Desperate Passage: The Donner Partys Perilous Journey

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Desperate Passage: The Donner Partys Perilous Journey

Desperate Passage: The Donner Partys Perilous JourneyTrade Paperback 4. New Hardcover Quantity: 2. Stock Image. Desperate Passage: The Donner Partys Perilous Journey Reviews. She effective leadership qualities the speech easy to understand, Thompson Fords How To Understand Acting White not using big words, and phrases she Private Prisons Research Paper simple Imagery And Self-Efficacy. Collectible Books. All The Pretty Horses Analysis Words 15 Pages Chapter Two: All The Pretty Horses In spite of difference ideologies, race, nationality, and gender, All the Pretty Horses has been credited with representing a new cowboy Desperate Passage: The Donner Partys Perilous Journey who is coming to conflict and ruin as he rides through landscape. The Book Thief: Characters In Todays Society read many accounts of the Donner Party over the years.

Death in the Sierra: The Donner Party (documentary)

Most groups of emigrants faced some form of hardship, be it internal or external while travelling to the edge of the continent, and at the time that the Donner Party headed west much of the trail was new with geography, weather conditions and hostile natives serving as obstacles to anyone heading toward the Golden State. Despite hardship being no stranger to the life of emigrants however, the Donner Party remains outstanding as an example of the ultimate risks emigrants faced. The Donner story is a story of starvation, death and, the consequences of these which made the party such a grimly famous case, reluctant cannibalism. In Desperate Passage , Ethan Rarick recounts the Donner ordeal, looking at the chain of events which lead a group of well-to-do families from Illinois to a snowy mountain pass on the Sierra Nevada and eventually into infamy.

It is in bringing this story to life that Rarick excels. Select Format Hardcover. Select Condition. Like New. Quantity: 1. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Book Overview In late October , the last wagon train of that year's westward migration stopped overnight before resuming its arduous climb over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, unaware that a fearsome storm was gathering force. Edition Details Professional Reviews Awards. Format: Paperback. Language: English. ISBN: ISBN Release Date: July Publisher: Oxford University Press, Incorporated. Length: Pages. Weight: 1. Customer Reviews.

Write a review. I live in the area where the Donner Party was trapped, and have read almost all that has been written on the subject. This is by far the most complete and accurate book I have read so far about this tragedy!!! Wrong choices with sad consequences. Published by Thriftbooks. I've read many accounts of the Donner Party over the years. This is the first well-documented account I have found. The tragedy is told in a straight forward way and the writing makes for a fast read. The only thing I wish the author had included is a more detailed map or maps of the Donner party's path. Sparkling History Published by Thriftbooks. Like Philbrick's book, I found it very difficult to put Desperate Passage down.

Many people are familiar with the basics of the Donner party's story. They are caught in a blizzard in the Sierra Nevada mountains during an trek to California. So desperate does their plight become that they resort to cannabilism to survive. Ethan Rarick fills in the details of the story -- he "fleshes" it out, as it were.

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