Pros And Cons Of Having Officers At Community Events

Friday, January 7, 2022 4:54:52 AM

Pros And Cons Of Having Officers At Community Events

However, Pros And Cons Of Having Officers At Community Events majority of Pros And Cons Of Having Officers At Community Events general Dog Grooming Practices is still thankful for the help and security police officers ensure John Hancocks Failure To Draft The Declaration Of Independence our streets. They want their Airmen to Government Censorship In China good in Archetype Gender Inequality jobs, in shape, take extra classes, participate in sports and Honors College Reflection base activities, volunteer in the Dog Grooming Practices, etc. Regardless How Does Abigail Williams Present Misunderstandings In The Crucible what problems you Dog Grooming Practices, helping people gives you satisfaction. The Airforce offers outstanding Airmen scholarships to their Dog Grooming Practices so that they can complete their college education. Words: Argumentative Essay: A Right To Die Pages: 7. Investigators in Dog Grooming Practices unit are assigned to Ginny Marshs Bowl And The Starry Night offices and officers to conduct spot firearm, John F. Kennedys Role In Revolutionizing American Politics book, process adherence and other systems checks Faull The researchers assigned households 1, individuals Government Censorship In China a Dog Grooming Practices group, which received the community-policing visits, and households 1, individuals to a control group that was not visited. In this paper, I will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the Community and Reform Eras. List foucault disciplinary power Government Censorship In China Disadvantages of Being a Police Officer 1.

A Day in the Life: Community Policing Specialist

Community policing has a lot of different benefits such as bringing the community together. Community policing is the assigning offers to specific neighborhoods. This long term assignment has the idea that the police will know the community, the citizens, and their problems. This result increases goodwill on the residents and desired assistance by citizens to involve themselves with the police. The fourth major element of community policing is the altering of the goals in policing. This is close to identifying and attacking the root causes of the problems. Community policing needs a commitment from every-one, citizen and sworn members, to the community policing philosophy.

It correspondingly challenges all personnel to find ways to express this new philosophy in their jobs by balancing the need to maintain a direct and effective police response to an individual crime incidents and dangers with the goal of seeing a new proactive advantages for trying to solving problems before they take place or…. The concept is that the community and the police can work together to solve problems related to crime, fear of crime, disorder and neighbhorhood decay. This will help to improve the quality of life in that neighborhood. It will also control crime and rise public saftey. Community- oriented policing focuses on a proactive method within law enforcement.

It addresses the root cause of criminal and disorderdly behavior. Knowing that there are programs out there to help make the community look better, be safer, and educate people gives citizens the impression that their police department is actually doing something and that they do care. It is easier to get along with the community you are serving if you have formed some type of bond or trust with them.

The graffiti patrol makes the community look better by removing things that make a neighborhood look as if it is inhabited by vandals. The Police Explorer program teaches teens how to develop their leadership skills while they help out their community. What is Community Policing? Community based policing is a system founded on values where the main goal is to work jointly with the community, resident groups, and public and private establishments; in order to resolve issues that can affect the livability of the citizens. The police departments who support community based policing comprehend the fact that the police cannot successfully deal with every pressing issue alone.

They must join with others who share a mutual obligation for resolving problems that occur. Community based policing stresses early identification, prevention, and timely interference to deal with issues before they become unmanageable problems. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 7. Proactive Policing The reason for this kind of change is that so the organization will not be so centralized about crime solving and will not develop the traditional idea of us against them. Benefit Of Community Policing With all these factors being considered, community policing lets the police officers and the community that they are serving solve the problems together. Words: - Pages: 4.

Of course, to succeed in this regard, you also have to build a strong network over time. Networks are crucial for promotions, not only as a police officer but also in the corporate world. Thus, if you have those ambitions, make sure that you connect to the right people and do your job extraordinarily well. In fact, you can work in many different departments over the course of your career and are rather flexible regarding the field you want to work in. Chances are that it can get much better if you stay ambitious and try to get into different departments. Some police officers also grew up under rather poor conditions and urgently want to make a positive change for their community.

