Andy Dufresne Real

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Andy Dufresne Real

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An Inside Look at Historic Prison Where 'Shawshank' Was Filmed

When taking the order, Red reflects that Andy is, quite uncharacteristically, excited like a teenager about the poster, but does not think more of it at the time. One spring day, Andy and Red and some other prisoners are tarring the roof of the prison license plate factory when Andy overhears a particularly nasty and sadistic guard named Byron Hadley griping over the amount of tax he will have to pay inheritance from his estranged brother. Andy approaches Byron, almost getting thrown off the roof in the process, and tells him that he can legally shelter the money from taxation by giving it to his wife.

Andy offers to help the guard to prepare the necessary paperwork for the transaction, in exchange for some beer for the other prisoners on the roof. Hadley agrees and Andy later begins doing taxes at no charge for the entire prison staff, later being moved out of the laundry by the warden himself. Andy would later be forced by the warden to handle his money laundering from cash illegally skimmed off the top of community service projects. Andy created a false identity for the money to be traced back to and was involved in a number of projects at the prison, including making the Brooks Hatlen Memorial Library.

Andy became friends with most of the inmates, although Red always remained his closest friend. When Brooks is paroled, Andy takes charge of the library and starts to send applications to the Maine state Senate for money for books. For a long time he gets no response to his weekly letters until the Senate finally relents, thinking Andy will stop requesting funds. Instead of ceasing his letter writing, he starts writing twice as often.

His diligent work results in a major expansion of the library's collection, and he also helps a number of prisoners earn equivalence diplomas, preparing them for life after parole. Before being sentenced to life Andy managed, with the help of his closest friend, to sell off his assets and invest them under a pseudonym. This made-up person, Peter Stevens, has a driver's license, social security card, and other credentials.

The documents required to claim Peter Stevens's assets and assume his identity are in a safe deposit box in a Portland bank; the key to the box is hidden under a black rock in a rock wall lining a hay field in the small town of Buxton, not too far from Shawshank. Tommy wanted to try for his GED so Andy helped him. Yet when he took his test he thought he had failed and had a breakdown.

Following a conversation with Red about Andy, Tommy came to a horrible revelation. He told Red and Andy he knew who really killed Andy's wife and her lover. It was his former cellmate at another prison, Elwood Blatch. Andy went to the warden and told him about the new evidence. The Warden didn't want to let Andy get a new trial and leave Shawshank, because Andy was laundering money. After Andy called him obtuse, he sent Andy to the hole. Once his original stint in the hole was done, Andy was blackmailed by the Warden and given another month to think about his options. It was at this moment that Andy realized that the Warden was never going to let him leave Shawshank State Penitentiary.

In , Andy escaped from Shawshank Prison. He had spent 18 years tunneling through the wall of his cell with his Rock Hammer , his hole covered by his posters of Rita Hayworth, later Marilyn Monroe, and a final poster of Raquel Welch. After Tommy was shot by Hadley under the command of Norton because he knew information that could support Andy's innocence, Andy decided he had been there long enough. He waited for a stormy night, whereupon he took the warden's shoes, and one of his suits, whilst hiding his rock hammer in the bible he had been issued upon his arrival, which he swapped for the Warden's ledger.

He procured a 6-foot length rope from Heywood and tied a plastic bag filled with the records and books as well as a bar of soap and the stolen suit with his chess pieces made from carved rocks. He crawled through his makeshift cell tunnel. After that he managed to bust a pipe open in unison with the thunder, to mask the sound of his blows to the pipe. After three attempts, the pipe burst and opened. Andy crawled through yards of sewage, coming out into a river.

After a meal of cold corn and refuse from his hair, he ripped off his inmate clothing, basking in his freedom, Andy then used the bar of soap to clean himself in the river before changing into his stolen suit. The next day, Andy walked into the Bank of Portland and nearly a dozen other banks. But that was only the beginning for Freshwaters, who, like Andy Dufresne from the movie The Shawshank Redemption , used his pull inside the prison to escape after only seven months. For the next 56 years, Freshwaters worked mostly as a truck driver and hopped from state to state and town to town. He even collected social security, presumably under an alias.

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