Letting Doctor Make The Tough Decisions Rhetorical Analysis

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Letting Doctor Make The Tough Decisions Rhetorical Analysis

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Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Be sure to emphasise things like emotive language and any evidence you might use to illustrate your arguments. Easier said than done, but often the icing on the cake for a speech that is memorable for the right reasons. Wondering where to go from here? Sounds like something that'd help you? I think so too! Access the full eBook by clicking here! If you are anything like me, the thought of standing up in front of a classroom, or even a small panel of teachers, having to hold the floor for five minutes, and being assessed on your performance is just about as terrifying as it gets. Where other students thrived on the oral presentation SAC, embracing its change of pace in comparison to the other written tasks, I dreaded it.

I knew the feeling all too well: legs jelly-like and quivering, breath short and rapid, palms sweating, tongue uncomfortably heavy as the words tumble out too fast to keep up with…essentially as I, a true master of the English language, would put it the absolute worst. Fast forward to the present day and, I hate to break it to you, I am still not a fan of public speaking. But guess what? Plus, as a bonus, it did not involve me passing out, and as a double bonus, I still ended up with a great result. As I have already mentioned, emerging triumphant from your oral does not require you to magically become a public speaking fanatic.

But you can still be good at public speaking, perhaps great at it, even if it scares you. Arguably the best way to improve the delivery, and overall quality, of your oral presentation is to choose a topic and contention that you actually care about. As Lisa says,. This becomes particularly significant for someone dealing with a fear of public speaking because of this basic principle: when you care about something it is easier to talk about, even in front of other people.

Fear is an intense emotional response to a situation, and as we know it can easily consume us in the moment. If your oral topic is boring and does not interest you on a personal level then what is going to be the strongest emotion you feel when delivering it? However, passion is another intense emotional response, and so if you are passionate about the arguments you are making then, although your fear will still be there, you will feel another strong emotion that can balance it out.

So how do you find a contention that you care about? Often the best place to start is to think about the things that affect your life. Think about issues that relate to schools, jobs, climate change, animals, drug-taking, fashion — these are all aspects of our lives that you might be able to form a personal connection to, and that personal connection will help you find the passion you need to get through the speech, and also get through to your audience.

Check out our Oral Presentation Topics for some topic inspiration, and then learn how to create a killer contention here. It is quite likely that if you know you struggle with the delivery of oral presentations, you might try to compensate by overreaching with your script. For someone who feels more comfortable with written assessments, it can be easy to try to make the oral as close to one as possible by writing it almost as you would an essay — using lots of impressive vocabulary, complex sentences and a formal structure. This approach is all well and good until you try to say it all out loud. So, you need to write a speech that you can say, not just one that sounds good on paper.

Writing with the wrong sense of tone is one of the points we touch on in 5 Common Oral Presentation Mistakes. During the writing process, you need to make your speech work for you rather than make yourself work for it. This means constantly thinking about what the words will sound like in front of an audience, and not making the performance unnecessarily hard for yourself before you even start practicing. So, simplicity and punch is always better than verbosity and pretence. Here are some ideas of how to use this strategy:. Remember, when you struggle with a fear of public speaking it is difficult to make what you say in the spotlight sound natural.

To overcome this, you want to prepare yourself to almost sound unscripted as ironic as that sounds. Without slipping into an overly casual or informal voice, it is best if you sound comfortable and relaxed when addressing your audience. However, that said, really believing what you are saying and caring that the audience believes it too, as we advised earlier, will also help you avoid sounding forced and uncomfortable. Another mistake often made when attempting to compensate for a fear of public speaking is to rely too heavily on cue cards in the oral.

Having your entire speech on hand when you complete the assessment just in case you get lost might seem like a good idea, but it is most likely actually going to hold you back from giving your best performance. Ideally, you want to have done enough preparation so that you do not need to look at your notes at all. As we discussed earlier, having a script that is as simple as possible, and that mimics your speech patterns, will help you sound less fearful — and will also be easier to memorise.

