Similarities Between Thomas Paine And Patrick Henry

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Similarities Between Thomas Paine And Patrick Henry

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My Life: Thomas Paine

John Hancock Massachusetts. Stephen Hopkins William Ellery. Francis Lightfoot Lee Carter Braxton. Edward Rutledge Thomas Heyward Jr. Thomas Lynch Jr. Arthur Middleton. Continental Association. Peyton Randolph. John Sullivan Nathaniel Folsom. Stephen Hopkins Samuel Ward. Signers of the United States Declaration of Independence. Secretary of State — U. Co-author, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen Presidential elections Randolph grandson Francis Eppes grandson George W. John Hancock. American Revolution patriots Founding Father Syng inkstand.

Dorothy Quincy wife John Hancock Jr. Charles Thomson. Secretary, Treaty of Easton, Thomson's Bible translation. Harriton House. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. New Haven, Connecticut. Beinecke Library , Yale University. Lilly Library , Indiana University. Previous owner was Henry N. Flynt of Greenwich, Connecticut. Maine Historical Society. Chicago Historical Society. Baltimore, Maryland.

Maryland Historical Society. Boston, Massachusetts. Massachusetts Historical Society. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Houghton Library , Harvard University. Williamstown, Massachusetts. New York , New York last known location. New York , New York. New York Public Library. American Independence Museum. Copy discovered in in the Ladd-Gilman House in Exeter. Philadelphia , Pennsylvania.

American Philosophical Society. Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Fragment including the first 32 lines, thought to be likely an uncorrected proof, from the Frank M. Etting collection; Etting asserted it was this document that had been read in public. Etting, who died insane, one of the most inexact and inaccurate of collectors. Independence National Historical Park. Previously owned by Col. John Nixon, appointed by the sheriff of Philadelphia to read the Declaration of Independence to the public on July 8, , in the State House yard; presented to the park by his heirs in Ira G. Corn Jr. Driscoll of Dallas bought the manuscript on May 7, A group of 17 people later sold it to the Dallas city government.

Charlottesville, Virginia. University of Virginia. Found in in an attic in Albany, New York , where it had been used to wrap other papers. Bought by Charles E. Tuttle Company of Rutland, Vermont ; later sold to David Randall, who sold it in to the university. Small, who gave it to the university. Fragment copy with 54 lines; thought to be the copy George Washington read to the troops on July 9, , in New York. National Archives. London , United Kingdom. Leadership is often thought to be something we acquire with a title, but we really can lead from wherever we are.

When momentum is on our side, things just seem easier. When we have no momentum on our side, even something small can throw us off track. Like a freight train [ Our organizations need great leaders for so many reasons. We all understand the concept of formal leaders, those who have titles and who supervise others. But we also need leaders [ Being a leader is rewarding. It comes with a lot of responsibilities, struggles and work, But, if done well, it can lead to a purposeful career and life.

Women often [ Hear from a panel of public information officers talk about their experiences, tips and tricks, and how they keep themselves sane when everything seems to be going sideways. Autonomous vehicles AVs promise many benefits, but questions remain about how law enforcement officers will interact with them. Officers likely will encounter new challenges related to technology, procedures, and constitutional [ Did you know?

The prevalence of gun violence brings harm to our communities. Law Enforcement agencies are tasked with confronting a variety of serious incidents to provide public safety, as well as addressing [ Different approaches to policing are being introduced and implemented — some require complicated models, technical skills, and some of the most cutting-edge technology. However, it is typically the foundational concepts that [ In the professional setting, familiarity with the MBTI can help boost individual and team [ The rural community setting — isolated homes, lack of or hard-to-reach community resources, and community members knowing each other — may create a greater risk of family violence. Given these characteristics, a [ The Police Executive Research Forum [ Our every move now has some form of digital footprint — be it an image, video, or geolocation.

The existence of digital evidence can make law enforcement work easier. With this in mind, it is more likely that our community members [ The need for body cameras continues to grow all across the country, but some traditional systems are prohibitively expensive. Visual Labs will show how an Android smartphone can be deployed [ A lot has changed in terms of how people consume information and remain up to date with current events.

From waiting to watch the news at a fixed time of [ It entails a high level of resilience to work in helping professions. This is especially true for women who must constantly be present for the people they serve at work [ Violence in schools, workplaces, and other integral organizations costs a lot. From the equipment and infrastructure that is damaged, the business operations that must stop to give way to investigations, [ Helping professions like law enforcement, dispatchers, EMTs, and firefighters are subjected to some of the most dreadful aspects of a community. More and more public sector entities are leveraging technology and innovations especially after the pandemic posed limitations on how we interact. Auctioning foreclosed property used to be done in the [ With the public scrutiny that the law enforcement profession has been subjected to, agencies have been working hard to demonstrate their effectiveness in addressing the challenges that they face daily.

