Analysis Of Emily Dickinsons Poem 605

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Analysis Of Emily Dickinsons Poem 605

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How Emily Dickinson Writes A Poem

Like most writers, Emily Dickinson wrote about what she knew and about what intrigued her. A keen observer, she used images from nature, religion, law, music, commerce, medicine, fashion, and domestic activities to probe universal themes: the wonders of nature, the identity of the self, death and immortality, and love. Sometimes with humor, sometimes with pathos, Dickinson writes about her subjects. Remembering that she had a strong wit often helps to discern the tone behind her words. Emily Dickinson titled fewer than 10 of her almost poems. Her poems are now generally known by their first lines or by the numbers assigned to them by posthumous editors. In one, the poem is broken into four stanzas of four lines each; in the other, as you see here, there are no stanza breaks.

The poem describes the natural phenomena of sunrise and sunset, but it also describes the difficulties of perceiving the world around us. In many Dickinson poems, abstract ideas and material things are used to explain each other, but the relation between them remains complex and unpredictable. The sunset is characterized as the gathering home of a flock. The form and the mood of the poem change in stanza three as the bird is approached by a human, albeit a peaceful one.

The bird recovers and flees the scene gracefully. Dickinson accomplishes the contrast despite the ironical observation that the bird in nature, the beautiful bird, commits the violent act of biting a worm in half and eating it raw, whereas the frightening of the bird and the disruption of nature occurs with the gentle, kind act of offering the bird crumbs. For more analysis of Emily Dickinson poems, check out other articles in this series. For an explanation of how to do your own poem analysis , follow the link. When I was in high school, my English teacher made us read Emily Dickinson. I loathed it. Page content. Who are You? Feel free to explain Emily Dickinson poems on your own.

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