Lady Of The Castle Research Paper

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Lady Of The Castle Research Paper

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Lords, Ladies, and Mummies: The Story of Highclere Castle

There are two streams running through the estate, one of them the Glamis Burn. An arboretum overlooking Glamis Burn features trees from all over the world, many of them rare and several hundred years old. The vicinity of Glamis Castle has prehistoric traces; for example, a noted intricately carved Pictish stone known as the Eassie Stone was found in a creek-bed at the nearby village of Eassie. Glamis has remained in the Lyon later Bowes-Lyon family since this time. The castle was rebuilt as an L-plan tower house in the early 15th century. In December , Janet was accused of treason for bringing supporters of the Earl of Angus to Edinburgh.

She was then charged with poisoning her husband, Lord Glamis, who had died on 17 September Eventually, she was accused of witchcraft, and was burned at the stake at Edinburgh on 17 July James V subsequently seized Glamis, living there for some time. He began major works on the castle, commemorated by the inscription "Built by Patrick, Lord Glamis, and D[ame] Anna Murray" on the central tower.

In , Patrick Lyon, 3rd Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne , returned to the castle and found it uninhabitable. Restorations took place until , including the creation of a major Baroque garden. He set about improving the grounds of the castle in the picturesque style in the s. She spent much of her childhood at Glamis, which was used during the First World War as a military hospital. Their second daughter, Princess Margaret , was born at Glamis Castle in Since , an illustration of the castle has featured on the reverse side of ten pound notes issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The most famous legend connected with the castle is that of the Monster of Glamis, a hideously deformed child born to the family. Some accounts came from singer and composer Virginia Gabriel who stayed at the castle in An alternative version of the legend is that to every generation of the family a vampire child is born and is walled up in that room.

There is an old story that guests staying at Glamis once hung towels from the windows of every room in a bid to find the bricked-up suite of the monster. When they looked at it from outside, several windows were apparently towel-less. The legend of the monster may have been inspired by the true story of the Ogilvies. A legend tells of the 15th-century "Earl Beardie," who has been identified with both Alexander Lyon, 2nd Lord Glamis died , [10] and with Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford died However, it was the sabbath , and either his hosts refused to play, or a servant advised him to stop.

Lord Beardie became so furious that he claimed that he would play until doomsday, or with the Devil himself, depending on the version. She was called so for good reason, as she was a grueseome murderess now named the worst female serial killer of that time. Legend has it, she murdered more than young girls for herself to retain her beauty. She was born on August 21, in Transylvania. She was unusually learned for the time, being able to not only read and write her native language, but also Greek, German, and Latin. It was rare for most people to be learned in their own language let alone three others. At age 15, she was married to Count Nadasdy of Hungary.

He was barely at home with her, because of his military work and travels. They had three children, two girls and a boy. The story claims, that Elizabeth said that the skin where the blood touched her was glowing with youthfulness. Around this time, young girls in her land started disappearing. At first, it was the peasants girls and servants of the lowest rank it is thought they had been persuaded to the castle by offers of jobs but later even the daughters of nobles and merchants went missing.

A count comes to her castle to bring a report back on request of the king about the case of the missing girls. He came in to witness the Countess in the middle of one of her gruesome experiments. However, all of the servants, cooks, and helpers at the palace were convicted for helping their mistress and hung. She was bricked within a single room in a tower, with only tiny holes for ventilation and for giving food, was, I think, a suitable punishment for her. Cinderella : Madame, we are ready. Step mother : We? Who asked you to join the ball? Stay at home. Your presence will disgrace me and Anastasia. Cinderella : But madame, every lady could come to the ball. Step mother : Just stop Cinderella! Just obey my rules! I will leave home now.

Cinderella : Hey maam, who are you?? Do you exist? Fairy : of course I do! Hm first thing to do is to change your dress! Here is a new dress for you Cinderella! Change your old dress. Cinderella : Yes, fairy. There is a pumpkin there! Where are the mice! Here they are! Thankyou my fairy! Fast go to the palace before it is too late my dear!

Hey your shoes, change your shoes Cinderella! Here they are.. Cinderella : Oh thankyou fairy. Fairy : Oh one more thing my dear, my magic only lasts until midnight. You should go home before midnight. In that party, the Prince bored. All ladies invited Prince to dance with them. Anastasia : Will you dance with me? Thanks for your invitation. I can dance with my friends. Step mother : honey maybe the prince was nervous because youre very beautiful Cinderella went to the party Cinderella lately. But, no one knew if she was Cinderella, except Cinderella, God and the Fairy. Cinderella looked very beautiful. She looked like a beautiful Princess from the Castle in other Country.

Prince : Oh, God. You give me a pretty woman. Prince : Hi, lady. Will you dance with me? Cinderella : Sure Anastasia : Look at that mom. The girl try to attracted my prince. Mom, what should i do? Stepmother : be calm my honey , you must stay calm. Alice : but mom, the girls is beautiful. Look the dress is expensive and beautiful And me? Stepmother : hello honey.. My daughter is the most beautiful girl.

Because your mother is really beautiful the music begins again and everyone is dancing. Time is running so fast and then they hear the clock strike 12 midnight. Cinderella : oh, its midnight already. I have to go.

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