Mental illness issues are much higher in first responders than in civilians. Deterioration of mental health is observed in criminal justice and public safety professionals during their time of service [ This new rulemaking brings several important changes in how Inmate Telephone Providers can [ When the pandemic first struck, everyone was [ Have you ever found yourself dealing with a situation that was emotionally charged and where everyone there viewed you with mistrust and sometimes even hatred? What about when someone you [ Animal cruelty cases are complex. Mainly because not everyone in the criminal justice system is as versed with animal law, and handling animals poses real physical dangers to anyone responding [ The law enforcement profession is demanding to say the least.

In a career where one is deployed to some of the most dangerous and daunting situations, it requires those who [ The justice [ Are you using software services? Are they helping reduce response times and increase efficiencies for calls? We live in a technology-driven world which can be daunting to implement. But, if [ Transformational leadership is an approach that aims to increase engagement, enhance the motivation, and improve morale of the workforce.

It is also a valuable tool for justice professionals to have [ The best people to provide clarity in any case are the ones who actually experienced or witnessed it. But when your top witness is a child, it may not be [ The Suicide Prevention Resource Guide was conceived with a goal to find solutions for suicidal individuals and suicide risks in correctional facilities. It provides insights, promising practices, and guidelines for [ The law enforcement profession is facing so many obstacles — civil unrest and political tension, pandemic restrictions, budget allocation, mass attrition — which makes one somewhat doubt if there really is some [ To get people to do things and follow specific rules, you tell them what to do.

But for some, getting things etched in their memory requires a more creative approach. One in ten people over the age of 60 are abused or neglected each year, taking into account that elder abuse remains vastly under-detected and underreported. The largest minority group in [ How do you stop gun violence when it reaches a point that an innocent year-old is gunned down while taking the trash out on Christmas Day? You do everything in [ Charlie Manson is notorious for bringing together a group that is responsible for a series of murders in the Los Angeles area. Experience is indeed a great teacher. When people think of farmed animals, what comes to mind are chickens, cows, and pigs.

Its legal definition however provides specific conditions for an animal to be part of this [ Is it hemp or is it marijuana? That is the question. It can actually be pretty confusing but law enforcement officers ought to be able to discern the similarities and [ The concept of resilience may seem abstract and at times romanticized to a fault. But at its core and in the practical side of looking at things, resilience is a [ With the inherent nature of the law enforcement profession where officers are exposed to challenging conditions, traumatic circumstances, plus add the shift work into the equation, fatigue becomes inevitable.

Numerous [ Typically, the interests of the employees and the employers are viewed to be at odds with each other, and leaders also usually find themselves in a dilemma and balancing on [ Unfortunately, some of these are actually inaccurate or just deliberate misinformation. Public safety agencies [ The same goes for getting the community members into building relationships with law enforcement that [ We all have some vague idea about how the justice system works, be it with how it is portrayed in the media, with how public trials are covered in the [ Police cannot arrest their way out of criminal activities in communities, that is for sure.

Arresting all the bad actors law enforcement can get their hands on places a huge [ This is the final installment of the six-part Emotional Intelligence EI webinar series. Past sessions introduced the Dr. Reuven Bar-on EI Model, unpacked self-awareness, discussed the importance of stress management, [ According to the FBI Internet Crime Report, internet crime complaints and monetary loss due to cybercrimes were at a record high in The caveat is, of course, these are just [ Native and Black women and girls are often the targets of sexual exploitation, forcing a narrative that their bodies are for the sexual gratification of men.

Cherice Hopkins and Rebecca [ The first step is always the hardest. For law enforcement officers recently promoted to a front-line supervisor, this is [ We all experience conflicts, and conflict resolution is a skill that is very valuable and can be applied to all the facets of our lives. For those working in law [ The law enforcement field is facing systemic challenges brought about by a mass exodus of law enforcement officers hired in the 90s that are retiring simultaneously and the difficulty of [ The justice system is under heavy scrutiny. Trust-building is paramount, but the question being [ The idea of drones being used in law enforcement can raise privacy concerns from the citizens.

However, there are lots of benefits to be gained from employing this emerging technology [ Animal crimes can be tedious to investigate and prosecute but for small and rural law enforcement agencies, there are unique circumstances that make these even more challenging. Michelle Welch is [ We all want to be the best version of ourselves. Unfortunately, as we juggle so many things in our lives, we sometimes find ourselves dropping some of these, with one [ This is the fifth of the Emotional Intelligence EI webinar series. Reuven Bar-on EI Model, unpacked self-awareness, discussed the [ Law enforcement is inundated with shortages of resources and an overwhelmed workforce.

