Bartolomeu Dias Facts

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Bartolomeu Dias Facts

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Vasco da Gama: Portuguese Explorer - Fast Facts - History

The Portuguese also extracted brazilwood from the rainforest, which was used to dye European textiles. They also helped to explore and settle the vast interior of Brazil. In the 19th century, the royal court of Portugal lived in and governed both Portugal and Brazil from Rio de Janeiro. Brazil gained independence from Portugal in In the s, Portugal colonized the present-day west African country of Guinea-Bissau and the two southern African countries of Angola and Mozambique. The Portuguese captured and enslaved many people from these countries and sent them to the New World. Gold and diamonds were also extracted from these colonies.

In the 20th century, Portugal was under international pressure to release its colonies, but Portugal's dictator, Antonio Salazar, refused to decolonize. Several independence movements in these three African countries erupted into the Portuguese Colonial War of the s and s, which killed tens of thousands and was associated with communism and the Cold War. In , a military coup in Portugal forced Salazar out of power, and the new government of Portugal ended the unpopular and expensive war. Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea-Bissau gained independence in All three countries were underdeveloped, and civil wars in the decades after independence took millions of lives.

More than a million refugees from these three countries emigrated to Portugal after independence and strained the Portuguese economy. Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe, two small archipelagos located off the western coast of Africa, were also colonized by the Portuguese. Sao Tome and Principe are two small islands making up a single country. They were uninhabited before the Portuguese arrived and were used in the slave trade. They both achieved independence from Portugal in In the s, the Portuguese colonized the western Indian region of Goa. Goa, located on the Arabian Sea, was an important port in spice-rich India. In , India annexed Goa from the Portuguese and it became an Indian state. Goa has many Catholic adherents in primarily Hindu India. Da Gama's timing could not have been worse; his departure coincided with the start of a monsoon.

By early , several crew members had died of scurvy and in an effort to economize his fleet, da Gama ordered one of his ships to be burned. The first ship in the fleet didn't reach Portugal until July 10, nearly a full year after they'd left India. In all, da Gama's first journey covered nearly 24, miles in close to two years, and only 54 of the crew's original members survived. When da Gama returned to Lisbon, he was greeted as a hero. The crew reached India in just six months, and the voyage included a firefight with Muslim merchants, where Cabral's crew killed men on Muslim cargo vessels.

More important for his home country, Cabral established the first Portuguese trading post in India. In , da Gama helmed another journey to India that included 20 ships. Ten of the ships were directly under his command, with his uncle and nephew helming the others. In the wake of Cabral's success and battles, the king charged da Gama to further secure Portugal's dominance in the region. To do so, da Gama embarked on one of the most gruesome massacres of the exploration age. He and his crew terrorized Muslim ports up and down the African east coast, and at one point, set ablaze a Muslim ship returning from Mecca, killing the several hundreds of people including women and children who were on board.

Next, the crew moved to Calicut, where they wrecked the city's trade port and killed 38 hostages. From there, they moved to the city of Cochin, a city south of Calicut, where da Gama formed an alliance with the local ruler. Finally, on February 20, , da Gama and his crew began to make their way home. They reached Portugal on October 11 of that year. Little was recorded about da Gama's return home and the reception that followed, though it has been speculated that the explorer felt miffed at the recognition and compensation for his exploits.

Married at this time, and the father of six sons, da Gama settled into retirement and family life. He maintained contact with King Manuel, advising him on Indian matters, and was named count of Vidigueira in Late in life, after the death of King Manuel, da Gama was asked to return to India, in an effort to contend with the growing corruption from Portuguese officials in the country. That same year, da Gama died in Cochin — the result, it has been speculated, from possibly overworking himself. His body was sailed back to Portugal, and buried there, in We strive for accuracy and fairness.

Despite these successes, Dias' reception at court was muted. There were no official proclamations and Dias received little in recognition of his accomplishments. Dias was later ennobled for his accomplishments and by he was serving as a squire in the court of King John II. He also served as superintendent of the royal warehouses from to Following the return of Dias, the Portuguese took a decade-long break from Indian Ocean exploration. King John was beset by numerous problems including the death of his only son, war in Morocco, and failing health.

It was not until that another voyage was commissioned and Dias was asked provide assistance. Dias participated in the first leg of da Gama's voyage but stayed behind after reaching the Cape Verde Islands. This flotilla was the first to reach Brazil , landing there on 22 April , and then continuing east to India. Four ships, including Dias's, encountered a huge storm off the cape and were lost on 29 May When lined up, these crosses point to Whittle Rock, a large, permanently submerged shipping hazard in False Bay. Media related to Bartolomeu Dias at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Late 15th-century Portuguese maritime explorer.

Kingdom of Portugal. Authority control.

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