Dbq Islamic Achievements

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Dbq Islamic Achievements

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In the Ottoman Empire, non-Muslim communities were given a state recognition and protection according to the Islamic tradition. As for the Mughal Empire, it was considered as a powerful Islamic Empire that ruled in a country with a substantial number of Hindu people. Thus, there are many similarities between the Ottoman and Mughal Empires. Both of these great empires were Sunni Muslims that mainly controlled non-Muslims. The Ottoman Turks can be related to one of the groups of Muslim warriors. The Islamic empire is known for Dar-Al-Islam which is the Islamic golden age where new technologies etc. Culture, military, and politics also held a stranglehold on the Ottoman Empire. Emerging as one of the many Turkish states in Asia Minor from the decline of the Seljuk Turk Empire, the Ottoman Turks began to engulf surrounding states, gaining vast territory.

The empire was divided into Western and Eastern divisions in AD. In the West, Rome fell at the hands of the invading Goths in ; plunging into the Dark Ages, and entering a time of ignorance and a lack of social progress. The East became known as the Byzantine Empire, which continued to persist and flourish until the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in During these rough times, Islamic culture managed to keep the flame of learning alive. The Prophet Muhammad. The advancements in architecture were so amazing that the Crusaders often took designs back with them to Europe to improve the Roman architecture. Huge mosques and crevice-spanning bridges were some of the advancements.

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Muslims supported the advancement of science. Rulers wanted to be treated by proper and qualified physicians. The Islamic civilization had many amazing and renounding achievements and advancements that influence what the world is like today. They were one of the world 's best Mathematicians, Astrologers and architects, that is what allowed them to make these amazing contribution to the world.

And that also makes them one of the most advanced civilization of that time. Also calendar would not have been perfected so our sense of date would not be perfect either. These architectural achievements by the muslim people helped create modern skyscraper and amazing modern building because all architects learned from the design and structure of Islamic architecture. Another way islamic architecture improved the modern calligraphy and styles of today. This is shown in Doc 6 because design are also parts of architecture that the Muslims improved. Show More. Read More. Monotheistic Religions Words 8 Pages It is stated he memorized the whole Quran at a young age; in addition, there was much more to his accomplishments.

Essay On Ancient Egyptian Medicine Words 3 Pages They also were able to decode hieroglyphics written on walls explaining the Egyptian calendar and Egyptian myths, uncovering lots of information explaining the Egyptians technology, and beliefs. Speech On Liberal Arts Education Words 7 Pages He was a genius because he was a curious thinker who realized the important relationship between these subjects and thus mastered them all. Achievements Of The Mayans Essay Words 2 Pages It is extremely important to have a symbol for zero because it needs to hold the place value in numbers like ten, twenty, thirty, etc.

They not only gathered this knowledge and translated it into Arabic and later into Latin , they added their own medical observations and methods. Islamic doctors developed new techniques in medicine, dissection, surgery and pharmacology. They founded the first hospitals, introduced physician training and wrote encyclopaedias of medical knowledge. Before the 12th century in Europe, medical practice was stalled—there were few new discoveries, and, as the Church considered disease a punishment from God, doctors could do little for their patients. However, when new translations, books, observations and methods from the Islamic world gradually became known in the 12th century, Western medicine finally moved forward. Ideas, insights and methods from Islamic doctors brought many new advances to European medicine, essentially forming the basis of modern medicine as we know it today.

In the 7th century, Arab and Persian scholars began translating medical texts from Greek, Syriac, Sanskrit and Pahlavi into Arabic, and from Arabic into Latin, thus saving those texts from disappearing entirely. During the 8th century in Baghdad, Islamic scholars and doctors translated the works of the Roman doctor Galen, as well as Persian and Indian medical texts. As these doctors translated medical texts from around the known world, they also added their own observations, thus creating encyclopaedias of medical knowledge.

Westerners knew these doctors as Avicenna, Rhazes and Albucasis, respectively. Rather than viewing disease as a punishment from God as the Christians thought, Islam looked at disease as just another problem for mankind to solve. The Prophet decreed that the sick and injured should be cared for, not shunned.

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