Couple that with talks of reform and defunding, the profession is bending over backward to meet the demands [ Dealing with critical incidents, people that could potentially endanger public safety, generally righting what is wrong with the community is no easy feat — this is what the criminal justice profession [ People love animals. Sometimes the role of animals for their humans are so valuable that humans depend on them for daily activities as in the case of service animals and [ With this in mind, it [ As we all move towards an online life, so are the bad guys and the crimes.

From cybercrimes that put our online security and identities in danger like malwares, phishing, [ One in every ten violent crimes committed in the US is perpetrated by a person younger than 18 years old. Violence perpetrated by youth is truly unsettling. It also makes us, [ The law enforcement field is pushed into the spotlight due to controversial and complicated interactions between the officers and the community. Not one to take things sitting down, law enforcement [ In the current political climate where law enforcement is under scrutiny, efforts [ The first day on the job can be anxiety-inducing.

When someone decides to be in the law enforcement profession, they might not necessarily be thinking of having to deal with animals and it is assumed that animals remain within [ When it comes to making the call in terms of charging for animal law crimes, what the statute prescribes is essential, but context also plays a huge part in determining [ Transparency is a success indicator in the public service space.

How do organizations effectively achieve this in their efforts in an arena that deals with sensitive if not classified information? For law enforcement and the courts, ensuring that justice is served, the community is kept safe, and the bad guys are made accountable are the primary goals. The pandemic affected people all over the world. Physically — with their mobility reduced due to health protocols; socially — with lessened interactions with loved ones; professionally — with productivity impacted by remote [ This session is dedicated to better understand depression — see its prevalence, debunk myths about [ What happens when you merge factors of evidence-based and community policing together? Well, you get a super-informed strategy to mitigating and managing crime and other issues that a community might [ This session is the fourth of the Dr.

Reuven Bar-on Emotional Intelligence Model webinar series. The first session provided an overview of the Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2. The second webinar [ With more and more products being sold in the market that features hemp or CBD as an ingredient, distinguishing between hemp and illicit marijuana, CBD and THC, is causing some [ Safety and security are essential — heads of states, organizational leaders, and celebrities face threats and risks and employ protective details to provide this. Ordinary people, however, can likewise encounter such [ There are risk factors for family violence.

This includes financial conditions, level of unemployment, and educational background — things that we can control or manage in one way or another. Natural [ Willingness to learn is a critical skill in any individual. Learning, however, can be a time-consuming process, and in the public safety and helping profession, the gift of time is [ Work for those in the helping professions — law enforcement, medical, EMT, animal control, fire, dispatch — seeing people suffering, [ Animals have overlapping statuses in law.

They are property, evidence, and victims of crime. Like any property, they cannot just be unlawfully seized or assigned to a different owner. And [ With the realization that [ Expectations are high when it comes to what must be done to be seen as effective or successful in this world of technology and information. The same expectations are demanded [ Taking a trauma-informed approach has been central when it comes to handling the victims and survivors of violence. To do this successfully may entail the expertise of people who actually [ The last 12 months have been intense.

Bad guys know no jurisdictional boundaries. While the value of collaboration and information-sharing [ We may not see it outright, but once [ It means being always ready in [ Human trafficking is a global problem that generates billions of dollars in profit. Commonly misconstrued to be a criminal activity involving undocumented immigrants, human trafficking is on the rise in [ Checking how [ This session is the third of the Emotional Intelligence webinar series. There are performance indicators that can easily be measured for success — things like numbers of arrests, recidivism rate, or completed probation.

But there are also more subjective metrics, like fairness. Register to attend this special webinar presentation with Dr. When it comes to the identities, credentials, and transactions of employees and citizens, securing a foundation of trust is more important now than ever. This webinar will explore the trends, [ There are stereotypes and stigma associated with elders that create barriers preventing older adults from reporting incidents of elder abuse. In a world inundated with information, there are critical things [ The turn of events over the last few years highlighted the adverse consequences of lack of cultural intelligence and beliefs fueled by hate. It is useful more than ever to [ The pandemic has created different challenges for everyone. The kids and youths are forced to stay at home without their peers and school support system.

In the critical adolescent development [ When it comes to combatting crime and cruelty, would want to ensure that offenders are made accountable for the violence or negligence committed. When the victims are helpless and do [ Girls and adult women are being arrested by law enforcement for prostitution when they are actually victims of sex trafficking. Meanwhile, [ Technology changes the course of our lives. On one end, it improves how we do things, on the other, it presents new challenges trying to acclimate to it and integrate [ Data-driven and evidence-based approach is the buzzword in almost any industry lately. Collaboration and information-sharing are key to any effective law enforcement effort.

