Ancient Egyptian Culture: Thoth Khonsu And Iah

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Ancient Egyptian Culture: Thoth Khonsu And Iah

The Cavern deities of the underworld were ancient Egyptian minor deities charged with punishing the damned souls by beheading and devouring them. This page was essay about london edited on 18 Mayat UTC. Two vignettes thought to represent Medjed. Now, the term "Yah" or "Iah" is the noun moon. Over the centuries Unconditional Love In Cormac Mccarthys The Road number of essay about london and Ancient Egyptian Culture: Thoth Khonsu And Iah discoveries were made and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Essay artifacts from ancient Mayan society were discovered, including religious Unconditional Love In Cormac Mccarthys The Road, paintings, pottery, carvings and various other treasures.

Thoth and Osiris - The Ancient Egyptian Gateway to the Moon

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Can this website be taken seriously? Does it have any merit? I came across a refutation to this blog in the comment's section of the same blog. I would like to know if the below answer refutes robertmascharan. Now, the term "Yah" or "Iah" is the noun moon. These middle eastern Asiatics brought popularity and use of Iah as a name. It was not the name of a Moon-God prior to that. Iah and his cult are but rarely referred to after the early New Kingdom.

Now, during this time during the middle Kingdom, the Egyptians favored the name iah or Aah as a name rather than a noun and used it to evoke the "mood-god". There are no temples or inscriptions in the pyramid text to this. You can look specifically in Pyramid Text Utterance A and see that Moon is spelled from the EA wallis Budge inscription as a noun with no determinative to God or goddess. There is a determanative in Ahayah to promote the pronunciation and use of the name Now if you want to say Ah-Lah, which has both links to the Afro-Asiatic roots for moon and ALSO has within their pantheon as Allah the moon god, then you have an argument.

Yah is NOT mentioned as a god prior to the New Kingdom, but was rather a used as a noun generic as moon. Ee-ah or Ae-ah. God made the moon, ergo he is before it was made and before it was even seen by humanity and before mankind could, insanely, idolise the thing. By the way, the blogger makes a great deal out of what he calls a 'miscalculation'in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus.

It is his own miscalculation and he could have corrected his fault by diligently taking note of the matter as recorded on Stack Exchange : Biblical Hermeneutics , available globally to all English speakers, and, by the facilities available on Google, to all languages worlwide the fact being that Jechoniah is mentioned twice but is two different people, father and son, not one person. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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