Memorise your speech by practicing it as much as possible. Make sure to get your script written as far in advance as you can, so you have plenty of time to practice without stressing yourself out further. When you do practice, do so standing up, envision an audience in front of you or practice in front of friends or family , and rehearse how you might move around the space as you talk. You can start by having your whole script with you, but eventually you should work up to only needing a few dot points for each section that can jog your memory if you forget.

This strategy might seem to make the speech even scarier, but in reality not reading off a script will help you relax into the performance, and allow you to focus on your movements and voice. Practicing enough to have the speech memorised will also help build your confidence. Instead of being convinced that fear is going to be your downfall, try to think about how, as impossible as it sounds, you can use the nerves to your advantage. Apart from making you jittery and uncomfortable, nerves also boost your energy and adrenaline, and with the right attitude you can turn this energy into confidence.

Instead of letting your nerves cause you to close up, you can use them to help you open up. Often those of us who fear feeling exposed in front of a crowd have quiet, reserved personalities that we might think of as preventing us from being able to perform. Even if all of this sounds completely different to your experience of fear, what I am trying to communicate is that the way you frame the oral, and the nerves that come with it, in your mind makes all the difference. If you convince yourself that you are too scared of public speaking to ever succeed with this task, you are severely limiting your chances of achieving a positive outcome.

So, focussing on retraining your mindset in the lead up to delivering your speech is very important. Try not to think of this one assessment task as being a make or break five minutes, and instead view it as a learning experience that you can use to your advantage. After all, public speaking is something most of us will have to deal with multiple times over the course of our lives, so you may as well work on getting better at it. This might sound unrealistic, and I am definitely not telling you to put in less effort, but the more pressure you put on yourself the more nervous you are going to be.

Choose a topic that interests you, believe in your contention, make use of humour and personal anecdotes, and just have fun with what you say! Your fear is probably going to be your biggest obstacle, so make it as easy as you can on yourself and the rest should fall into place…as long as you put in the work. It can be difficult to understand what is expected of you, as this SAC definitely varies from your typical English essay!

Whilst your other English SACs may require you to write in a formal and sophisticated manner, the oral presentation SAC is the one shining exception! Many students fall into the trap of writing a frankly boring and uninspiring speech that does no justice to their academic ability. Here are some mistakes to watch out for:. Your school may or may not already give you a list of topics to choose from. However, in the event that you must research your own topic, it is essential that you choose an issue relevant to your current audience.

You must adopt a clear contention in your speech. Do not, for example, write a five-minute speech on why one sports team is better than the other, or why murder should be illegal. Choose an issue that you can take a passionate stance on and engage the audience with. Avoid a contention that is obvious and aim to actually persuade your class. This is one of the biggest mistakes students make when writing their oral presentation. I cannot stress this enough — your speech is not a formally written text response! You are presenting your stance on an issue, which means that you are allowed to be passionate and creative. You can educate your audience on the facts without boring them to sleep.

Samples 1 and 2 have the same information. Yet, Sample 2 engages with the audience in a much more effective manner. Try to avoid an overly formal tone and speak with passion and interest. Presenting in front of your class can be a very daunting experience. However, in order to distinguish yourself from your classmates, you must speak clearly and with confidence. Try to avoid making the following mistakes:. Think back to primary school. Remember when your teacher would read you a storybook, and they would put on voices to make the story more engaging and interesting?

The same sort of idea applies to your oral presentation. Simply reading a well-written speech will not get you marks. Rather, you should talk to your audience. Make eye contact, maintain good posture, and project your voice. Confidence is key! The oral presentation SAC is not an assessment that you can simply wing on the day. Oftentimes, poor scores stem from a lack of preparation which can be reflected in the way students present themselves — and stalling for time is a big giveaway.

