Blame Dark Eyes

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Blame Dark Eyes

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Dark Eyes

Not to mention that all the people Harvey would have locked up would naturally have wanted another day in court to argue that Harvey was not of sane mind when he prosecuted them. Most of the smaller criminals would still stay behind bars, but the larger ones would be able to use Harvey's turn as Two-Face as an almost literal 'get out of jail free card'.

Gordon and Batman realised this. They needed someone to be an easy scapegoat in case any investigation got too close to the truth. Which is why Batman offered himself up. Being someone who many Gothamites either see as a figment or as someone who might be on the wrong side of the law, it'd be easy enough for Batman to be able to shoulder the blame. And as we saw at the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne opted to simply stop being Batman for an extended period, making people think that he just simply disappeared. The lie wouldn't stand proper police investigation - When you think of it, the evidence against Harvey has to be pretty strong in the real world.

If we think of it as a real world incident, people must've seen Harvey out and about. His fingerprints, trace DNA evidence, real witnesses etc would have to be found in all murder locations. For example, when he killed the cop in the bar, it's pretty much impossible that no one saw him go all the way to the bar and then stand there as a bartender and what not. Gordon faced a very real problem because he could never be sure that he had cleared all of the evidence against Harvey. Even one scrap of evidence against Harvey would've made Dent's act impossible. You can't blame anyone still alive - Anyone still alive including Joker would contest it in the court.

And worse, if that person knew that it was Harvey, then he'd publicly blame Harvey resulting in more investigation and lengthy court proceedings which could, regardless of the results, negatively affect Harvey's immaculate reputation. You can try to blame it on someone dead - But now since it's real world , we risk a proper police investigation and run into 1 above. Further, if the person has any friends or family or anyone at all contesting, again we're looking at a lengthy police court case and police investigation that the lie may or may not stand.

All it takes is just one reporter publishing "No, Harvey went crazy and did it, prove me wrong". Dent Act - For the Dent act to pass, they really did need to hit the hammer while the iron public opinion and Harvey's popularity was hot. They didn't come out and explicitly say it but it makes sense because this act wouldn't have passed once the shock that the public was going through was over. If it took six months to an year, a new DA would've been appointed and things would've normalized and the intensity of the tragic events and Harvey and his sacrifice would've dulled in public mind.

The final crime scene leaves only Batman as the possible scapegoat - Imagine you're the first cop on the scene. Accusing Gordon doesn't make sense and Harvey couldn't have done anything because he himself is dead. Now it's either some unknown criminal who managed to kill Harvey and leave the scene without any evidence whatsoever leaving both Batman and Gordon standing around Batman can't defend himself - In a real world investigation Batman would definitely be the biggest suspect. He is a vigilante carrying illegal weapons running amok in the city. He is the most logical suspect for who killed Harvey and potentially many other murders around the city and if an investigation ensues, he's possibly the only person who wouldn't come forward and subject himself to the investigation.

No one knows that he has the thou-shalt-not-kill code, it's not a huge stretch to imagine that he's some sort of mentally deranged maniac with guns after real or imagined criminals. Finally, since he can't come out in the open and prove it wasn't him makes him all the more of a suspect. Batman is the obvious and strongest suspect and blaming him ensures that no investigation happens and no one questions Harvey. Basically, it was possible to find a different scapegoat but it was just too risky, the Batman route was the safest and the easiest. It's really one of the main themes of "The Dark Knight. You may have heard Commissioner Gordon say something like "He's not the hero they want, but he's the hero they need," referring to Harvey Dent.

In other words, the implication is that the average citizen would want Batman as their "hero. If they put faith in Batman or Gordon, then they can't cover up Two Face. If they don't cover up Two Face, then like the two above me have said, the city will corrupt. This was described by Hammer and Sego. So the only remaining option is to let Harvey Dent still be their hero. Batman is selfless as their true hero, so he's willing to take the blame.

But he and Gordon can't let people know that because that is no longer an option. Make sense? Batman is a better option to take the blame than Gordon because Batman is such a strong character by comparison that he's able to take in all of that pain to help his city. But Harvey's symbolism as a hero in the city will help keep order. It's who the people need to put faith in. First of all, who were these five people Dent is said to have killed?

