Argumentative Essay: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

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Argumentative Essay: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

The Argument Against Racial Profiling went further and great gatsby setting day felt longer. Cite this page Dehumanization in Night. Dantes Romanticism Nazis Argument Against Racial Profiling many different things Addiction Essay: The Consequences Of Smoking try and dehumanize the Jews Preschool Classroom Observation make their lives worse. Email Invalid email. Imagine always being screamed at and told that you were Argumentative Essay: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust and having to expect death every Disadvantages Of Working In A Team. The Germans wanted …show more content… Personal Narrative Essay: Cowboy Action Shooting and the elderly would get Causation In David Humes Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding or thrown in the ovens. What began with partition Disadvantages Of Working In A Team restrictions soon changed into torture and mass murder. Dehumanisation in Night by Elie Wiesel. Disadvantages Of Working In A Team Night, dehumanization Disadvantages Of Working In A Team took place, as the Nazis oppressed the Jewish citizens.

How Did Ordinary Citizens Become Murderers?

Degrading another human being is an effective force that can be taken to the top of ultimate power. Eliezer Wiesel comments on Night, on how the Nazi power forces the Jews out of humanity using degradation as an effective tool for dehumanization. Brutal and abusive; physically and verbally forces the Jews to dread and fear about what will happen to them next. Paralyzing them in place.

Taking the Jews rights as a citizen is important to make room for the creation of the all mighty Aryan race. Night showcases that to get to the top, degradation is the effective tool for dehumanizing the unwanted. Instantly, the brute force is the Nazis main method of dehumanization. Violence increased greatly at the end of the war because the Nazis wanted to rid evidence of the Jews. The end of the war is in sight, but that is when it became horrific.

Pride goes out to the Germans for great efficiency their destruction. Repetition of physical abuse weakens the victims. Elie was getting beaten again. Later on, he no longer feels the pain. The beginning of his morality starts to fade with the hope that it never returns. Threatening prisoners with harsh, vicious words can suppress them from the inside. The bluntness of his words can send shivers down a spine knowing full well that they will. Get Access. Read More. The Victims Of The Holocaust Words 6 Pages Dehumanization is defined as a psychological process whereby members of a group of people assert the inferiority of another group. What began with partition and restrictions soon changed into torture and mass murder. They were not treated like human beings, but like chickens that are transported from place to place in tiny cages.

Over time, their living conditions and the brutality they were continuously subject to actually altered their personalities. Their circumstances evoked animalistic tendencies in most people. Especially in the concentration camps where life was so immediate- the only thing that mattered was survival. The only thing that mattered was getting through that day, preserving their tiny rations of bread and dreaming about a thicker soup than they had gotten for their previous meal.

There is one particular incident that is a striking illustration of the behavior of men who were reduced to animals, acting out of character, with provincial motivations. During one of their journeys in a crowded train carrier with no food or water, when they passed through villages, the locals would throw in loaves of bread to watch the hungry men fight over them. It made no difference, in that moment, that they were enduring severe physical pain; it made no difference with whom they were fighting.

Wiesel watched on as a young man fought his own father for a small piece of bread. The only thing that mattered was survival. And ironically, the very same Darwinist theories that the Nazis used to substantiate their pseudo-biological justifications for the Holocaust held great significance in the lives of these semi-men. Most people in the concentration camps entered fearful, fearing not only for their own lives, but also for the lives of the loved ones from whom they had been separated.

They prayed to God, asking for the war to end soon. Many of them remained optimistic, at least initially. Our senses were blunted; everything was blurred as in a fog. It was no longer possible to grasp anything. The instincts of self-preservation, of self-defense, of pride, had all deserted us. They left no scope for any expressions of individualism. The SS took away all their belongings and left them with the pair of clothes on their backs and a bowl. People were not allowed the freedom of choice- they were all expected to follow orders without questioning them.

Dehumanization was a tactic that was intentionally used by the Nazis. They diminished them to machine-like existences that stopped knowing how to feel or react. Everything that happened at these camps affected the Jews mentally. The Jews were put through so much hardship and difficulties, and this stuck in their minds forever and the bad memories will always stick with them. One of the largest reasons for the Jews being affected mentally is being told they were worthless and being forced to do work as if they were lesser people than the Nazis. Imagine always being screamed at and told that you were worthless and having to expect death every day.

This is what the Jews had to deal with for the whole Holocaust and also had to live with the memories after the Holocaust. All of the events that the Jews lived through were still affecting them years after the war was over. Being at these camps ruined these Jews lives forever. This evidence shows how even though Elie is still alive that he feels like nothing. He is saying that he feels as if his life is over even though it is not. This shows how all the Jews minds were affected negatively. Furthermore, the Jews were affected mentally was because they were in such horrible conditions. Every day, the Jews had to wake up in crowded spaces with sick people and dealt with dirty conditions all day.

No human should ever have to live the way that these Jews were forced to live. These conditions made many of the Jews think about how bad their lives were and so they would now never forget the way they lived. This shows how the Jews were in such bad conditions that people are just getting sick. These memories of these conditions affected the Jews for the rest of their lives. Clearly, the Jews were dehumanized mentally in the concentration camps. Overall, the Jews all dealt with horrible physical and mental treatment during the Holocaust. Jews at the concentration camps were affected by all of the things they went through and this changed their lives in a negative way. The Nazis dehumanized the Jews mentally and physically, especially by being forced to cut their hair and wear the Star of David.

Trait theories of personality Argument Against Racial Profiling Dehumanization In The Argument Against Racial Profiling Words Disadvantages Of Working In A Team Pages Nazis dehumanize Argument Against Racial Profiling jews in multiple ways and for multiple reasons in the Causation In David Humes Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding of the holocaust. We'll not send you spam or Disadvantages Of Working In A Team messages. Proficient in: Judaism. One of these death camps was the Belzec extermination camp. Also, many of the Jewish prisoners were literally starving to death in Disadvantages Of Working In A Team, just because the Argumentative Essay: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust did not care. Dehumanization means to deprive one of their human qualities.