The Not So Perfect Child

Sunday, January 30, 2022 11:03:01 AM

The Not So Perfect Child

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The Not So Perfect Child (Dramatic Monologue)

Last week, Apple previewed a number of updates meant to beef up child safety features on its devices. Though the change was widely praised by some lawmakers and child safety advocates, it prompted immediate pushback from many security and privacy experts, who say the update amounts to Apple walking back its commitment to putting user privacy above all else. Apple has disputed that characterization, saying that its approach balances both privacy and the need to do more to protect children by preventing some of the most abhorrent content from spreading more widely.

If a certain number of those images is detected, it triggers a review process. That update enables the Messages app to detect when sexually explicit photos are sent or received by children. If parents do opt into the feature, they will be alerted if a child under the age of 13 views one of these photos. Though the feature is part of the Messages app, and separate from the CSAM detection, Apple has noted that the feature could still play a role in stopping child exploitation, as it could disrupt predatory messages.

If someone asks how to report abuse material, for example, Siri will provide links to resources to do so. If it detects that someone might be searching for CSAM, it will display a warning and surface resources to provide help. The changes will be part of iOS 15, which will roll out later this year. Users can effectively opt out by disabling iCloud Photos instructions for doing so can be found here. However, anyone disabling iCloud Photos should keep in mind that it could affect your ability to access photos across multiple devices. Apple is far from the only company that scans photos to look for CSAM.

If a device reaches a certain threshold of CSAM, Apple can decrypt the safety vouchers and conduct a manual review of those images. Apple also published a detailed technical explanation of the process here. Privacy advocates and security researchers have raised a number of concerns. More specifically, there are real concerns that once such a system is created, Apple could be pressured — either by law enforcement or governments — to look for other types of material.

While CSAM detection is only going to be in the US to start, Apple has suggested it could eventually expand to other countries and work with other organizations. There are other questions too. The company published a second document in which it tries to address many of these claims. Keep them well active with a brain stimulated with a personalized jigsaw puzzle that features pictures of your kids as well as funny quotes they will love to see. Just remember, a little humor makes everything easier to deal with. Looking for some specific advice? Get started with the quotes below and include these meaningful quotes to any wall art in your kids rooms. The famous quotes about children shown below were shared by some of the most prominent voices in recent history.

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