The First Part Last Robby Analysis

Sunday, December 5, 2021 3:56:03 PM

The First Part Last Robby Analysis

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The skinny: The Raiders have the scheduling injustice of the week when they head to the East Coast on short rest to face a Steelers team that stifled the Bills last week. Facts: Both teams rallied from double-digit deficits to triumph in Week 1 as underdogs, the Steelers from down in Buffalo to win ; the Raiders from a hole at home to beat Baltimore in OT. He had a 74 percent success rate on targets last year.

Over the past four seasons, only two times did a West Coast team have to play back East on short rest, including the Raiders last year when, after a stirring MNF upset up the Saints in their Vegas debut but with no fans , they lost at NE as a 6. Last week, rookie Najee Harris, the only RB to get a carry, averaged 2. Analysis: The Steelers, who had only 16 points on offense last week, have a rebuilt offensive line that will limit their ability to throw deep, but vet QB Ben Roethlisberger should have success with the short game — at least in this game. On the other side, Vegas will face a far more aggressive defense than what it saw last week, led by suddenly mega rich OLB T. Watt, who should find paths to the pocket throughout on Sunday.

The skinny: The Saints, off the most lopsided victory by any team in Week 1, are down six offensive coaching assistants, and not to be overlooked their nutritionist, because a COVID outbreak after beating Green Bay. Facts: The Saints have won four in a row in the series, including and triumphs in Carolina the past two regular-season finales. Last season, teams off wins of plus points went the next week ATS. Carolina had six sacks last week in its win over the Jets, more than it had in any game last year.

Analysis: Besides the virus situation, the Saints will be without two key defenders, with top corner Marshon Lattimore hand and DE Marcus Davenport pec strain out. Moore should find room to roam. Facts: So what else is new? Jacksonville was one of five teams with double-digit penalties last week 10 for 82 yards. Over the previous five years, the Jaguars were in the top five in infractions and yards each season.

Plus, will pass-rush specialist Bradley Chubb play this week ankle after sitting out last week? The image that accompanied the article on Twitter featured people waiting in long lines while wearing winter coats—which does not inspire great confidence that Rolling Stone knows what season it is in Oklahoma at present—and was summarized thusly : "Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals, doctor says.

Rolling Stone has now appended an update at the top of the story, clarifying that there were cases of ivermectin overdoses in the U. That's because the state is currently experiencing a seven-day average of 1, hospitalizations due to COVID If they're running out of beds and ambulances, it's because of the virus, not ivermectin. This was something Rolling Stone could have figured out on its own had the magazine bothered to contact any hospitals in Oklahoma, but alas. What about the specific claim that the need to treat ivermectin overdoses had created a dearth of space for gunshot victims? In a recent article for Tulsa World , the same doctor—McElyea—was quoted as saying that he had to wait three hours to transfer a recent gunshot victim because the hospital ran out of room.

But note that McElyea does not attribute the overcrowding to ivermectin overdoses—the article doesn't mention ivermectin at all. One might be tempted to blame McElyea for embellishing his story—for attributing hospital overcrowding to COVID in one story and then blaming ivermectin overdoses in another. But a closer look at the KFOR story reveals something quite startling: At no point did McElyea actually come out and say that ivermectin overdoses were straining hospitals. If there's no ambulance to take the call, there's no ambulance to come to the call.

So, it's something people are familiar with. Because of those accidental sticks, when trying to inoculate cattle, they're less afraid of it. If you're going to take a medicine that could affect your health, do it with a doctor on board. Make those decisions with a thoroughly vetted opinion. There's a lot of schooling that goes into that. It's not just something you look on the internet for and decide if it's the right dose.

McElyea clearly states that ivermectin overdoses have been a problem, and he claims that some hospitals are dealing with strain. But he never actually connects these two issues. It was the journalist, Ogle, who added that framing. She did not respond to a request for comment. If McElyea has been claiming that ivermectin overdoses are overwhelming Oklahoma hospitals, it's not actually evident from the quotes he provided. KFOR appears to be responsible for this spin. This means, of course, that if the national media outlets had called the doctor or the hospitals, they would have easily uncovered the error. Instead, they unthinkingly spread it.

It is vital for the media to communicate correct information to the public about ivermectin. While the drug is not only used for deworming horses and is in fact prescribed to humans, overdoses can cause nasty side effects. As Reason 's Ronald Bailey noted in a recent article, there's little evidence that ivermectin is an effective treatment for the virus.

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