EPIC is one of, [ We all probably started out in our careers with some goal. But somewhere along the journey, the goal may start to blur, we might get sidetracked, finding ourselves meandering or [ Not just to merely protect the community by keeping the bad guys out of the streets, but also through the [ This webinar is the second of a three-part series on emotional intelligence. We witnessed massive changes around us. Dealing with critical incidents is a default setting for those working in the law enforcement arena. Those in the front lines are putting themselves at risk handling some of the [ Emergencies are typically grouped based on who can resolve them: fire, medic, or police.

For all the gray [ Dispatch serves as the intermediary between members of the community and the first responders who can help them. But merely being the messenger is not sufficient when it comes to [ The COVID pandemic truly reshaped how we live and the criminal justice field is just one of the sectors affected by it. The new normal found its way to the [ A progressive sheriff decided [ Fentanyl and drugs containing fentanyl are the leading cause of overdose deaths in America. Law enforcement officers are encountering this deadly drug with increasing frequency during traffic stops, on calls [ Some of the most pressing problems that entities both in the public and private sphere are facing right now boil down to ethics.

Use of force, bribery, and corruption are [ Given the stressful [ Managers aim to move their people towards an organizational goal. The past few years is testament to how this applies [ Amidst the socio-political atmosphere, the entity that swore to serve and protect the public is experiencing some of the greatest challenges — distrust from the communities and the threat of being [ Veterinarians play a critical role in the animal-human bond with their duty [ Disinformation is wreaking havoc on our modern society.

The January sixth attack on the Capitol is one of the most glaring and horrifying examples of which. Groups that operate on [ For most, the concept of online research is just merely doing a Google search and then rummaging through the millions of search results that it returns. This session aims to [ In discussions that relate to mental health, self-care, and wellness, one of the points that is stressed time and again is to reach out to resources proactively and when needed.

In the real world, it takes more than just the traditional definition of intelligence to make it in life. Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, is regarded as a much [ Body-worn cameras BWCs are touted by law enforcement agencies for its ability to uphold transparency and accountability. No doubt, BWCs are beneficial in the overall goal of justice, but what [ By nature, humans tend to avoid thinking of the negative things we have to deal with. This tendency limits our ability to deal with the negativity when it comes. But [ Organizational productivity has been linked to a multitude of factors, and leadership is identified as one of the key cornerstones of this topic.

The role of managers is seen as [ This session is the third installment of the Proactive Response to Domestic Violence webinar series. The first course discussed how domestic violence is perpetrated even when the offender is already [ Information circulated in online platforms is being leveraged to mobilize the population to stand up for justice and accountability. But the same channels are used to spread false information that [ Crimes are either by commission or omission.

When it comes to cruelty to children, one can either commit abuse by harming a child or fail to act as required and [ Too often, employees come to their bosses for grievances in hopes that they can provide answers to their questions and solutions to their issues. But did it ever occur what [ High quality, live video, and telemetry data streaming [ Victims often feel violated or scared after an incident, so ensuring that there are rights that protect them is crucial in getting their cooperation throughout the case. At all levels, law enforcement depends on fast and always-on access to critical applications and data to better protect people and property and maintain order. The latest advancements in cellular-based [ This is the third installment of the Detention Intelligence webinar series.

The first webinar explained the wealth of information waiting to be leveraged in detention and correction facilities that may [ Sexual abuse no doubt is traumatic for the victim. The processes involved following the incident may get even more confusing and stressful. Having to recount what happened to investigators and [ The common misconception is that violent crimes happen in big cities more than they do in small towns. When it comes to addressing gun crimes, traditional reactive models of patrol and arrests just seem to be not enough anymore. As the trigger pullers in the community grow smarter, [ Ensuring the safety of the public requires constant coordination between the agencies involved. Fire, EMS, law enforcement, dispatch — these are just some of the key stakeholders that must collaborate to [ Changes proposed will impact the operations of prisons and jails in terms of [ The past 9 months or so had been surreal, from natural disasters, [ Active shooters tend to take their own lives immediately after they carried out their planned destruction.

Thus, the motivation behind active shooter attacks remains to be somewhat of a mystery. These days, recruiting for roles within the Police Department is quite the task. Jails and prisons house some of law enforcement's best and unexpected assets. Individuals behind bars are some of the best information sources when it comes to uncovering crime operations. This [ In the law enforcement arena, it is not a matter of if a crisis will hit, but when will it hit. Crises may mean time, money, customers, careers and, in [ Implicit bias is a hot issue that the Justice Clearinghouse has covered in past webinars. However, most of these past discussions centered on defining implicit bias and how it manifests. We were all forced to tweak how we do our daily transactions.

