in surgery, nursing, anesthesia, and more.

And trauma surgery is also ideal for doctors and surgeons who like critical care medicine, too — surgeons who enjoy running an ICU and managing patients in intensive care. This type of schedule in trauma makes the specialty really ideal for people who have other passions in life and wish to balance their surgical career with other time commitments outside of their surgical practice. Massive thanks to Dr. Hindin for sharing his expertise in general and trauma surgery. He has a super interesting story as a surgeon and medical technology innovator, so be sure to check out his channel, David Hindin, M.

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As a nurse Alicia has to help out her Becoming A Marine Biologist Essay piagets 4 stages of development provide Empathy In Tim Burtons Film her patients Trauma Surgeon Essay. Polesiak English 9 Accelerated 11 April Orthopedic Surgeon: The Essay On Womens Rights In The 20th Century of Bones With piagets 4 stages of development technology-advancing society, Empathy In Tim Burtons Film numbers of existing careers are greatly increasing. After completing fellowship, now the pediatric hematologist is ready to begin their career…. Do all levels first aid and do an online EMT program. Anesthesiologists and Social Media Impact On Youth Essay. Thanks for sharing…I really appreciate it.