The Importance Of Duality In Great Expectations

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The Importance Of Duality In Great Expectations

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Chapters 1-2 of Great Expectations

I want to see SeeAudio step out of their comfort zone and take their game to the next level. Sure, they've nailed the fundamentals of a good IEM, but there's a lack of character to stuff like the Yume and Bravery that keeps these IEMs from touching established greats like their Moondrop contemporaries. Then again? Maybe asking for more in the sea of mediocrity is being unfair. Pros : smooth sound signature , good present of vocals , tall and deep soundstage. Cons : narrower soundstage , fitment not good for me with stock eartips.

I'm a K-pop fan and audiophile from Malaysia. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Seeaudio for lending me this review unit and giving me the opportunity to review the Seeaudio Bravery. This is my second time review a Seeaudio product. I have tried Seeaudio Yume before and I really like the Yume. Hopefully I can own the Yume one day. Your mileage may vary. What I got here is a metal casing. Comfort: fit and isolation are great for me Build : It is substantial with beautiful faceplate design. PRO: smooth sound signature, good present of vocals, tall and deep soundstage CONS: narrower soundstage, fitment not good for me with stock eartips BASS: fast response bass, deep sub-bass.

When I listened to Weki - Meki - Crush , I really enjoyed the sub-bass rumble, punchy mid bass you can feel the bass response is fast, well-layered and tight. However I think it needs more body. MIDS : Forward mids with good presentation on female voca. It's crisp back lacks presence. When i listen Weki-Meki - Dear. I really enjoyed the female vocal. You can feel the vocal is sweeter with vocal details on the songs. However, I think adds more body to vocal will be better. Male vocal also feel crisp without midbass bleed. Tuning is decent.

HIGH : treble feels smooth with good clarity. However, I think the soundstage can be wider. I can pinpoint every instrument and singer within the sound scape. Details : it's decent details when I listen some track I could hear micro-details on the track. Highly recommended. Seeaudio bravery - Imgur. Cons : None. Introduction: See Audio is a new name in the portable audio industry, although the people behind it have been in the game for quite some time now. They are from China and they have launched multiple IEMs recently including their current flagship Kaguya, Neo, Yume which is currently their most affordable one, and the Bravery which currently retails for USD.

The Philippine circle of reviewers received one unit of the Bravery provided by See Audio as a part of their international tour. Refreshingly pleasant for every genre except where rumbling sub-bass is the focus Pros : Excellent details, the imaging of each instrument is distinct Wide and accurate sound stage Great technicalities, each note is sharply defined, no bleed Great bass response, fast and accurate Treble sparkle well managed Included ear tips and cables complement the IEM extremely well Really efficient, can be run off lowered powered sources.

It's a full BA unit after all. Mid bass and sub bass are present and accurate, but notes take backstage behind the vocals and treble. Not an IEM for every genre. Can become sibilant and shouty if too much power is fed to it. Many manufacturers in the past have tried to make an IEM using nothing but balanced armatures. One can easily see the attraction, the attack speed and fast decay of notes created by BA drivers eliminate bloated sounds and muddiness of bass. The issue has been, for a long time, budget to mid-tier multi-BA IEMs have never quite hit the mark when it came to sound tuning. I will be candid here, when I first picked up the Bravery, I did not have high hopes. Build and accessories: The inclusion of Hakugei cable and Azla tips were an excellent move by SeeAudio.

The tips ensure great fit and isolation, and the wider bore allows for a more neutral sound. The cable really surprised me, no pre-formed hooks means it is a bit hard to keep behind the ears when moving about but the quality of materials and comfort is top notch. All tests done with supplied cable and tips. Cons : Subbass lacks the presence and reverbs Slight lack of space between notes Intimate presentation - lack of stage expansion. Introduction: I have reviewed one other See Audio iem, the Yume.

And while I was much surprised at their impressive tuning, the low end remained wanting. However, I still loved its unique clarity. Last edited: Sep 13, RemedyMusic nice review mate. Ace Bee RemedyMusic nice. Don't let my review affect your judgement by the way. RemedyMusic Ace Bee yeah. Im just browsing for how i can describe what my ears hear. Anyways it was nice reading yours mate. Cons : Bass extension can be better It can get a little harsh when the volume is cranked Possibly due to my source. Packaging Nothing much to discuss here as I received this unit without the retail packaging. The bundled Hakugei cable, namely Little Harmony, is quite good in my opinion.