It is even more stringent when it comes [ To be able to have a great workforce, leaders and managers must work throughout the employee life cycle, from first day to farewell. There are so many resources on workforce [ Opioid use has reshaped American society in many ways — how drug trafficking and trade is being done, the drug dependency lifestyle perpetuated, the decreased life expectancy, the families it impacted. Animal law has gone leaps and bounds over the last few years in ensuring that animals are afforded protections from forms of cruelty. Substance abuse is a type of disorder and as such, requires a treatment plan to rehabilitate individuals suffering from it. In an era when nearly everyone is equipped with a smart phone with audio-visual recording ability the number of recorded negative encounters between law enforcement and the public over the [ Stories get modified as it is passed from one person to another, some details will be omitted, added, and at some point, things get lost in translation.

The same is [ This webinar discusses the experience of conducting an RCT of a long-term, repetitive social interaction training program in two US police departments. Results of the study from survey data and [ The online environment is a bustling economy. Big business is leveraging it selling services and products to people who are spending a sizeable chunk of their days on their devices. Selling is a primary life skill. Selling is a valuable skill that is being practiced in most of [ The helping profession has its two sides.

One is positive, with words like noble and rewarding associated with it. On the other side, it is seen as a thankless job, [ Probation is that arm of the criminal justice system that ensures individuals who committed offenses in the past are going to be reintegrated back to the community as valuable, productive [ Sex offenders may be considered the bane of society that they are required to be registered.

But not all of them are as compliant which then puts communities at risk. A significant chunk of our lives now lives online. The last couple of months is a testament to the value of technology and our reliance on it now that we [ When we think about the criminal justice process, what is perceived to be the endgame is the conviction, where an offender is put behind bars. But in the bigger scheme [ October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Rights4Girls is one of the organizations at the forefront of ensuring that domestic violence is prevented, focusing particularly on the impact that family [ The Justice Clearinghouse has delivered numerous webinars tackling the value of social media for law enforcement. Whether it be a tool to keep communities safe, ensure citizens are up to [ Understanding the status of animal in criminal animal cruelty cases may be a little bit more complex for those who are not as versed in this topic. This webinar, however, [ Various factions are claiming differing positions as facts that most of us may no longer be sure which of these to believe.

In these times of information overload, one thing [ When King Solomon sins by worshiping idols, the result is that his kingdom is divided. It is split into two kingdoms Israel and Judah. The once unified Nation of Israel is torn in two as a result of this sin. This is similar to what has happened to the Church. However, when Jesus left, Satan remained. His desire is to spread dissension and division Romans The Church has a real enemy that is continually warring against it to try to create as much division as possible.

Additionally, Christians still have sinful natures. We are far from perfect! We still sin. Sin also has the effect of clouding our minds so that we cannot perceive things correctly. It tends to skew our interpretation of things. Thus, there were many disagreements of how to interpret various things in Scripture. The result of this sin is that divisions came up. Sometimes they even fought over these disagreements. In most cases these disagreements and different interpretations of Scripture were not major, but were more minor.

However, it is the proclivity of mankind to focus on our differences instead of the more important points we agree on. Some of these points of disagreement are listed in my post above what day of the week to meet on, forms of music to use, ritualistic prayers, dietary requirements, etc. These things are minor points and should not cause fellow believers in Christ to divide. But, all too often, our sinfulness comes out and we fear those who do not agree with us. In addition to these minor points, theological differences caused division.

Many of these differences are about concepts about God and how He works that are very difficult for us humans to understand such as the role of human free will in relationship to the sovereignty of God. Other theological points of disagreement centered on who should be baptized and how. Instead of bearing with one another and allowing each other to disagree on minor matters like this, churches split up over them. They formed whole organizations of churches around their way of thinking.

Groups who believed that the right way to baptize was by immersing the person in water instead of sprinkling water over them split off. Groups of churches that believed that infants should be baptized at birth joined together and separated themselves from churches that believed only believers in Christ should be baptized. The result was that the Church, as a whole, lost out. In most of these cases there are correct points on both sides as well as some errors and over reactions. We cannot put God in a box, and the reality is that we need perspective of the whole Church to better understand Him.

By surrounding ourselves with only the people who think like us, everyone loses. I look forward to the day when Jesus returns and there will no longer be any denominations, nations, or any other divisions; only followers of Jesus. God will correct all the wrong thinking in all of us, align us and help all of us to see and understand more of Him than we can now. That is my short answer, I hope it helps some. Pradeepa the various different denominations to my understanding have come about much in the same way that cultural differences come about.

When the disciples were sent out to all the ends of the earth to spread the Good News, they naturally came across people from very diverse backgrounds and cultures which resulted in slightly different traditions and practices within the one faith. I imagine a lot of this is reflected in the various different denominations that you come across today. Nina, Thanks for the response.

