Adolf Hitler Concentration Camps

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Adolf Hitler Concentration Camps

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Trump deports last Nazi war criminal in US back to Germany

Located in southern Poland, Auschwitz initially served as a detention center for political prisoners. However, it evolved into a network of camps where Jewish people and other perceived enemies of the Nazi state were exterminated, often in gas chambers, or used as slave labor. Some prisoners were also subjected to barbaric medical experiments led by Josef Mengele During World War II , more than 1 million people, by some accounts, lost their lives at Auschwitz.

In January , with the Soviet army approaching, Nazi officials ordered the camp abandoned and sent an estimated 60, prisoners on a forced march to other locations. When the Soviets entered Auschwitz, they found thousands of emaciated detainees and piles of corpses left behind. To complete this mission, Hitler ordered the construction of death camps. Auschwitz, the largest and arguably the most notorious of all the Nazi death camps, opened in the spring of Auschwitz originally was conceived as a concentration camp, to be used as a detention center for the many Polish citizens arrested after Germany annexed the country in These detainees included anti-Nazi activists, politicians, resistance members and luminaries from the cultural and scientific communities. For one thing, it was situated near the center of all German-occupied countries on the European continent.

For another, it was in close proximity to the string of rail lines used to transport detainees to the network of Nazi camps. However, not all those arriving at Auschwitz were immediately exterminated. At its peak of operation, Auschwitz consisted of several divisions. The original camp, known as Auschwitz I, housed between 15, and 20, political prisoners. Birkenau, the biggest of the Auschwitz facilities, could hold some 90, prisoners. It also housed a group of bathhouses where countless people were gassed to death, and crematory ovens where bodies were burned. The majority of Auschwitz victims died at Birkenau.

More than 40 smaller facilities, called subcamps, dotted the landscape and served as slave-labor camps. The largest of these subcamps, Monowitz, also known as Auschwitz III, began operating in and housed some 10, prisoners. By mid, the majority of those being sent by the Nazis to Auschwitz were Jews. Upon arriving at the camp, detainees were examined by Nazi doctors. Those detainees considered unfit for work, including young children, the elderly, pregnant women and the infirm, were immediately ordered to take showers. However, the bathhouses to which they marched were disguised gas chambers.

Once inside, the prisoners were exposed to Zyklon-B poison gas. Individuals marked as unfit for work were never officially registered as Auschwitz inmates. For this reason, it is impossible to calculate the number of lives lost in the camp. For those prisoners who initially escaped the gas chambers, an undetermined number died from overwork, disease, insufficient nutrition or the daily struggle for survival in brutal living conditions. Arbitrary executions, torture and retribution happened daily in front of the other prisoners. Some Auschwitz prisoners were subjected to inhumane medical experimentation. The chief perpetrator of this barbaric research was Josef Mengele , a German physician who began working at Auschwitz in For example, in an effort to study eye color, he injected serum into the eyeballs of dozens of children, causing them excruciating pain.

He also injected chloroform into the hearts of twins to determine if both siblings would die at the same time and in the same manner. As came to a close and the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allied forces seemed certain, the Auschwitz commandants began destroying evidence of the horror that had taken place there. Buildings were torn down, blown up or set on fire, and records were destroyed. When pro-Nazi foreign women like Unity Mitford visited, Hitler usually lectured them about politics.

Hitler was deeply attached to his half-niece Geli Raubal, 19 years his junior. She began living at his residence after her mother became Hitler's housekeeper in Although the exact nature and extent of their relationship is unknown, Kershaw describes it as a latent "sexual dependence". Geli committed suicide with Hitler's gun in his Munich apartment in September Her death was a source of deep, lasting pain for Hitler. Hitler's relationship with Braun, which lasted nearly 14 years, was hidden from the public and all but his inner circle. Hitler's valet, Heinz Linge , stated in his memoirs that Hitler and Braun had two bedrooms and two bathrooms with interconnecting doors at the Berghof , and Hitler would end most evenings alone with her in his study before they retired to bed.

She would wear a "dressing gown or house-coat" and drink wine; Hitler would have tea. Hitler's letters provide evidence that he was fond of her, and worried when she participated in sports or was late returning for tea. He was concerned for her safety when she was staying in the Munich home he had bought her. Junge further asked Hitler once why he never married. Hitler replied, " I wouldn't have been able to give enough time to my wife". Hitler's regime persecuted homosexuals , sending an estimated 5, to 15, to concentration camps; some 2, to 7, of these died. Male homosexuality was illegal, and offenders were sent to prison or directly to concentration camps. Hermann Rauschning claimed to have seen in Hitler's First World War military record an item concerning a court martial that found Hitler guilty of pederastic practices with an officer.

Rauschning also claimed that in Munich, Hitler was found guilty of a violation of Paragraph , which dealt with pederasty. No evidence of either of these two charges has been found. Langer , commissioned to help the Allies understand the dictator. In research following his death, a variety of claims have been made about Hitler's sexuality: that he was gay , bisexual , or asexual , or may have engaged in sexual activity with his half-niece, Geli Raubal. The book The Pink Swastika , by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, asserts that most of the top Nazis were homosexual and that there is evidence that homosexuals are violent and dangerous. Mainstream historians have criticized the book for its inaccuracies and manipulation of facts.

Was he ashamed of his own homosexual identity? These are areas of psychohistory that are beyond known knowledge. My own feelings are that Hitler was asexual in the traditional sense and had bizarre sexual fetishes. The American journalist Ron Rosenbaum is highly critical of Machtan's work, saying his "evidence falls short of being conclusive and often falls far short of being evidence at all. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adolf Hitler's sexuality. Allen, Peter 17 February The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group. Retrieved 1 February Bach, Steven New York; Toronto: Alfred A.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Berlin itself, the My Discourse Community Analysis Haus facility held prisoners under investigation Culpeppers Rebellion the Gestapo the German Adolf Hitler Concentration Camps state Adolf Hitler Concentration Camps until See More.