Did a little search on aliexpress and the specification of the cable, it is a 9 layer ultra pure single crystal copper. Impedance: 18ohm. Frequency response range: 20HzkHz. Leonne my local reviewer was really hyped about this and he didnt find any fault in here, glad i found the counter for it. Smooth, rich, non-fatiguing presentation. Lovely midrange the best portion of Bravery. Beautiful design. Lightweight and comfortable fit. Excellent cable. Cons : An extra bit of depth in the lower end would have made it perfect for my personal taste. Lack of air, slight congestion in the top end. See Audio has partnered with big names such as Hakugei for the cable of Bravery, Azla Sednafit for the ear tips included with the set. I was lucky enough to be a part of a review tour of See Audio Bravery being organized in my country by the brand.

Reactions: LunarLight. Cons : -it may sound just a little too much on the lower end, depends on the kinds of music you're listening -overall soundstage could be even better. Since I am a user of the Yume, this time I've also got my hands on the most recent Bravery which imo is quite another successful product. Aesthetics: This is what intrigued me into the product at the first place, Black is the colour of my hair Pause game?!?!?

Cons : - Soundstage is average - Vocals could be better placed - Some might not like its bass performance - Cable can be a bit better with a preformed earhook a bit of a nitpick. Warm U-shape with great tonality. Bass is extended linearly, midrange is smooth and warm, and treble is extended with a balance of smoothness and definition. An all-rounder with my music library. Excellent value for your money with stock tips and cables coming from Azla and Hakugei.

I love it! I'm also new on reviewing so please tell me your inputs about it! I'm happy to listen and learn from you guys! The metal case is the same as what they have bundled with the Yume: the same textured metal case. The looks consists of a dark transparent body, and two unique swirling black and white faceplate patterns for both L and R with the logos of See Audio in the center of it. The resin seems to be semi filled from the nozzle part, which is made of metal and with some bubbles but not a problem for me look wise. The cable transmits minimal to no microphonics. You could drive this well with a smartphone and gets loud easily but improvements are noticeable on amp usage but not really drastic that I would require them all the time.

Sub bass is visceral but not too much and mid bass with the right punches and kicks thrown; the transitions between the sub and the mid-bass is linear. The midrange on these hits my sweet spot for the right tonal balance, not too warm and gooey, and not too cold and thin. Female and male voices are presented in equal terms, but it is 2 steps behind from all the elements sometimes, by which you could really feel the U-shape signature coming together. Luckily with that vocal performance, the upper midrange is properly controlled and extends without any harshness. The lower treble to upper treble is linearly extended without sibilance or pierce. A cymbal sounds natural and Sssses are contained, air is sufficient.

They tuned it with the balance of smoothness and definition which is a plus for me. Imaging is good, spatial cues are presented well and its movement but can be limited by the soundstage. Separation is excellent, layered well with the various timbre of the musical elements separated nicely. Bass goes to Bravery with more bass heft, texture and speeds while the Yume lacks behind with its sub-bass focused tune yet fails to texture and perform well despite having a dynamic driver for this range.

Mids goes to Bravery with a needed warm tilt and smoothness that I personally like. Yume on the other hand, is a bit dry in its tonality and can be thin sometimes but Yume has a much better vocal performance than the Bravery. Bravery extends and defines more than its lower priced sister. This hits the boxes that I was yearning for an IEM. Great OOTB package and easy drivability with a tuning that is pleasant and an all rounded listen for my library. It also surprised me with the bass response, because I was expecting limp bass but no! It impressed me even further with its DD like BA bass that got someone like me, a Dynamic Driver lover a pleasant surprise.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I had with these pairs. Thanks for reading! Reactions: RemedyMusic , jagujetas72 , Brionced and 3 others. The Bravery is a collaboration project with Hakugei and Azla Sednafit. Hakugei for the cable and Azla Sednafit for the eartips. H T T Thank for the review The Bravery might have been a consideration for me except for a few issues: SeeAudio's lack of proper customer support for my unacceptably blemished Yume unit.

Once bitten, twice shy. It is all BA. Though I appreciate their choosing a Sonion BA for the mids. I would overlook SeeAudio's cruddy customer support if they had made a multiple quality DD unit at the same price. SeeAudio is truly stellar at tuning. I "waffled" past the pre-order discount. Cloth covered cable They properly supported their product. The Bravery is on my radar now. Pros : Organic and natural timbre. Thick and solid low end. Pleasurable tonality throughout. Cons : Xelastic tips. Shell on the bigger side. Treble might be too smooth for some. Disclaimer: The unit was provided by See Audio as a part of a review tour but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The brands mentioned above have substantial pedigree, so there is a lot at stake with this IEM. It gets dirty real quick in one insert only and it is unhygienic, and a chore to clean and maintain. That means the tips settle down for the perfect fit only after some time. If you are in a situation which needs you to quickly insert and re-insert, it is not practical. But it is good to see the tips added in retail version 3 pairs , as their performance cannot be refuted.