However, that is not really historically accurate. The Church had already spread over the entire known world. At this point it split in two. It further divided when the Protestant Reformation occurred in the 16th century. The king of England also split the church in because he wanted to get a divorce. Hi, I heard that when people die, instead of going directly to heaven or hell, they sleep until the day God would comes back and question us about our sins. I was just wondering if that was correct?

It is false teaching. The bible never teaches that. There are several clear bible passages that directly contradict it. Jesus claimed He would never die John and They are clearly alive and not asleep. The apostle John sees saints alive in Heaven when he is taken there by an angel in Revelation. So Christians, why is your religion more valid, than say, Hinduism? What is so veeeery believable about Christianity that you take it above all other religions?

I pointed out a few in a previous blog, such as how Christianity is unique in the fact that is about God coming to man instead of man […]. Alex, This is a good question. I chose to write a blog post to answer it. This will allow me a little more space to more fully address your question. See blog linked below:. Your entire essay here can easily be undone by the first sentence of your fabricated definition for religion. DS, thank you for the comment. In fact, it seems you have completely missed or intentionally avoided my entire point. Yes, Christianity is a system of beliefs that one adheres to. That is not my point, though. I was very specific in how I defined religion. Christianity is unique in that it is a belief without requiring anything more than believing.

It is this last part that characterizes religion. Religion says you have to EARN it. In Christianity the work is already done by God. All that is necessary is to trust is His work. Jesus earned it for us on the cross. Everyone has a belief that they adhere to. Religion is not just believing something. Religion is a belief that requires you to to do something to earn favor from God. This is why Christianity is so different from the others. Religion is the reason why they are killing us innocent Men Woman and Children..

The end result was complete failures. I believe God has chosen me to share Gospel among Hindus and will use some of the teaching shared here on this blog. I have goose bumps from reading all of this. To everyone who responded so kindly to the people who had questions and doubts, may God bless you. All I know is that my life has dramatically changed since I invited Jesus Christ our Lord into my life. I am not religious, but instead have a wonderful relationship with Him. As I have learned over the years, trying is religion.

If you let Jesus captured you heart you would not be trying anymore because you will be living it. Let Jesus capture your heart. Tubs, Thank you for your comment. I must disagree with you, however. That is not at all what I intend to say with this blog post. It totally depends on WHY you are trying. It should be clearly understood that the bible calls us to try to live how God wants us. We are to try to live like Jesus did. There are countless more I could list.

The above verses among many others make it very easy to see that as Christians we are indeed called to strive, toil, work, obey, and labor. Not just trying but trying very hard! When then, does it become religion? The answer to this question is what I was attempting to explain in this blog. It is all about why you are working. Why are you trying? Do you think you can make him love you more by doing good things? If so, THIS is religion. If you think it is like earning a reward, then you are working from religion. However, that is not why Paul and the other New Testament authors worked hard.

Paul understood that his good works were worthless. I was circumcised when I was eight days old. I am a pure-blooded citizen of Israel and a member of the tribe of Benjamin—a real Hebrew if there ever was one! I was a member of the Pharisees, who demand the strictest obedience to the Jewish law. I was so zealous that I harshly persecuted the church. And as for righteousness, I obeyed the law without fault. I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done. Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.

For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ and become one with him. I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. Paul understood that he had to discard these attempts to earn favor from God and rely only on God to make up the gap and save him. However, it was the understanding of how much grace and mercy God had shown him that made him want to work so hard.

He worked hard out of love for God and a desire to show gratitude with his life. He also worked hard to gain an eternal reward in heaven. God promises that he will reward all the work that is genuinely done for His glory. So, it is not trying that is religious. If so, then we should just do whatever we want. That is NOT biblical Christianity. We are still called to try and try as hard as we can.

But, our reason for trying has changed. We now try out of love and gratitude and in expectation of an eternal reward that will never fade away. I also work as an Engineer at The Boeing Company. Glad I could help. God bless. I am doing a research paper on Christianity vs Religion how being a Christian is religious or a religion. Good morning Mr. Driscoll How are you? I do believe in the Word of God. I do believe Christianity is not a religion of system of rules it is based on relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Their are so much cult religions out their in the world that is based on a system of rules by man. Since we have a relationship and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy wants to hurt us by killing us off because we believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and not a false God..

I suppose everyone is free to make up their own definition of words, but you can hardly blame the rest of the world for not acknowledging your invented definition. Amanda, First off, thanks for the comment. I hope you understand that what I have written comes from a desire to help you and others. It is certainly perfectly fine if we disagree on this. I appreciate your point that many dictionaries and other sources do not define religion as I have done here.

I know and understand this. The truth is that there is not great agreement on the actual definition. I surveyed several sources with widely differing definitions. There are also many that include my definition as one of the definitions for religion, so I am not out in left field by myself here. Consider these:. From Dictionary. From the freedictionary. A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.

A cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion. I could certainly site others. Notice the use of practices, obligation, activity, devotion, and rituals above. The point here is that there is certainly a use and way in which the word religion can mean exactly what I am saying here. I think this gives me some room to point out that there is a major element contained in all of all the world religions that is absolutely missing in Christianity. That just comes down to an argument over how you want to define religion. The point is that there is something vastly different about Christianity. This is the point you are missing here.

There is something common to all religions that is absent in Christianity. But this is not true. Belief is NOT something you can chose to do. It is not an action. It is a state of being. It is like the color of your skin. No you could not. You could think about a pink elephant but you do not actually believe it is floating over your head. This is because your will does not control your beliefs. You believe what you think is actually true based on the evidence you observe.

Rules are about choices. Rules govern behavior, not mental states of being. Additionally, I agree that Christianity depends on belief. Belief is a requirement, but this is not an action you perform. If you possess it, it is something given to you by God. This is made clear in the bible in Ephesians Similarly, all other religions require belief. Even non-religions require belief. Everyone has belief. This is because it is a state of mind.

You believe something. You cannot be absent belief. Yes, Christianity requires belief, but so does anything else. So does Buddhism, Islam, Shintoism, or even atheism. But, there is a fundamental difference about Christianity from all the other world religions that you are refusing to acknowledge: that is all that is required. Every other religion adds to this works, rituals, acts of service, essentially requiring you to earn it yourself. This is the point I am trying to get across here. Jesus has already done all the work for you. He has earned your redemption and restoration. He has actually dealt with sin and evil and addressed it something no other religions does. Christianity is the only one to address the problem of evil and offer a solution.

I am certainly not that smart. Is this not an accurate statement? Think about it for a moment. What other religion has God doing the work needed to make it right Himself? I sincerely wish you the best, Amanda. I pray that you will not see this response as argumentative. Regardless of whether you and I agree on if Christianity is a religion or not, I hope that we can both agree on the vast, amazing way in which it is different and unique. I hope that you will spend some time considering how different Christianity is. I truly think that it is the only one that makes any sense. I do not understand how anyone could think that sinful, flawed humans can try to earn our own way to a perfect and holy God. How can I expect a perfectly just God to overlook the things I have already done?

I can never earn this. Then here is the offer of Christianity: God offers to pay it for me. This actually makes sense, since He is the only one qualified to pay it. This allows Him to remain just, punishing the evil but also to display His love by not giving me what I deserve. Maryjo, Thanks for the comment. I absolutely agree with you. God saved us not because of our works, but he also has called us to do works which he has appointed for us. Consider Eph This idea is made explicit. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. I talk some about this idea in some of my response to comments. I am so glad I found this page. Thank you so much for clearing things up for me. I have a question for you philipians. Could you please help me understand the tithe in the Church. There is so much controversy on this topic. I thought that was something that was done only in the old testament. I would greatly appreciate your help in helping me understanding this topic.

Abby, thanks. You ask a very good question about tithing. Hence the word tithe. Many Christians will mistakingly try to apply this to us today, but I never do so. Like many New Testament ideas it is much more ambiguous and fuzzy than the old Law. In some ways the law was easier because it was so cut and dry. The New Covenant is all about relationship and listening the the guiding of the Holy Spirit.

There are very few cut and dry rules. Because we each have the Holy Spirit we are given much more freedom to listen to His individual guidance for each of us. This does not mean it is easier now or that the call to holiness is less high. It just means we need to put out a little more work to determine what we should do. We should pray and ask the Spirit to help us know how much we should give. He says whoever loves this life will lose it but whoever gives up this life will gain life John It is all or nothing Romans The call in the New Testament is much higher.

It could mean that, but most likely not. He has given it to you so that you can use it for His glory. Your money is like the talents given to the servants in Matthew God has entrusted it to you so that you can make wise use of His money. We should alwyas be looking for what will bring the greatest glory to God. Ultimately, we will all answer for what we did with it.

You can bring glory to Him by loving and caring for your family. He calls us to do this. I have found that you cannot out give God. My personal experience is the more I give the greater He blesses me. Give sacrificially enough that it hurts and requires faith. Give regularly to your local church body. And give cheerfully. God loves a cheerful giver 2 Cor If you give out of compulsion you might as well not give at all. These three principles are good general guidelines to help you. Christianity or Churchianity is so institutionalized that it, in my opinion, is totally different from following Jesus.

I try to follow Jesus and not the religion called Christianity. I do not agree with a lot of christian views. Edwin, Thanks for your comment. I think responded to yourself. It would seem that you actually agree with me. Fair enough. So do I. That is actually what I mean above when I am talking about Christianity. So we agree. I do it because I want to help support the church and pay the pastor who gives so much to me and because I want to help others and because I love God and it is an act of worship.