This can be especially difficult if you are presenting the same topic as one of your peers. This is another big mistake students make when presenting. Now, imagine if every person who presented before you began their speech with:. It gets repetitive. You can distinguish yourself by beginning in a myriad of other ways. How to Write a Killer Oral Presentation outlines other ways to start your speech with examples! Your teacher will be able to tell if you choose a topic that you have no interest in, or if you are simply regurgitating information.

Use this SAC to learn about an issue and take interest in your learning. Believe me, your grades will thank you for it. Whether you are allowed to present with visuals or not is up to your English teacher. However, it is essential that you do not incorrectly use these visuals, as it can cost you marks. However, PowerPoint can quickly steer you away from presenting your topic in an engaging manner. This is an oral presentation with a stance on an issue, not an assessment where you are marked for presenting information to an audience. Therefore, reading off of PowerPoint slides is a big NO. The point of focus of your oral presentation should be on YOU — your words, your stance on the issue. This ties into the PowerPoint criticism I made above, but using a cluttered infographic takes away from your well-written speech.

Below is an example of an overly cluttered infographic:. If your speech was on renewable energy, your audience would be detracted from your stance, and too focussed on reading the information from the visual. If you have any key information that needs to be explained, it is better to embed this into your speech than rely on an infographic. Do not waste all your hard efforts by not taking the SOI seriously. I like to think of an SOI as a language analysis of your own speech.

Essentially, you should be explaining your choice of language, tone, and rhetoric, and justifying why that would make a profound impact on the audience. Make sure you understand what an SOI is. I hope that going through these mistakes will help you when writing your own oral presentation! Happy writing! Priam is an elderly king of Troy. After the death of his son Hector, Priam envisions himself in plain clothing, riding a plain cart to Achilles who is effectively holding Hector ransom.

Though the royal family is doubtful of his plan to save Hector, Priam is resolute and insists that he needs to try his best to confront Achilles as a father, rather than as king. After many decades as king of Troy, Priam is determined to reinvent how he will be remembered; as a king who performed an extraordinary act of heroism in order to save his beloved son. Achilles is known as the greatest warrior of the Greeks. The death of Patroclus, his closest companion and hinted lover, drives Achilles to insanity.

Hector murdered Patroclus and, as a result, Achilles takes revenge by killing Hector. Achilles loses his sense of humanity as he is possessed by his rage, hatred and grief. He is chosen to escort Priam to Achilles. He often engages in useless chatter and performs daily activities in a way that is foreign to the king. Although Somax is far from royalty, his great deal of affection for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter teaches Priam about love, family and life. She accompanies Priam and Somax on their journey to the Greek camp where Achilles resides. He is kind, brave and noble without any cruel intentions, unlike his rival Achilles.

During a battle between the Trojans and the Greeks, Hector kills Patroclus. By the way, to download a PDF version of this blog for printing or offline use, click here! Ransom explores who we are and what it means to have an identity. As the leader of Troy for many decades, Priam has always viewed himself as a king. It appears as though Priam has been unhappy with his identity for quite some time, is physically weak, and feels as though he cannot protect his kingdom as efficiently as he used to. His search for Hector is also a search for himself, to reinvent who he is and how he wishes others to remember him. Unexpectedly, this one idea propels Priam into a multitude of other changes. His journey with Somax teaches Priam a far greater deal than he had anticipated, for he learns to appreciate the value of the human connection and other daily simplicities in life.

This transformation, from a human who responds to grief with vengeance to someone who releases and forgives, demonstrates the benefits we can gain from amending our ways. Revenge is portrayed as a never-ending vicious cycle until both parties reach a negotiation or peace. Although he is successful in murdering Hector, Achilles does not follow the custom of leaving the body for the grieving family to bury. Instead, Achilles feels the need to mutilate the body day after day without any sense of remorse or regret. His sense of loss is shown as he reflects feeling empty inside, to the point where he no longer feels like himself, but someone else altogether. The role of the gods is heavily woven into the events that unfold in Ransom. During his journey, a jovial young man who joins the travellers is revealed as Hermes, a god who has come to safely guide the elderly men to Achilles.