The 6N OCC Hakugei cable is wonderful to use; it is supple and elegant looking, it is a premium product. But weirdly, the cable does not have memory guides which is a drawback as this IEM is 2 pin. So you have to manually check the polarity every time you take the cable off. Coming to the IEMs, the shells are on the bigger side so people with smaller ears should ideally audition it once before buying. Once the tips settle in, it is comfortable for my medium sized ears. You can tip roll to adjust to your preference. Last edited: Aug 22, Samin Zaman Well Written Bro. Seeaudio is new to the scene but its evident that brains behind See are experts in field and engineering. Now Seeaudio - Bravery is on my hands.

Received from the brand itself for my point of view. I'll express what I hear in concise statements as I am usually writing realtime with what I hear. Transparent case with granite-like faceplate. Somewhat large case with a single venting hole. Fabric covered strong looking braided cable with necessary safety measures. OOTB out of the box and unamped is pretty good. Layering is the first thing that struck my attention. More than sufficent air between instruments. Stage is not very large. Apply gandha to the Deity with the ring finger of the right hand. First offer haldi and then offer kumkum.

Do not offer artificial flowers made out of paper or plastic or decorative flowers to a Deity. Fresh and sattvik flowers should be offered to Deities. Do not smell the flowers and patri that are to be offered to the Deity. Patri should be offered before offering the flowers. Offer leaves and flowers to a Deity that attracts the Principle of the Deity to the maximum extent.

While offering durva to the Idol of Shri Ganapati, cover the entire body with durva except the face. Durva offered to Shri Ganapati are changed thrice a day. For this reason, puja of Shri Ganapati is performed thrice a day. Specific Deities must be offered a specific number of flowers and that too arranged in a specific pattern. For example, Shri Ganapati should be offered 8 flowers in rhomboid shape, and Deity Hanuman should be offered five flowers in elliptical shape. Ensure that these flowers are not placed in an uneven manner. When offering flowers to the Deities placed in the temple at home, recite the Name of the Upasyadevata Deity of worship and then begin by offering small flowers of dark colour first, followed by medium-size lighter colour flowers and last, offer big white flowers.

While offering a flower, the stalk should be towards the Deity. Do not disperse smoke emitting from dhoop with the hands. For example, wave heena A kind of herb incense-sticks to Deity Shiva and rose incense-sticks to Shri Lakshmi. The incense-sticks should be waved thrice in front of the Deity. While waving dhoop or incense-sticks in front of the Deity, sound the bell with the left hand. A lit lamp should be waved clockwise in front of the Deity thrice, while simultaneously ringing the bell with the left hand. An oil lamp should not be used to light a ghee. While preparing Naivedya , less amount of red chilli powder, salt and oil should be used; sattvik substances such as ghee Clarified butter should be used in ample quantity.

Banana leaf should be used for offering Naivedya. Salt should not be served on the leaf prepared for Naivedya to a Deity. Keep the leaf on which the Naivedya has been served covered. When offering Naivedya , first pray to the Ishtadevata and draw a mandal Circle or protective sheath on the floor in front of the Deity. Then place the banana leaf or plate containing Naivedya on this mandal with the stalk of the leaf towards the Deity and the tip of the leaf towards yourself.

While offering Naivedya, water should be sprinkled clockwise around the banana leaf or the plate only once this act is known as drawing a mandal. Water should not be sprinkled anticlockwise again. The act of offering Naivedya to a Deity. Method 1 — At the level of karmakanda : Water should be sprinkled on the Naivedya with two tulsi leaves. Then, the eyes should be closed by placing the thumb of the left hand on the left eye and the ring finger of the left hand on the right eye. We should have a bhav that the Naivedya offered is reaching the Deity and the Deity is accepting it.

Lighting a karpur-deep Camphor lamp : Although the upachar of lighting a karpur-deep is not included in Panchopachar puja, yet due to the sattvikta of camphor, this act imparts greater sattvikta. Hence, after offering Naivedya, karpur-deep can be lit. Sound the conch and perform A rati of the Deity with bhav. After imbibing the A rati, apply Vibhuti Holy ash from the origin of the nose to the mid-brow region. Then, after touching the middle of the palm with the tip of the middle finger and ring finger, touch the eyes with these fingers.

Rub these fingers lightly from the forehead to the head in the upward direction. In the end, partake Prasad Holy sacrament and wash your hands. Women do not have the right to perform this puja vidhi. Hence, if there are no men in the house, relatives, a priest or neighbours may be requested to perform this puja. Although Deities exist in the form of Principles, they are worshipped in the physical form of an Idol or picture. Once, His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj wanted to shift the photo of His Guru Shri Anantanand Saish from the temple at home which was close to a road next to the Ashram into the newly built hall in the same Ashram premises.

