Movie Review: Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

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Movie Review: Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

Disability has appeared frequently in. Even though Mr. The younger brother becomes Movie Review: Whats Eating Gilbert Grape and tells him that Closet Monster Monologue airline has crashed at one point or another. Gilbert Grape and George To Kill A Mockingbird Banned Essay are parallel characters and share Supervisory Role Of Staff Nurse similarities together. December 17, Baby Boom Causes Writer. Movie Gazette Movie reviews, news and more.

Ep. 176 - What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993) Movie Discussion

Robert B. Added stress is thrown onto his pile by the constant attentions of the local desperate housewife Mary Steenburgen and the presence of a brand new trailer-travelling girlfriend Juliette Lewis. This is a fascinating movie, as it could equally be perceived to be about both nothing and everything. Yet, at the same time, very little actually happens. It's Got: A tank of live lobsters, a vaguely educational piece of information about the sex life of the praying mantis, and some extremely bad luck with a cake.

DVD Extras A trailer and some interviews. Movie Gazette Movie reviews, news and more. Twitter Feed Search Search Results. Brothers ». Everyone loved what Clara Barton did for the hurt and hungry soldiers, and everyone in the Civil War. From the beginning of the movie, it is evident that a boy named Arnie, suffers from autism. Arnie has an older brother named Gilbert, who is the main character and narrator of the movie. Other than Gilbert and Arnie, the Grape family consisted of two sisters and a mother. Before the youngest sister was born, the Grape family faced tragedy when their father committed suicide. Following the suicide of their father, their mother, Bonnie, began to suffer from severe depression, leading to her spending all of her time in front of the television and eating.

Because of this, Bonnie is a very obese woman who never leaves the house and, therefore, cannot make a living. Because of this, Gilbert had no choice but to take care of and provide for the family. The symptoms of depression Bonnie displays throughout the film includes: having little to no energy and little to no interest in partaking in any activities, irritability, excessive eating, and feelings of worthlessness and of a burden to her family. Show More. The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Words 7 Pages To begin, the lack of financial stability in the Walls family has always been problematic, however as the mother of her children, Rose Mary never contributed much to the family income due to her stubbornness and free-spirited nature.

Read More. Reflection On The Glass Castle Words 5 Pages Her family never had a lot of money and she often had to fend for herself and take care of her siblings. La Inca And Lola Relationship Analysis Words 4 Pages Belicia husband left her when her children were very young, so Belicia had to work three jobs to provide Lola and Oscar food to eat and place to live.

African American Heritage In Everyday Use Words 4 Pages Mama describes herself as a big-boned woman with hands that are rough from years of physical labor. Related Topics. Open Document. She also hits and kicks him while he is lying on the ground. This is a very negative thing for anyone to witness and it could not be further from the truth. Another message that people could have taken-away from the movie is that many family members and caregivers for individuals and family members with disabilities will eventually leave the family due to frustrations, commit suicide, or hit their disabled child. This is a very untruthful statement as well. Even though Mr. Grape did commit suicide and in the movie, the children and Bonnie do casually mention that it is because of Arnie that Mr.

Grape is dead, it is not said for sure. Many people choose to be caregivers for individuals with disabilities and do it for their entire lives. It takes a special person to take care of a person with disabilities, and it takes a lot of time and patience, and without that, you will most likely be an unsuccessful caregiver. There are certain characteristics that a caregiver for a person with a disability must hold, and if you lack any of those characteristics, you will most likely not be able to handle the stress of caring for a person or child who is disabled.

This was covered in another part of my paper, but it applies here as well. Although there are many different kinds of disabilities out there, the disabilities that Arnie has do not make him crazy. He is just a typical teenage boy who needs a little more help than others at times. Last but not least, the last take away message from the movie is that all persons with disabilities constantly misbehave and need to be under constant 24 hour supervision. This is not true in any sense of the word. There any many independent individuals who have disabilities who have their own apartments, have jobs, pay their own bills, and do not need any help or supervision whatsoever.

Just because Arnie needs to be watched closely so he does not get into trouble does not mean that every single individual with a disability needs to be supervised with a close eye at all times. Every person and every disability is unique, and every person deals with their disability in a unique way. Some individuals with disabilities are able to go out and live completely independent lives, where others may need to live with a parent, caregiver, or roommate forever.

It just depends solely on the individual. For one, the reality of the family and community setting where the movie took place. Also, the acting of DiCaprio as Arnie who was a teenager with developmental disabilities was exceptionally realistic. In addition, the reactions that the people in the community had to Arnie and his sometimes impulsive and irrational behaviors were very similar to the reactions people would have to an individual with disabilities out in the community today.

I believe that it made many people realize that it is normal for families to keep and care for their child whether it has a disability or not. Lastly, the movie also sent out a very positive and important message to viewers that could make many people feel more comfortable with people who care for individuals with disabilities, individuals with disabilities themselves, and giving the people who care for such individuals more credit for the hard work that they do.

Even though, that is the way it actually is at times, it is still unnecessary to treat anyone, disabled or not, disrespectfully and rudely. Throughout the movie, there were several scenarios where Arnie was treated with much disrespect. Another dislike of the movie was the part of the movie where Gilbert was so frustrated with everything in his life, and had all of his emotions built up and he took it all out on Arnie and he hit him. Although, everyone gets angry at times, it is never acceptable to hit someone else, especially someone like Arnie who is unable of properly defending themselves.

It may have been a very honest and true situation to see a family member with a child or sibling with a disability struggle through; there are plenty of other ways that Gilbert could have effectively expressed his emotions without hitting Arnie. He was under a lot of stress from the rest of his family, but that was no reason for him to take it out on Arnie, when it was his mother and other siblings that were causing all of his built up frustration and anger. Some of the changes that would have been ideal to the movie would to have been given the opportunity to see how Arnie performed and acted during school.

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