The power of the gods in controlling human fate is illustrated during the scene where Hermes saves the travellers from being swept away by a stream. Even when confronted with doubt and hesitancy from his family, it is Priam who pushes onwards to fulfil his vision. Whether his actions were already predestined or of his own agency is up to you to decide. Time moves on beyond our lives as we are forgotten over decades and centuries while nature prevails.

Malouf demonstrates that in the end, life just is — we are granted by nature to have a brief existence, yet in the end, nature and time will move forward without us. For the first time, Priam is exposed to the different interests and values of the common man and is intrigued by the simplicities of life. It is Somax, a mere old man from the marketplace, who teaches Priam more about life than he had imagined possible. The twelve-spoked wheels are elaborately carved and painted, a wickerwork canopy covers the tray'. On all occasions, the king had used this elegant cart to alert others that royalty was present. The use of this cart demonstrates how Priam has been encapsulated in his own royal sphere since everything is meticulously chosen and designed specifically for the king.

At the beginning of the journey, Priam is characterised with childish traits. For Somax, the little griddlecakes are a regular and delectable snack, yet Priam 'ha[s] never seen them before'. He had previously never noticed that there was so much preparation and work that went into the food that appeared at his table, let alone the ingredients and thickness of a batter. Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Greeks, stands next to the sea while reminiscing about the past.

The death of Patroclus left Achilles with an overwhelming sense of loss and also burning animosity. Hector, the son of Trojan king Priam and leader of the Trojan army, wore Achilles' armour as a sign of triumph and disrespect for the Greeks. In a dramatic battle between Hector and himself, Achilles was successful in killing his enemy. For Achilles however, this was not enough. Along with the conflict between Greece and Troy, Ransom also delves into the consequences of those affected by the war. As the greatest warrior of all Greeks, Achilles has lived his life as a fighter. While warriors are known for sacrificing their lives in the battlefield, Achilles does not literally refer to warriors confronting death each time they fight for their team.

Furthermore, Achilles grieves for his mother in the opening passages of Ransom. If you'd like to read more of my analysis, feel free to access a sample of our ebook A Killer Text Guide: Ransom. Download a PDF version of this blog for printing or offline use. Your distinctive style of writing and the concepts you present will allow you to stand out amongst your peers and thus, will ensure you reach your optimum standard of work. In order to expand your knowledge of a certain text, explore articles and videos that present alternate views.

This allows you to not only expand the depth of your ideas but additionally, the opportunity to find opinions that you relate to or those that interest you. Although it may be difficult to decipher the motives behind characters or the emotions they are feeling at a certain point in the text, insight into the minds of characters provides you with the opportunity to move beyond a black or white perception of them. You may relate to subjects within a text such as grief or betrayal and therefore, when you explore the text focusing on these themes, your writing will reflect your beliefs in an individual way that separates your ideas from your cohorts. Whilst language analysis relies on presenting an objective essay on the intention of the author, your voice will be shown more clearly by your chosen techniques and analysis.

Firstly, if you haven't watched our The Longest Memory and Black Diggers introductory video detailing themes, characters and more, check it out below:. In this article, I will be breaking down a comparative analysis. You will get to know how exactly I write one! Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy. Under the assumption that most federal agencies try to resist FOIA most of the time a safe, if ungenerous, general assumption about agency behavior , the decision is also likely to dissuade agencies from adopting policies that could make internet browsing histories subject to FOIA in the future.

The Biden administration is compelling commercial airlines to transport people out of Afghanistan. Anyone looking for the edge of Trumpism just found it: Trump recommends the COVID19 vaccine to a massive Alabama rally crowd, only to get shouted down with boos from the audience. Surveys have shown that enthusiasm for remote work has only increased as the pandemic has stretched on," The Wall Street Journal reports. The result is a deep housing shortage that is driving more Californians into poverty, worsening inequality and hurting economic opportunity.

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