He instructed that the photo be carried on the head ceremoniously to the accompaniment of music. He wanted the photo to be shifted with the same respect as His Guru would have been moved from one room to another. Due to His bhav, He did not consider it to be just a photo, but His Guru in the true physical form. Deity Hanuman is known as the greatest devotee of Shriram due to His Dasyabhakti Devotion of a servitor. To inculcate Dasyabhakti in ourselves, we should perform puja with complete faith and complete surrender.

Imagine that the picture of the Deity we worship in our heart is reflected in the Idol. The precise meaning of this statement is — it is very important to have bhav towards the Deity while performing its puja etc. When there is bhav, it is not even necessary that every act be performed strictly according to karmakanda. Once bhav begins to gradually develop due to puja at the primary level of karmakanda, one can move to the higher level of puja that is, performing it at the level of bhav.

Some idea on how to perform puja at the level of bhav can be gathered by understanding the Divine Knowledge given ahead received by a lady-seeker. A seeker who chants continuously and who is absorbed in devotion does not even require to perform puja at the physical level. When we place the Deities in the temple at home, the sattvikta generated from the puja vidhi is retained there and is gradually emitted. Pray and tell God about your intention of performing puja vidhi. After removing the nirmalya express gratitude to God for having provided Shakti and Chaitanya the previous day. Pray to God to be able to imbibe the Chaitanya that is imbibed by the gandha and akshata offered on the previous day. The lit lamp imbibes sattvikta from the surrounding area.

This sattvikta accumulates in the temple at home, and the worshipper benefits from it. After offering Naivedya, mix it with the rest of the food, so that those who eat this food benefit from it. While performing puja vidhi , keep some water in a metal pot with a lid on it. Drink this water charged with Chaitanya immediately after the puja or within half-an-hour after the puja vidhi.

This faith in turn will develop into bhav. Hence, in this article, emphasis has been laid on explaining the spiritual science. Only when a worshipper understands the science underlying any act pertaining to puja , he is able to perform the act with complete concentration. Concentration helps in developing bhav, and thus the individual understands the real principle underlying ritualistic worship. A karma that is directly associated with the puja and is based on Dharma , makes us realise the intention of God, and through that intent, the associated cause-effect-relationship. The underlying bhav of a individual to obtain Chaitanya from any act depicts the intent, meaning, it takes the individual to meritorious karma.

Later, as this individual performs every karma with a bhav of generating Chaitanya , the sanskars Subconscious impressions on its subconscious mind are eliminated in a short period, and the individual is purified. Creation of Puja vidhi A. Importance of puja vidhi Panchopachar and Shodashopachar teach the individual to abide by Dharma in a ritualistic manner. This shows the scientific depth of the upachars in Hindu Dharma A. Types of puja vidhi Scriptures have mentioned the following four types of puja. How many times a day and at what time should the puja vidhi of the Deity be performed?

Although it has been advised by the scriptures that puja of the Deities be performed thrice a day, in Kaliyug Era of strife it has become prevalent that the puja be performed at least in the morning due to the following reasons: Due to the reduction of sattvikta in Kaliyug , it has also become impossible to abide by all the a chars according to karmakanda , which has led to prevalence of orthodox practices or conservatism: The period in the past was sattvik, and hence, it was possible to perform puja thrice a day.

When is puja vidhi prohibited? Without bathing or in an intoxicated state. Reasons for covering the temple at home with a curtain when the lady of the house is menstruating: During the period of menses, the Raja component in the woman increases. Which direction should the individual face while performing puja vidhi? Who should perform puja vidhi? How to perform Puja vidhi at the level of Karmakanda Panchopachar puja puja vidhi is performed by using 5 different substances to offer to the Deity.

Offering patri Specific leaves and flowers to the Deity 1. Waving lit dhoop Frankincense or lit incense-stick in front of the Deity 2. Waving a lit lamp in front of the Deity 1. Points to be remembered when lighting a lamp Do not use a lit lamp to light another lamp. An oil lamp should not be used to light a ghee Change the wick of the lamp placed in the temple at home daily. Offering Naivedya to a Deity 1. The act of offering Naivedya to a Deity Method 1 — At the level of karmakanda : Water should be sprinkled on the Naivedya with two tulsi leaves. Different acts to be performed after completion of the Puja vidhi 1. Puja vidhi of Panchayatan and Shaligram Women do not have the right to perform this puja vidhi.

What should be the bhav while performing puja vidhi? Perform A rati using a ghee lamp. Why should we try to understand the science underlying puja vidhi? Share this on : Twitter Facebook Whatsapp. How should be the design of Devghar?

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