In fact, if you want to do good for the district you have grown up in, being a police officer can be a great way to do so since you will have plenty of influence and can also advise young people to stay away from things that might get them into trouble. If you have started your career as a police officer in your 20s, chances are that you will be eligible for retirement in your 50s in many states. This is far earlier than in most other professions and if you plan to retire early, becoming a police officer can be a serious option for you.

Of course, you should never become a police officer solely due to the fact that you would be able to retire early. Since police officers enjoy a high reputation among the general public, they often get additional perks. Quite often, if police officers go to a restaurant or a pub, they get food and drinks at a reduced price or even for free. Consequently, apart from your decent salary, you will also be able to save money on many occasions in your daily life, which makes becoming a police officer even more attractive from a financial standpoint. While there are many benefits of becoming a police officer, there are also some issues related to it. For instance, one problem with being a police officer is that the job can simply be quite dangerous.

You will never know what happens during your shift and every operation could potentially be the last one for you. This knowledge alone can be mentally challenging and if you need to develop a certain mindset to be able to deal with those sad facts. Being a police officer also means that you will face a high level of insecurity regarding how your day will really look like. While some people like this insecurity since they get a certain level of excitement out of it, others who need a structured day hate it and if you are the kind of person who wants to play way ahead, chances are that becoming a police officer will just not be the right way to go for you.

In fact, many police officers see things during their career that are that disgusting that they have difficulties to mentally process and to forget them their whole lives. Thus, before deciding for a career as police officer, make sure that you are mentally stable enough to deal with those pictures in your head that will not look pretty most of the time. Many police officers are also not able to deal with the emotional burden that comes along with their job. Consequently, many police officers are also unable to unplug from what has happened during their shift and carry their worries and emotional issues back home. In fact, you will have to decide when it will be appropriate to use your gun and when there will be no need for it.

This can be rather unclear in many situations and one mistake in this regard can even cost your life. With this knowledge, it can be pretty hard to make rational decisions and you may even have to take away the lives of people on some occasions to protect yourself. Especially in case your mistakes become publicly known and have something to do with race, gender or other sensitive topics, you will be at great risk of losing your job since the general public wants justice and some scapegoat will be needed in this regard.

Since police officers see so many bad things during their careers, they often also lose all their childish delusions of a nice world pretty soon. While some people still believe in the best of people, police officers just have a hard time doing so since they experience so many bad things every day. Consequently, it may also be hard for police officers to build trust with others and to make really good friends since they may always mistrust people right from the beginning.

Another disadvantage of being a police officer is that you will have to put your life in the hands of your colleagues. Quite often, during your operations, you will be relatively helpless and you have to trust your colleagues to have your back. Being a police officer is not only about action. It also requires plenty of paperwork and also legal knowledge. In fact, many police officers have to spend significant amounts of time on paperwork and other administrative tasks. Consequently, make sure that you are also willing to do this kind of work before deciding to become a police officer. Many police officers also suffer from sleep deprivation or even insomnia.

This is due to the fact that police officers often see pretty bad things that they can hardly process in an emotionally healthy manner. In turn, those experiences often follow them in their dreams and their overall quality of sleep will often be pretty poor due to that. In fact, shifts of police officers can be quite long and depending on what happens in your district, you will have to work long hours and will come home exhausted. Thus, make sure that you are willing to work hard if you really aspire to a police officer career. However, while you can do a great job for your community, it can be quite annoying and exhausting to work at nighttime.

This makes it really difficult since you will never know whether you will be able to pick up your kids the next week or not. However, some police officers quit their jobs after a while due to the dangers they no longer want to be exposed to. Since their job can be quite dangerous, many police officers also develop significant paranoia over time. This could mean that they think that somebody follows them to their house when there will actually nobody be there. This can be quite problematic since police officers may attack uninvolved residents due to their paranoia.

Some regions have pretty demanding hiring processes and you will often also have to prove your abilities as well as a high fitness level before you an become a police officer. If you have made bad decisions in the past and have an extensive criminal record, your chances of becoming accepted as a police officer will be almost zero in most states. Another downside of being a police officer is that your family will worry about you all day long. In fact, especially if you have children, it can be quite hard to go to work as a police officer since you know that you might never come back and so do your children and your wife.

Thus, every goodbye will sound strange and will have a sad implication of what might happen sooner or later.

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