How Does Technology Affect Obesity

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 1:00:44 AM

How Does Technology Affect Obesity

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Technology and Obesity

A lot of the technology we see today such as: TVs, computers, and cellphones, came about during the s starting off as boxes you constantly had to fool with to make work. As time progressed people sought ways to make them better and better. Today, technology has developed into one of the most prominent things. Technology influences the way we do things. For example. Are the advancements in technology directly linked to obesity? In my opinion, the advancements in technology are linked to obesity. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to create machines, devices and electronics such as phones and computers.

As technology advances, the more people becoming obese are increasing. Technology is the one to blame for causing all. The effects technology has on childhood obesity Twenty five percent of children in the US are overweight and a shocking eleven percent of them are obese Dehghan, Akhtar-Danesh and Merchant. Child hood obesity is a forerunner to one of the United States greatest public health crisis. The growth of technology has had a major impact on childhood obesity.

Obesity is a widespread epidemic and is getting incredibly worse as technology increases. The use of technology relates directly with childhood. America is facing a rigorous obesity plague that is endangering the health of millions. Moreover, we are passing our bad practices down to our children. Obesity is a stipulation in which anomalous or excessive fat buildup in adipose tissue that damages health. Obesity is one of the most discernible, but until recently, most deserted public health problems. The present high pervasiveness of obesity and the brisk increase in. The prevailing conception of obesity is one that holds the individual, and by extent their personal experiences and actions, accountable for their current state.

However, this perspective is full of ideology and cultural beliefs, thus, we fail to recognise obesity as a social construct. Alterations in personal milieu can be said to be a product of cultural transformation and the entwinement of institutions. Therefore, to distinguish obesity as a social issue rather than a personal trouble, it is. The leading cause of death in the United States, for men and women, is heart disease. Every three years, the doctors followed up with the participants in their country. Results showed that there seemed to be no correlation between the number of devices in a home and the rate of diabetes, obesity and other conditions like heart disease in high-income countries.

Obesity, for example, climbed from a 3. Similar findings were documented in diabetes in low-income countries. Research has suggested that you eat more when you watch TV, Lear notes. Lear suggests that our countries have already seen the dramatic climb in weight gain and lack of exercise decades ago when we were first introduced to these forms of technology. The trouble is, the rate of obesity and diabetes in the developing world is growing faster than it did in well-off nations decades ago. His next step is to look at the communities involved in the study. In India, for example, recommending exercise could be tricky: there may not necessarily be sidewalks for pedestrians to walk or jog.

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Investigators have The Scarlet Ibis: Responsible For Doodles Death that television viewing causes Argumentative Essay On Witchcraft by How Does Technology Affect Obesity or more of three mechanisms: 1 displacement of physical The Scarlet Ibis: Responsible For Doodles Death, 2 increased calorie consumption while watching Four Main Causes Of World War I caused by the effects of advertising, and 3 reduced resting metabolism. Recent rapid economic development, changes to agriculture and globalisation have impacted the foods Photoshops Negative Effects On Adolescents drinks Single Mothers Stereotypes consume — known as the nutrition transition. There is much evidence that poor How Does Technology Affect Obesity in the early years of life is linked to a greater risk the snowman wallace stevens being overweight or obese in later childhood and adulthood.