Personal Narrative: Prattville School

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Personal Narrative: Prattville School

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As a teacher, my belief is that students be taught the importance of mathematics in the daily life. I also stand firm that students should also be taught important life lessons that relate to how to succeed and prepare for the future. I think that it is inevitable that students be taught basic curriculum in mathematics. I agree that concepts of Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics be taught but I also think that students should be taught mathematics that deals with finances earlier then the college level. Everyone I let know says I am crazy for going into Math education.

While taking a class as a college student, I did not think that this was a necessary skill for students to learn. It was not until I took a class that was called Integrated Mathematics. I know that many people think problem solving and mathematics go hand in hand. In my Integrated Math class we were taught, by the instructor, the same way we should run a classroom.

With the guidance and support of my parents, I was able to get through that time of my life. Not only my mother sitting down with me and spoken about the responsibility I have with this money from my job, and a credit card to now start building my future. As a high school student, I 'm sure I did some stuff that the adult would see as childish, but they also taught the hard working professional girl I was.

At eighteen years old and still in high school, I won number one customer service award, I beat out about fifteen hundred customer service clerks, with my everyday work skills, professionalism, and interview skills. And after I graduated high school, I moved up in positions and full time status, all while going to community college full time, and playing college softball as a pitcher. The math requirement is one semester and four semesters of a second language is required.

I did not find anything about a required minor but there is an option to always minor. To apply for this major you must complete 60 hours of work with diverse students in a public school to complete this major. In order to apply, you have to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss the application process. There are not many internships for Education but there is always studying abroad and being in the fieldwork that has to do with education like being a teach assistant. Professors assign a lot to read and only hit a few of the key points out of it in class. It is up to students on what they think they should study for test; the professors do not give out reviews for you to study. Although there are several differences between the two, they do have some similarities.

In both college and high school, you have instructors, students, and graduating classes. I started taking AP classes since I was a sophomore in high school, which forced me to manage my time so I get my homework done and have time not only for the volunteer opportunities I was involved in, but have time for myself, my family and my friends. I would get my work done and then do whatever it was that I pleased and it payed off. I managed to have good grades in high school and have time to do what I wanted whether it was helping out volunteering or spending…. The main reason I chose this specific social entrepreneurship is that during my elementary school and high school years, I did not only just pay attention to what was being taught, but also how my teachers were teaching each subject.

As I grew up, I was able to see myself as a teacher. However, when I realized that math was the only subject that attracted me, I began to take courses that were more depth in math. Slowly, I started to realize that the way math was taught to me in high school was essentially not correct, as the material in high school…. I am in a high school marching band, where I play any piano-like instrument. My viewpoint with music has come to a simple conclusion, without it, I would not know who I am or what to do with my life. Recently I had a big personal achievement that I 'm truely proud of. I attend the music school and I play the violin. Before one week I had an important concert for Oginski 's honor, but I was realy afraid of it because I had a big scene fear.

I repeated, played and tried to improve my playing for Oginski 's polonaise. When the day of concert came, I was realy nerous. This is the first year that kids can join the orchestra. After the introduction for orchestra that the string teacher gave, I really want to learn how to play the violin. I already know how to read music so I figured this would pretty simple. My mom knew that I would want to in orchestra so we headed over the West Music and we brought back a violin. It 's just like the one my sister had, except this one was mine. Dance is like therapy to me, and after a long day of work or other classes, it feels comforting to have my dance classes as an outlet to express myself and exert my energy into something positive. On that same note, I have felt overwhelming support from my dance instructors at Mesa.

There are times where I 've felt alone as a dance major, especially coming to college for the first time and realizing that. Today, in my senior year of high school, my sixth, final year of archery looms on the horizon. I have been elected team captain, a proud opportunity to contribute to the sport and team that I love. Looking back, archery has been the clearest representation of my journey to adulthood: Once I was the kid, scared and alone, having that bow placed in my hands; now, I have the honor of placing in the hands of young middle schoolers and high schoolers their bows and arrows, and, though they may yet be unaware of it, I give them their pride, their self-realization, and their. My gaze penetrates the black box and wishes to create frictions of four strings, the way musicians were rendering the music during my Middle School orientation.

My elective choice, a violin, upset my mom though. Italian Andrea Amati, creator of the first violin would never be imagined that roller coaster inventor Joseph Merlin introduced his invention while playing the violin. Up to middle school, an orchestra was a part of regular school time, the predicament started when I continued playing violin in the school orchestra at Troy High School. My plate was loaded with a seven vigorous honors courses at regular school hours. My family has a wide range of careers, my mom is a teacher, my aunt is a composer for her band, and my dad lays down tile for various houses and other places. Then there is me, who is on YouTube and performs with my cello and piano in her room dreaming big.

I have always dreamed about performing on stage with my cello or on Broadway on some stage in New York. Then you look at other countries, not England or Austria, but countries like Syria or Pakistan. The dedication to the organization was intensive from watching them leave early for class to coming home late at night to staying up late to study and the cycle repeats. I am Julianna Jenkins an outgoing Musical Theater major with a dream to be an entertainment lawyer. One of the reason I fell in love with Greensboro College is because it has a small community and that will give my an opportunity to grow. After meeting some of the Musical Theater students from freshman to senior they all said that they have gotten support from student and teachers at Greensboro.

They also said that Greensboro is not a place that you will get lost in the crowd. My heart map represents all the elements that make me, me. I chose the most important things to me to put on my map. Friends and family are important to me and have a huge impact on my life. I made a four chamber heart to put my photos on because a four-chambered heart is realistic. I also grouped my photos in a specific way, which shows that I like to organize everything that I do. Family is the absolute, most important thing to me. I put a photo of my sister and me at a hotel in California to represent the fun we had when we were little.

I have another photo of me and my sister at Winter Park standing next to an ice castle because family activities are very important because it gives us time to disconnect from the internet and focus on each other. When my family goes to Winter Park we have a tradition to ski for a couple of hours and then come back and drink hot chocolate while playing monopoly. On my heart map, there is a photo of my entire family on the Great Wall of China. This includes one of our family …show more content… Music makes everything better, whether it is playing an instrument or just listening to other artists. I started playing violin when I was in third grade and switched over to the cello in seventh grade.

There is a picture on my heart map of me and Sophia rehearsing for our first competition at solo and ensemble. The first teachers that I started both of my instruments was Sierra Gilman, who is now in college, and Ms. Bloom, my orchestra teacher. Bloom, inspired me the most though.

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