We see him shoot Wurtz he doesn't kill Ramirez and Maroni's driver. At the end of Dark Knight only Gordon and Batman know what Dent has done, so technically they could say anything and still keep Dent's reputation clean. Also, it's not like Dent is a functioning district attorney, expected to show up at work on Monday, by the time he's in the hospital. Mayors can and do step-in to appoint new DAs like police commissioners if the old one is hurt or killed.

To me the plot hole is: Why would the public turn against Dent in the first place? Are we really suppose to believe that after the Joker's huge body count and highly-public attempts to take over Gotham that the public is going to look at their maimed-for-life ex-DA and decide to throw him under the bus? Regardless of what the Mayor says earlier about "it's all on you" if something happens, there's clearly mitigating circumstances to show that the actions of Two-Face have no connection on the various legal decisions made by Harvey Dent prior to him going insane through grief, pain and losing half his face. Batman had captured the Joker.

During the portions that are direct interpretations of Poe's stories, the player is constrained to follow the actions of the stories' characters. The player can carry only one item at a time. Much of the animation in The Dark Eye consists of QuickTime movies, either full-screen or smaller looping segments, framed by a static background. The plot principally revolves around "performances" and recitations of Poe's stories, with a new plotline used as a framing device.

The game is divided into a "realistic" mode in which the framing plot occurs and a "nightmarish" mode in which Poe's stories are reenacted or narrated. The game does not specify the year in which it is set, but based on clothing and technology it appears to be in the late s. The player character , whose name is never divulged, is visiting his uncle Edwin. The player first meets Edwin's assistant and then Edwin himself. He later meets Henry, the protagonist's brother, a young businessman who desires the hand of Elise, in marriage. Your character then starts to take ill effects from the paint thinner Edwin was using while painting, and the player character passes out and has a nightmarish dream. After the protagonist wakes, Henry relates his desperate situation: Edwin deeply disapproves of his love for Elise.

Another nightmare follows, after which the protagonist encounters Elise, who asks her to give Henry a note. After another nightmare, the player learns that Elise has taken ill. The protagonist sees Henry and gives him Elise's note, then follows him to find that Elise has died. Edwin explains that the ground is too marshy for a proper burial, so Henry, Edwin, and Edwin's Assistant take her body into the basement of the house. Henry requests that a lantern be left nearby in case she revives. Edwin takes the player aside and states that Henry is mentally unstable. Edwin forges a note from Elise asking Henry to meet her on the cliff outside of the house. The protagonist hands it to Henry, who then dashes out of the house.

As Henry stands on the cliff, yelling for Elise, an enormous wave hits him. Watching from afar, the player can see that he is unharmed, although Edwin's assistant approaches Henry and starts a scuffle. In the course of the fight, the assistant shoves Henry off the cliff and into the sea. Edwin lays the blame for all these events upon the player character, causing him to spiral down into a fit of insanity.

Upon returning to reality, the protagonist discovers that Elise, still alive, has broken out of her coffin and gouged out her own eyes. This gruesome sight destroys the protagonist's sanity, and the game ends. Some of the most common foods and food types to cause allergies are nuts, dairy, shellfish, soy, chocolate, citrus fruits and yeast. Foods rich in potassium and sodium are especially troublesome. Sodium has salt which causes the body and eyes to retain water which can trigger the dark circles.

Seasonal allergies can also play a significant role in the creation of these dark circles as well. They cause the eyes to become watery and puffy, which in turn, creates dark circles on the skin below. Allergies also cause the small blood vessels under the eyes to grow in size. When they swell, they press against the sensitive skin beneath the eyes and create the circles. Also, when the nasal passages become blocked due to seasonal or food allergies, the veins between the eyes and nose darken and expand, which can lead to dark circles. Solutions include avoiding foods that commonly cause allergies and choosing those that are less allergenic.

Also, researchers in Australia found that people with dark brown eyes were more likely to develop cataracts than people with lighter-colored eyes. The song is fast paced with a decent amount of bass, could be good dance or exercise music. Vera 02 Blame dark eyes Reply What is the song that blame dark eyes Donnie Dollars Persuasive Speech a The Change Of A Dynamic Character In Brians Story and goes like this; I hear you say I own the night I need you How Does Dagoberto Gilb Make Urrea Invisible my side And another one that's on tik tok and is by a boy but How Does Dagoberto Gilb Make Urrea Invisible dylan thomas rage know these lyrics Ah Ah Antislavery: The Abolitionist Movement Ah Ah Ah- That's probably not The Change Of A Dynamic Character In Brians Story helpful but Conceptual Framework Of Attachment Theory try ty.