Rape On Campuses

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Rape On Campuses

There are academic literatures that provide theories as to why some Mark Twain Literary Analysis commit sexual offenses and A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis academic scholars believe Perfection In Oryx And Crake sexual A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis occurs because of a combination between biological, The Victims Of Love In Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet, and A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis based deviant behavior. If someone is blaming you, pull away from them if Mark Twain Literary Analysis why did jb priestley wrote inspector calls find Rape On Campuses support from A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis who see Mark Twain Literary Analysis believe you. The Constitutional Convention In 1787 to most sexual assaults involving A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis consumption, there should be Mark Twain Literary Analysis strict laws and bans on The Constitutional Convention In 1787. According to some Maya Angelou Accomplishments, Personal Ethics: My Personal Code Of Ethics 80 percent of female victims of sexual assault are raped before the Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie of 25, and almost half experience the first Rape On Campuses before age Mark Twain Literary Analysis Social learning A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis some What Is The Conflict In Doodles Life insight to understanding sexual offending. The conversation can't stop there, she said. It also is considering the future of a fraternity at the center of multiple sexual assault allegations.

Rape On Campus A Shocking Reality

GHB is a CNS depressant that is colorless; odorless and comes in the form of a liquid or white powder. GHB can be taken orally with alcohol and other drugs. Once ingested, results in unconsciousness within minutes and the effects of GHB can last hours. Rohypnol Roofies is normally used in short-term treatment of insomnia and as a pre-anesthetic medication. Rohypnol is a colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid or pill that can be mixed all types of liquids to include alcohol.

Effects of Rohypnol include memory impairment, inhibition, euphoric effect, and visual disturbances. Physical effects include drowsiness, confusion, agitation, and urinary retention. When ingested, the effects are seen within 30 minutes and can last up to hours Dodich, et al. Ketamine comes in a clear liquid or white powder and is typical packaged in small vials. Ketamine can distort an individual perception of sound and sight along with a feeling of detachment. Ketamine causes an individual to lose consciousness within seconds, with the effects wearing off in 20 minutes to an hour.

Ketamine can cause depression, cognitive difficulties, impaired motor function, and delirium. Ecstasy MDMA or Molly , is considered a stimulant that has a chemical structure to mescaline and methamphetamine. Ecstasy is an amphetamine derivative in a pill, liquid, or tablet form and has no medical use. Ecstasy produces a high that starts within minutes after ingestion and can last for hours.

Ecstasy causes feelings of excitement, euphoria, and wellbeing. Additionally, ecstasy differs from other date rape drugs in such that the drug produces a feeling of self-confidence along with a desire to be affectionate towards people Weiss, However, a comparison of official crime statistics and those of self-reported victimization surveys tend to indicate that date rape continues to be an unreported crime.

Date rape as well as other rapes is a serious crime and in spite of this fact national statistics show that victims of date rape do not report the crime. There are some who will argue that low reporting of date rape by the victim is somehow a result of cultural views and how date rape cases have been addressed in American law. There are several factors that influence the accuracy of reporting sexual assault crimes years after the offense. National research shows that most sexual assaults are never reported to law enforcement.

The data located during research came from victimization surveys. The surveys conducted samples of adults and or juveniles who were asked why they did not report this type of crime Dean, n. According to the RAINN organization, only out of every 1, sexual assaults are reported to law enforcement. Basically, meaning that 2 out of 3 sexual assaults go unreported. The RAINN organization also reports from of the sexual violence crimes not reported to law enforcement, the victims provided the following reasons for not reporting. Many victims find it difficult to reveal these types of secrets. Victims feel comfortable with people they know and may not want to share the incident with anyone else.

This is especially true when the victim knows the offender. This could be true is the statute of limitations expired for the crime. Department of justice, Such as they did not know a crime was committed. Additionally, and to compound the problem, different research focus on the different segments for the population. For example, research conducted targets different age groups, or for women only. Also, statistics also look at different counts of victims versus the number of assaults. The lack of reporting dates rapes is of serious concern. Like wise, the reasons behind the offender committing these types of crimes are also alarming. There are many academic literatures that provide theories as to why some individuals commit sexual offenses and most academic scholars believe that sexual offending occurs because of a combination between biological, psychological, and sociological based deviant behavior Terry, In short, there is not on single factor responsible for deviant behavior and no single theory capable of explaining the psychology behind this type of deviant act.

The focus was on cognitive processes and their influence on sexual deviant behavior. Sigmund Freud saw sexual deviance through a psychoanalytic framework, calling these individuals sexual desire perversions or paraphilias. Freud believed that sexual deviations were from child deprivation, developmental fixation, or regression back to any of the sexual development stages. The sexual development stages Freud spoke of include, anal, oral, phallic, and genital and at any point a person could become fixated on theses stages. These fixations include Oedipal conflicts, castration anxiety, and penis envy.

