Compare And Contrast Fear And Love Essay

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Compare And Contrast Fear And Love Essay

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Ultimately, though, Machiavelli concludes that while a prince may not have all of these qualities, he must seem to have them. He must seem as virtuous as possible to the people, but, as previously stated, due to the inherently evil nature of man, he must also be prepared to work against virtue. However, if a prince has previously had a reputation of goodness, his actions will always be justified by the people and future wrongdoings will be excused. In conclusion, while a prince must strive to be multifaceted in order to succeed, he must also at the very least appear to be multifaceted and have a virtuous. Without directly saying that Caesar was not ambitious and disagree with Brutus because of his rules, he instead shows an example that Caesar was not ambitious, but then say that Brutus is an honorable man.

There are two reasons why Antony gave this speech. The first was to get back at Brutus for murdering his beloved friend, and making him pay for it. The main reason Antony gave this speech is because he had a greed for power. He thought that if he could get all the plebeians on his side, that they would attack the conspirators and trust Antony, therefore making it easy to take on the spot for power.

Evidently, Shakespeare argues that it is important to make decisions based on logical reasoning rather than let ourselves be influenced by strong emotions because it will allow us to truly understand the consequences, protect our loved ones, and maintain autonomy over our own lives. Making decisions when we are in a sound state of mind forces us to consider all the potential consequences of our actions. For example, when Romeo finds out that he has been banished from Verona for killing Tybalt, he is very distraught. Machiavelli argued that the most victorious kings were not those who acted in line with dictates of law, or justice, or conscience, however those willing to try to do anything that was necessary to preserve their own control--and therefore indirectly preserve the goodness of the state.

Machiavelli tells us that the sovereign should take any action that is important to keep up the order in society. In time this may result in the most compassionate decision too. Machiavelli explains that, Cesare Borgia, by by making use of cruelty was able to accomplish order, goodness and obedience in Romagna. On the other hand, due to the inaction of the Florentines, allowed internal conflict to develop in Pistoia, leading to devastation of the town. I despise him and those who listen to him. The quote exhibits that Okonkwo did not want the British to interfere with tribal matters by introducing a new lifestyle.

He preferred that people continued to hold the traditional culture to a high esteem. This is expanded upon when Okonkwo is willing to fight the British by himself with the knowledge that they had more advanced technology, so he could try to preserve his beliefs. Both Plato and Machiavelli believe that there must be a government in order for human kind to survive. Without order or stability, people would kill each other. Another key factor in which Plato and Machiavelli seem to agree on is that by keeping the mass happy the government is safe. Essentially, if people have nothing to truly complain about, then the ruler will not be overthrown by the popular mass.

Lastly, although these great philosophers wanted stability and freedom, they both acknowledge the reality that it is impossible to have both in. The rights and stability that society has is a result of these long-standing political institutions, and therefore it is important to improve on them rather than eradicate. A sacrifice would have to take place which Burke was not at all pleased about. For him, a government was good if it enforced the rules, made all of which were required in mutual connection for a life of civil government that was civilized in the proper.

Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian diplomat, politician, historian, philosopher, humanist, and writer of the Renaissance period, has believed that you should rule through fear rather than love. Bloody Mary. A short I made for Halloween Inspired by David lynch, and what my cinematography teacher informed me after production was actually over. Suspiria the original. Decompose is a short film that follows a day in the life of detective Wilson Lang. An off duty homicide detective roped into solving a strange murder. The only clue, a burnt toaster. In this dark noir with a twist of the science fiction, Detective Wilson Lang will find the

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