You can give something freely without it being religion. By your understanding no one could never do anything good, help anyone, or ever attend church or they would be religious. This is ridiculous. Most have it more right than wrong. Thanks for your reply. Indeed we do agree in a lot of things. The thing is that I have heard this statement christianity is not a religion too often. I really believe it is a statement by which people look down on others i.

But how can we say that, when a Jew is keeping the Sabbath, he is religious? Perhaps he wants to do this because he believes it to be a good and healthy thing and not a rule that he has to observe or else… We must be honest to others and ourselves! When a pastor and I have done this also… is teaching about tithing -a lot of times Malachi is quoted. My reaction above is perhaps somewhat raw. I have been a member of a G12 church that claimed to be non-religious. But we were forced to do a lot of things unwritten rules and regulations and I have seen this in a lot of other churches too. As I am looking for help for the whole thought I had, I found in the right track.

Honestly, I am so close to you that I am your contemporary. How can i view christianity other than following a set of rules? Maybe its to prove our love and faithfulness for God? But if thats the case then the rules are being put on a petistool. Because if u dont follow them then it shows that u have superficial faith. What if following the rules brings us closer to God? We put SO much emphasis on how: If u have faith in Jesus then ur saved and going to heaven which i believe. And also that: God will always forgive u if u sin and repent which i believe ; so if those two things are true whats the point of rules? Why cant we give into temptation and then repent?

Im just saying; either christians disregard the rules and do what they want which proves superficial faith, or christians follow the rules to grow closer to God which makes following rules the focus because its ur stepping stone to grow closer to God. I just have trouble wrapping my head around where rules should be at in my faith and how i should follow them and how much of my focus i should have on following the rules God tells us to follow. That is engraved in my mind to believe that if you are not following rules then u do not have real faith.

And by rules i mainly mean drunkenness and sex. Its annoying being in college and going to FCA every wednesday and bonding with people over conversations about Jesus, then seeing the same people get drunk and have sex on the weekends. So if they are saved and going to heaven then why should i discipline myself not to fall into the same temptations as them? If we are all going to end up in heaven then why should i try so hard not to have pre marital sex or do whatever sinful thing im tempted to do? I feel like my view of christianity is what u consider religion. Or what true christianity is. Or what God truly wants from me. Thank you for your comment. I think I understand your struggle. I will try to clarify what I meant and give my perspective on your questions.

When I contrast religion and Christianity I am specifically talking about this factor of earning our righteousness. Other religions require us to earn it by works and good deeds. Christianity is different in that we are not required to earn it, it is a gift from God who earned it for us. This is not to say that as a result of this gift there are not rules that we are to follow. Of course there are.

The difference is the order of things. In religions you must do God works to appease God and earn his favor. We come empty, with nothing good to bring, in desperate need of God to fix it. God steps in and removes our guilt by placing it on Jesus at the cross and we are washed clean. When a person does this God changes them forever. I think this is what you fail to grasp completely. It has nothing to do with our faithfulness to God thank goodness.

Our faithfulness sucks. Therefore when they notice they are a different person than they used to be it is God who gets the credit. It proves His faithfulness to them. When a person is saved, the Holy Spirit enters that person and begins a process of changing their heart. This is because they have a new heart. It has replaced their old heart that lived to serve its selfish interests. It is about God gifting us a new heart that has a new set of wants and desires that align with His rules. Then He enters us and gradually goes about changing our wants to further align with His so that, more and more, we find ourselves living the way He has said is right. Religion is forcing people to do what you want them to do and that which they do NOT wish to do.

They are the right way to live. They are actually the way that results in the most pleasure, joy, peace, and happiness for us. God is not the cosmic party-popper. A follower if Jesus will learn that when they live His way, they are actually happier, freer, more content, and at peace than when they were going their own way. These rules are actually for our good. It is like a loving parent with a young child. The parent wants good for the child and sets up rules to help the child make good choices that they are not equipped to make themselves. Following the loving parent is the best way for the child. Similarly, a genuine follower of Jesus has come to Him because they realize their own way is futile and results in hurt, pain, and death for themselves and others.

They turn to Jesus and agree to go His way because it is the best way. They realize their own inclination and natural way of thinking is incapable of seeing all ends and is prone to leading them astray. Like the child they gradually learn that when they disobey the parent it ultimately results in discomfort, pain, guilt, and relational consequences. They learn that when they obey, they are at peace with a free conscience, not weighed down by guilt, have an unexplainable joy, and harmony in their relationships.

A true believer in Jesus will have a hard time continuing to do it their way. If you have really been saved you will be changed. Your deepest desires are no longer the same. You will still have competing desires that wage war against your new desires, but they are the foreign ones now see Romans You may be able to embrace the old, foolish ways for a while but it is be harder for you.

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