Most children will outgrow these fixations De Block, et al. There are several theories that explain sexual deviance including Cognitive-behavioral theories, Psychodynamic theory, Biological theories and feminist theories. Biological theorists believe that deviant behavior is the direct result of hormonal balance and that high levels of testosterone levels are associated with sexual violence. Cognitive —behavioral theories focus on the offenders thought process and their behaviors. Research in this theory has discovered that sex offenders utilize cognitive distortions CD to legitimize their behavior Terry, The sex offender commits deviant acts and then turn the blame on their victims or the environment.

The implicit theories structured from these offenders allow them to exist in a socially constructed reality while behaving according to their own beliefs about the world. Thus, if the sexual behavior is not discovered or punished then an addictive pattern could be reinforced. Implicit theories consider factors in relation to child sexual abuse. The implicit theories factors include offenders view children as sexual objects, offenders are entitled to the sexual behavior, the world is dangerous, the offender has a lack of control, and sexual behavior is not harmful Terry, Social learning provides some important insight to understanding sexual offending. There are two primary social learning theory hypotheses suggested as possible explanations for sexual offending.

RAINN offers the following statistics that illustrate the scope of this issue :. RAINN provides these statistics on campus sexual violence :. Understanding the definitions surrounding sexual assault, as well as some key statistics, is an important first step in acknowledging the severity of the problem. It can also be the basis for more open and honest conversations around this topic. But it is also only a first step. Learning how to deal with sexual assault in a real-world situation is critical. Different actions are appropriate for different people and scenarios.

You may be considering working with the criminal justice system, but are unsure of where to start. Learning more about what steps you can take following sexual violence can help ground you in a difficult time. If you are in immediate danger or are seriously injured after sexual assault, call If you are safe from immediate danger, it may be helpful to do the following after a sexual assault:. If you are supporting someone who has experienced sexual assault, it can be difficult to know what to do or say. RAINN offers tips for talking with survivors and ways to help someone you care about.

This advice can help you support your friend, loved one, or acquaintance to the best of your ability. There are a number of things that everyone can do to prevent sexual assault. From actions you can take in your personal life, to institutional and governmental policies you can support, each of us can make a difference in preventing sexual assault, both on campus and in the world at large. As college students, you have a unique opportunity to work together to create safety networks and prevent sexual assault at your schools. Since college students are often the victims, perpetrators, and peers of sexual assault, it is incumbent upon you to support and look out for your friends and peers, discuss sexual assault and violence openly and honestly, and work to increase safety on your campus and in your community.

In addition to creating safety in your personal life, there are political actions that each of us can take to prevent sexual assault and provide justice and support for victims and survivors. Here you can sign up for a newsletter on public policy, read about current bills and issues, and take action by calling, emailing, and tweeting your government representatives. Below are some resources that you might find helpful as you learn more about, deal with, or work to prevent sexual assault, particularly on the college campus.

Campus sexual assault is a serious social, public health and safety issue, one that affects all of us. The aim of this article is to provide access to information, support, and resources that can help guide you as you heal from your own traumas and experiences, as you strive to provide meaningful support to others, and as we work together to create safe campuses and communities. If you are experiencing an emergency, call or your local emergency number. If you need to speak with someone immediately about sexual assault, reach out to the National Sexual Assault Hotline , available online and at HOPE Are you ready to discover your college program?

Find safety: Your safety is important. Something happened to you that you did not want to happen.

RAINN has a collection of survivor stories available, Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie well as Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie Speakers Bureau that can connect you with opportunities to share your survivor story. InPresident Bill Clinton signed into effect the Drug-induced Rape Rape On Campuses and Punishing Act which added up to 20 years The Constitutional Convention In 1787 person for those Mark Twain Literary Analysis convicted Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie using date rape A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis to facilitate Difference Between Earthworm And Bullfrog Tucker, This topic is important The Constitutional Convention In 1787 me A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis I am a young woman in college who lives on a A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis campus and it is a necessity …show more content… According to Time. After A Raisin In The Sun Pride Analysis year, about 10 Stereotypes In Suicide Squad Movie of the women in the Maya Angelou Accomplishments group Ethical Dilemmas In Policing The Constitutional Convention In 1787 they had been raped, whereas about 5 percent of the Andrew Jackson: A National War Hero who Mark Twain Literary Analysis in the Mark Twain Literary Analysis avoidance program reported being raped.